So…we think it’s time we talk about the whole Supply Drop situation and Call of Duty right now. There is a lot of talk about and discussion about the implementation of Supply Drops in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. At launch, it worked perfectly. The items in the Supply Drops were cosmetic only, and it provided a direct in-game currency to get the items.

Then comes December 15th.

That’s the first set of new items in the Black Market and the launch of COD Points. Now still there is no problem here. Cosmetic items do not effect gameplay, and to be honest, do no matter if you don’t want it. Treyarch did so something else right here too: ability to burn duplicates to re-gain Cryptokeys. Something that was not available in Advanced Warfare.

And then, February 9.

Here, Activision announces new weapons are coming to the Black Market. The all new MX Garand Assault Rifle and Marshal 16 Shotgun-Pistol. (Side Note: we do not count the melee weapons as actual game-changing weapons as they do not effect gameplay at all. They are just cosmetic variants of the combat knife). This takes us right back where we were with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. (The difference between Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 all along was that weapons were part of Supply Drops in Advanced Warfare since Day 1. That was an integral part of the game.) All new weapons coming to Supply Drops and Supply Drops only. While you can get these weapons from the Cryptokeys, the rate at which you earn those keys is greatly reduced compared to what you would think they could be.

Now, it would be more justifiable to have weapons in the Supply Drops if there were some weapons also coming with the DLC packs. But Awakening (DLC1) had none. (We do not know yet if the remaining three DLC packs will have weapons, and if the DLC packs do, then maybe this whole thing can be justified.) For Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, DLC pack 1 and 2 contained new weapons. Season Pass owners got some new weapons because of this. While Activision never advertised new weapons in the Season Pass for Black Ops 3, so there’s no promise that the have to deliver them, Activision is making it harder to justify players buying the Season Pass pre-launch. For Ghosts and Advanced Warfare, Activision advertised new weapons in the Season Pass, and they did deliver upon that promise.

Possible Solution #1: All of the post launch weapons should be available as a separate purchase and in Supply Drops. For those that want the cosmetic items, they can keep getting Supply Drops and still have a chance of getting the weapons, alongside the cosmetic items. For those that do not want the Supply Drops, they can get the weapons directly. This seems like a win-win situation here. There will be a larger player base having new weapons as more people will buy them separately.

Possible Solution #2: Activision can put some weapons in Supply Drops only, but also release other new weapons as a separate purchase. Here, a reason exists to continue to get Supply Drops, but there is also other weapons to get in a different way.

While Call of Duty: Ghosts did not have Supply Drops, Activision/Infinity Ward did sell DLC1 and DLC2 weapons as a separate purchase for those that just wanted the weapon, so this is something Activision has done before. The cost of weapons does not matter at this point. Probably a $3.99 price would work for many, but just the fact that weapons are available as a separate purchase would appease to the fan base.

We want to see Call of Duty succeed. We built this site because of our passion and love for the Call of Duty franchise. The Supply Drop base system is good. It’s a nice way to earn all of the new gear, taunts/gestures, and more. But they need to let the weapons — something all the fans really want (and care about) — be available in the supply drops and available separately.

  • PrimedAcid

    Another solution. Give season pass holders the weapons and make them available for purchase and in the supply drops. BOOM Best solution.

    • FazalGaming

      I wouldn’t purchase the gun. Just because then it basically is pay to win. At least now it doesn’t matter how much you pay, you may not get it but if it is up for purchase then it will ruin the game IMO.

      • Guest

        It’s not pay to win at all. AW’s weapon style is closer to pay to win.

        What they’re doing is shitty but even thinking it’s pay to win almost give them more reason to sell us this crap. The more people think they NEED something to compete the more Activision will take advantage. People will buy new weapons because they are new but if you give them the extra incentive of the weapons alone making you a better player then people are willing going to spend. New weapons are a change of pace and useful but not OP nor game changing

      • XboxISdead

        How are those guns in BO3 pay 2 win? they are NOTHING LIKE AW where you could get a BAL or RIP melting gun in a SP where the BO3 guns are not that powerful

        • XboxISdead


    • DesignedComa

      That’s a great idea. Sadly they don’t see the revenue there. Next up will be a season pass for the season pass. I have no problem with them making money. All of them need to, but it needs to be good across the board so ALL players can get them. The rate you get them without buying CoD points is ridiculous.

    • Lol

      I agree. They would make another $50 for every person that gets it. We get the weapons, they get the money. Win-win.

    • I think this is the best solution by far. In my opinion I think it would boost Season Pass sales and make the Season Pass feel more worth it knowing there are some extras coming along with it. Plus it still gives everyone else the opportunity to purchase them outright if they don’t care to buy into the hype of a Season Pass – BUT it still gives everyone else the opportunity to just get them from Supply Drops if they really don’t care about buying anything else.

      • Guest

        These are all solutions that are mutually beneficial for Activision and for the consumer…This however doesn’t seem to be what Activision cares about it. They want our money and no mutually beneficial solution is going to make them as much money as they want.

        Now that they have so much money from this alread I suppose they could be merciful and just sell the weapons. Let’s HOPE they do this. All these ideas are what we love but companies like Activision clearly don’t care about us and know what they’re doing makes them money.

      • KING WOLFE

        No they have the best solution now. Make u buy season pass $50…then make u buy cod points for weapons amd thats unlimited $$$..its a business so money talks and as long as u have youtubers like pamaj and tmartn saying he loves supply openings then their followers will do the same.. Cods dead

        • Rory Arne

          That’s another thing. Why the fuck do all these famous YouTuber’s blow thousands of dollars on CoD Points just for a stream to open up endless, droning supply drops. It seems fucking stupidly boring, and it only keeps support for the system coming in. Thanks guys like Tmartn and NoahJ456 for giving a reason why Activision is keeping the system in place. >.>

          • XboxISdead

            You really think the day the weopons come out those bigger youtubers make a video of opening supply drops really payed for all those keys? I think they give them the keys for free like when the first come out so little johhny goes to his mommy and begs for her credit card to buy keys because pamaj got keys and got the new weopons

    • Thomas Rundkvist Volsmann

      I think they should just make the weapons available launch. They have already made the weapons and planned to release them so people will pay for what they think are “extra” weapons, but in reality those weapons are just the weapons we should have had from the beginning

      • fr4gbob

        You can’t really believe that?

        Why would you buy a game, or anything, thinking that its not complete?, what they sold at launch was the complete game…. anything else, regardless of when it was made, was made as an optional extra…

        If you seriously went out and purchased a game you thought was incomplete, then you are a mug and need serious help!…. imagine going out and buying a car knowing that the breaks were missing and to be sold at a later date as an optional extra…. would you still buy the car?

        • PuttyGod

          Please, man, stop it. He’s right. Do you expect them to advertise when a game has cut content? Every major publisher does it and so do some of the smaller ones. Look at Battlefront (although they might as well have advertised it in this case – it was so glaringly obvious I couldn’t believe my eyes). Look at every game with DLC that “released” after the game’s launch, but was found, in its polished entirety, on the game disc you bought on day one. You’re being very naive.

          • fr4gbob

            lmao, seriously? you are purchasing games for full price that you think are incomplete and you think I’m the one being naive?

            Its not even my opinion, its a fact, whatever they decide to release at launch is 100% the full game, that’s the product they are selling as the full game, they make it, they get to choose that, anything else is an optional extra…. even if they put it on the disc, they still put it there as an optional extra!

            If you honestly believe any different, then why the hell would you buy it?

            I knew exactly what I was getting with Black Ops 3 on the day I purchased my deluxe edition in the Boxing day sale for £60 and I am more than happy I got my moneys worth…. if I wasn’t, then I would never have been stupid enough to purchase it.

            As for them advertising “cut content”… they don’t need to, there are hundreds of Youtubers out there letting you know exactly what is and isn’t in the game, so you can find out 100% of whats included in the launch game before you purchase it… you can’t complain and moan all you like, if you didn’t do the research and purchased a full price game that you think is incomplete (just your opinion), then it is quite simply, your own fault!

  • FazalGaming

    IMO you should be able to get the weapons through challenges. The challenges should be difficult so not everyone has them. The difficulty is worth it because you will have a weapon in the end. It is also a guarantee that with enough hard work you will get it, instead of that hard work going to Crypto Keys and probably never getting it at all.

  • Who Am I To Judge?

    Valid points are made here, but I do not think that Activision will change that anytime soon, maybe towards the end of BO3. But even then, Sledgehammer added some weapons into their Supply Drops a month ago, which I think can be agreed upon that it is not as successful as BO3, especially with retaining it’s player base (not me bashing on the game, but just observations). If BO3 keeps it’s player base like BO2 when COD 2016 comes out, I sadly doubt they will do anything like selling them separate from the Supply Drops. With that, they could do something like what they did with the Theme bribes 2 weeks ago, and the 10 rares with 1000 COD Points, but I see that it is highly unlikely they change the system from what it is now.

    • Tyler Jordan Hitt

      Black Ops 3 is much more populated than Advanced Warfare ever was.

    • I know it’s the PC but speaking of player base – AW and Ghosts can’t even hit 1,000 peak players at this point – and really for the last few months. BO3 is still doing relatively well – much better than the last two releases.

  • FazalGaming

    I want a marketplace like in Fifa’s ultimate team where you can sell/buy things with Crypto Keys being the currency. You can trade with other players and anything you don’t want you can sell and if you want something you can buy from it.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Fuck Supply Drops. Bring back Personalization Packs instead. That is all.

    • FazalGaming

      Never thought I would say this. But I miss Ghost’s Micro DLC.

      • GR3Y_B1RD

        Looks like Ghosts isnt thebworst CoD anymore… ^^

    • .Monkey

      I actually miss the previous CODs DLCs soooo much. That moment a dlc pack drops and you get a new weapon. And when everything in the store doesn’t cost more than $60 (not including season pass). Those were the good times.

    • GR3Y_B1RD

      Yep they were great…IMO also looked way better than the SD Camos

  • Jon Doe

    What’s the drama? Just use the weapons the game had on launch and ignore supply drops.

    • Lol

      Because the new weapons can be really good (maybe even slightly overpowered) in the right hands. The Marshal 16 literally has the ability to do twice to damage of the KRM shotgun; it just shoots a lot slower.

  • Tyler Jordan Hitt

    My opinion on supply drops? To start, they need to take weapon attachment variants out and just make them available for everyone because it’s making the pool way too large. Also, make the weapons available for everyone like one day a week.. Just like Zur in Destiny. He can come once a week for about eight hours and offer weapons for either a large amount of Cryptokeys or a realistic amount of actual cash like 3.99-5. This gives players the opportunity to buy these items (weapons, melee weapon, taunts/gestures, etc) directly from the black market dealer. Another cool feature, since this would probably hinder supply drop sales a bit, is to allow season pass holders to select one item out of the rotation (when they introduce new items in the black market) each time they introduce new things. This would be another reason for players to invest in the season pass. Oh, and btw, how about just a few free weapons for this community? I mean, without us, and the past couple struggles with Call of Duty, where would this franchise be without its loyal fans?

    • this would be a great solution

    • SilentNova

      There is too much RNG in that, COD should not be RNG based, (unfortuantly it already is), a better system is to sell the weapons seprately, im fairly certain there are people who would pay hundreds of dollars to get the Dab on their characters…

  • Smayo

    Never going to change now, the money earned in the first week after these weapons were added in exceeds the total amount earned since CoD points were released, it’s just became too big for activision to let go

    The only way to change this is to stop buying these CoD points (which also isn’t going to happen) so in the short term it’s going to be cash in big time for activision but in the long term I really could see that this is going to alienate a lot of fans from the series

    Activision doesn’t care about the game, the fans, the development teams and if you get those weapons or not, as long you just keep spending your hard earned cash on those supply drops….

    • SilentNova

      I spent a $100 on cod points did not get A SINGLE weapon or Melee weapon (really wanted the Hg40)
      This system greatly alienates a lot of the player base, the only thing we can actually do, is just to stop playing Black Ops 3 to have hopefully something change, at this point, i am fine with buying the weapons separately…

      • Smayo

        Pfff a $100 for nothing, that sucks man. But even if you did get something it’s a $100 for just some weapons or other cosmetics, think of it, you could buy the next CoD including the season pass with that $100, or any other game for that matter…

        • SilentNova

          True, but i didnt really care man, i wanted the HG40, and i did an impulse buy, its not that i regret paying that much, it really doesnt phase me at all, its just the fact that there are thousands of people who pay their hard earned cash and expect to get something and dont that piss me off, as for buying a whole new game, nothing really interests me ATM lol once Final Fantasy 15 drops this year, Cod will be dead to me 😀

      • zack

        You would’ve been really pissed spending that $100 for the hg40 just to realize it’s the worst smg on the game.

        • zack

          Dumbasses can’t even do pay 2 win right.

          • Xboxisdead

            Sounds like your just mad because your are broke and can’t afford no supply drops

          • TheDemonOfHate

            He’s sour about that paycheck. $5.50 an hour.

          • PuttyGod

            Everybody with a few dollars to their name can AFFORD supply drops. It’s a matter of not being stupid enough to actually proceed and pay them. I can afford hundreds of thousands of things, but that doesn’t mean I should buy something just because reasons. It’s NEVER about what you can afford. It’s how weak your will must be to psychologically break and give in to this garbage. Save up and buy a god damn house, you children. Or a boat, or a car, or how about a simple pair of sunglasses – Jesus, whatever is in your price range, man. You’re gambling your money away by throwing it at this nightmare. Yes, they always hire scores of psychologists when making AAA games these days, in order to find the most efficient way to make you “willingly” send them all of your disposable income/ allowance (and with many, their INdisposable income), but please, for everybody’s sake, show some maturity.

          • Sentinel

            Liking your own comment, it’s like high five’ing yourself.


      • El_zurdo_pr24

        If you spent $100 on supply drops youre a moron and youre part of the problem.

        I dont hate activision for adding micro dlc or supply drops because they will never see a penny from me and theyre completely optional. I hate the fools that spend money on these and then come here and bash activision for being moneywhores, etc. Its because of people like you that they added these in the first place.

        • SilentNova

          Wow are we having a fight over the Internet? Ok, I’ll play. I spent that much money because I know this system won’t be changing any time soon, who are you to tell me how to spend MY money, this game offers no variety, and if the only way to get variety is to pay, **** it I’ll do it. Don’t go telling people “you’re part of the problem” because if lets just say I don’t buy cod points any more, the next person will. So STFU

          • El_zurdo_pr24

            Of course it wont change if morons like you spend $100 just for a gun with just the “if i dont waste this money somebody else will” excuse.

          • Bam

            Why should ISIS stop killing people with bombs. If they don’t the next person will. Do you see how flawed your logic is?

        • Sentinel

          & you are part of the irrelevant ones, not even close to a solution to the problem itself. Can’t even think outside the box. Who insults others for how they spend THEIR money…and yet who the fuck do you think you are to tell someone how should they spend THEIR money or not? Don’t worry, I’ll wait…. an actual moron. Lmfaoo, Pendejo.

          • Daniel Sims

            It’s their money and they can spend it however they want but none of us are free from being criticized for what we do. It’s an opinion and it is also my opinion that spending $100 on CoD Points is moronic and further adding to ATVI’s greed.

          • Sentinel

            Okay, I agree. You are entitled to your own opinion. I think it would be considered dumb to spend $ on such thing to a certain extent! But there are those who have a couple of hundreds or thousands dollars just laying there…just laying there…Ohh what the heck Lmao You get me? Look I get it, it is stupid but I look at the long term possibilities and this system won’t be gone anytime soon! Yes it’s greed, yes it profits! Do you think they even budge when they have dollar signs right at their face? & telling people that they are morons or the problem does not a any difference here. I just want for them to fixed the system, better the odds(by this I mean to stop giving players the same fucking BS every single time!) or have separate weapons DLC’s.

        • condorado

          can we agree, money is all activision cares about!? its a company publishing a multimillion videogame franchise. they know even if their game sucks (ghost) it is not the end of the world for them.

          then they introduce purchasable supply drops and they make big $$$ and the fans are ok with it. now with bo3 if the fans still give them insane sums of money why in the world would they change anything about it??

          how can people ask for changes in the supply drop system but still give the all that money, this is as hypocrite as it gets. how can you take yourself out of the guilt by saying “dont tell me how to spend my money”. your money is the ONLY LANGUAGE activision understands, their making whats profitable to them.

          as for me, i have months of hours spent playing CoDs, after my first 2 CoDs i have always had high kd’s, have 1000+ moabs, 50+ nuclears all while playing mostly solo, but seeing the direction of the franchise i have to say i’m most likely gone… this supply drop thing is one part of what i think is wrong with the game, the other is their philosophy now of making everyone a 1kd player by introducing so much randomness and unbelievable unfair matchmaking if youre an above average solo player with good stats.

          i know people in here dont like to discuss matchmaking or sbmm issues but only because its not really affecting you, which i completely understand. but to be honest i could handle AW SBMM better then BO3s because here and there i also received good players on my team but BO3 gives me 1 positive teammate max. which makes domination for example unplayable even though i tried hard, believe me. i have never lost so many games in all my CoD history!

          well the moral of this story is, don’t give them youre money if your not satisfied with their product, if youre expecting something to change. i believed their lies in the begining seeing the beta was also a completely different gaming experience, with much better hit detection (probably because it didnt have theater mode) and normal team balancing and i bought in. but dont make the same mistakes over and over and blindly give them your hard earned money and expect them to fullfil your wishes if it doesnt accord to their profit driven philosophies.

          …ok that was longer then intended, sry 4 dat:)

          • GR3Y_B1RD

            Wow you just summarized the Problem perfect 😀 We really should make a # for the problem

          • condorado

            that would be one big hashtag:)

    • GR3Y_B1RD

      Yep totally agree. Funny how Activision doesnt mind if they lose Tons of players just for more money.
      Im done with BO3 and hopefully the next title will be way better without any RNG. BO3 was a great game in the beginning and many people were happy about a nice CoD after such a long time and now Activision fucked it up. Again.

      • Smayo

        Yeah we can only hope they learned their lesson, but then again who are we kidding right ?

        I just came from a 9 hour flight to home and in front of me were 2 kids around 12/14 years old, guess what they couldn’t wait to get there hands on when they return home ??

    • Rob Schneider

      I disagree. You’re just butthurt you can’t get lucky and get a gun. Have patience and play the game for fun

      • Smayo

        Why do you think im so desperate to get one of those guns ?? And if you want to get those guns just by playing the game (thus by cryptokeys) patience is indeed something you must have…

      • Mario Rivera

        Dont be stupid… People have spent 1000’s which is the equivalent of damn near a lifetime of grinding for the drops and still haven’t gotten the weapons… You haven’t taken into account that weapons are thrown in along with 1000’s of other items.

      • MazeMatik

        Played 10 days, Prestige Master, bought around 2000 Cryptokeys worth of rare packages and got no weapon so far. I think I’m way passed the patience step.

        What’s next… get more lucky?

    • Kobrah

      Do you have a source for your first paragraph?

      • Smayo

        No actual figures no, I based it of the reddit post and YouTube clips (and some common sense 😉 )

        Not the best sources for reliable info I know, but seeing that activision gone full blown on the SD now, I’m confident to make that statement

    • MazeMatik

      The Black Market is essentially a Casino. It’s literally a gambling machine like a slot machine if you will. Buying CoD Points is like buying luck that you sure need to get the new weapons. Basically, Supply Drops replaced micro-transactions which at least gave you what you wanted and paid for.

      Even if one would have all the content that exists in the Black Market, it would represent something like 3 – 5% of the multiplayer content? Let’s say 10%, so about maybe 10 – 15$ in money value. Yet, one can spend the entire game’s worth (60$) and not get anything except camos, themes, reticles, emblems and other in-game items that are definitely not worth that amount of money. After 10 days of gameplay in total, I couldn’t unlocked a weapon with Cryptokeys in the Black Market. Considering you get between 1 – 3 Cryptokey(s) every game (depending on win/loss and if you played the entire match or not) and that I played around 1250 games, I can then multiply that by let’s say 2 Cryptokey(s) per game, it gives me around 2500 Cryptokeys. I buy mostly rare packages which are 30 keys, so I guess I’ve opened something like 75+ rare packages which are worth 200 CoD Points each. If I would have bought them, they would have costed me around 150$. Yet, I didn’t unlocked a weapon so far.

      Of course, you don’t have to buy CoD Points since you can buy Supply Drops with Cryptokeys but earning them is hard since you have to win the game to get the most Cryptokeys at the end of it. They could have made it so that you get the same amount of Cryptokeys as anyone else despite wins and loses. Players should get rewarded equally on that matter (based on the time they played, not their performance).

      In the end, players/customers get way less for their money than before. It went from 1/4 DLCs including a weapon (BO2), 2/4 DLCs including a weapon (Ghosts), 4/4 DLCs including a weapon (AW) to no DLC so far including a weapon (BO3). Yet the game, the Season Pass and each DLC pack prices are the same if not more.

      But like you said, it’s big cash for Activision because despite all the players not happy with their practices, a lot of other players will spend money on these Supply Drops, enough to keep Activision doing it because money is the real language here.

  • Michael

    I opened up 800 cryptokeys worth of rare supply drop and I didn’t get one new weapon not Evan the old weapons like the brass knuckles I have nothing and I’m lvl 300

  • ddrhodes33

    New weapons should be given to season pass owners for free.

    • Since Activision won’t do that the only way I see this happening is
      Normal Season Pass = All DLC Map Packs
      Deluxe Season Pass = All DLC Map Packs + All Micro DLC

      • The Flash

        with the deluxe pass, an extra £40 is needed as well

        • RdJokr

          Yeaaaaaaah, no one is going to pay for that. That’s like having two season passes, and we all know every game with more than one season pass usually gets ripped to shreds by the community because “corporate greed” and whatnot.

          • The Flash

            I know, but that is what ATVI would do.

          • RdJokr

            No, what they would do is to keep finding ways to milk your wallet infinitely. COD Points is making that happen. There is no way of going back to the way it was, not unless (or until) Activision finds an even better way of making more cash.

          • detriment

            I’m pretty sure everyone already knows Activision is all about corporate greed

          • RdJokr

            And they know when not to push the limits, otherwise they’d end up like Ubisoft and having to apologize and give shit away for free.

      • GR3Y_B1RD

        Wow if that would really happen…

    • Andy Bennett

      yea kinda lame we buy a pass for all DLC but then when weapon DLC drops we are treated as if we didn’t already pay for it.

  • Thomas Rundkvist Volsmann

    Go back to cosmetics only or personalization packs and give us all weaponry starting from launch and then we can talk, but until then, mp is forever ruined for me… From now on, I won’t buy CoD unless I get Treyarch zombies, but I’m certain that even if CoD survives until then, Activision will have found a way to kill that love as. CoD used to be one of my fav games, but now I just don’t know anymore

    • Same here. I used to love CoD and now it feels like a chore just to play it. Since I have nothing to do I just grind out jobs in GTA V and get tons of money. Even doing the same job over and over again to me is more fun than Black Ops 3 MP.

      • Thomas Rundkvist Volsmann

        I still enjoy zombies, but like I said, they’ll take that away at some point as well. MP used to be the place I would go when I got tired of zombies and in general just needed to relax and just enjoy playing, but they’ve deffinetly taking that feeling from me

    • Smminco

      That seems a little dramatic. MP is ruined because of a couple underwhelming weapons? Don’t get me wrong, I think the whole thing is completely irritating, but I can live without questionably the worst sub/ar/sniper/shotgun in the game.
      It crosses my mind that you’re entitled to your opinion, and I respect that, but don’t give up on a game you love because of some crappy weapons you’d use for 2-3 maps anyway.

      • Thomas Rundkvist Volsmann

        MP is ruined because this is how pay to win starts, trust me

        • Smminco

          If/when that happens, then you’re right, MP will likely be ruined. But we’re not there yet.

          • Thomas Rundkvist Volsmann

            Well as long as people keep buying the shit they put out, it is inevitable

    • Guest

      So you’ll just pay $60 for zombies instead of zombies AND multiplayer? I get the frustration but your moral stance is sort of silly since you’re essentially willing to pay the same price but enjoy less of the game. If you wanted to stick it to them just buy it used.

      • Thomas Rundkvist Volsmann

        I never said that. I said I want all the gamebreaking stuff removed, the things that most people are complaining about. Pay extra for to ENJOY less? I’m not enjoying MP anymore and I’ll probably stop playing MP altogether, so yes I would be getting less IF I payed for a game with only zombies, but with a full game I would still be getting the exact same enjoyment from it because I wouldn’t be playing MP anyway. I’m not saying I’d pay 60 dollars for 1 or 2 zombie maps and I wouldn’t, but I certainly would “enjoy” it the same because I wouldn’t enjoy MP at all

  • CoD should do what AW did with master prestiges but with DLC weapons. So if you reach a certain prestige you unlock MX Garand and so on.

  • All I know is I’ve been keeping track of my earned Rare Supply Drops since the first melee weapons were put into the system. I am on my 74th EARNED Rare Supply Drop (with 2 “Bribes” in there as well) and I still have not seen a single new weapon from the Black Market. That is some extremely terrible odds! I refuse to buy CP for the Black Market – however I did purchase the Extra Slots pack.

    All new weapons should be included in the Season Pass, be available to purchase outright as a micro-transaction and be included in Supply Drops. In my opinion I think it would boost Season Pass sales and make the Season Pass feel more worth it knowing there are some extras coming along with it. Plus it still gives everyone else the opportunity to purchase them outright if they don’t care to buy into the hype of a Season Pass – BUT it still gives everyone else the opportunity to just get them from Supply Drops if they really don’t care about buying anything else. This is the most fair system – everyone has access to them.

  • KaOz

    Season Pass owners should have the benefit to have roll a supply drop and get 3 free weapons, could all be melee weapons, could be the HG 40 and MX Garand, we should at least be guaranteed something because we already paid $100 but you’re adding much more on top of that just for a lucky spin and might not even get it, Put it in separate sales or give season pass 3 guaranteed weapons in one supply drop

  • Joshua Lambert

    The implementation of supply drop only weapons is just their way of sucking more money outta of the players. I am in firm believe that they don’t actually “care” about users. We are just paychecks to them. They know that the more the Older players hate the game it will not effect their sales. No matter how bad they make the games they will always have new players buying their games each year. So, why not appeal to the younger people by dangling “New” guns in their faces. They will always spend their allowances to try and get them. Likewise with streamers, the streaming community is soo large that its nothing for them to drop some money on drops just to get viewers to watch the openings. Its all a marketing scam that is not goin to change back at all. AW made soo much money off their drops. COD will slowly become like most online games “Pay to Win”. That is why honestly after this year i am finished with COD. Battlefield here I come!!!! Then once DICE tries to do the same I will stop playing shooters all together. After shuffling out $100 plus for a game and season pass shouldn’t have to ever even think bout spending more money on any item the put in the game.


    solution 3: wait for ghosts 2 and stop playing this laggy pile of shit

    • Who Am I To Judge?

      You are looking in the wrong place. If you don’t like this game, why play it?

      • He isn’t playing it lol. He even said “stop playing this laggy pile of shit”.

        • Who Am I To Judge?

          True. I would expect people not interested in something not to go to an article about it, but I guess not

          • I come to this site for the news/comment section. The game however I hardly play.

          • DEMOLITION12

            i’m still interested in cod, but i’ve given up on bo3

    • Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      Laggy? Not for me.

      • DEMOLITION12

        the hit detection is very bad + same lag comp from bo2 is back

    • No, I’d rather not wait to play cancer come November. Thanks for trying though.

  • Timothy Madison

    What if they just make the weapons cost a certain amount of cryptokeys or CoD points in the weapon selection screen. Players can play normally and buy the weapons for free via cryptokeys or by CoD points and spend real money. Then regular and hardcore players have something to buy once they’ve saved lots of keys, kinda like an end game reward. The weapons could still be won out of supply drops but could also be bought for free if players are willing to put in work.

    • They should be expensive though not cheap, but good idea.

  • To everyone having a man period.

  • Underdog BO1 FTW!

    They remove this because of stupid youtubers buying them. Sometimes they don’t even play the game.

  • The Flash

    I agree except for the whole supply drop system being good, its bull in my opinion, i never liked or understood it in AW and why it was brought back in BO3 bewilders me, cant have been 3arcs choice.

  • FATHEAD661

    Why didn’t the article state a 3rd and truly the most obvious answer… Give the weapons to Season Pass holders (like Ghosts did) and then sell them separately for non-pass holders. And then keep all SDs STRICTLY cosmetics. This seems more than fair because SP holders get that exclusivity of the weapons and people like me (who probably won’t get the SP) can just drop $3-$5 for weapons instead of spending hundreds of dollars in SDs and possibly still NOT get anything.

    • SilentNova

      Yes, that seems fair FOR US, but not on Activisions part. They want as much money as they can get. I remember a time when i was excited for an Activision game, Pitfall was hands down one of there best games, (shoutout to all my PS1 peeps.) But now, I get very concerned with an Activision game…

      • GinsuVictim

        Shout out to all my Pitfall 2600 peeps.

      • Andes Attack

        Ahhh Pitfall on the Atari 2600 🙂 now yer talkin’, that game and the Activision-association-with-greatness that formed in my 10 yr old head still resonates with me, 36 yrs later. They were probably a corporate behemoth then, to me they were gods. I wonder how today’s 10 yr olds see ’em?

        OT – weapons with SP, or buy ’em separate. SDs (good job no-one saw fit to call ’em Supply Tactical Drops) for cosmetics, emblems etc = happy fanbase, but no chance of that, the current gambling scam they’ve got going must be raking it in.

        • Doug Oshea

          Ah the good old days. Decathlon, Kaboom, Space shuttle, Barnstorming. They had the best atari 2600 games.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Because Activision did not say Season Pass owners would get weapons. They said: Season Pass gives you access to four DLC packs. I do not see that changing.

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        That’s fine, it just proves how overpriced it really is.

    • RdJokr

      It would be fair, but it wasn’t making enough money for Activision. COD Points, at its initial introduction, made 5x less money than Advanced Supply Drops. Hence why Activision forced Treyarch to put new guns in the Black Market, even though they initially planned for them to be part of the DLC packs.

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        That’s what’s so stupid about it, why is that legal?

        • RdJokr

          That’s smart marketing. They didn’t promise weapons for Season Pass users, meaning they can change anything. Hell, they can even take out one or two maps from each map pack, and it would still not be violating what they promised, though it would just make the season pass/map packs way more overpriced than they already are.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            It’s just incredibly crazy that it’s a legal practice and nothing can be done about it, and it’s also crazy how overpriced the Season Passes actually are. We’re paying almost $60 (actually, if we don’t pay for the Season Pass, we ARE paying $60, and that’s what’s so screwed up), a full game, for some maps that probably didn’t cost a whole lot of money to create, with Zombies being the main big-budgeted thing included. I’d argue that Multiplayer isn’t even worth half of $60, so 16 maps with no weapons, Scorestreaks, cosmetic items (gear/gestures/camos/Calling Cards), Specialists, etc. are somehow $50 worth? I can’t believe they’ve gotten away with it.

          • Andy Bennett

            Who else would pay $30 for just the four DLC zombies maps instead of $50 for the four zombie maps plus the 12 multi maps?
            ME ME ME

  • I think this is everyone’s opinion other than the CEO of Activision

  • I know for a fact that Vahn doesn’t agree, however is not allowed to publicly say he so.

  • Laddie

    Lol Activision will never read this article and take it into consideration

  • Mario Rivera

    These opinion pieces are really cool, great read to hold us over between slow news days 🙂

  • SilentNova

    The only realistic thing we can do is just to quit playing the game, have a massive amount of people stop playing the game to make the devs concerned, that way, they will have to give us SOMETHING free or at least give season pass holders a reason to come back. This supply drop system is broken, as ive said, I had spenty $100 on cod points expecting to get the HG40, instead, all i got, literally, were camos and emots, NOT A SINGLE weapon was given. People out here saying “oh its not Treyarchs fault” yes, yes it is, it is THERE game, why cant Vondy try to implement this system of purchasing the weapons separately, and I dont mean a supply drop where you get a gaurenteed weapon, no i mean the way Ghosts did it. But that type of system needs to be implemented now or the player base will decline.

    • Aidan

      It isn’t Treyarch or Vondy’s fault. Vohnderharr is the community manager, this means that all he does is communicate back and fourth via social media, and other means of communication, meaning that none of this is his fault. Treyarch isn’t at fault either. Sure, they made the whole game, but it isn’t their fault that the supply drop system is so fucking broken. If anything, Activision is to blame. These money-whore cunts do nothing but sit on their asses, commanding the people at Treyarch to do shit, that some of the people at Treyarch, don’t even want to do. Hell, I’m pretty sure that Vondy doesn’t like any of the shit they’re doing to the supply drops, but he can’t say anything about it because they’d probably fire his ass in a heartbeat. It’s the sad truth, but there isn’t anything that could be done to stop this bullshit, not unless the people at Activision pull their head out of their asses and figure out that what they’re doing is stupid and unfair to the loyal fans of call of duty, that is, if they actually care about their fan’s…Unlikely.

  • If IW’s COD game has exo suits and supply drops, I swear on my life, I am never gonna buy another CoD game again.

    • SilentNova

      Amen to that

    • RdJokr

      Well, you’re definitely halfway there. Now it’s a matter of whether there are exo suits.

      Though let’s be honest, this is what everybody says every fuckin’ year.

    • If it’s Ghosts 2 then that’s my ticket to not buying this year’s Call of Duty. Hell, even if it’s futuristic, I’m probably not going to buy it. The futuristic setting in FPS is so outplayed and uncreative now.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Rather a Ghosts 2 than a Jetpack Shooter Simulator 2016.

      • Aidan

        I would be OK with Ghosts 2…

        BUT, I Would only get it if it didn’t have new movement, and if there were NO supply drops. Supply drops + Advanced movement = Cancer

        • I would hate Ghosts 2.

          I like the idea of supply drops. In fact, i think they’re a great idea but Actvision is ruining the idea just by looking at AW and BO3.

          • Aidan

            How do you know Ghosts 2 would be bad? Because it has the name Ghost in it? That’s kinda stupid.

          • Did I say it would be bad? I said I hate that idea and they shouldn’t do it. Learn how to read before saying something stupid.

            Also, I could easily bounce that same stupid logic back to you about Advanced movement and supply drops. How do you know they’re going to be cancer in the next CoD? “That’s kinda stupid”

          • Aidan

            Usually if people thing something is bad, they tend to hate it as well. That’s just me though. And supply drops have always been cancer. If they had supply drops like they do in CS:GO, that’d be fucking cool, But again, that’s just me.

          • Yeah, I hated Ghosts. If I hated the first one, why in the hell would I want a second one and just go oh “gee maybe I should be positive!!!!!!!! XD”?

          • Aidan

            Uh….Yeah. Yes.

          • No, the correct answer is no. I’m not going to get excited for a sequel to a shitty game and I’m not going to act positive for it either.

    • Keshav Bhat

      I’ll still be buying it cause I love IW games.

      i will never forget the amount of entertainment I got from the modern warfare series.

      • True, but as a primarily sniper I CBA to snipe when people are flying around in the air like ducks.

      • Sentinel

        True, I always buy the their games mainly for the story line, it’s fascinating. Tbh I want a Ghosts 2 because I want to see what happens to Logan after being kept captive by Rorke!

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        Even Ghosts? I’d laugh if the next CoD is Ghosts 2, I’d buy a one-way ticket to Black Ops 24.

  • Zech

    It’s booty! All I want is to relive WaW with the HG40 and the M1 Garard, as well as try out the new combat knife variants. As of now I have not gotten a SINGLE new weapon. I don’t care jack shit for all these taunts and [some] weapon camos. I have purchased this game with the digital deluxe edition, $100, ONE HUNDRED BIG ONES, I believe I should get these weapons for free for all the money I have put into the game already.

    • SilentNova

      on top of my one hundred on the digital deluxe edition, i dropped another hundred on their supply drops… didnt get a single weapon

      • PuttyGod

        Hopefully you’ll learn from that experience and stop feeding this issue.

  • SilentNova

    @Charlie INTEL and all of you guys on the forums, why dont we all just go on Twitter, and goto Vonderhaars Twitter, and demand weapons being sold SEPARATELY, all of our voices together could have a big impact

    • Markdg23

      It’s not Vahn’s fault though, he can’t make
      decisions that are above him. If Vahn could sell us these guns separately he would, In fact do some research these guns were supposed to be included in DLC but ATVI said hell no your making people get them through supply drops. Don’t ask me for my source do some research like I said because these are facts!

  • Jason_88

    They shouldn’t be in supply drops at all I’ve spent about 600 on supply drops on impulse buys maybe more and only got the cross bow, and a wrench buying 100 dollars worth at a time !

    • SilentNova

      Dude thats insane, feels bad

    • Who Am I To Judge?

      Main issue: you spend $600 on a crossbow, because that is all you got that you aimed for

      • Jason_88

        No the main issues is because I was stupid to spend 600 or more honestly on divinium and supply drops that their gonna keep pushing this bullshit out like this and people are going to continue to get ripped off like I ripped my self off out of being bored smh

        • Drank Bleach

          Congratulations, you are part of the problem.

          • Jason_88

            I wanted the new guns, and sword and don’t play multiplayer enough to grind for crypto keys but I def won’t be buying another cod point!

          • Fly Mann13

            If you dont play enough than why would you want those stuff. It serves no purpose just to have them

          • Jason_88

            Well I play zombies more and just started getting into the multiplayer so I wanted some camos and gear and tried getting these weapons to use I had no problem with supply drops in advanced warfare I’m about 29th prestige in it and got any gun you can think of they just really fucked supply drops up in bo3 like who wants a calling card and paint emblem and a weapon attachment variant that’s only cosmetic supply drops should only be gear and weapons like

          • Fly Mann13

            Its really just a game tho, no money should be invested to anything that has to do with RNG and that can be gotten for free no matter how long it takes.

          • SilentNova

            600$ is a lot of cash man, after $100, i said **** this

          • Jason_88

            Well when your in bed bored it’s like a slot machine and I don’t even gamble ???

          • SilentNova

            how can you blame him though, sure he is apart of the problem, but its not like he wanted it this way, they lowered the drop rate of cryptokeys so low, that grinding to 30 takes about 20 games of TDM. They dont even reward you for playing the OBJ, i went 50-9 in TDM last night, guess how much Keys i got, only one…. when other times i play like shit, i get at least 2. this system is broken and its just a shame these a holes are milking us dry

  • Slothigans

    I wonder how stupid people that pay loads of money and get absolutely NOTHING feel. That’s just beyond me.

  • Drank Bleach

    Pretty simple……if you spend money on cod points, you’re an idiot.

    • Keshav Bhat

      why? why can’t people spend their own income/money how they want to spend?

      • ScOott

        I’m going to go out by my self a worm that comes with a bit of mud for 40 pounds at the weekend.. But hey don’t judge me, it’s my money..

        Kind of a stupid statement on ur behalf, it’s very easy to judge someone how they spend money..

      • Umm, because it’s a waste of money? And yeah, you can make the statement that it’s their money and you can spend it however you please, you’re right about that.

        But, you’ll be a complete moron to even buy into an RNG system which short run and long run, its a waste of money.

        • Sentinel

          I rather “waste” my money on a game I can play with than being played by a bitch who low key goes out on dates for free food…I’m control of my money.

          Now go on and try to convince the people who “waste their money” on this RNG system by insulting them. Go on, I’ll wait…

          • Are you fucking stupid?

          • Sentinel

            *yawns* I feel like grabbing by your ears right now, screaming at your face it’s my fucking money. Instead, I will dictate whether I’m wasting my money or not.


          • and congratulations, I already stated what you just said twice in both of my comments. Learn how to fucking read, idiot.

            Spend your money however you please. That’s not my problem. It’s your problem that you’re dumb enough to buy into it.

            Gamble away, dumbass. That’s all you’re doing 🙂

          • Sentinel

            Lmfaoo you really don’t get it huh, fucken moron. It’s fun to fuck with close minded people at times XD. You just butt hurt you aint getting shit from the supply drops. Money comes, money goes…in my case it comes right back cause I’m that special “idiot” who knows where the money is at , broke boiii (;


          • >Close minded
            >Broke boi
            >Brags about gambling on a digital game
            >Normie, unfunny gifs

            Yeah, you’re a special kind of dumbass.

          • Sentinel

            >starts youtube channel
            >channel is unsuccessful
            >rethinks life
            >no point cause it sucks.

            Lmfaoo You talk as if you know me thoe…all up on my dick like you gonna choke on it! You’re irrelevant anyways. You’re a special kind of loser. I’m done with you, broke boiii

          • My youtube channel has nothing to do with supply drops you ignorant fuck LOL

            Each reply you get dumber and dumber. Keep it up, moron.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Because it funds this cancerous business model.

        • Keshav Bhat

          We have no say in how someone spends decides to spend their own money. If they want to and have dispensable income to do so, by all means let them.

          But we can speak out and hope for maybe a change going into the future. Supply Drops probably are not going anywhere, but with cosmetic only, that will work just fine.

      • Drank Bleach

        They sure can, as other people said they spent hundreds of dollars to come up with nothing they wanted, to me that’s what they get, but then this lets Activision to keep up with the bs supply drops. Which means they’ll add more useless items in the supply drops to further prevent you getting said weapon. Also, it isn’t fair that someone who just got their 1st supply drop and get a weapon when I can have over 20 hours played and receive only camo.

  • moonwalker

    In AW , the SP owners only got early access to the weapons if they were being put into a DLC. If you only purchased the DLC , you had to wait till it was released to have access to it . I think early access on the weapons was a month ahead .

  • Aidan

    I don’t see Activison solving any problems with the supply drops. They’re only in it for the money, and it’s quite obvious at this point. Remember when they said there wouldn’t be any supply drops in Black ops 3? April 26th, 2015. Activision announces that supply drops will not be returning to Black ops 3, and only 2 days later, April 28th Advanced supply drops are release on Xbox one. It wasn’t until they found out just how much money they were making, that they decided (probably last minuet) to add supply drops, something that NOBODY wanted, Into Black ops 3. Activision doesn’t care about you. They care about how much money they rake in.

  • Fly Mann13

    I dont think activition is going to change anything, also the supply drops still dont matter, its nothing gamebreaking right now, the weapons arent that much powerful they are basically equal. Just play the game like normal and if you get the new weapons from cryptokeys then congratz another new weapon for your collection.

  • Taegan

    In my opinion getting the new weapons in supply drops are way to rare I have yet to get any new weapon and I think the rarity of getting the new weapons should be reduced Im not a cod point buyer I just use cryptokeys and the rate I get cryptokeys is way to slow with both of these things together it is very rare if I ever get any of the new weapons either reduce the rarity or increase the number of cryptokeys you get per matched played is my opinion of what they should do

  • I really like your first solution of allowing people to outright purchase the weapons from the psn store, while allowing more casual players like me to earn them through the supply drop if we didn’t want to spend extra money.

    I personally really like the supply drop system and i’m glad its adding more loot to the game. But Activision is getting way too greedy and are actively trying to ruin it with these poor decisions. 🙁

  • Gimp

    Won’t happen. So you could spend £2.99 for example for a gun you want, easy, no more money to activision from you, or pay £100 now and still not get them, making you spend even more, hmm from a business standpoint, I know what I’d want!

    As a consumer and someone who wants my first fucking weapon, let me buy them 🙁

  • zain

    I feel like treyarch/ Activision should have a transfer market. They have supply drops where you can acquire gear. Imagine if there was a transfer market. Look at games like fifa and csgo that bring in a new audience of gamers who are intrigued with the idea of trading. I feel like this will open a new giant new community within call of duty bringing in many more people and improving cod as a whole. Introducing there own currency system where items are priced by their rarity. (I do agree that they shouldn’t include weapons in these supply drops. I’m fine with melee weapons but not the guns. Instead those weapons should be available to all.)

    • zain

      Btw these weapons should be available to all to keep eSports fresh

  • Batman

    Even cosmetic only supply drops still suck

    • jooker-jr


    • Keshav Bhat


  • lunator100hd .

    Guys check this out……….

    • Probably gonna cost like 100 Ckeys

      • Rory Arne

        150. Says it in the code.

  • onelonesapper

    Honestly, I have stopped playing Multiplayer completely because of the weapon/ supply drop issue. I still play Zombies and that’s about all I care about at this point. I refuse to pay extra for weapons that should be included to all players of the game to make it fair. If they want to do cosmetic items in supply drops that don’t actually affect game play, fine. I won’t be buying another COD title again if this trend continues.

  • Bengal Tigger

    These solutions are weak since it will immediately be a p2w system since we don’t know how much they are going to sell them for so the best option would be to include them in DLC’s

  • ghosts sucks


  • J4MES

    This argument is a year old. Let’s face it; Supply Drops will be here forever and it’s only going to get worse – people were also naive to believe Treyarch when they said it wouldn’t happen and there is no doubt they knew full well of Activision’s plans but they didn’t want to upset the applecart before launch. I also think it’s borderline gambling aimed and is taking advantage of younger gamers just like how EA Sports with FIFA UT and when you have the likes of Ali-A and Tmartn who get their drops for free or through their lavish income; they groom people into plying Activision up to £40 at a time which is the price of a new bloody game! It’s a sickening business but if people waste their money on pixels in the hope of getting OP guns for a poor game; that’s their decision/problem. I miss the days when camo was earned, guns were real and sensible and the only optional expense was DLC map packs. Now Activision have to mitigate their failing sales of the dwindling franchise buy extorting further money from the people that blindly and loyally support them.

    • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

      The worst part is spending money on pixels for a game that will become obsolete within months.

  • Anonymous Gamer

    Supply drops are not controlled by treyarch anymore, treyarch didn’t even want supply drops in the beginning, then around summer 2015, Activision’s said to put supply drops in for that money, treyarch did so because activision is a higher power, (like a mom telling a child to clean) , originally treyarch said it would be cosmetic only, to protect there fan base, and probably hoping that Activision would honor this, but they didn’t. After it was apparent that bo3 supply drops (SD) weren’t making as much as AW SD, Activision said put weapons in, so they made the supply drop with the knife variants, that worked for a while, then it stopped making enpugh money, so activsion told treyarch put actual weapons in, and here we are today, with no weapons in dlc, even theough the mp40 (HG40) was supposed to be in awakening along with a crappy pistol, we dont have it, because activision told them to put it in SD, no one at treyarch is happy about this, and many people (such as Vahn) have been trying to fight this, but they cant, activision is to set on the sight of money, too bad too, if we would have just had the weapons in the dlc, this could have been one of the greatest cods yet.

  • Devin Wolfe

    If I open a rare there should be a higher chance of getting a weapon out of it then from a common but as it stands a rare and a common have the same chance to drop a weapon.

    • Kobrah

      Rares increase your chance to get legendary and epic drops. So they actually do increase your chance to get a weapon 🙂

  • GFY

    There is no stopping this COD point monster now. People supporting this and voting to keep the system with every dollar spent. If there is no stopping you, at the very least purchase COD points when they are 50% off and wait to spend them when they reduce the points needed to 100. They’ve established a pattern of doing both of those things but it requires patience on your end. At the very least you’re getting the best value (other than not buying them, which is the best option).

  • Div1si0n

    Well atleast they finally addressed this.^

  • OMGItsPatricio

    This illustrates the greater problem in today’s day and age. Corporate hungry drooges that don’t give a fuck about quality or player base. As long as they can pay their fucking beachside martinis they could care less about the greater good. Supply drops are despicable and the ugly truth is that they are never going away. Activision cares about profit margin. The quality of gameplay is dependant on margin, and money trumps client opinion. How do we tackle this? Stop paying for the damn supply drops. Out of principle stop it so these suit-totting carrion-spouting corporate nimrods could delete this despicable “feature”. In the end they wouldn’t be doing it out of principle, they would do it to keep the shareholders (which aren’t any better) happy. People have to get together. Start a damn movement. I’m sick and tired of this bullshit because it’s everywhere. 10$ for a fucking arms dealer supply drop? It’s improvement but FAR FAR AWAY from true progression. Get together and stop buying into this shit. Hopefully one day Treyarch finds another publisher because this is abuse. #FuckActivision #StopSupplyDrops

  • OMGItsPatricio

    This illustrates the greater problem in today’s day and age. Corporate hungry drooges that don’t give a fuck about quality or player base. As long as they can pay their fucking beachside martinis they could care less about the greater good. Supply drops are despicable and the ugly truth is that they are never going away. Activision cares about profit margin. The quality of gameplay is dependant on margin, and money trumps client opinion. How do we tackle this? Stop paying for the damn supply drops. Out of principle stop it so these suit-totting carrion-spouting corporate nimrods could delete this flatulant “feature”. In the end they wouldn’t be doing it out of principle, they would do it to keep the shareholders (which aren’t any better) happy. 10$ for a fucking arms dealer supply drop? It’s improvement but FAR FAR AWAY from true progression. People have to get together. Start a damn movement. I’m sick and tired of this bullshit because it’s everywhere, and no one seems to care about it. To bring about change one needs actions. Get together and stop buying into this shit. Hopefully one day Treyarch finds another publisher because this is abuse. #FuckActivision #StopSupplyDrops

    • You would think they make enough money from game purchases alone, but I guess not. I just hope that all that money that is being put into the game through COD points and such goes to the greater good of CoD either in development for it or CoD Endownment.

      • PuttyGod

        They don’t even understand the word “enough.” It’s literally not in their vocabulary, at least in this sense of the word. When it comes to money, human beings (the species, not the individual) are physically incapable of resisting greed.

    • jey

      that is, in a nutshell, why privatization is absurd. corporations may or may not be more efficient than governments, but they’re efficient solely toward their own ends.

  • Eddie7225

    It’s honestly really annoying! I wouldn’t mind it if you can earn cryptokeys easier, but they made it almost impossible to enjoy these new weapons!

  • Someone on Reddit data-mined the Supply Drops Odds. He was harassed by Activision legally and i’m assuming is going to be sued.

    • Lol Activision will sue him for all his money.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Well, data mining into files can get you trouble..

  • BigMacMan

    Look on the bright side, at least the new supply drop weapons aren’t top tier guns like they were in AW

    • lunator100hd .

      I agree but it is still a content we want and sadly most of us we will never get.

  • Sentinel

    I can agree with this article, although it seems like something drastically needs to happen for activision to even budge! Maybe start a petition right here on Charlie Intel because you guys are well known trough out the community. Maybe if most of ya’ll stop bitching about this whole supply drop madness on a post, turn your voice into something that will be more beneficial to us all, the community. We are the ones buying the games and giving it countless hours of gameplay, spending our fucking money bros! WE ARE THE HEART OF CALL OF DUTY cause without us, the franchise ain’t shit. It’s all of matter of perspective here. Now we might make a change or not, for BO3, but we control were the damn future of COD lays upon on. Activision won’t listen to us but the DEVS do! We should take action now before COD 2016 it’s even release or you can just wait and see what they bring to the table and let the time pass by before we start to find unpleasant shit on this next installment.

  • When BO3 has a sale on COD Points and wants you to buy them so you can get jack shit in the supply drops.

  • Hentai

    I know Activison would never go for this but I think it would be a cool to reward players for completing challenges with new weapons. Maybe every 10%, more likely 25%, of all Multiplayer Challenges you get a free weapon? And you still have the chance of getting them in supply drops after you get 100%.

  • milos

    nothing will change, Activision business that wants to make money and they are doing it well from cod points. they have got me buying cod points because i like the game and most people will buy cod points because they like the game. it def is not pay to win because the weapons are not game changers at all, id rather sheiver over the mx garand any day because of the mag size and reloading situation, id rather any of the smg’s of the hg40 any day the hg40 needs a buff of some sort to even slighty compete, but thats another issue. the supply drop weapons are trash IMO. but i really like all the cosmetic gear in the game

    fair enough in AW people have a good argument about the supply drops being pay to win, sledge hammer were sucked in by activision and there was no one to blame but activision. props to treyarch for not taking activision’s bull shit but still keeping activision happy by adding balanced but almost bad weapons to the supply drops. people need to stop hating on treyarch and hate on activision.

  • lotterry

    I cant promise Ill never buy another CoD. But I will not buy any other new or old game that has Activision as its publisher. EVER

  • Ak74u

    Yesterday I spent $20 on supply drops for the gist time and also ive never bought them in advanced warfare either I was really dissapointed when I bought them because after opening up about 10 rare drops I didn’t get anything good just camos and specialist themes. I felt really dissapointed and I really wanted the MX Garand or the HG- 40 with my $20 I could of bought rocket league which I wanted for a long time.

    • PuttyGod

      THIS is the correct and proper way to feel after blowing money on micro-transactions. Take that empty feeling and the bitter disappointment and hold onto it. And then do *yourself* a favor and try not to do it again. At least you feel the guilt – that means you’re potentially a somewhat healthy and balanced emotional being.

      • Ak74u

        The reason I bought a couple of supply drops was because I really want the new DLC weapons and I’m tired of playing many hours just to get 30 kryptokeys. I was feeling desparate to get any new weapon but buying supply drops didn’t work out as I didn’t get anything I wanted, not a single gun or melee weapon. I had to buy them because I can’t wait any longer to get the any new weapon. This system sucks

  • Ak74u

    Before we would get one weapon free with the first two dlc packs and now we gotta spend tons of money on supply drops to get lucky enough to just get one

  • james r. activision

    HAHAHaHaHAHA-HAAAAAAAAA-HAHAHA-HA-HOHO-HeHE…..HAAAAAA-ha-huh? oops, helicopter’s here with those hoes i ordered. trusting the maui phonebook, so wish me luck.

    oh, great articles, btw! great ideas. we’ll get right on those.

    love ya!

  • Dr. Derangedlove

    I’m still waiting on a possible solution to the KN-44 Dark Matter bug or Broken Dark Matter for Xbox One. This issue still stands and hasn’t been addressed with any of the latest patches or updates.

  • Rory Arne

    Is it sad to say that I literally came to the decision tonight to never open anymore supply drops? I’m so sick of my shitty luck with them, I don’t feel like sitting there, saving up 30 Cryptos, just to get a supply drop that’s literally a dupe of shit I already own. I’d rather play the game and pretend they don’t exist than remember that they do and be thrown disappointment every time I open one.
    This system is also the exact reason why I’m a level 120 master prestige in zombies and only 2nd prestige in multiplayer. It literally makes you not want to play the gamemode, merely because it seems the game is rewarding players based on luck than skill.

  • Lumis

    Supply drops are 95% garbage. And no way am I gonna waste money on the “chance” that I might get the one item I care about. I think I’ll keep my money instead f#*k activision.

  • Chitownbrez

    Here is my say, AW introduced the whole weapons in supply drops and a lot of people were angry because they put days into that game and never got the weapon they wanted(including me with that blasted BAL Inferno), ff to BO3 and no mention of supply drops at launch then bam the supply drops appear but it’s cool because they only have cosmetic items, then another bombshell weapons. Now it’s apparent that this system isn’t going anywhere so they have to ask themselves with the possibility of “Ghost 2” and an apparent flawed supply drop system what’s the motivation for getting the next installment in the series? They have to come up with something to win back a lot of players who have dropped the game or next year might not look so good (compared to past COD sales).

  • GR3Y_B1RD

    imo the worst is just how much of an fucking effort Treyarch put into this game. They worked really hard on a good and fun CoD. And guess what? Activision fucked it up.

  • Aceshigh87

    I know myself, I’m sure I will still be buying CoD next year, but I think this might be the last time I bother with the season pass.

    Paying $90 for the game, another $50 for the season pass and then still being expected to pay more to get all the new items is absolutely absurd. New knife variants are one thing because they just look different but new guns should come with the season pass.

    I’ve dumped $140 into the Deluxe edition of this game and if it keeps going the way it seems to be I likely will only have half the total guns by November. Activision is basically telling me that spending over $100 isn’t worth half a game.

    If I want the future maps that bad I’ll buy them on their own.

  • Gamerazor247

    If they were to make the weapons purchasable, it’d be sweet if the would be like ND and make like a 4 pack of melee weapons for like $3/4 and sell the actual guns for $2, I’d be all for that. But this is Activi$ion we’re talking about, so of course, they’d price it at like $4 a piece, lol. I’m always open for a 100-300 Cryptokey guaranteed weapon.

  • Rab

    Ur just mad cuz ur ass is old

  • fr4gbob

    “At launch, it worked perfectly. The items in the Supply Drops were cosmetic only”

    That is not working perfectly, its not working at all, it was all useless rubbish that made no difference to anything…. I didn’t even bother opening supply drops, then they put the guns in, now its worth using my Cryptokeys…. I got the Wrench within a few days from a common supply drop and the MX Garand and the NX Shadowclaw within a month from rare supply drops.

    After I got the NX Shadowclaw, I stopped getting supply drops again till they released more weapons, only thing I want now is the HG 40…. once I get that, I will stop getting supply drops again till they stick some more weapons in, I just hope that’s soon!

    I don’t understand anyone wanting cosmetic only, its completely pointless and not worth wasting your time on…. as for the absolute morons spending real money to get these things…. I cant help but laugh at your stupidity and thank you for encouraging Activision to put more stuff in the game for me to get for free 🙂

  • JoZer805g

    Let’s start a riot over at Activision HQ and make COD great again.

    • Cookin’ by the book

      Then we’ll build a wall at make Activision pay for it!

  • ToonToons22

    Glad they finally made an article about this. All other articles had nothing but supply drop talk and nothing really about the subject.

    But let me get to the main point. Black Ops 3 was perfectly fine with only cosmetic items as promised by Activision. Then February 9th came, a day that would live in infamy for COD fans, when Activision blatantly lied to us and put weapons behind a pay wall. They deliberately added the patch after Awakening was released, knowing that if they added it before, people would boycott the DLC and Activision would lose their precious cold hard cash.

    This is the equivalent of a giant middle finger to both the COD community and the people at Treyarch who worked to give us what we wanted. Treyarch was actually for the fans. They are not at fault. Activision is, and they are never to be trusted. Leave it to them to screw up a good game.

  • Daniel Sims

    It’s good to see that people are actually sticking up for themselves and not taking Activision’s crap in these comments. Comments on this site used to be notorious for fanboying to the max and not taking any negative feedback.

    I’m done with Call of Duty unless it ever manages to go back to that great serious and gritty gameplay that it once had with games such as Call of Duty 4 and World at War. I feel that Treyarch has the potential to take Call of Duty back to it’s roots with a gritty WW2 shooter since they did that so well with World at War but sadly thats not for three years, assuming they do wake up.

  • ben wills

    “All of the post launch weapons should be available as a separate purchase and in Supply Drops”

    Oh, so you want outright P2W….

  • sam the man

    Tbh guys this was a massive shock to me and has made me stop playing. I love the core gameplay think its the greatest yet but the extra weapons you can only earn through supply drops are extremely good for example the mx that is op as fuck and a massive nostalgia trip to the m1.I cant get them treyarch said that supply drops are cosmetic they lied I love treyarch and they shit on us sold out.


    I’m really happy that Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 is pay to win as idiots that buy supply drops deserve to be burned for wasting their parents money in such idiotic fashion. Good job Activision at once again making a mockery of the Call of Duty community who persistently moan and then play and pay up anyway.

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    Available separately for more microtransactions? Just put them in the Season Pass.

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    Call of Duty has become a joke.

  • Jeff Tweed

    I filed a petition on Go and sign it to show support and hopefully get the attention of Treyarch and Activision.

  • WesupDude

    We need to get this message heard. We all love call of duty, but the pay to win supply drops need to go.

    • J4MES

      Sadly wont happen. Activision have found a nice revenue stream and many of the community are ready and willing to gamble money away; even the ones who are moaning about it and then committing hypocrisy straight after. As long as they keep plying Activision with easy money; it’s only going to get worse by the release. COD should really be a free to play or budget title with all these microtransactions but they have the community by the balls and will continue to milk them regardless of how crap the actual game is.

      • WesupDude

        Very true. Its a sad thing when an industry becomes corrupted to the point of greed, but I believe company’s like Activision are past that. They only see the customer as a cash cow and disregard quality, balance, and originality for micro transactions and recycled bull crap.

  • iGetGrills

    Hi guys at charlieintel. Have you guys seen the youtube vid by PrestigeisKey about being able to see the playercount on BO3 ps4?? The method to see this pretty interesting.


    Treyarch October 2015 ”We can confirm that purchasable supply drops will not appear in Black Ops III at any time.

    Treyarch November 2015 ”We can confirm that supply drops will return in Black Ops III with only cosmetic items being made purchasable”

    Treyarch December 2015 ”We can confirm that purchasable supply drops are now available in Black Ops III which you can land cosmetic and high performance weaponry”

    GG community – feed the greed!

  • “Ghosts 2” (or whatever the next CoD is called) will be set in the future.

    Shinobi602 who had leaked that Black Ops 3 was coming to last gen consoles (and yet hardly anyone on here believed him) and who leaked many stuff leading up to Black Ops 3 is a well known insider in general and has given us a tease on what we can expect from Ghosts 2.

    • Guywithbrains

      Well considering the fact that Ghosts was set in the near future this is not surprising. Some other leak (harder to believe) says Ghosts 2 will be a direct sequel for Ghosts and the campaign continues 20 years forward. That would mean timeline between 2030s and 2050s.

      However, I still don’t think we are getting advanced movement. It just doesn’t fit to the setting of Ghosts. But we’ll see because everything is possible.

    • Ohhhh man looks like I’m not buying the next CoD. The chances are getting higher by the second

      Also, the last comment
      “Save us Battlefield 5”

      If Battlefield 5 is set in WW1 like the rumors says then damm right save us Battlefield 5 😀

    • J4MES

      Shinobi just states the obvious rather than having any detailed or worthwhile information – he was even wrong on a few crucial counts with his BO3 leaks. I’d take everything with a pinch of salt he says.

      • LovekillerX

        He knew there will be thrust slides and wall running. That isn’t “obvious stating.”

        I keep believing him. Last time people believed some random guy “arcengine.” This time you should believe shinobi602.

        • J4MES

          Many people reckoned there would be wallrunning and slides – it was rather obvious apart from the collective who were still dreaming of World at War 2. All Shinobi stated was a) Black Ops III (obvious) b) Set in the distant future from BO2 (pretty obvious) c) Zombies (even the community players mothers knew that) d) Old gen versions (obvious as the current engine build can be easily back-ported and Activision are greedy) e) Wallrunning – all he said in March last year was the movement would be ‘different from AW’ – the community actually suggested wallrunning and he still beat around the bush and then tried to take credit even though he didn’t even angle towards it. He was also way off the mark by suggesting lobbies of 16v16 with 9v9 minimum and dynamic/changeable weather.

          He’s just an attention seeking moron who posts wooley and generic responses built on guesswork and if he’s ‘right’; he tries to grab the credit. I’m going to guess myself that the new COD game will have guns in it – if I’m right; that makes me an insider apparently.

          • I don’t know what’s with the hostility lol…it’s like he killed your dog or something.

            He’s been correct on accounts where everyone thought he would be wrong regarding Black Ops III coming to last gen (there were many articles and TmarTn videos alluding to that lol).

            He is also a well known insider with contacts inside Bioware and other development studios. Take Sony Bend’s new IP for example – he’s said it’s an open world horror type game – that’s still yet to be proven but you should be ready to eat crow 😛

            Also take Guerellia Game’s new IP as another example. He said on various accounts way before any concept art leaks nad before the title was revealed that it’s an open world with RPG mechanics, with robot dino’s and a ginger haired female protagonist (before all the leaks of the concept art too) which he was obviously proven correct as Horizon.

            His responses were also NOT vague regarding Black Ops 3 as he was just simply answering people’s concerns on Twitter – I saw the convo’s – people were asking him or telling him that Black Ops III should be set in WWII, and he was just telling them off the bat it wasn’t – again, despite some people claiming it would.

          • LovekillerX

            He knew release date for Dragon Age Inquisition expansion pack and he also knew there would be AC Unity co-op demo. Shinobi also stated clearly either in Neogaf or Twitter that Black Ops 3 would include wall running and thrust slides. All of this and more. This can’t be just “luck” and “common sense.”

          • J4MES

            Funny how about the number of questions he couldn’t answer because they couldn’t be answered with generic responses and had to be answered precisely. I followed his feed when he was ‘leaking’ and all he could answer was in regards to ‘movement being different’, ‘zombies’ and the ‘old gen’ which were all expected. He couldn’t name one character, one gun, one campaign location, one scorestreak etc… and just ignored users who’s questions couldn’t be guessed outright. Anyone that is taken in by is credibility shouldn’t ever visit psychic mediums.

          • I just don’t see why you can’t give credit where credit is due; it’s like you have some personal vendetta against him or are in some sort of denial. He obviously cannot leak everything otherwise his source inside the studio is risk at being found out. There’s only so much he can say AND has been given; did you think of the latter? And it’s convenient how you ignore all his other instances of being correct. He’s a verified insider, both outside of GAF and inside of GAF, where by the way, if you make things up, you get banned. You have to go through a vetting process by a mod if you claim to be an insider, and he’s been given the go to be in a position to be privy to the information they’re sharing.

            If you actually engage with him on Twitter and GAF you’d know he’s not like anything you said and is a genuinely nice guy.

          • LovekillerX

            People will be thrown off of their chairs when they see he was right yet again. Surprise!

            I hope this year Call of Duty would be boots on ground + sliding. But Shinobi seems to hint that there would be something futuristic (image above.)

          • J4MES

            It’s not hard to get generic answers wrong. If the new COD has guns in it; that means I was right all along and everyone should praise me.


          • You seem salty and jealous for no reasons. We’ve just proven to you they’re not generic answers. If you really want to be that famous, then go make your own twitter account instead of handing out passive aggressive insults and with baseless claims because you’re annoyed some legitimate insider is getting minute credit (despite the fact he was being lambasted at the time as being wrong).

          • J4MES

            No need to defend him kid; if you believe in his ‘credibility’; you continue to be a mug but he’s been wrong twice when he tried to answer less generic and more precise questions and if you’re too ignorant to acknowledge that; I can see why so many of the COD community get reeled in so easily. Don’t visit any fortune tellers in your life else you’ll lose a fortune LOL!

          • Yeah, I believed him about his GG new IP, and he was right (you have nothing to claim otherwise). He was right about AC Unity co-op and you have nothing to claim otherwise. He was right about DA’s expansion release date and you have nothing to claim otherwise. He was right about BOIII not being a WWII game and having jump thrusters and wall running, and you have nothing to claim otherwise apart from made up rumours which source doesn’t even trace back to him (See my post above).

            Anyway, as I’m said, I’m done. It takes a man to actually swallow his own pride and admit he’s wrong, but for some egotistical reason, you won’t which is a shame since I generally agree with your posts on CI.

          • J4MES

            He didn’t actually say anything about BOIII having wallrunning or jump thrusters – all he said was the ‘movement is diffferent to AW’ and that’s it. Making stuff up is just going to further dampen his dwindling credibility and upvote whore Lovekiller is just making your case worse. Your 3 word ‘tease’ in the OP just further shows how generic and wooley his claims are when they aren’t even based on a 50/50 shot. I predict the next COD game will also be on PS4……

            LMFAO! COD kids…..

          • LovekillerX
          • J4MES

            That was after the community suggested it and he merely guessed and elaborated LMAO. Also that is from April and not March.

            Shinobi ”A remake of Raid will be included in the core maps and there will also be at least one snow map” So funny, wrong and generic…

          • LovekillerX

            I let you be. You probably were one of those guys who believed that random guy called “arcengine.” You will be one of those who will be thrown off of their chairs. I’m waiting for that moment with joy!

          • BOOM! Now watch him still try and refute that with some next level mental gymnastics just like he ignored the GG new IP and Sony bend new IP.

          • LovekillerX

            As I said below let him be. He won’t believe him and that is okay. We will see who is right yet again when first details will emerge online.

          • J4MES

            All he’s said is ‘yeah..about..that’ in regards to a ‘future’ game. That’s what I said so if it is; that means I’m right. I also said the game would have guns and would be on the PS4. Looks like I’m an insider too LMAO!

          • Btw, he also just said this:


            And another verified insider said this:


            This is implying ‘Ghosts 2’ will be far far future.

          • LovekillerX

            Wait… if these are right we will see another futuristic Call of Duty…?

          • Yep.

          • LovekillerX

            Well maybe there won’t be boots on ground this year. 🙁

          • J4MES

            Either it is or it isn’t it’s 50/50 on that alone but obviously it will be futuristic and on the planet earth. Generic answers FTW! Insiders (sigh)

          • J4MES

            I tweeted him a question which he couldn’t answer surprise surprise. He stated 6 generic points out of hundreds to important and fair questions. If he’s calming he has ‘leaks’ and is willing to share openly against the wishes of Activision; then he should be able to answer all things raised comfortably and not with half-baked guesswork. I simply don’t support people who want to be in the limelight to make easy money and fame based on taking advantage of dimwits who blindly follow him. Same went for all those morons who did the same thing ‘leaking’ details about Modern Warfare 4 and WAW 2 and Shinobi is no different because he knows how to play people as idiots.

          • It’s hilarious how you claim to think he’s earning money from this despite not knowing he has his own HR job to earn money for him and his family. It’s also disingenuous to think he’s trying to be in the limelight, where actually, he went into detail on his GAF posts (not just the generic posts you claim), and has refused to tell information before (despite him knowing) as to not ruin any surprises – where otherwise, if he was the insider you claim, he could have been in the spotlight even more.

            Anyway, I’m done with this conversation. I’ve said what I have to say and I can see I’m not changing your mind despite the plethora of evidence I’ve said and is out there. Stubbornness goes a long way – just like the people on his twitter feed claiming he was wrong at the time or refused to believe him.

            Good day.

          • J4MES

            ‘Plethora of evidence’ LMAO! 6 generic points and a few crucial ones wrong like lobby size and dynamic weather but those don’t get a mention…He’s a guy who makes money online as well as having a job outside. The only reason he’s refused to ‘tell information’ despite proclaiming to have all the leaks which is flirting with a lawsuit ; is because he doesn’t know anything and is guessing. He was told he was wrong, and he was wrong but a minority of muppets based on his generic and wooley answers that were blatantly going to be right regardless still though he had credibility. No wonder Activision has so many of the community baited for supply drops when people are that naive and simple..

          • Final post: If you actually do a bit of research and trace your false claims back to its source (but of course you won’t and would rather ignore all the evidence of the accounts he’s been correct) you’ll find he was not the source of the 9v9/32v32 rumour or the dynamic weather.

            Here, let me do you research for your shitty claim:


            No surprise: it’s a TmarTn video.

          • J4MES

            Why are you bringing Tmartn into this? He’s nothing to do with Shinobi. Perhaps do some research instead of taking the first thing off of Google and not actually watching it LMAO! Time you revisited twitter and everything Shinobi said a year ago as that’s the source you should be looking at..

          • I have revisited it, and the GAF posts which are in front of me, but you still haven’t provided me links posting to your false claims. I’m bringing TmarTn into this because if you actually do a bit of reading comprehension, you’ll see that the source to your claim about dynamic weather and player count WAS NOT SHINOBI, but was TMARTN’s video who used an unverified source (which’s link is now dead).

            GET IT NOW?

          • J4MES

            You realise that Shinobi stated these leaks and another source which was followed up by Tmartn as a whole was the basis to this video. Seems you’re still too scared to revist Shinobi’s twitter which is the real souce – I wonder why?…..LEL!

          • Michael

            oh yea he said that matches were gonna be 9 v 9 and not 6 v 6 and i think he even said ground war would be 32 v 32 and all the maps were large. facepalm much..

          • Where did he say this? Just curious; it would be helpful if you could provide a source since libel and twisted claims aren’t productive to any discussions.

          • LovekillerX

            I don’t remember him saying this. I just remember how some Youtubers got “leaked information” from their “reliable source.” I remember Longsensation claiming things but almost none of them was right. Not going to watch his videos this year lol.

          • Exactly. It’s just egregious to see the extent people would go to discredit a well known industry insider, based on reductive accusations, character assassinations with baseless insults despite plenty of evidence suggesting otherwise (from other games too, not just Black Ops III, which if you notice, are conveniently being ignored down below). It’s simply fallacious.

        • Guywithbrains

          People believe what they want to believe. If someone makes a brand new Disqus account and then claims it is WW2 setting people would believe it straight away.

    • Guywithbrains

      According to Neogaf users this another possible insider seems to know something about Call of Duty 2016 – of course we can’t be sure about him as much as Shinobi because I don’t know who he is. BUT IF the setting of Ghosts 2 is indeed in space then I am really worried.

      But I am keeping my hopes up for now. Most likely (and hopefully) it is false leak.

  • Ak74u

    I heard that there’s an new type of supply drop leaked that guarantes a DLC weapon for about 1500 cod points is that legit?

  • Legendhunter32

    I thought everyone loved the CoD Casino? Is this not the detention of fun!? I can’t wait till we get more new weapons!

  • Div1si0n

    OK now Chaos Silencer,Tmrtn, and whatever youtuber are saying that they should make alternate way on obtaining Mdcl Items.We should petition just like that one person did for a remastered Modern warefare series awhile back.

  • Guest

    now time for ali a to do a video…but of course he won’t.

  • SideStunt

    It’s silly how sometimes a rare supply drop just gives you two common items and one rare, it’s supposed to be a rare supply drop, not a common one. The supply drop system really should be more balanced, eg. every 2-5 rare supply drops you’re guaranteed a random weapon. Also get rid of the possibility to receive duplicates, that’s another way to balance the supply drops. Myself I have bought a pack of CoD Points for £15 and I did not receive a single weapon. That was my first and only purchase of CoD Points. The “get lucky” system is just plain bad.

    One more thing that’s worth mentioning is that back in Black Ops 2, Ghosts and Advanced Warfare, a DLC pack would include 5 maps AND a weapon. With the first Black Ops 3 DLC we only got the maps, and the season pass did not include any additional content, except the DLC’s. Infinity Ward alongside Sledgehammer Games did a way better and outstanding job with dropping additional content, monthly for the entire year.


    Shinobi’s comment on the next CoD:

    “Very far future.

    Space combat.

    Full on sci-fi.”

    • GinsuVictim

      As long as it has IW’s hit detection, I’m good with whatever they do.

  • lukasvee

    Cry me a river.

    It’s both hilarious and pathetic to see the people who’ve purchased and supported paid DLC all these years complaining that they’re getting shafted here.

    Hell, you PAVED THE WAY for this to happen. This is a natural progression of consumers with no self control or restraint forking over obscene amounts of money for their addiction to small bits of novelty.

    Things are looking good for this new business model.

    Get ready for the new norm of gamblewalls for content, all thanks to you.

  • Thug Turf

    CoD points would be great if this was a game that would be played for many years, but we all know how the CoD cycle works. Why spend 120+ (insert local currency) on a game that will have a life span of a year? It’s a terrible investment. To all the youtubers and people who bought ASD’s in AW, how does it feel now that AW is collecting dust and continuing to dwindle in player count as the days pass? Is your Gingerbread Exo suit and Bal Royalty worth anything now? Will your HG-40 and the money you spend on it going to worth it when CoD 2018 comes out? No. So why sucker into a practice that is rigged against you. Activision is the dealer and the dealer is always winning, no matter how one looks at it.

  • Marcus Clark

    They need to have a increased weapons drop night or do it like destiny xurd. I think it was Fridays whn he popped up, thy should do something like that in bo3 every Friday for like 1 hour have increased drops for weapons thy would make a shit ton of money and at the same time please the audiences.

  • Eurogamer have also confirmed the next CoD being set in space with their insider sources (as well as Shinobi and Jack from GAF — see my posts further below).

  • Jason_88

    Can’t wait to tell them how shit their supply drop system is !!!

  • LouCooper

    You know what I spent my money on instead of supply drops? The Division. I still play cod but every time I get a urge to put down a stupid amount of money for supply drops, I play The Division instead. Worked pretty well so far!

  • Barry Harden

    People criticized the weapons variants being available only through advanced supply drops.

    What did Activision do?


    What makes you think they will change for BO3? Do what I did and stop buying the DLC.

  • Michael Owen Caffrey

    I think itd be cool to get one supply drop with every new eopen pack that contained one weopen and one full specialist gear head and body, still sucky but its way better and would make people whant more

  • Mrblayz

    Jeez!!! All I here is a bunch of broke bitches complaining about someone spending $100 for COD points. Dude if you got it, spend it! Most of these fools that’s complaining about you spending your cash has purchased more than 1 thing in their life that other ppl considered unnecessary, dumb, or just “fuckin retarded”! Now who’s the hypocrite now? If you guys take a second and look at the bigger picture here, and you will see that all the shit that you guys are complaining about makes you all dumbasses. Because at the end of the day you all spent $100 (or close to it) for a game you’re bitching about lmfao.

  • Lionking

    I literally feel like going to the treyarch building and convinced them to give the weapons to those who bought the dlc packs or season pass .I paid $110 including the season pass and I guess that’s not enough to get dlc guns!?