Yesterday’s the Internet (our Twitter mentions) exploded with people thinking a UK magazine accidentally leaked “Ghosts 2” as the next Call of Duty title being developed by Infinity Ward. The article Ghosts 2 was featured under was titled “2016 Most Wanted Games” along with a November release date.

We didn’t realize how many people felt this was a leak of some sort so we thought we’d offer our opinion on the topic.

No, we don’t think the next Call of Duty title is called “Ghosts 2”. Seeing as how a majority of the fans like to trash the original, we doubt they’ll continue that sub brand any time soon. In addition, Activision’s CEO already indicated the next Call of Duty will be “new” and “innovative”. It is our opinion we’ll be seeing a new sub-brand introduced some time before E3 as all Call of Duty games are revealed around that time. And finally, the “leak” was featured under a most wanted section and doesn’t reveal a single detail about the game. 

Sorry if you were hoping it was a leak..

  • Brad of Duty

    The next cod NEEDS to be MW4

    • Steelfist50


    • Aceshigh87

      MW3 wrapped up the story pretty tightly, I honestly don’t see a reason for MW4 to exist. Would rather see a new sub-brand than tacking on an extra piece to the MW series where it really doesn’t belong.

      I think anyone who wants MW4 just wants any modern shooter and never plays the campaigns because it was pretty obvious from the end of MW3 that the storyline is done.

      • Batman

        Captain gets setup and arrested for war crimes, but when middle east terrorists threat the US, they offer Price a second chance, where he needs to build a new squad and find out who’s behind it.
        Simon “the original ghost” Riley, returns as a plot twist he survived mw2, he found out that general sheperd was a traitor, so he dressed up another guy with his iconic mask to test his theory.
        Plot twist, after they left to help soap at the end of mw3, sheperd got up, his men got there and he survived the stab, but he is now blind on one eye and he is the one helping the terrorists.
        The last level is set in the US, an emp disrupted an entire city, and even though the goverment wants price fighting away, but he disobeys and stay to lead and help the population, then he finds out, sheperd is on his way there
        In the end, Price has a plan, and we play as Sheperd hunting price, when he finally gets to him, price surrenders and say: “everyone has a blind spot”, ghost was hidden and shoots an rpg on sheperd spreading gore everywhere and confirming the kill
        There is your MW4, If I can create it, why cant IW???

        • Aceshigh87

          Because they told the story they wanted to tell. They created the MW series with a specific story to tell and specific plot points to hit. In the same way that a director writes a trilogy of films, for example.

          That plot you just wrote seems interesting enough but it also undoes a lot of the hard work they put into developing the plot. It also makes death next to pointless in the campaign which kills a lot of emotional attachment. Bringing characters back from the dead is a cheap ploy that ruins the emotional connection people had with them because the viewer feels lied to.

          They created the story they wanted to create and people enjoyed it: that’s great. However we, as fans, shouldn’t limit them to only being able to tell things within that same story. It will get old and boring very quickly which, as I recall, was the exact issue people complained about in MW3. “This is just a re-skin of MW2, IW doesn’t know how to innovate anymore and CoD is the same every year.”

          Personally, I say give them a chance. I would personally like to see the Ghosts story continue. They have a lot to fix MP wise and marketing would have to be amazing to sell it but the campaign was actually enjoyable. I don’t think telling IW that doing anything but MW is fair at all to them as story tellers.

      • Scott

        Infinity Ward can always do a spin off series from the Modern Warfare time frame.

    • LovekillerX

      But there are two things: Ghosts’ ending having a cliffhanger and MW3 ending Modern Warfare-series (by killing Makarov).

      So it is another new setting or they continue Ghosts where it left off.

    • jordanxbrookes

      *The next cod NEEDS to be boots-on-ground

      Fixed it for ya.

      • Batman

        *The next CoD NEEDS to be set in a modern/old war

        • Uprise Wrath

          The next COD NEEDS to be good

      • Siftblade

        Agreed. BO3 did a better job at it than AW, but I’m so fucking sick of futuristic games. Boost jumping is stupid.

        • jordanxbrookes

          Indeed. If I want advanced futuristic movement, I can play Titanfall and Halo for that. We need a normal Call of Duty game again.

      • Tommy Ledge

        Idk. Boots on the ground would mean a step backwards in both pace of play and uniqueness. Devs are artists the want to use their talents to create, plus since we are still able to play older titles, why make a new game similar to one that is still available to buy and play? I think we are going to see ‘different’ until they pull online support for older titles.

      • spartanelite

        Don’t care if it is or not feel the same,it’ll just be slower

  • FazalGaming


  • Who Am I To Judge?

    Another point is the article doesn’t disclose any true information about “Ghosts 2”, this is just a speculation article. People are easy to jump to conclusions.

  • Aceshigh87

    The article is called Most Wanted for a reason. There’s no leak, just speculation about what could be. In the same article they talked about Forza 3 which also doesn’t exist. It’s pretty easy to assume CoD will be released in November and they are just sculpting the name based on what came from IW last time.

  • Vikerii

    I would actually simply prefer a “best of MW” game that includes all the best maps from the MW series.

    • The Flash

      next gen re-master of MW1-3 please.

  • Yankeephil

    They say every COD since the beginning of time is going to be “new and innovative” but it’s most like going to be Ghost 2 because Activision loves sequels

  • LovekillerX

    It is just pure speculation, as stated below in commentary section. In another note I think people shouldn’t judge next Call of Duty title just because it could be Ghosts 2.

    If next Call of Duty title is Ghosts 2 (very sure considering the ending!!) it could play like another Modern Warfare. Don’t skip next Call of Duty just because it is Ghosts sequel…

    • jordanxbrookes

      I’d be more than happy for a Ghosts 2. Anything that’s boots-on-ground and not futuristic is fine in my books.

      • MazeMatik

        “Boots-on-ground” ahah I love it well said!

        I really hope they’re going back that alley at least for the next installment.

        Three “jetpack” CoD like titles in a row would be too much of the same even though we had a lot of WWII and modern era titles in the past, I think it’s time to explore the unexploited especially with next-gen capabilities and go back to the basics.

        • jordanxbrookes

          Call of Duty 4 on current-gen consoles :O

          • spartanelite


          • Nostalgia Guy


          • ROCKMONEY

            Yes to the multiplayer. No to the campaign.

          • Nostalgia Guy

            No to both.

          • ccrows

            Get rid of the hacking mods, add host migration, and give it a fresh coat of paint.

            ^ *pfffffft* Bro I’d honestly wouldn’t touch another game for an entire year.

            Heck I’d would even look forward to playing the campaign again… 😉

      • Funny, I thought you hated Ghosts.

        • Kyle Soule

          I know. I thought he did too.

      • ccrows

        Just as long as we aren’t fighting in space, I’ll (probably) be good for the “setting”, but I really how that they go back to the past…

      • Ak74u

        If they give us shitty boring washed out color maps I’m done ghosts was an ugly game and the scorestreaks sucked major ass

      • Spectralbuttplug

        Do you remember me?
        It won’t work this time

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      I’m skipping it because it’s Infinity Ward and they haven’t made a fun CoD in a long time.

    • Bacon

      Maybe the title will change for better marketing and still continue the story of Ghosts. Hopefully Infinity Ward will make a better pc port.

  • jordanxbrookes

    The amount of times I have had to explain this is unreal. It’s just an article speculating this year’s biggest AAA titles and it came out a few weeks ago. It’s nothing confirmed. I have no idea why people have only seen this.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Yup. The magazine is just hyping up a fall line of what they think is happening. Nothing official or “leak.”


        Usually when there’s smoke there’s fire…

  • Mick

    Did the internet actually explode?

  • epiqo5ky

    It’s just name, look at differences between BO1/2/3…. after all it’s last non-futuristic COD so why not…

  • dilman123

    New and innovative…like any other CoD…
    Ghosts 2. Now your dog have exo suit.

    • experiencegamer

      and the fish can shoot under water…
      prepare for the bullshit COD Fans ….

    • spartanelite

      It they’ve had exo suit’s seeing as all dogs in cod games glitch through the map and cross map you sometimes

    • snake56

      Ghosts 2 with exo suit AI.

  • RobMelchor

    Not sure how “2016 Most Wanted” was interpreted as leaked!

    • jordanxbrookes

      You can thank Ali-A and TmarTn for that.

  • Drasadex

    Black Ops III got another title update – 1.07

    • Matt Naz


  • Ed

    Lol at them thinking “new” and “innovative” meant something brand new. They literally say that every year!
    I actually highly doubt that it would be anything other than Ghosts 2. Do you people really think they would just scrap that story half way through. You’d literally be a moron if you thought that.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Not scrap it, but put it on hold for the time being.

      • Ed

        they wont put that story on hold. Its already 3 years old. It would make very little sense to prolong that. The ghosts story was excellent. The fact that they had to make a game for two consoles that they didnt know the specs for was the only reason that game didnt look that good. But all things considering, the create a class was the best in this franchise, and the hit detection was perfect.
        I would be really suprised if it wasnt Ghosts 2.

        If anything, they may call it something else, but still be the sequel to Ghosts.

        • jordanxbrookes

          But here’s the thing, even though we may like Ghosts, Activision want to make money, not lose money, so having “Ghosts” in the title would turn most people off and therefore generate less money than what it would have if it didn’t. As I’ve stated in the past, I would love to see a Ghosts 2, but I doubt we’ll see it this year.

          • Ed

            They wont lose money. Maybe make less. But not even close to lose.

    • lunator100hd .

      Ghosts wasent game of thrones. They easily could pay a writer to make an entirely new story for them in 2-3 months and start building a campaign based on that (probably a new sci-fi catastrophic world war or something). They even used cutsenes from mw serious for ghosts. A big studio like IW wouldnt have issues to start over, trust me.

    • Keshav Bhat

      It’s not about scrapping any story at all. It’s about the Ghosts name and the revenue and marketing. There’s no way Activision and IW can successfully market another Call of Duty game with Ghosts sub-brand IMO. People have attached such hate to it, that would destroy the franchise.

      Plus, as we look forward, MP is way more popular than the campaign mode. So, they can just leave it as is and move on from it.

      • Tommy Ledge

        Almost 70% of those that buy Cod titles do not ever touch MP, BO3 is projected to be closer to 50% only because there is no campaign on last gen. and MP on last gen. is not very good.

        • GinsuVictim

          MP on last gen, especially after patches, is actually pretty good (on 360 in particular).

          • Kill Denied

            Except everything look like playdough and the guns have no recoil.

          • GinsuVictim

            There is plenty of recoil, hell, grip doesn’t even work well on most guns. The graphics do suck though.

          • Ed

            No recoil? Lol.

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        “MP is way more popular than the campaign mode.” are you sure? Maybe on the internet, but I don’t know if sales dictate that more players play Multiplayer.

      • Ed

        Im not sure it would destroy the franchise. I mean if you look at the numbers, it sold less, but the past few entries were already trending down. And it still sold over 10 million copies without digital copies getting counted, if i remember correctly. It was more brand exhaustion than anything else. All the forums were talking crap about that COD regardless, before the game even came out.

        I think given the extra year they had to work on it, that they could, and even should, continue the Ghosts storyline, even if they dont use “Ghosts 2” as the title. I mean Ghosts was a very ambitious title with the amount of work that needed to be done with it, with extra consoles and all. I seriously dont think you throw that work away, but try to prove that just because you stumble, its possible to right your self.

    • Batman

      LOL A shitload of tv shows end their season w/ cliffhangers, and still get canceled anyway moron

      • Ed

        Way more money goes into the development of a these games than the average tv show.

  • lunator100hd .

    I vehemently believe that the next cod will not have the brand ”ghosts”, after all we are talking about Activision. A name with bad reputation that could potentially have a negative impact on the sales, is the last thing they want. Their marketing policy has always followed the ”hype up” path. We all know that ghosts as a brand isnt want the majority wants so they would never risk it. My quess is something entirely new and catchy like future warfare or apocalytpic warfare. All the speculation above concerns the title alone, the actuall content of the game (storyline etc) only god knows what will be. It could be a sequel for ghosts or completely new thing.

  • Ed

    Anyone know what the patch for bops 3 is for today?

  • Scott

    I keep on hearing rumors of ” Space Warfare ” , has anyone else heard of those rumors?

  • Diego Diniz

    Go back and play Ghosts DLC Maps (Dinasty, Showtime, Mutiny, Departed). You guys will see…NO PROBLEM AT ALL next Call of Duty be Ghosts 2. Infinity ward just have to make GOOD MAPS (Small / Medium) not that Crap Standard Maps at launch! Netcode and Hit detection was GREAT on Ghosts…

  • Tommy Ledge

    Using the terns ‘new’ and ‘innovative’ would have nothing to do with the game being a series title. The term ‘new’ would be used to describe every future title for obvious reasons, and the term ‘Innovative’ simple means that something about this title has not been done before, and a title of a game is not something that can be ‘done’, you don’t ‘do’ a title. Also, IF the devs/Act. actually did listen to feedback (which I have NO reason to think they would, since that has never been done before) and wanted to design it using said feedback, they know perfectly well that people are still going to buy it regardless. Ghosts, being seen in an unfavorable light still generated over a billion dollars in revenue which is only a pipe-dream for 99.99% of other dev studios, so throw in some paid supply drops and you are looking at a game that stands in the top 50 all time, so its pretty hard to see Ghosts in an unfavorable light from the developers side. Ghosts 2 or not, the only thing we know is that there is something ‘innovative’ about this game, what that is is anyone’s guess.

  • Skillreks

    “if it wants any chance of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Sledgehammer and Treyarch”

    LOL. I love IW. they started COD. (more info, go watch Driftor’s video he recently put up) I feel that their peak was MW2. Treyarch started strong, Black OPs 1 was my first COD. and I loved BO2 as well. Sledgehammer games really let me down. at first, I thought jump suits weren’t that bad. IMO, they really take away from the original feel of COD. I thought maybe BO3 could fix that, even if their jump packs aren’t as extreme. I enjoy BO3, but I am growing bored of it. ANYWAYS, back to what I was saying…

    IF Sledgehammer games set a bar for COD, it is very low. MW2, BO1, BO2 is where the bar is set for me. Do you think IW can get to that bar?

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      Respawn started CoD. Barely any of the old staff stayed at Infinity Ward.

      • Skillreks

        3 guys dropped out of 2015 Inc. to create IW, which then created Finest Hour. they showed it to Activision, and they pounced on the chance.

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          I mean the staff that are currently part of Respawn, it was figurative, not literal.

  • Nostalgia Guy

    The word “innovative and new” doesn’t even come close to the IW book.
    I really hope they learned alot from Ghosts and AW, and do something fresh, not “new” that word just hopeless disappoints more people.

  • Cookin’ by the book

    well if there was a ghosts sequel
    call of duty: federation

  • AcePhoenix007

    While this isn’t necessarily a leak and just the magazine using “Ghosts 2” as a placeholder (since it’s the obvious choice), I think that IW is gonna be making Ghosts 2, for the obvious reason. Which is? The cliffhanger at the end of Ghosts. I feel like IW is gonna finish the campaign with a new CoD game instead of something minimalist like a comic strip or an interactive story or whatever. It’s not like IW to kill off the storyline like that. We’re gonna have to get used to seeing “Ghosts 2” being advertised.

  • Dr. Salim

    How about
    Call of Duty: Dogs
    Call of Duty: SIlent Protagonists
    Call of Duty: No colors


      These were all BETA titles for Ghosts.

  • Camo4th

    My theory is a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare spin-off. A continuation or prequel with Ghost from MW2. They’re clearly going for the hype. Ghosts hype isn’t too high, i think (i liked ghosts though, not the best, but it wasn’t bad either). Now think of it. A continuation with Ghost. That would be the definition of Hype.

    • Camo4th

      On a sidenote: We still don’t know what happened to Shadow Company. Maybe Ghost & co. Vs Shadow Company, in the background of MW3?

  • Jay Evan

    Figured i’d share this since you guys are the most know-how about COD. and to cheer up anyone stressed about what IW might be shitting out.

    Callsign: X-Ray
    Sex: Male
    Age: 25
    Personality: Serious when choosing whatever tactic for the situation at hand, but a bit of a smartass when interacting with his allies to make up for it.
    Ability: Grapple bolt- Wrist mounted grappling hook that allows for faster travel throughout certain areas of the battlefield. (Limited height and distance, able to shoot while using with hipfire only, speed while grappling around 150% of thrust sliding, yet slow enough to get shot by enemies. Meter decreases depending on distance traveled and amount of times used.)

    Weapon: Storm PSR- High caliber Sniper rifle capable of locking onto or dumb-firing enemies. Slow fire rate and bullet travel, but very high stopping power.(Gun charges in between shots, similar to Sniper rifles. Charged shots are able to lock onto enemies, but are slower in speed despite being able to one-shot kill with or without going through a surface. Can also be used as a regular marksman rifle.)

    Story: Joseph Zimmerman lives with all of the tech given to him, seeing it as to make life easier rather than replacing it. After visiting Singapore to study and work at the Coalescence Corp., the ever-so-named ‘Singapore Disaster’ crushed all hope of that happening. When evacuation efforts were abandoned, He started off with deciding to start anew, only with a small pistol to defend himself from the rising fury of the 54 Immortals.
    Now, every day he roams the wreckage of the Q-zone, finding whatever he can from corpses, abandoned buildings, shanty towns, and even taking the Immortals’ tech by force and making a name(well, more bounty) out of himself. Whatever choices he makes, he does to keep himself alive, something he promised himself he’d do since 2060.

  • If it’s Ghosts 2, I’m not buying it like I said and spare me the whole “give it a chance” thing. If I didn’t like Ghosts 1, I probably won’t like Ghosts 2. It’s already left a bad taste in my mouth. Not only that, I just haven’t like IW in the longest time. The only possible way I think IW can win me over this year is if their next game is set in the past and even then my expectations are low for them

  • Kyle Soule

    No I just want Ghost to be remastered.

    • GinsuVictim

      Remastered on the same gen? I love Ghosts, but WHAT?!?

      • Kyle Soule

        Exactly. There is always room for improvement.

  • ”New” and ”Innovative” dosen’t mean shit when we are talking about activision

    • GinsuVictim

      Tony Hawk Ride anyone? lol

  • Kyle Soule

    I honestly hope they bring back extinction. It had a good concept but they just need to expand on it.

    • It just needs to be a bit better. It was different compared to zombies unlike *cough* exo zombies *cough* another mode. I honestly enjoy the first Extinction map but after that, the rest was just bland to me.

      • Kyle Soule

        Yh it kind of seems like they put the most work into the first map but Yh, I agree with you.

    • Nostalgia Guy

      Extinction had no innovative to continue to keep playing, that’s why it failed and the finale episode was scrapped, it made no sense and it’s not sensible than the original zombies. I hope they just continue with the co-op missions just like MW2 and MW3, those were the best.

      • Kyle Soule

        That’s why I said they have to improve it. Once they improve and expand on it then it will be a lot better and make a lot more sense.

  • Thug Turf

    I’m more interested in Sledgehammer and what they plan for 2017. The studio is very interested in World War II, which in turn makes me interested. Nonetheless I hope Infinity is capable of redeeming themselves.


    i want Ghost 2!! bring back good hit detection!!

    • GinsuVictim

      It’s IW, so no matter the title, hit detection will be great.

  • UnguardedUncle2

    Well I do want Ghosts 2 but I know everyone hates but we’ll see when infinity ward release the real Call of Duty trailer in the middle year.

  • Beirne Andrew Sharona

    BOO…. Just like everyone to know you Bitch about everything that’s come out but all play it pmsl give it a rest please ; )

  • Damn Daniel!!

    It’s Ghosts 2 no doubt they won’t be afraid of changing the title just because of how it sold poorly and it has to be ghosts 2 because if Campaign. That’s like saying BO3 shouldn’t be called BO3 because it doesn’t continue with the BO2 story line but has created a new storyline for its self and CI you should start playing Campaign just because of what you said.

  • Cyborg-jones

    I think that They do this to see our reactions now they know what to do.

  • Bart

    I think a new name, but I think the campaign is still based on Ghosts campaign after the open ending of it, and I hope for Multiplayer modes like Infection, Drop Zone. But please with the perk system from Modern Warfare 3 with specialist bonus, not like Ghosts idea with a ton of perks.

  • Daniel Mertens

    the division is the best, COD died like the rest.

    • Bob Saget

      Tell that to the $1,000,000,000 in sales

      • Spectralbuttplug

        Sales don’t mean shit when we talking about quality

  • The thing is, every COD they drop is “new and innovative”. They always say the next one is a game changer and blah blah blah, so we cant really go off their word.

  • Spectralbuttplug

    I would love a COD VIETNAM as long it isn’t patriotic bullcrap

  • Jonathan Beecham