Tune in for the Call of Duty World League, presented by PlayStation 4 North America Pro Division Stage 1 finals this weekend live from Burbank, CA.

The relegation event in North America region will take place on April 1st, and the Stage 1 finals will take place April 2nd through the 3rd. The prize pool for this event is $250,000.


For the relegation tournament, the bottom four teams in the Pro Division will play against one Challenge Division teams. Four Challenge Division teams qualified for this through Online Qualifiers last weekend. They will play one of the bottom four Pro Division teams. Here are the relegation schedule: 

  • Friday, April 1st:
    • 10AM PT: Dream Team vs. C9 Eclipse
    • 12:30PM PT: H2K vs. Team Liquid
    • 3PM PT: Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9
    • 5:30PM PT: Team Kaliber vs. KingPapey

The winning time of each of the match ups will secure a spot in Stage 2 of the Pro Division.


Here are the eight teams competing in the finals:

  • OpTic Gaming
  • Rise Nation
  • FaZe Clan
  • Team eLevate 
  • Team EnVyUs
  • compLexity
  • Lumionsity 
  • Team SoloMid


nabracketWeek11 (1)

Here’s the tentative schedule:

  • Saturday, April 2nd: 
    • GAME 1: 10AM PT // 1PM ET:Rise Nation vs. Luminosity
    • GAME 2: 12:30PM PT // 3:30PM ET: OpTic Gaming vs. Team SoloMid
    • GAME 3: 3PM PT // 6PM ET: Team eLevate vs. Team EnVyUs
    • GAME 4: 5:30PM PT // 8:30PM ET:FaZe Clan vs. compLexity
  • Sunday, April 3rd 
    • GAME 5: 12PM PT // 3PM ET: TBD
    • GAME 6: 2:30PM PT // 5:30PM ET: TBD
    • GRAND FINALS: 5PM PT // 8PM ET: Winner of Game 5 vs. Winner of Game 6

Broadcast Team:


All of the matches at the event will be best of seven, in a single bracket elimination.

Tune in starting April 1st on TwitchYouTube, MLG, or via the live-event viewer on PS4 in Black Ops 3 to watch all of the action live.

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  • Jake

    Can they just reveal the dlc already. I’m tired of this MLG shit.

    • Will WilFredo Mendoza

      Dude forreal. I keep checking the page every now and then for any “leaked news” or reveal about the DLC. Its gonna happen sometime this week. It will be released next week. Guaranteed.

      • Jake

        You must lead a very sad life then.

        • Will WilFredo Mendoza

          How do I have a sad life? Youre another fucking dumbass in this comment section. Unbelievable.

          • Huge wiener

            That temper

          • Will WilFredo Bendoza

            Spending every minute of every day refreshing the internets just to see if a trailer for a terrible game is out.

          • Will WilFredo Mendoza

            What a pathetic username. Uneducated uncultured swine.

          • Big johnson

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          • big johnson

            Because you are sad

        • tuby

          He is a loner

  • Don’t Be a Fazzle

    Can someone clear something up for me? With this whole activision buying out mlg and creating the cod world league format with champs at the end instead. Do they still go through all the other well known big events throughout the year separately/as part of the league/at all? (MLG Columbus, Anaheim, UMG Dallas etc etc) As they seem to be trying to grow cod esports in terms of functionality and audience but for me, I actually see less advertisement of where to watch it/when it’s on and it seems like these big events I speak of have been scrapped (for cod at least) which are the only times i watched cod esports as it’s too hard (and boring) to keep up with a league of teams playing aimlessly for almost a whole year up until champs. Where as these events allowed a lot if teams to win something over the year and straight knockout (double elimination) provide much more entertainment and are even watchable for the new/less interested viewer that could just watch the semis/finals. Overall it’s like they’ve regressed instead with this whole “restructure.”

    • ScOott

      Lol upvoted for the user name..


    Ghosts>Advanced Warfare > Black Ops 3

    I can’t wait for Cod this year…said no one ever! More futuristic BS, more supply drops and more eSport sweaties. Battlefield 5 will be a classic war game so if people aren’t too scared to play a proper FPS instead of one made for brats; come and join the fun.

    • Will WilFredo Mendoza

      Then wtf are you doing on a CoD website?

    • w

      crazy that my opinion is exactly the opposite. BO3 > AW > Ghosts

      • ccrows

        ” BO3 > AW > Ghosts ”

        ^ yup…


    Xbox one will get MW1and MW2 as pre order bonus for next CoD..backwards compatible..wheres the news on that instead of this??

    • ScOott

      I hope it’s true and if it is true, and Iw next game involves advanced movment and supply drops, I hope all backwards compatible Cods just destroy the newest Cod in player count.. Maybe they might get the message then, I’m prayng they get rid of just one of these issues..

      I will seriously cry if we have another year of wall running, triple jumping, magically going invisible shit..

      • Ak74u

        I will cry if we have another year of supply drops

        • ccrows

          Better go down to Cosco and buy a truck full of tissues. That stuff (like it or not) is gonna be here to stay…

          • Ak74u

            This is why this is most likely my last COD it was perfect when supply drops were cosmetics only. I will only but the next cod if it’s really good. In the meantime while supply drops are still there I won’t pick it up

        • J4MES

          Supply drops or some variant will be in all COD’s from now and probably be more aggressive to rope people into buying them. It’s a good revenue stream for Activision and their morals against people willing to buy them are out of the window.

      • Mr Roboto

        It’s gonna be hard to make the oldest titles popular again, given the amount of hackers on older games and the easy of access to hacking tools on XB360. 1 or 2 years ago I booted my MW3 just for the fun of it, and was utterly disappointed when a party of 4 people full of hacks were just spawn camping and not taking damage/flash/concussion and others trying to disguise they were legit, on wallhack. And the report tool in the game ? never saw anyone banned.

      • Smminco

        Sounds to me like you’re already crying. But then again, you’re a COD kid. Crying is what you do best. 🙂

        • ScOott

          I cri evri tym ;-(

      • Drank Bleach

        I think that’s the reason why Activision hasn’t let xbox one do bo1 backwards compatible yet cause the player count will definitely reduce in bo3.

    • Keshav Bhat

      That was posted by a random source that has no history of being accurate.

    • ccrows

      Even if that’s true, why bother?

      Both games are hacked pretty bad.

      Maybe remastered versions with Todd Alderman’s 4 months of work, but the hackers make the game almost unplayable… 🙁

    • J4MES

      Wont happen. Speculation from weak sources don’t usually have a song and dance made out of them. The old MW games I very much doubt will be made available as a) IW wouldn’t want to deter people from their current game with two old ones and b) IW have long since abandoned support on those games and recently they even disabled the anti-cheat on PC and that system was the final one that had developer support active.

  • LEL

    i hurd ghoosts 2 is goin to be set in the year 2177 n has flying cars n loads of supply drops to buy n there is even a mishon on mars. if true this game sounds really cool n coiuld be best call of dutey game yet.


      R.I.P English language

  • ccrows

    I was hoping that Trey would have released a DLC2 poster image by now… 🙁

  • Sentinel

    So I heard that Ghosts got an update on PS4 and youtubers are jumping on this saying that there might be a chance of finding little hints on the next COD…Black Ops 2 did this and added snapchat codes on a few maps giving little hints on BO3. It might be a possibility. Anyways, all I want it’s a boots on ground experience, the only time I want to be in the air is if they add a ninja kick mechanic lol & a modern world or plus 5 years on weapons technology. See I liked AW because they had some modern weapons mixed in but I think I had enough of this futuristic era. Many of us would agree.

  • RiP Call of Duty 2003-2012.

    If it’s going to be Ghosts 2, all i can do is LOL! If people get hyped for this and then blow money on supply drops in the process; you have absolutely no right to moan when you get burned for the fourth year in a row buy lousy developers and money-grabbers Activision. Face it; the new Infinity Ward game will be futuristic, will have supply drops and will be complete rubbish as all Cod games these days are. If you still can’t take the hints that we’ve had in the last few years that this franchise is finished; you may as well buy this trash for the rest of your life but you have no right to cry when it turns out to be crap after crap after crap.

    • ccrows

      Except that I actually like BO3, and know a lot of people that feel the same way.

      Say what you want about Ghosts and A-Dub, but IMHO BO3 is a good game… 🙂

    • lunator100hd .

      I enjoy bo3 way more than bo2, this cod have proved that advanced movement and futuristic shit can be fun and enjoyable if they are implemented right.

  • Guywithbrains

    If Shinobi can be trusted (as last time with Black Ops 3 leaks)…


    • LovekillerX

      I know I’m hoping too much but I still hope he is wrong. Well Extinction ending hinted towards space theme so I guess we are going to get yet another futuristic title. I don’t know if there is advanced movement or just boots on ground but I hope that some day we get just basic Call of Duty.

    • ScOott

      Space! Wtf!… I can see it now, boots on ground won’t be even a thing we will all be floating round trying to kill each other pfft..what are they thinking! People are going to wish they stuck with ghosts 2 lol!

      • LovekillerX

        Space Warfare confirmed!

        But more seriously I still keep hoping this isn’t true but maybe I’m just cheating myself and keeping hopes up for nothing.

        • ScOott

          Well the first I ever heard of this guy was from you and Guywithbrains and I didn’t belive, but ever since he got the wall running right in bo3 I belive him, and Its not sounding good..

          • LovekillerX

            He also knew release date for Dragon Age Inquisition expansion pack + AC Unity co-op demo and many other things so he isn’t just making things up as some people say.

          • ScOott

            Has he ever got anything wrong lol? Ever?

          • LovekillerX

            I haven’t heard him being wrong but that is just me. Of course it is possible but from my experiences he has been right.

          • ScOott

            O dear.. It might not be as bad as it sounds *fingers crossed* have to wait and see, all hope has drained for me tho..

          • Guywithbrains

            I can’t wait until official information so we know exactly what type of game we are getting. If Shinobi has never been wrong before (doubt that) now would be a perfect time to be wrong about Call of Duty 2016.

            But don’t lose all your hope just yet…

      • ccrows

        Scottie, what was the name of the WWII shooter that you mentioned a while back?

        If this Space combat is true, then I’ll definitely need to give that WWII game a serious look at again (and even bookmark the page too)… 🙁

        • It’s Battalion 1944. If it’s Ghosts 2 or those leaks then I’m skipping this year and getting BF5 and getting Battalion 1944. Finally a developer giving the fans what they want. A WW2 shooter and not another futuristic game for the 5,000th time in a row.

          Futuristic games are way more overdone than WW2 games back in the day

          • ccrows

            Actually I found it. It’s called ” Days of War ” which seems to play a little bit more like COD.

            Either way we should hopefully have 2 WWII shooters to choose from in 2017…

          • There is another one? Oh, I wasn’t even aware there was another one. I need to look into that

          • ccrows

            Yeah check it out on YT. It’s been in dev for 2 years now.

            Hopefully one of those 2 games will work out, because while I really like BO3, I’m getting burned out with future warfare type games… 🙁

          • Yeah, I agree. I really hope one of those games do good next year and I’m right with you there, I absolutely love Black Ops 3. I think it’s overall a great game, probably in my top 5, but I’m sick of future games. So played out

      • RobMelchor

        I hope this is not true. It will be like playing AW on steroids! xs

    • YoungMurf

      Activision stated that Infinity Wards 2016 would be ‘ambitious’ and this leak of information (if proved to be legit) falls under the category of ‘ambitious’.

      Man I hope for the sake of CoD this happens to be fake cause a lot of people will be pissed.

    • Ak74u

      As long as there is no boost jumping I’d give it a try

  • RobMelchor

    Seems like nobody cares about the World League hahaha, it turned to a Leaked COD 2016 post xD

    • lunator100hd .

      What do you expect? The mlg faggits are like 1% of the community.