Activision and ESL has announced that the Stage 1 Finals for the Call of Duty World League Pro Division in North America will be open to spectators.

Tickets to attend the event are now on sale HERE. There’s only a limited number available, so if you’re interested in attending — get your tickets now!

The North America Stage 1 Finals takes place April 1st through April 3rd at ESL’s Burbank Studios in California.

The top eight Pro Division teams will compete in the Finals on April 2nd and 3rd for their share of the $250,000 prize pool. The bottom four teams in the Pro Division will face off against a qualified Challenge Division team to secure a spot in Stage 2 of the Pro Division.

Stay tuned for the latest Call of Duty World League news.

  • TheDemonOfHate

    Great Article! Very Interesting

    • lotterry

      Knock that polite shit off. This is call of duty faggot.

      • Kyle Soule

        I just bought one of your scratch cards. Hopefully I win the power ball this time…

  • lunator100hd .

    We’ll all be there!


    people looking at people playing smh…….

    • Will WilFredo Mendoza

      I know right. Idiocy at its finest. What the hell do the viewers gain watching them play? Same goes to the sports. Representing the team? Pfft

      • TheDemonOfHate

        Does that apply to UFC, MMA, & Wrestling?

        • wiener

          No in wrestling they ram there cocks into each other so it’s porn

          • TheDemonOfHate

            Ok? loser

    • x.X.NOSCOPE.X.x

      Never heard of “Let’s Play” videos on YouTube? It’s a big thing on YouTube.

    • Cookin’ by the book

      Hey, Jimmy Kemmel, calm down.

  • imBATMAN

    haha kidding, where the people at?

  • TheHorror

    Fuck man i wish COD would be like how it used to be. Back when you’d play to have fun, not so you can try to go MLG or join FaZe or some shit. I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that people spend good money to watch people play COD live. To each their own i guess, but i could die happy if i didn’t have to hear about Optic or Kaliber or whatever the fuck these shitty teams are named ever again.

    -end rant-

    • ccrows

      I’ve been playing COD since pretty much the beginning on consoles, but I need to ask “Why can’t you have fun now?”.

      You’re obviously not going to watch if you don’t care, so why does it matter?

      ^ BTW I don’t plan on watching either, but I do care about the results of who wins just for the sake of who’s the current best players, but that’s it…

      • lunator100hd .

        3arch wastes money and effort for esports when they should try to make the game better for the casual players who are like 99% of the community, yesterday i played a 4vs7 team deathmach, that shit still happens and you telling me why cant have fun now? Cod 4 and mw2 combined had less problems than a next gen cod like bo3 or AW, when that mlg/esport bullshit wasnt around cod was more friendly for us.

        • ccrows

          MW2? lol That game had more things wrong with it than right,

          ^ but yeah I do get your point about Trey’s priorities…

          • lunator100hd .

            Well many ppl think that mw2 had balancing issues but im not talking about that. I find bo3 rather balanced , my problems are tecnical stuf like lag comp, hit detection, matchmaking etc.

          • ccrows

            When you say “Balancing issues” in MW2, if you are talking about:

            OMA (infinite ammo/nades/claymores/tubes)
            Last Stand
            Deathstreaks (painkiller)
            Tac Inserts (nuke boosters)
            Danger Close w/ no real counter
            Modded Lobbies (10th prestige/speed/jumping/ETC)
            Tons of 10th prestige modded lobby spam
            Javalin Glitch
            CP Glitch
            Model Shotties with Infinite Range
            Fuel Rock Glitch (that never got fixed)
            A Broken MM System for months (constantly playing with people all over the world)
            Host FTW!

            ^ I guess if you are that stuff as “balancing issues” then yes I fully agree… 🙂

          • lunator100hd .

            Half of your list consists exploits/glitches that barely effected my expirence on South EU ps3 servers, i played the crap out of mw2 and i never come across most of the shit you noted. The only thing i found was some modded lobbies after the first year of the game. I do think that this game had some op perks/equipment combinations like scavenger,d close,noob tube but i didnt mind so much because my gun was op too. Everything that this game had, was op and that was kind of balanced for me. You want to use noob tubes and play like a bitch? fine i will use my beastly ump45 with rapid fire and lightweight /marathon or my leiser beam acr with Stopping Power. Also the hit detection in this game was amazing, so the guy with actually gun skills most of the times would win the gunfight. Imo the most broken guns ever made in cod hisory was snipers in bo2 and thats because everything else was shooting dildos in this game with half of your bullets dont even count cause of that awful hit detection.

          • jordanxbrookes

            Still a better game than the last 3 CoDs lmao.

          • ccrows

            Better than BO3? Nah.

            IMO the only thing that saves MW2 is Nostalgia.

            ^ People think about the Harrier, AC-130, the maps, etc, and they just don’t want to remember all of the BS that ruined it…

          • Markdg23

            No, the BS your referring to again is everything that made that game great. Sure everyone hated getting commando knifed and noob tubed across the map but you could fight fire with fire. Not to mention every lobby is different, theirs always gonna be that one guy or 6man party being ass clowns. Besides were forgetting a key ingredient which makes any cod great that 25 kill streak slap to the other teams face whether it’s a nuke, KEM, or Moab if your CoD don’t have that CoD is trash

          • ccrows

            Nah every lobby was basically the same. Get 6-7 kills for your Harrier, and go hide the rest of the match.

            I’ll give you that the MOAB/KEM were great because it was 25 gunkills, but Killstreaks should never count again towards that.

            ^ inb4 you even try to say “Stinger”, most people cared more about getting to “their harrier” than helping the team out.

            Finally, you do realize that you can get nuclear/unstoppable medals in BO3 right? Sure it doesn’t have the fancy animation + 5-9 extra kills, but the way Trey handles Nukes makes it less likely for boosters to go after them…

          • I’m glad I’m not the only one here who sees the major problems with MW2 and how crap it is (my words). I think MW2 really only praised now because of nostalgia and it really shows. I remember how much hate it got back in the day and I was one of those guys. Thankfully I had a healthy WaW and CoD4 back then

          • DeicideHD

            I knew you were an ass clown, Modern Warfare was amazing, World at War, and Black ops. None of which had a 25 kill streak or 30 kill streak, and even in Black ops 2 the swarm was more fun than any given game w/ a nuke. You’re clearly just some shitty. thats a given.

          • Markdg23

            Wow ur tracking down old posts of mine hahahaha ur so butt hurt man of course you said all the greatest cods were the ones that 12 kills were the highest streaks obtainable bc that’s all you can get! Do your self a favor son get your fanboy ass out of here your new to the site and new to cod obviously. For the record I bet ur still playing the dog shit game called Black ops 3, common over to division so I can steel your loot scrub and then kill you again for fun.

          • TheHorror

            MW2 was my first COD, and is still my favorite to this day. I think that’s where most of the fun came from, instead of having everything super balanced like it is now (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing), a lot of thing were ridiculously OP. I would still play MW2 today if the multiplayer wasn’t ruined with all of the hacked lobbies.

          • ccrows

            “MW2 was my first COD”

            ^ Ahhhhhh the “first COD”. Just like the first time you get laid and later on think that she was “the one” that got away. lol

            *sigh* there’s 2 things that I’ve heard probably close to a million times (OK more like a thousand, but still that’s a lot)

            1 – People like MW2 because it was their “first COD”.


            2 – No matter how many broken things that I throw at them, and come back with the tried and true, “I don’t care it was fun”.

            Listen, anybody has the right to like MW2, but the game was BROKE AF. If it came out today, people would be yelling at IW with “You had 3 years, why is this game so broken?!”…

          • TheHorror

            Nah my first time getting laid involved a greasy ass blowjob on her end so i look back at that with a little disdain. The game had it’s share of glitches and bugs, but so has every other COD game ever made. If you are somebody who lives by everything being 100% balanced, then chances are you hated MW2. I liked it because you had overpowered things to counter overpowered things.

            MW2 is the kind of game with no middle ground; you either loved it or you hated it.

          • ccrows

            BJ’s, and “Just the tip baby” don’t count. 😉

            I’m talking about the “man I hope she ain’t pregnant” type of first laid.

            *OK back to MW2*

            You’re right EVERY COD has its fair share of issues, but MW2 hands down had the most.

            IDK, before I dropped the mic on MW2 and went back to COD4 for good, I spent about a good week doing nothing but sitting in the back of maps with OMA/DC and tubing to get Harrier/CG/Nuke.

            I had a lot of legit nukes before that, but the fact that you could just cheeeze your way to nukes really put MW2 into perspective for me. (Well that and having to constantly chase down nuke boosters trying to ruin a good Dom match)

            *sigh* IDK, like you said you either loved it or hated it, but I wish you had the chance to play COD4, because while that game had issues too (no host migration, martydom, ETC) it just “worked” so much better than MW2…

          • tuby

            I thought you first time was with a doll

          • TheHorror

            Fuck, got me

          • Markdg23

            Pretty sure everything you listed are reasons why MW2 was fun. Back when Twitter warriors and pro players didn’t mean shit to the cod developers. They couldn’t cry and complain about everything that is broken and unbalanced in the game until everything is nerfed to the point that the game sucks. MW2/BO1 days are over all that matters are pro players and keyboard Twitter warriors that complain until the game is a pile of garbage for people looking to just have fun. For example why was the VMP changed before the beta even came out bc of cry babies, why did the razorback get nerfed during beta bc of pro turds. Finally why did the vesper get nerfed ohh bc it shoots too fast and had small recoil WGAF. Instead of nerfing shit they should bring other guns up to par, which leads me to why MW1/2 and BO1 were great bc all guns and perks were great, bc back then pro players and Twitter nerds didn’t mean a damn thing. This is not an attack on you but rather a defense that MW2 is the greatest CoD of all time bc that shit was fun.

          • ccrows

            Back in 2009 there were TONS of people (gamefaqs, YT, people online) complaining how broke it was.

            BO3 may not be perfect, but 5-6 years from now the community will be crying that BO3 was one the best CODs, just like MW2 fans are currently doing…

          • ScOott

            Lol.. I’m pretty sure u won’t see anybody in a few years time claiming bo3 is the best CoD.. Bo2, bo1 and mw3 maybe.. Hopefully ghosts A.W and Bo3 will be completely forgotten about by then.. I think most people are Greatful for playable Cod that’s why people like bo3..

            Soon as bo1 hits xbox one I’m getting it.. normally I enjoy grinding for the prestiges in CoD but they took that joy away by adding 1000 of the fuckers.. Which for ur average casual is just to much.. And as a result I don’t grind as much as I normally do..

            I’m not hating bo3 I enjoy it a couple of hours a day.. Dont shoot..

          • ccrows

            Scottie, what if IW and SH’s next 2 games go in the tank.

            That 1000 might be something that could be easily attainable for you over a 3 year span, especially with all the DBL XP weekends that Trey throws at us.

            Also the “Real Finish Line” is still 10 prestiges. The 1000 thing is just something for people to do after they cross the 10/55 line…

          • ScOott

            I wouldn’t get to the tenth prestige and feel I’d achieved max level.. I try to be optimistic and think IW will give us a good game so I won’t need to go back.. And spend another year on bo3..

            Can u remember that feeling that u got everytime u knew the next Cod was going to come out, the hype, the excitement because u knew, u just knew that they would improve from the last game and it was going to be one hell of a game..

            Now a new cod comes out and u hear nothing but worry since ghosts.. What if it tanks, what about the time to kill, what about boots on ground, what about sbmm….

            I’m kind of hoping IW restore some faith and we get back on track..

          • ccrows

            Scottie, I’ve been with COD since COD2, and I definitely know the excitement that every fall brings.

            However I’m also a realist, and this year I’m more concerned than excited. Todd Alderman is gone after only 4 months, and my guess ATM is that he didn’t like the “Innovative” direction that COD16 is heading.

            Let me ask you this, who’s the head dev in charge for IW that we need to contact (AKA Vahn/Condrey) if the S*** hits the fan in COD16 with IW?

            ^ cuz talking to Teenah via her Twitter account is useless!… 🙁

          • ScOott

            So your saying he left because he didn’t like the Cod that was being made?

            1) why would he have stayed for 4 months in the first place? 4 four months to decide he doesn’t like the what they are doing is one hell of a long time.. You would of thought he would be able to make that decision in the first week or at least the first month…

            2) last time he left it was because of Activision, we have no idea what might still be going on In the background

            3) he could of just left because he wanted to, he could of contracted purple dick warts that kill every time he sits down for to long so he left, or he might be moving somewhere, I could give u whole list of random reasons why someone might choose to leave their job..

            Just because he left doesn’t mean the next Cod is doomed, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t involved with mw3 the best of the series as far as multilayer goes imo.(correct me if I’m wrong but the rest of the points still stand)..

          • ccrows

            Sure OK I agree with with what you said about Todd and all of that could be possible, but here’s the big question:

            Who’s the head dev (AKA like Vahn/Condrey) for IW MP now?…

          • ScOott

            Here’s a bigger question.. Who cares?

            We don’t know the face of who the lead m.p designer is going to be for bo4, is it going to effect the game? No..

            The same applies here.. Iw ain’t going to be running round like headless chickens just because Todd has left the studio.. We will get the same game and we will get someone to talk to via twitter.. I don’t see the panic just yet..

            Don’t get me wrong I’m worried about the game just through the fact the latest call of dutys are not exactly on parr with Mw3 Bo2 and one.. but no other reason than that..

          • ccrows

            “Here’s a bigger question.. Who cares?”

            ^ How about accountability for a 3 year game, that’s why it matters.

            IMO, unless it’s a MW remaster, 4 months (or less) is a pretty small window for a 3 year game.

            COD16 is supposed to be “the game”, that puts IW back on the map, and Alderman leaving for TF2 is not a good man. Also no E3 showing, that’s not a good sign either.

            Believe me I want to be wrong, but there is nothing on that team ATM that has me excited for November. (Being 100% serious I’m a lot more excited for BO3 DLC maps than what is coming in November, because BO3 might have to last me 2+ years)

            IDK man, all I can do is hope that IW proves me wrong… 🙁

          • ScOott

            I hope u get proven wrong too, we will see.. Fingers crossed..

          • ccrows

            Welp on “360 American servers” ALL of that list was an issue…

          • J4MES

            MW2 was very unbalanced but it was pure fun and that’s all that mattered despite some infuriating aspects. It was a proper CoD with no futuristic BS and sweaty, competitive lobbies. The connections were also slick and the hit detection was perfect. Simple and brilliant fun.

          • ccrows

            MW2 in its prime was just as sweaty as BO3.

            EVERY COD in their prime was sweaty…

          • J4MES

            MW2 wasn’t sweaty in the slightest for me – I found it a highly enjoyable experience with zero competitive focus. COD will never be able to attract 25m gamers again with the format and primary focus it has now.

          • RIPCOD

            Are you kidding? mw2 for all its noob elements was a fairly relaxed and laid back title. You probably haven’t even played the game and your first one was Ghosts.

          • ccrows

            Bruh, I was a legit MP in MW2, and my first COD that I played was COD2.

            I swear MW2 fanboys are freakin savages. SAVAGES I tell ya!… lol

        • Ak74u

          I agree I used to be able to play for fun and have a great time now everytime I play I feel like everyone is trying hard and it’s just a sweatyfuck fest. I feel like I have to try hard too and not enjoy it for what it is

    • jordanxbrookes

      Remember when the biggest competitive-related thing to CoD was GBs in Private Matches on the sly? Man I miss the MW2/Black Ops days :/


    COD died when the developers shunned the casual community (99.9%) and focused on eSports (0.1%) which is why Ghosts, AW and BO3 are awful games and have ultimately killed the dwindling franchise. I remember the days when you would see over 1m on at a time and no less than 200,000 but I bet there’s barely 200k playing the game across all the systems. With IW and SHG up next; Call of Duty is as good as dead and there’s no way they will remaster any old games as it wont fit with the eSports wishes who want to play their matches on tinpot sized maps and with no recoil guns. I’m most disappointed in Treyarch who have let the true fanbase down and are now catering to kids and low skilled ‘pros’. COD4, WAW, MW2 and BO was where it’s at but we all know COD is finished now. IW’s new game wont even sell 5m copies.

  • Ak74u

    What ever happened to bo1 coming backwards compatible on the Xbox one it’s been so damn long they anounced this last year in November… 5 1/2 months ago

    • GinsuVictim

      They just said that it IS coming, just not WHEN.

    • RIPCOD

      I don’t think they want to do it yet until BO3 is maxed out on all its DLC. Once BO1 becomes available on the XB1; nobody is going to be playing BO3 and that’s what Activision and Treyarch are scared about. The franchise has had enough embarrassments in the last few years but that will probably be the final nail for them.