Activision has officially announced new details regarding the relegation for the Pro Division of the Call of Duty World League. The relegation will be to determine which teams advance to Stage 2 of the Pro Division.

The bottom four teams in the Call of Duty World League Pro Division in each region will have to face off against one Challenge Division team in a single elimination best of seven match up. The winner of the match secures a spot in Stage 2.

Here’s how Challenge Division teams can qualify:

The top 16 Challenge Division teams in each region, based upon total World League points, will be placed into pools to decide Groups. Pool seeding:

  • Pool A – Seed 1-4
  • Pool B – Seed 5-8
  • Pool C – Seed 9-12
  • Pool D – Seed 13-16

From here, four groups featuring four teams will be drawn, with each group featuring one team from each pool.


After group play is complete, the top two teams in each of the Groups will advance to a Single Bracket Elimination play. Here’s how that match-ups will take place:


From here, the top four Challenge Division teams will advance to LAN relegation to play against the bottom four Pro Division teams. Here’s how that matchup will be determined:

  • Match 1 – Highest Seed Pro Division Team vs 4th Place Challenge Division Team
  • Match 2 – Second Highest Seed Pro Division Team vs 3rd Place Challenge Division Team
  • Match 3 – Third Highest Seed Pro Division Team vs 2nd Place Challenge Division Team
  • Match 4 – Fourth Highest Seed Pro Division Team vs 1st Place Challenge Division Team

Here’s the dates/information on when this is all taking place:

Australia/New Zealand:

  • Challenge Division Roster Submission Deadline – Match 10th
  • Online Relegation Qualifier – March 12th/13th
  • Offline Relegation Match – March 18th


  • Challenge Division Roster Submission Deadline – Match 17th
  • Online Relegation Qualifier – March 19th/20th
  • Offline Relegation Match – March 25th

North America:

  • Challenge Division Roster Submission Deadline – Match 17th
  • Online Relegation Qualifier – March 26th/27th
  • Offline Relegation Match – April 1st

Teams must submit their roster for consideration to by the deadline listed for their region.

Stay tuned for the latest Call of Duty World League news.

SOURCE: Call of Duty

  • Ghost

    How exciting!

  • ccrows

    2ND… 🙁

  • Smayo

    I always had CI in high regard as the #1 source of CoD leaks and info, and while the whole internet is full of a possible CoD bloodline leak (even as it could be fake) we get MLG schedule information news, we want leaks and rumors CI so we can speculate and share our expectations of what we want to be the next CoD, not MLG rosters no one cares about

    • ScOott

      Nerr, u can go to any YouTube channle or click bait website for that shit, I come to CI cuz they are the most reliable CoD source.. And don’t post anything unless they 100 percent belive it’s true.. Whats the point of a CoD news site if half of it may not be true..

    • Smminco

      speak for yourself. i find this info a lot more interesting than a possible leak of a potential name. that, i could care less about.

      • lunator100hd .

        Yeah but you are like 5% of the community.

      • Smayo

        Good for you (no dis) but this site is mostly visit by CoD enthusiasts who wants to know about the rumors about the next CoD and/or new additions to the current one, I don’t have a problem with posts about these MLG rosters, because I realize there is a (small) interest for, but not posting about a rumor of the possible name/direction of the new CoD that has the potential to be somewhat true is not what I expect from CI

        • Smminco

          that doesnt mean that competitive news should be ignored. you know, it’s possible to cover both. as a matter of fact, i believe they did cover the “bloodlines” rumor, and dismissed it as likely fake. there is nothing wrong with covering rumors on a game coming out in 8 months, but i still think they should be covering new info about how their esports league is shaping up.

          • Smayo

            Agree about that, that was my initial complain that it has the MLG type news and not the rumor type news, as it should be co-exist next to each other

            just saw the news about the bloodline rumor after I typed up that whole post, didn’t feel like editing the whole thing 😉

          • Smminco

            word. definitely can see where you guys are coming from, though.

          • Keshav Bhat

            We always want to share rumors and more with our fans. As you guys have said, we love eSports here and want to share that information for those who also do too.

            We also want to share rumors & leaks — that’s how we started as a site, but we also have to be careful with which leaks we report. I’d rather have some of you guys be upset with us not reporting some leaks than having you guys calling us “liars” for reporting fake information. But with that being said, we will post leaks and rumors with think is relevant!

            Thanks for the feedback!

          • Smayo

            No problem, keep up the good work

    • SuckONtheseROCKS

      Anddddddddd Bloodline is fake and if you really thought that would be the next COD name your dumber then a box of rocks

      • Smayo

        I didn’t think anything about bloodlines, my “complaint” was about having news type A and not news type B, which after I typed it it popped up on the site as well, so before calling someone dumb try to understand what a post really says

  • YouDontNeedToKnow

    I wish they would stop airing these World League Division crap on the PS4. The servers suck and lag as it is and when they live stream this crap it lags even more. It was barely playable before, but with this crap it lags hard and pings are everywhere and its impossible to have a lag free game.
    Out of all the Call Of Duty games, I have to say that the servers for BO3 started to suck between Christmas and New years. That’s tell me everyone on the planet got the game and the server cannot handle the load. Now they are streaming from it?!?!!? Lord have mercy.