A new patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is now live on the Xbox One and PC.

For PC, this patch also brought support for the Awakening DLC content. The Awakening content was added into Xbox One in a previous patch. The DLC will be available on Xbox One and PC on March 3rd.

Patch Notes:



  • [PC] Security Update.
  • Addressed issue where earned Dark Matter camos were not appearing on Black Market weapons.
  • Resolved bug where Players were unable to unlock Gold/Diamond camos on the Marshal16 and MX Garand if they earned Weapon Class Mastery before TU5.
  • Resolved issue where the wrong image would appear when a Player received the Reaper Geist Specialist theme in a Supply Drop.
  • Addressed bug where the NX ShadowClaw’s Bayonet would display the wrong image if banned or protected in Arenas.
  • Fixed issue where the wrong image was displayed for the LRX3 in the Custom Games Protect/Ban menu.
  • Updated visuals for Prestige Kill Counter and Clan Tag.
  • Updated Official Custom Variants for CWL Competitive Game Modes.

General Gameplay

  • Fixed issue where a white image was appearing in the Killfeed for Fury Song kills.
  • Corrected bug where the Fury Song icon would display in the Killfeed whenever a Player received a kill with the Combat Knife.
  • Added ricochet damage for Care Package owners in Hardcore Modes.
  • Added ricochet damage for Players planting or defusing bombs in Search & Destroy in Hardcore Mode.


  • Wraith
    • Addressed issue where the Wraith was being destroyed by one less rocket than intended.
  • Rolling Thunder
    • Fixed bug where the Rolling Thunder could be seen on the mini-map by enemies who were not using the Engineer Perk.


  • Combine
    • Addressed exploit where players could mantle onto rocks near Start spawn and get outside of playable area.
  • Fringe
    • Addressed exploit where Players were able to gain an unfair advantage by standing atop invisible collision near Red Barn.
  • Infection
    • Prevented Player from escorting Safeguard robot from inside building.
  • Redwood
    • Spawned model near S&D Bomb Site B to prevent bad line of sight.
  • Splash
    • Spawned in additional collision to prevent Yellow Tube exploit.
    • Carved out collision in the Red tube to allow for better Player movement.


  • ICR-1
    • Increased accuracy. Now has less recoil.
  • Iron Jim
    • Fixed consecutive attack speed to be consistent with other melee weapons.


  • Fixed issue where Players were unable to earn progress towards the Chameleon camo if the Varix 3 was attached.
  • Addressed bug where the Marshal 16’s progression would count towards the MR6’s stats if using the Dual Wield attachment.
  • Resolved issue where the “Run and Gun” Prestige challenge would not track if Players gained kills using the Dual Wield attachment and the Gung-Ho Perk.
  • Addressed bug where Players were unable to earn progress towards the Chameleon camo if the Dual Wield Perk was equipped.


  • General
    • Improved matchmaking in Arenas.
    • Fixed issues where Parties would occasionally be split when searching for a new Arena match.
    • Added neutral state to ban/protect options.
    • Players are now able to continue editing classes and streaks after pressing ‘Done.’
  • Custom Games
    • Added NX ShadowClaw to custom game competitive options.
  • Social:
    • Fixed issue where reporting a Player would not update with the correct name.



  • Addressed exploit in Daily Challenge system.
  • Fixed issue where Player could trigger the rocket shield functionality and/or GobbleGums when the scoreboard was on screen.
  • Fixed issue where a blank Daily Challenge card would appear in the after action report at the end of a local/offline Zombies game.
  • Fixed issue where Double Weapon XP meter did not accurately reflect the amount of XP earned after a match.
  • Alternate ammo types have received a balancing pass.

Dead Ops Arcade II

  • Fixed a bug where Firepower fate weapon did not upgrade to purple version.
  • Eliminated a very small time window where Player exiting a vehicle was vulnerable to damage.
  • New pickup added post round 24; Coat of Arms.
  • Increased Siegebot Player vehicle time by 10 seconds for balancing purposes.
  • Increased the health of the Golden Egg by 3x.

SOURCE: Activision Support

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      Gameplay is WIP, but it doesn’t look as smooth as CoD. Is the modding available on consoles? If not, hopefully the content is.

      • ScOott

        Not sure that’s the first I heard of it, I’ve heard a number of games are getting console mods tho, so maybe.. Something to get if Iw flop lol..

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          I hope you heard right, because it’d be fantastic. And if it’s not Ghosts, then I’ll give Infinity Ward’s CoD a chance, especially if it’s World War II, despite their staff differences…

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      Look good Scottie, but is there no CAC though?… (AKA premade classes?)

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    Is XBox having the same issues regarding the Safeguard robot running across the map? Just curious being on the PS4

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      I saw the robot go around in a circle in the middle in redwood for a few minutes.


    lol Charlie intel said “Red tube” (.com)

  • Felipe Rios

    Do we know what time these maps should be accessible?

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Thursday from 12-24

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    Funny how I’m am level 492 84 % multiplayer challenges done an I have one special weapon spent 40 dollars on your stupid keys still nothin. Screw his game. An the lag step it up.

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      Never trust RNG

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      You could buy a decent game with 40 dollars, why you threw your money in vanderhar’s butthole?

    • ghosts sucks

      I am going thru the same. I’m level 70 and only have 1. The hang gun that only works if your 2 steps away. Atleast AW gave you a gun with the DLC. I hope IW gets away from SD’s but Activision won’t let that happen. It’s to lucrative.

  • joh

    Is it just me or do they keep improving the resolution of things as well on the xbox one? I’ve noticed remarkable better textures after this update.

    • Slothigans

      Holy crap I thought I was the only one lol. It looks a lot more clear before it was a little bit blurry for me.

    • Primey

      Nah they don’t.

    • Callum

      Definitley looks sharper to me too.

  • TfarTn

    Jordan where is your lame video on this? You need to start playing them titties on that mouse and upload.

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  • Aidan

    Anyone else get the DLC early on xbox one?

  • Robbie Beutlich

    Give us some guns that look good make some servers that don’t lag an screw the micro transactions. An why am I still playing beta maps….Sp holder

  • Eddie Tupy

    theres alot of quality of life features they could add. [mostly PC version]

    in the lobby pressing wasd keys should function the same as dpad on gamepads so we can go through the menus using methods other than mouse. this would affect choosing classes as well.

    speaking of classes the Create A Class menu could be a little more user friendly.

    1. We should be able to rebind the shortcut keys, things like class options [default ‘o’],

    2. this goes for all versions but make choosing wildcards like it was in AW, faster to choose what you want. Why does it go to the wildcard menu when you click on 2nd att attachment when you can only choose the one you were trying to get anyway. its redundant.

    3. Make it so when you are choosing a class to edit you can select it from clicking on its pictures on the right side and go directly into that classes option you clicked on.

    One minor thing that bugs me is that making a custom game with max bots we have to click 17 times, make it so we can click it to wrap around to last selection.

    One more thing thats kind of spoiled brat-ish, make it so we can use EVERYTHING in custom matches. [new weapons].

    theres more things id like to see but for now this is what i can recall.

  • CodToughGuy

    I’ve played the shit out of this map already and the next one is coming out soon…have fun xbox players!

  • RdJokr

    Just some info for clarification, Keshav: on PC, we still have to download the DLC files manually; they don’t come with the patch like on consoles.

  • Ron Reus

    Hey guys, quick question. I’m master prestige lvl 97 and I have not recieved a single dlc weapon from the supply drops. I only buy rare ones. Am I the only one extremely unlucky?

    • Callum

      I’m prestige master 223 and I have only recieved the butterfly knife the week they were released.

      • NotBoardyman

        I’m prestige 8 Lvl 32 and I have the Wrench, brass knuckles, furys song, nx shadowclaw and iron Jim with out spending more than $15 on the game

    • Combat Maneuvers

      I’m master prestige 347 have mostly purchased rare drops, spent $150 and have received absolutely nothing. I’m on Xbox One which also means that I have to put up with camo glitches and broken Dark Matter camo.

    • zack

      Im master prestige 150. Ive spent around $100 on supply drops against my better judgement. I do have the wrench, butterfly knife, brass knucles and furys song. However i did not get any of those from purchased supply drops. Infact i got fury’s song just a few days ago in a common drop. I have not gotten any of the new weapons (shotgun pistol, m1, crossbow) and i think thats pure bs when you consider the time ive played and the money ive spent on drops. Since the game’s release i have wanted a certain taunt for outrider “bring it” and have still not been able to land it.

  • Ak74u

    CI is so late dlc is out now

  • Sanchez

    You nt on mein lvl scubs

  • Combat Maneuvers

    Fuck Treyarch and Vonderhaar they still haven’t fixed camo glitches or broken Dark Matter fox Xbox One.

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    Thanks for the latest patch, it makes the game crash on Xbox ONE!