A new Supply Drop version has been added into the Black Market in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for a limited time with the latest Game Settings Update (version

This new Supply Drop is available only in the Black Market through Monday, March 14th at 10AM PT.

This Supply Drop guarantees a Specialist Theme (customization items for specialists) in each Drop, includes bonus cryptokeys, and increases chances of getting Legendary and Rare loot. The Bribe Supply Drop costs 300 Call of Duty Points or 60 Cryptokeys.

  • TheDemonOfHate

    Fi1st Childs of CoD

  • Pizza711

    Hopefully this leads to a Weapons Bribe in the near future. Probably not, but it would be nice to see

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    Can I bribe Activision to fuck off with this shit?

    • wookie2312

      yeah i guess if you have a few billion dollars

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        K brb

    • jordanxbrookes

      Well Activision are open to taking more money after all so I wouldn’t be surprised if they took your offer lmao.

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        I can see why this is happening after Candy Crush LOL

        • Wraith

          Well Activision did buy Candy Crush. Get ready for the next iteration of CoD microtransactions. Tokens to play Candy Crush while in match lobbies incoming lmfao.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            It’s why I mentioned Candy Crush. lmao

    • Ak74u

      Fuck activision I want to go on a strike I wish the whole community would stop buying supply drops we need to show them that we don’t want this system in our games. It won’t happen because idiots will buy supply drops.

    • Eddie Tupy

      i dont see the problem in this.

      i guess youd rather pay 150 for a game up front instead, since thats how much money theyd need to make worthwhile money.

      They are actually doing us a favor by doing this. If you are impatient you buy it if you are patient thenyou play the game normally for the year and eventually ‘earn’ everything anyway.

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        I just think it’s way too much of a grind to get 30 Cryptokeys. Now they’re asking for 60? These things should have just been included in the Season Pass. $50 is a lot.

        • TheNuGawd

          Yeah since you really only average 1-2 keys per game its almost like its setup to be annoying as fuck, to push people into buying them.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            If only they made a fun game. Damn.

      • TheNuGawd

        What are you talkibg about? A lot of people end up paying $60 for the game, then they pay $60-50 more for dlc. And then on top of that since bo2 even more money for micro transactions like camos, guns, or really anything else.

      • TheNuGawd

        They know people will pay for them, thats why they put guns and camos and stuff in supply drops. Cause they make more money with gambling then with just straight up giving you the gun or camo. Activision knows exactly what theyre doing. All they care about is money theyre a company thats the reason they switched to PS.

        • Eddie Tupy

          And thats bad because?

    • RdJokr

      Buy their shares. Then you’ll be one step closer to making things better for all of us.

  • Welp, I guess that’s what they meant by ‘extra new content’…

    Jesus Christ is this just getting embarrassing. It’s as if ATVI couldn’t convince enough people to spend money on the supply drops and get enough money from that…now they actually want to attract more suckers to try and increase their chances at getting shitty stuff. This is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    Yeah I know it’s Activision calling the shots, and yes I know they’re a business, and yes I know they respond to consumer demand, but it doesn’t make them any less shitty IMO and not any less sleazy. Respecting your consumers a la CD Projekt (and other publishers) is the way forward and would incite the more reluctant people to spend money.

    God damn is the AAA industry truly at a dire place right now (for more reasons than this).

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      That’s what happens when huge AAA third party publishers look at mobile gaming’s success and attempt to mimic it. To think that the Season Pass was overpriced enough, now we can’t even get weapons in it. At least Supply Drops are mostly cosmetic, because we look stupid when we buy it. We practically get nothing but skins for our weapons and some okay weapons and it’s hilarious.

    • Juses

      Juses Crust*

      • ScOott

        R Yew still alive juses :-/?

        • Juses

          Am steel aleve, y ez der soe meny fagitz nao?

          • ScOott

            Because ur not here to spread any sweg about.. The longer ur away the worse it’s going to get.. . C.i needs u juses..

            Although I can’t help if u come back, I’m on my best behaviour after telling keshav he likes activison dick, I think I was pretty lucky not to get blocked..

            U can’t let the an fagits win lol..

  • Drasadex

    “limited time”
    Yeah no way I’ll be getting enough keys for this.

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      CoD apologists: YOU JUST SUCK AT IT GET GUD KID

      • TheDemonOfHate

        Dang dude it’s just a game.

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          Chill it’s just a prank bro

          • RamboZv3sTar

            the same like niggers who take a shower to look white xD

      • Drasadex

        I’m waiting for that too lmao

    • David Ward

      you get 2-3 keys per match, you just have to play 20 matches. can do that easily within a few hours.

    • ShadowMaster862

      I think by limited time it may mean something like a weekend deal. Like Destiny’s Xur. He comes every weekend and brings in some powerful gear and items; he’s not to promising but brings the stuff nonetheless

      • Drasadex

        “This new Supply Drop is available only in the Black Market through Monday, March 14th at 10AM PT.”

        but yeah, it’s nice and all, but I wouldn’t be able to earn that many keys in a short time

  • FazalGaming

    *Spends 300+ Cryptokeys*
    *2 days later this happens*

    just my luck

  • The Flash

    How about you guarantee me a weapon?! I couldnt give two shits about the specialist themes and i dont consider them to be remotely legendary or epic, or even rare, sure as hell not worth 60 keys let alone 30. Common supply drops are just full of garbage reticles and rare supply drops are not that much different, the coolest thing i’ve had is the ritual camo for the ICR-1, the themes, camos and reticles we unlock should be universe imo, not just for 1 specific gun or specialist I will never use

  • FazalGaming

    Whats with the new comment system?

  • BadDamnKitty

    No fucking thank you.

  • WhiskeyDick

    So it charges you double the cryptokeys of a rare supply drop, which gives specialist gear regularly, and guarantee’s one of the 3 items won’t be the dlc weapons… Are they batshitcrazy?!

  • ToonToons22

    I’m done with this game. You couldn’t “bribe” me into playing this game for a free gun, much less a free Specialist theme. Countless hours of playing and still nothing. This doesn’t pull in customers. It ruins an entire fanbase and they should know that.

  • Gamerazor247

    What’s with all this timed shit, just make it a permanent option and for the love of fucking god, just make a NUK3TOWN ONLY, playlist, shit…

    • RdJokr

      Vahn mentioned on Reddit, they don’t do Nuk3town all the time, because it is harmful to the overall design of the game. This is why map voting was fixed, so people would stop spamming Nuk3town in Chaos Moshpit, and eventually when the map becomes a mandatory download.

  • YoungMurf

    Loada donkey dick.. The Division is too boss atm.

    • ScOott

      I was thinking about buying it, not interested In multilplayer, or playing with friends.. Just want the single player experience, is it still good for that? .. I can’t find a trusted reveiw of just the single player..

      • YoungMurf

        I started off playing it mostly solo and it was great but to play it continuously solo I could maybe see it getting a little repetitive. Playing co-op is where it shines and the Dark Zone with friends is where it’s really at. Then again there’s so many side missions and stuff to do (which I have done mostly solo) and it was class.
        All in all if you’re only interested in single player it’s 6 of one and half a dozen of the other if you get me? I think it’s definitely worth the plunge man 🙂

        • ScOott

          Thanks Ive got it, not played it yet tho, If I hate it I’m blaming u lol..

          • YoungMurf

            Np man lol.. Seen your comment above about being like Destiny.. I personally find it’s nothing like Destiny. But here’s hoping you like it *fingers crossed*

      • I have been looking into The Division. It’s pretty overhyped in my opinion. I’m probably going to pick it up because everybody that I play with has it. I don’t want to be left out : (

        • ScOott

          Lol aghhhhh I’m the exact opposite not many of my friends game, and the ones that do ain’t picking it up.. I’d rather be In ur shoes lol..I went and got it today, I haven’t been sure about it since I heard about it, also missed out on the beta.. So my hopes aint to high..

          as long as it’s better than destiny which I’ve seen so many people compare it to, il be happy, that as a single player game was just awful..

          • Yeah I didn’t put much time into the beta. I’m afraid of this game a bit because to me it’s overhyped like Watch Dogs was and Destiny and I didn’t enjoy any of those games. My friends however say it’s a good game. I might give in and get it.

  • Message of the day says
    “So it’s specialist themes you want? I can arrange that.”

    Who the fuck said they wanted only specialist themes from a supply drop?

    • RdJokr

      The people that cried “new weapons too OP, fuck this P2W shit”, I guess.

      • I’m pretty sure the people that are “crying” want a better way to get these weapons that are stuck behind the RNG wall.

        • RdJokr

          Don’t we all… But this is actually a good thing, because it seems like Treyarch might be testing the water for different supply drop types that could guarantee items and such. The coding in the game reveals that there’s at least one more type of supply drop being planned. It’s possible that they might actually give us something that could guarantee a weapon, for a large amount of Cryptokeys/COD Points.

          Personally, I’m just hoping the Black Market guy brings in his twin, who acts like Xur and brings in the actual good shit every once in a while. Would make all our lives easier.

          • That’s exactly what I’m thinking when it comes the Destiny example

  • Jasy

    Too bad, I’m playing The Division. At least they can actually make a worthwhile game that isn’t there to take all your money.

  • travis

    The Division

    • Ed

      Is a bit boring, suprisingly.

  • Please by me dinner and lick my butt before you stick yourself inside of it

  • darren

    I’ve been watching a bunch of old youtube vids of WaW and Black Ops, and I gotta tell ya…Those were the days. Also, been checking out that CoD Online outta China. I wish they would make that available here. Simple, classic, killstreaks at 3, 5, &7. Activision, take note: Call Of Duty: Classic or Call Of Duty: Throwback would make a killing. Make it $15-$20. No mdlc. It sucks, cause I would love to play some WaW, but it’s so hacked it’s unplayable. Same with all those older titles. Save your history Activision.

    • Devin Wolfe

      A very small fraction of the community would buy a collection like that so no it won’t “make a killing” get rid of your nostalgia and look at the bigger picture.

      • darren

        Whatever, Cynical Cyril. Nothin nostalgic about it. It’s funny, cause I was watching a youtube vid the other day about the CoD Online in China. The next day, there was like 5 new vids about CoD Online, and how great it was. Just because you have no interest, doesn’t mean there isn’t any. So, there is no interest in a “greatest hits” CoD? Are you insane, or deaf?
        And the bigger picture, which I assume is the bottom dollar, means absolutely nothing. Activision can “waste” money, time, and resources on a shitty “f2p” CoD Heroes mobile game, or “waste” money developing CoD Online for Chinese markets, they could do something like this.

      • Smayo

        Who are you trying to fool man, “a very small fraction” the older BotG CoD’s make up 25% of the top 10 requested BC games on the xbox one, and that’s only xbox users votes, a petition for a MW collection went through the roof a couple of months back, same as the petition for bringing CoD online to the US/EU. The day a CoD collection is announced is the day all previous CoD pre order records will be shattered, no doubt about it

        • Devin Wolfe

          Take off the rose colored glasses then get back to me.

          • Smayo

            Good argument man…really, instead of telling me to take off my “rose colored glasses” maybe you should start to accept that advanced moving isn’t what the majority of the CoD community wants

          • Devin Wolfe

            The majority likes it it’s only the vocal minority who don’t because they are so simple minded they can’t comprehend up and down in a game.

          • Smayo

            Pretty large vocal majority then, and the only thing that can’t comprehend up and down is the prehistoric engine they still use, judging by the shifting of the hitboxes in Bo3

          • Devin Wolfe

            It’s only seems large because of how vocal it is. if these people had there way it would be a camp fest just like every COD since COD4 and before AW.

          • Smayo

            Map design and Perk balance is the word here, if the stealth perks don’t hide you from everything while sitting in a dark corner camping is a marginal issue, same goes for map design, keep the flow is key and minimize blind spots around every corner

            Bo2 did a pretty good job at both of those, except some map flaws due to MLG catering (headglitch spots) but again that’s an engine issue as well

          • Devin Wolfe

            AW and Black Ops 3 do have map flow it’s just not as blatant as older games and requires people to actually think for a change.

          • Smayo

            They do not, the movement in those games eliminate the mapflow, even treyarch acknowledged that the new movement system makes it hard to design good maps that flow natural, in the case of AW it was even more of a problem which was adressed by many pro players and YT’ers as well the majority of the casual fanbase.

            Good map flow comes naturally by good map design, the moment you have to start thinking about how to fluidity go through a map means its design is flawed, which is the case in both AW and Bo3, most maps would flow perfectly if it was BotG but the advanced movement system eliminates that flow and creates randomness.

          • Devin Wolfe

            One should have to think instead of being simple minded I used to be the same way thinking so simple then I started playing LoL and I actually had to use my brain after League COD became childs play because I was actually thinking instead of being some mindless drone not knowing where people are going to come from. And I will state again the maps had flow but you needed to use your brain once in a while to see it. Every map in Black Ops 3 has a map flow so did AW if you actually took the time to think about it thats the problem with gamers now adays they want everything handed to them on a silver platter without having to put in much effort and it’s just sad.

          • Smayo

            Nothing wrong with using your brain, I do that the majority of the time on a normal workday, and I don’t mind doing it when I play a videogame, but there is nothing to think or anticipate if you can get killed from 8 different directions. as said before the maps in AW and Bo3 sure have some flow in them, but the movement eliminates all tactics of map knowledge and thus mapflow, no matter how you use your brain there’s no counter to randomness

          • Devin Wolfe

            Having actual diagnoised ADHD it’s easy for me

    • Bengal Tigger

      you want your nostalgia back well have fun because they will probably price it higher than just $15-$20

  • BRUH

    Well considering my dad only gave me a small loan of a million dollars, it was very difficult for me to live my life as a call of duty player…

  • Loot crate hater

    Stupid black market crap. No one wants to waste time spending time obtaining crypto keys TRYING to get weapons and camos that they may never get AND MAY NOT EVEN LIKE and also, imo, these black market weapons should have been given out with the dlc. That was pretty crappy I think that they were not

    • Fly Mann13

      You do know that in order to get cryptokeys you just have to play the game right?? And 60 cryptokeys should take you less than a day.

      • JuicyJuice

        If you actually can play 8 or 9 hours, some of us have school and/or work and we don’t have time to fucking play that much. I can play at MOST 4 hours and can get ~30 Cryptokeys, which is only one rare supply drop. Activision should either increase the amount of keys given or lower the prices of the drops. I’m not spending my hard earned money on this crap.

        • Fly Mann13

          Actually chances are, most people wont have school on the weekend and work wont be much if you actually had time to buy the game. It wont really take 8-9 hrs, either way you’d have loosely almost 3 days and some of monday to get at least one, i got 32 in less than 2 hrs. Nobody is forcing you to pay money for it, it serves no purpose because theres nothing really worth it in the supply drops. If anything supply drops wouldnt really concern anyone who doesnt have the time because they wont be playing much in the first place.

  • Ghost

    Nah I’m good Activi$ion. All I want is the weapons!

  • Bacon

    I get a specialist theme like 90% of the time when I get a rare supply drop.

  • xGscMxster

    This is BS DON’T fucking buy this crap just spent $10 on 1100 points and all supply drops I got from it were fucking common.

  • Ak74u

    I want the new dlc weapons and I refuse to buy supply drops I want a direct way of getting them not luck based


    im prestige master 261 and the only thing ive gotten from the rare supply drops is brass knuckles. never spent money on cod points but my cousins all bought points and already have shadow claw, mx, butterfly knife, and the other melee weapons.

    • YoungMurf

      I spent money on a few occasions just out of curiosity and got nothing but rare taunts and gestures and common items, which I already had. Vowed never to purchase again.. Activi$ion 1 – 0 Murf.

  • Fly Mann13

    Yall funny getting mad at this, like it affects your gameplay in anyway.

  • Bengal Tigger

    The only reason why they have supply drops in the game is that they won’t add in anymore camo DLC’s or Weapon DLC’s separately. However this is a corrupt system, people saying to go on strike will do nothing towards ATVI since they don’t care about the community.

  • MurkN101

    Funny it’s called “Bribe”.

  • ArtisanKnight

    [RESPONSE] It does if you brought the season pass, and just want a new weapon. Atleast the Ae4 and Ohm were free for season pass owners, without the need of supply drops. It just really a kick in the face. Sure, it doesn’t literally affect your gameplay, but I for one, get annoyed at getting bladed, shotgun pistoled, M14’d, CROSSBOWED, among other stuff while trying to save up keys, only to get nothing. Rinse, repeat. Then, just when you think they added something to help you get what anyone ACTUALLY wants out of a supply drop, it’s the opposite. I’m not complaining, because I barely play BO3, but a weapon supply drop for at least a couple of hours would’ve got me to play again.

  • LB

    “I’m a man of the people.”

  • Eddie Tupy

    Thing is guys games price hasnt changed throughout the years so too compensate they need to add in little things like this. Cant wait till people understand this and stop being so victimized.

    • Aceshigh87

      For Americans maybe. In Canada current gen games are 79.99 now so the price has gone up by $20 in the last couple of years.

      • Eddie Tupy

        youre missing my point i think. My point is that games used to be alot more money. Im also canadian btw. I remember buying new NES/SNES games for 80 CAD sometimes even 100 if it was really popular.

  • Idgaf

    whats next 300 cod points to join a server?

  • Combat Maneuvers

    These are the same as the rare supply drops, but it insures you get a specialist theme; however, you won’t be getting what you want, most of the time. I spent 60 Cryptokeys and it was a waste.

  • MASEboogie23

    Are these better then rare or OG commons at launch of the game?

  • zack

    I’m glad everyone else in the comments shares the same opinions as me! Activision is a joke I hope some new game comes out and just shits all over cod and destroys it.

  • Markus Hansson

    You want a gambling problem? This is how you get a gambling problem. They need to stop with features like this ASAP, if they care about people.


      Caring about other people in this society? You must be joking…

  • Aceshigh87

    Saved up my keys twice for this, both times the specialist gear was rare and the other two things were common. Definitely not worth twice as much as a normal rare drop.

    • milos

      happened to me as well, will not be doing it again

  • dust&cheese

    i only come to this site to see if any new zombies info is released. I stopped playing MP after december…I have a decent 1.5mb connection that works most of the time on other cods, but I can’t even join MP or zombie matches in this game. All I really care about at this point is zombies. 4 maps every 3 months is extremely chinse. To be honest for $10 per DLC you should be getting 8 maps. If even 100000 people buy the maps you would make 1 MILLION dollars.

    • YoungMurf

      Do you mean 1.5 download speed? Cause that does not even meet the minimum requirement to play online games on PS or Xbox.

      • dust&cheese

        what is the requirement?