UPDATE — March 22nd: The new patch update is now live on PC as well. Patch notes are below, and all PC specific updates are noted with [PC].

A new patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is now live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The update is version number 1.08.

Patch Notes:



  • The Nuk3town map, Calling Card, Reticles, and Weapon Camo are now available to all Players.
  • [PS4] Updated Live Event Viewer CWL Feature Widget Image.
  • [PC] Security Updates

General Gameplay

  • Fixed error related to using a picked-up weapon from a Player who left the game.
  • Resolved issue where Players were able to kill a prone Player when they ran over them with a carried Guardian or Hardened Sentry.
  • Fixed bug where if a Player died by a Semtex during the HC-XD calling animation, enemy Scorestreaks would continually fire at the spot of death.
  • Addressed global spawn issue that could occur when Players were killed when deploying Scorestreaks.
  • Added spawn trap logic to Uplink and Safeguard where additional spawns will open under extreme scenarios.
  • Enabled spawn trap logic in Public online matches.
  • Resolved bug where Players were able to gain additional Specialist Power by switching Classes at the beginning of a round.


  • Perks
    • Fixed exploit where the Ante-Up Perk would continue to work when a player switched to a class without it.
  • Equipment
    • Addressed bug where using the Black Hat on a Trip Mine or other equipment near a planted bomb in S&D prevented the user from disarming the bomb.
    • Addressed issue where the Combat Axe was unable to destroy the HC-XD.


  • Nomad
    • Fixed bug where the use of Nomad’s H.I.V.E. Gun would cause disconnects from Dedicated Servers.
    • Resolved an issue where the sound of a H.I.V.E. pod would persist for a Player if the Player activated the H.I.V.E. pod, but was afterwards killed by another means than the H.I.V.E. pod.


  • Hardened Sentry
    • Fixed a bug where Players were able to keep a Hardened Sentry active while it was being carried.
  • Counter-UAV
    • Fixed an issue where multiple aircraft could be destroyed by splash damage if within close proximity.
  • UAV
    • Fixed an issue where multiple aircraft could be destroyed by splash damage if within close proximity.


  • Fringe
    • Addressed exploit where Players were able to reach an unintended area near the white truck and junkyard.
  • Gauntlet
    • Resolved issue where the Safeguard robot would sometimes have trouble pathing through the garage when specific Custom Game settings were altered.
  • Rise
    • Added collision to prevent sitting on top of door-frame near center of the map.
  • Splash
    • Added collision to prevent Players from mantling through geo near Market Street.
    • Addressed exploit where Players were able to reach unintended areas near Atlantis building.
  • Skyjacked
    • Addressed issue where AI vehicles were becoming stuck when pathing in the lower portion of the map.

Game Modes

  • Safeguard
    • Fixed issue where the Safeguard Robot would sometimes become stuck during it’s walking animation.
    • Addressed bug where not all escorting Attackers were being awarded with the Escort score event.
  • Search and Destroy
    • Resolved a bug where the bomb icon would not appear for all bomb carriers when multiple bombs were enabled in Custom Game settings.


  • MR6
    • Reduced Max Fire Rate.
  • ICR
    • Increased Accuracy.


  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the “100 Percenter” challenge from being awarded after completing all Multiplayer Challenges.
  • Resolved bug where Players were unable to earn a long shot medal for the NX ShadowClaw when Dual Wield was equipped.


  • X-Ray Player highlight is now the proper color for each team.
  • Scorestreaks now show up on the map regardless of which team is being spectated.
  • Added Specialist Meter indicator to the Player list; indicator will flash when Specialist is being used.

Custom Games

  • Switching teams during the pre-match phase will no longer spawn you on the wrong side.
  • CWL game variants have been updated with a 30 second pre-match timer.
  • Added multi-drone option for Uplink.
  • Included adjustable settings which will require all Players to join before the pre-match timer starts.


  • Corrected a bug where sometimes Zombies would lack a walking animation.
  • Corrected bug where UI would fail to appear after loading a video clip from the Media tab.
  • Removed Hit Markers during game film playback while in Director Mode.
  • Addressed UI Error that occurred after a User interacted with the “Choose Mode” sidebar immediately after selecting “Take Screenshot” or while the Publish screenshot prompt was open.
  • Resolved UI error that appeared when attempting to delete a Local screenshot.
  • Addressed bug where the Bow FX would persist when watching a Zombies clip.
  • Fixed bugs related to the fast forward and record buttons.
  • Resolved issue that would occur if the User selected a Red Triangle Warning icon in their Recent Games.
  • Fixed bug where combat text would remain on-screen during a Highlight Reel.
  • Corrected issue where the UI would disappear if a Player pressed the Menu button during game film playback.
  • Fixed issue where burst fire weapons would sometimes be missing audio during playback.
  • When watching a Zombies Clip, addressed a bug where the Ritual Skulls would still be present during the Demon Bow quest if a Player rewound to the start of the clip.



  • All GobbleGum machines in a level are now active at all times.
  • The GobbleGum machine can now be accessed multiple times per round.
  • The Liquid Divinium drop rate cap of two vials per game has been removed; Players can now continue to earn Liquid Divinium as they progress through a match.
  • The Player’s current GobbleGum pack will now be represented in the inventory screen.

Shadows of Evil

  • Personal items and gate worms will now use a shared inventory system.
  • The Ritual duration time has been reduced.
  • Addressed a bug where Players were unable to progress after upgrading the Apothicon Swords and then bleeding out.
  • Several stability issues with the main quest have been addressed.
  • Fixed bug where Margwas would continue to go after downed players.

Der Eisendrache

  • Fixed several bugs where Players were able to use the Ragnarok DG-4 indefinitely.
  • Addressed issue where Players were able to duplicate an upgraded Wraith of the Ancients bow when using the Arms Grace GobbleGum.
  • Added several kill brushes to block off pathing exploits.
  • Addressed Zombies farming exploit at the test fire location.


  • Added small chance of golden egg spawning at chicken farm.
  • Fix for enemy no longer spawning during long boss rounds.
  • Increased Coat of Arms duration.
  • Fix for golden chicken not laying up to 3 eggs.
  • Coat of Arms now team shifts zombies from enemy team to Player team; (As opposed to a neutral team).  Players should no longer be attacked by COA’d zombies.
  • Fixed Player chicken to fire fated weapons(force/fury) instead of default LMG.
  • Tuned the Player rewards for donated life.
  • Flying enemies should no longer be able to go beneath the ground surface in the graveyard map.
  • Adjusted a pickup spawn location in Combine map that was spawning objects beyond invisible clip barrier.
  • Fixed a bug where extra lives could not be earned post score of 100M.
  • Made some logic adjustments to how Players are handled while the “How far can you get” screen is up.
  • Added Host Migration to public matches.
  • Players should no longer match make into public games that have reached the Farm arena.
  • Ready up functionality added to public lobbies.
  • Invisible shadow zombie fixed.
  • Fixed issue in ROJ where joining Player with could be awarded a fate already owned by current Players
  • “Fido” the Siege Chicken added.
  • Fix for spinning saw pickup not crediting Player for enemy deaths.
  • Adjusted solo anti kiting logic.
  • Chicken Bowl eggs now drop towards center of arena.
  • Fix for a condition where player could die exiting a vehicle.
  • Fix for rare condition where Silverback could jump out of the boss arena.



  • Disabled physics wind on all maps.

SOURCE: PS4, Xbox One, PC (Part 1, Part 2)

  • Who Am I To Judge?

    Hi! Also, does anyone think they added some camos and/or weapons to the supply drops with this patch?

    • DJ Cholewinski

      Wouldn’t doubt it they have with every patch

      • Who Am I To Judge?

        Look at the newest article on here #calledit

        • Ak74u


  • RdJokr

    “The Liquid Divinium drop rate cap of two vials per game has been
    removed; Players can now continue to earn Liquid Divinium as they
    progress through a match.”


    • semir krcic


    • Luna

      GobbleGum machines are now active at all times and can be used multiple times in a round?

      This is a great month for zombie slayers!

      • Ak74u

        It’s cool that they’re active at all times now just wish it was still one gobble gum per round now it’s just too easy for skilled players like me with a good amount of gobble gums

        • lotterry

          Yeah I know bro your way to skilled for this map they should design maps only for skilled players like your beastly self

          • Ak74u

            With a good team you can make it far I have my team of players and some gumballs are op now we can get as many as we want in a game which will make it easier

          • EveryoneIsInsane

            It’s just a game, who cares? Don’t take yourself so seriously.

          • RdJokr

            Max GobbleGum use per round is now 3. And the price increases with each hit. Not to mention that after a specific number of rounds, the prices for the 2nd and 3rd use increase massively. Safe to say that unless you’re loaded with points, you won’t hit the GobbleGum machine that much, even with Fire Sale.

          • Ak74u

            Yeah didn’t know that until yesterday until I played myself it’s fair I thought it was unlimited times per round which would of been not fair cause it would of been too easy

          • RebornAngel666


        • ThatDominicanKid

          A bit full of yourself aren’t ya? Refrain yourself from acting as if this game was the only thing you’re on this planet for, you just make yourself sound stupid.

          • Ak74u

            This was before I knew you can only hit it 3 times a round and the price goes up every machine hit. I thought it was unlimited times per round so what I said is no longer a complain…

        • RebornAngel666

          Don’t complain about this shit! Wtf?!? Ffs wtf is wrong with people?

          • Ak74u

            This was before I knew that you could actually only hit it 3 times a round now and the price gets higher every use in a round. I was complaining at first because I thought it was unlimited uses per round but it’s not

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]


  • getsuga embrace

    So they reverted their gobblegum nerfs, that they patched out?! Very strange or a mistake.

    • Hauntum

      This is the first Gobblegum change since release, fam.

      • getsuga embrace

        I’ve had the game since launch night, playing the Giant you could earn 5+ divinium and the gum machines worked everywhere, also you could hit each machine once per a round vs once a round flat out.

        • Hauntum

          I’ll have to take your word for it, I guess, although I too have been playing since launch and never saw more than 2 active machines at a time.

  • Gamerazor247

    Lmao, please keep nerfing the fuck out of the MR6 and buffing the hell out of the ICR, lmfao. I really hope that Safeguard bot moves properly NOW, or will it start doing a marathon again?

    I like what they’re doing with the GobbleGum machines, less of a pain in the ass to find one working only to get a shit gumball that you feel obligated to use. Plus the Gateworms are now owned by everyone and shorter Rituals, maaaannn, fuck trying to get Gold for the Knife, back to Zombies! The patch is almost 11GBs too, I wonder if it includes the next DLC pack…

    • Who Am I To Judge?

      Those patch notes include what has already happened, so those guns were not touched again.

    • Ak74u

      The MR6 was only nerfed once and the ICR-1 didn’t get buffed again last time it was like a small update or hotfix this just includes the entire update that has been getting patched around the last month or so

  • Italo

    You have to clean up the connection to the Brazilian players.

    Tem que arrumar a conexão para os jogadores brasileiros.

    • Xboxisdead

      get a netdums or better internet the game is connection based if you habe shit internet u get put with shit internet players

      • Smayo

        I guess you never heard of the brazilian import taxes on foreign electronics do you ?
        Getting a Netduma isn’t as easy as you might think

        Either way they released the game there, so they should at least make sure all parts of the game work properly and is as lag free as possible

  • Matthew

    No fix for Xbox Dashboarding? Can they at least address the issue?

    • The Flash

      this happens on all consoles, all you have to do is quit the match before the game ends and you keep your gums and i hope they keep this, i cant stand losing my gums over some BS

      • lotterry

        it never works for me i always loose them

        • The Flash

          Unless they’ve since patched it and you now have to dashboard but last i checked if you quit you keep them on Xbone.

    • Hauntum

      Why would you want that fixed? I’m quite content with not having to shell out cash to get Perkaholic back.

      • Matthew

        I’m talking about the game crashing after a multiplayer match at random. You lose all progress you had done in that that match. Frustrating when your on the DM grind and you lose a good game.

  • Gourmet Cake

    Buff rejack in the bext patch! Its sucks! Buff it so it keeps your scorestreak and doesnt count as a death your first time you get shot. Nerf it so that you drop your primary and secondary weapons and have to pick them up from the ground.

    • Ak74u

      They should buff it because it’s useless but I wouldn’t mind if they did because only noobs would use it and it would just make for easy kills walk in the smoke and wait for them to get up lol

      • joey

        perhaps the smoke should happen as the ressurection occurs rather than prior to it.

        • Dave Webster

          I think the point of the smoke is so you dont know the exact moment they are rejacking. If the smoke only appeared as they rejacked it might make it even easier to kill a rejacker as you know the exact point to start spraying through it

  • Ak74u

    I’m glad they removed the liquid divinium cap but something I don’t agree on is being able to hit the gobble gum machine several times a round it should be once per round in my opinion because there are some really good gumballs kinda op

    • Hauntum

      They increase the price with each successive buy, I’ve heard. Plus, waiting a round VS. not waiting a round really doesn’t matter. Just more convenient.

  • Jake

    This game has officially become the second worst game in the series

    • Ak74u

      How? Your opinion at least it’s not super fast like aw and the maps aren’t ugly and boring like cod ghosts and scorestreaks actually work now. The game is becoming near perfect IMO

    • Will WilFredo Mendoza

      This dude was looking for likes by bashing on the game, he owns it, and still plays it regardless.

  • Bengal Tigger

    when i saw DOA II i thought it was a new zombies map

  • LovekillerX

    People have seen new weapon which seems not to be a melee weapon. #supplydropweapons

  • finally better accuracy on the ICR…??

  • Stefan Rang

    Where is the patch for PC!!!!

  • carlos

    Is Nuketown available in hardcore as well?

    • Dean flynn


  • lotterry

    Im gunna get to round 80 ill tell u how much liquid divinium i get

    • StrongSquadPebbleSwords


    • lotterry

      Gumballs go up randomly in price 4 times before telling you to come back next round. highest price was 17k so far

      • Hauntum

        17 grand for one gumball? dafuq

  • Michael wheeler

    Awesome!!! Downloading the patch right now… im excited about the gobblegum fix! Killin zomb bags on a daily! Hmu ogFIREWALKER42O ps4

  • Mads

    i dont think all of this is 10 GB, there must be some black market weapons in there

    • Cookin’ by the book

      It is 10 GB, they just smashed their face onto the keyboard when they finished.

      • Kim Andre Fjørtoft

        How can it be 10 gb when the last update they added guns and much more and that was 9 gb…

  • Kim Andre Fjørtoft

    How big is the patch? (GB)

    • Moxie

      10.791 GBs on my PlayStation.

  • JeronimoPW

    “Disabled physics wind on all maps.”, DOWNGRADE…. REALLY?

    • Ak74u

      So the they removed the air moving?

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      Pls no… Hunted was already accused of having a “downgrade”, even though the powers that be just moved the sun, apparently.

      • Kobrah

        It was only on Campaign, not MP

    • Dootdoot


      • Johnnyboy420

        What is physics wind?

    • Sexy Mcgee

      What did it actually do? Make trees sway and garbage fly around? Or was it a gameplay issue?

  • Kim Andre Fjørtoft

    How big is the patch? (Gb)

  • PhoenixGod

    Icr – increased accuracy… wtf….

  • Socko

    Can they Un-nerf the snipers rifles because all I get now is hitmarker after hitmarker and it’s really passing me off.

    • StrongSquadPebbleSwords

      Stop ye whining boi!

      • Socko

        But master I’m trying to get clips for my sniper montage!

        • StrongSquadPebbleSwords

          Hmmm…. dunno what to say bout that…

          • Socko

            Let’s ask vonderhaar to un-nerf the snipers together <3

    • Ak74u

      Nope snipers are fine how they are

      • Socko

        I get hitmarkers on headshots that’s some bulllshit

      • Socko

        No the snipers are like fucking bb guns now

        • Ak74u

          That’s good because no one wants to get one shot killed from accross the map

          • Socko

            That’s the fucking point of sniper rifles are you dumb?

          • Socko

            That’s the fucking point of snipers are you dumb?

  • KuDaHiarD

    And PC ? No maj 1.08 for PC ? WHY ?

  • Drasadex

    I like that they removed the cap of how many Diviniums you can earn in a game.

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    Not a single weapon tweak. I don’t care what useless K/D method Vonderhaar uses for the weapons, the Kuda and Gorgon rek m9. Or at least buff the Scorestreaks, this isn’t Advanced BoreChoreStorefare.

    • RdJokr

      I haven’t seen a Gorgon user for a while now… and Kuda is pretty balanced. Maybe you should stop rushing in their effective range.

  • jose


  • Mary poppins

    All of ur nans

  • Greg Sieracki

    Activision brags that they were a bigger blockbuster than Star Wars this year and make billions of dollars but they never get full dedicated servers or better servers wtf spend some of that money so that when the next COD comes out there are dedicated servers!!! C’mon now it’s 2016 and COD don’t have dedicated servers while Battlefield had it for years!!!!!!!!

    • DOM_CLAW

      They are dedicated servers but there is no server in the world that is lag free unless you are on LAN but you only can play with people using your modem or router when you go online with people around the world its called wan wide area network were you connect to servers (Dedicated) not always dedicated and so do other people and its sending multiple packets of data to everyone on that server and if people have a slow/bad connection to that server theres going to be delay between what u see to what they see. And thats what u call Lag. MindFuc***

  • W1LL1AM04

    Spawn trap logic?

  • Frank

    Please fix the bug where the kn44 had a weird camo glitch with dark matter on it

    • Combat Maneuvers

      They should fix it, but Trollarch and Activision doesn’t want to. In fact, I don’t think they seem to care about Xbox One.


    “All GobbleGum machines in a level are now active at all times.”

    “The GobbleGum machine can now be accessed multiple times per round.”

    what the FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU TREYARCH?? why do you KEEP changing game mechanics in a game with LEADERBOARDS after its been out for FOUR MONTHS

    • Hauntum

      How could a Gobblegum change affect zombie leaderboards? And even if they could, nobody gives a fuck about leaderboards. Calm down, Sally.

      • DEMOLITION12

        all you are doing is denying

        • Hauntum

          Denying what? Gobblegum doesn’t affect leaderboards…So your original argument is invalid.

          • DEMOLITION12

            clearly you’ve never been past round 20

          • Hauntum

            Now I understand what you’re saying, but still, Treyarch did a good job of balancing it with the increase in price each hit. It’s honestly not a game changer whatsoever…Just a little more convenient.

          • DEMOLITION12

            having a 1/5 chance to get a max ammo at random every round is bad enough, now you can try it 3 times

          • Hauntum

            That’s a lot of mega gumballs wasted then for that one game.

  • Combat Maneuvers

    This patch is bullshit, fuck Vonderhaar and fuck Treyarch/Activision for neglecting to fix Dark Matter for Xbox One. I’m done supporting Black Ops 3 and COD!

    • DOM_CLAW

      Whats wrong with D-M on Xbox one

      • Combat Maneuvers

        If you have Dark Matter and you equip it on the KN-44, then back out after one or a few matches, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Just look at the pics for yourself. This glitch also happens when you equip ICE and Monochrome camos on the KN-44. Other weapons affected are the 205-Brecci and 48-Dredge though it may take awhile for the glitch to take effect. I’ve also read on forums that diamond fucks up on the ICR-1. If these pictures aren’t clear enough for you, here’s a link:


        Trust me, I’m not the only one pissed off at Treyarch….

        • Hauntum

          That’s not a huge problem, bro. Just a camo

          • Combat Maneuvers

            Yes it’s huge issue and because people like you saying it’s not a big deal Xbox One owners get fucked over. If you’re on the PS4 or don’t even have Dark Matter then don’t talk, as PS4 owners aren’t affected. Most people who don’t complain about this issue is because they have modded accounts with everything unlocked including Dark Matter. Obviously they’re not going to bitch or complain because they didn’t bust their balls to get Dark Matter and they don’t want to get caught, so they don’t bother reporting this to Activision. Still think it’s not a huge issue? I’ve seen less important bugs fixed, but the camo glitches I’ve been talking about are worse especially when you’re talking about a camo you have to grind for hours to get and as I already stated, Dark Matter isn’t the only camo affected. Just so were are clear once this glitch takes affect, it’s permanent until you reboot BO3. Now for the image below which would you rather have, the one above or the one below?

          • Dr. Derangedlove

            I have read about this problem in the forums and there are quite a few people who are displeased (including myself). Treyarch should fix this bug already, it’s ridiculous that they have not yet addressed the issue. This bug was introduced when they updated Dark Matter on Xbox One since the original Dark Matter camo was underwhelming. Seems to me that Treyarch no longer cares about Xbox One since Sony struck a deal with them for early DLC on their platform. This just goes to show how money mongering assholes Treyarch and Activision have become. COD points and Supply drops being primarily a good example. All the goodies are hidden behind an RNG wall which will decrease your chances of getting the highly sought after DLC weapons. Want more spins? Buy COD points if you want to have a chance at these rare DLC weapons and that’s if you’re lucky, but of course there are kids who run to their parents wallets to keep feeding a system that otherwise can be described as cancer to the COD community.

          • Hauntum

            I’m on Xbox One with dark matter. Nonetheless, it’s still just a camo.

          • Combat Maneuvers

            I won’t crucify you for holding your own opinion I respect that, but it’s not “just a camo”. I doubt you’re on Xbox One and that you’ve earned Dark Matter. No one in the right mind who’s worked hard to unlock dark Matter thinks like you do. Even if you were on Xbox One you probably play more Zombies than multiplayer, of which most the comments you’ve posted here seem to reflect that.

          • Hauntum

            I am on XB1, and have had Dark Matter for several months now. Don’t know why that’s so hard to believe. I play zombies and multiplayer equally.

          • Combat Maneuvers

            Sorry but I call bullshit, anyone who thinks that this bug isn’t an issue either hasn’t earned it yet or procured it by purchasing a modded account. Everyone I’ve ever come across who earned this camo legit, are genuinely pissed off by the facts I’ve pointed out. So if Dark Matter is “just a camo”, how would you feel if Trollarch announced all camos would be removed from the Xbox One version of Black Ops 3? Even though we get all the same camos that are featured on the PS4, X1 owners have to endure these bullshit camo glitches with no hope for a patch or update in sight that will address the issue. This bug would slightly be tolerable if PS4 and PC players would be experiencing the same glitch, but no…. it’s the X1 owners who get fucked! As far as I’m concerned I’m done with COD because if Activision is incapable of fixing a blatant bug that’s been widely reported by many, who knows what bullshit X1 owners will have to put up with on future COD titles. I didn’t pay full price for a broken game nor did I fucking work my ass off to get Dark Matter only to receive Half Matter instead.

          • Hauntum

            Jesus, save your essays for English 101, fam. I’m not gonna read that shit. If you want to add me on Xbox so I can prove it, my gt is same as name. Prepare to be amazed by my honesty.

          • Combat Maneuvers

            Okay, even if you’re on X1 we’re way past that kid. The topic I’m ranting about isn’t whether you have Dark Matter or not. The topic here is what has Treyarch and Activision done to address the aforementioned camo glithes? That’s why I’m here, I’m not here to discredit people’s ability to play a game. Please stay on topic.

          • Hauntum

            You start your rant with “Sorry but I call bullshit” but apparently you’re “not here to dispute or discredit people’s ability”….Get your facts straight pal.

          • Combat Maneuvers

            Need I reiterate myself again, stay on topic kid. If you don’t have anything constructive to add to the argument, don’t bother replying back. You keep avoiding the subject, I already stated with clarity why I’m here with proof that Treyarch and Activision isn’t supportive of the Xbox One community. Anything else that’s not related to the issue I’m commenting on, isn’t open for debate. Are we clear pal?

          • Hauntum

            What you’re doing is exactly like calling someone an asshole, then immediately start talking about the weather. You can’t just expect the person to forget you called them an asshole because you changed the topic. If you had any common sense, you’d understand that. I’m not avoiding shit. My original statement still stands. It is just a camo. End of story. There are bigger things that need fixing.

          • Combat Maneuvers

            LMAO! You earned Dark Matter way before me? I doubt that very much, I’m prestige master 395 legit and have been playing the game since day one. I’ve even earned two titles before anyone else and you have the audacity, please. If you like to get fucked in the ass by a company that cares nothing more than to suck your wallet dry without listening to what the community has to say, be my guest. I on the other hand will be moving on from COD and will no longer be supporting Activision’s cash cow (Black Ops 3).

          • Hauntum

            Only took you until 395 to call it quits, huh? Lmfao. Sounds like you enjoyed getting fucked in the ass for quite a while. I, for one, am not stupid enough to buy CoD points, so Activision can be as money hungry as they want.

          • Combat Maneuvers

            Are you a fucking retard? When in the fuck did I mention spending any money on supply drops you fucktard? Arguing with you is like arguing with a mule or donkey, no matter what solid facts are presented to you or valid argument someone makes, you’ll try to deflect it with some incoherent bullshit. Not only is it blatantly obvious that you’re sucking Activision’s cock, but you’re taking it up the ass so hard that you’ve lost any sense or rational (if any) you might have had. I’m done with you, from here on you can fuck off with your pathetic attempts at sparring with me. Good riddance!

          • Hauntum

            You’re cute when you’re angry

          • Combat Maneuvers


          • Hauntum
          • Combat Maneuvers


          • Dr. Derangedlove

            Just because you say it’s not a huge problem doesn’t mean it’s not true.

  • Johnnyboy420

    Wait. What do they mean by disable physics wind?

  • RobMelchor

    ICR, increased accuracy? Is this a joke!? XD

  • TTC

    Did they fix the “Unable to join lobby” error?

  • milos

    call of duty patch ops 3

  • moonwalker

    I just got my 1st prestige on Xbox One. I see the green 1 on the MP calling card tab, but no calling card. Should I have one? How do I know is my build is the newest one . I have on my xbox ohe