Activision has announced a free trial for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Awakening DLC pack is coming to PS4 this weekend. Starting Friday, April 1st at 10AM PT, all PlayStation 4 players can play Awakening’s four multiplayer maps and the Der Eisendrache Zombies map. The free trial will end on April 4th at 10AM PT.

If you’ve already updated your PS4 to the latest Black Ops 3 update, when the free trial starts, you can just go to Zombies menu and find Der Eisendrache ready to play. In addition, you will be able to access the maps in the Awakening playlist or in all standard playlists. If you want to play the maps in a private matches, you will need to purchase the DLC.

Alongside this, Treyarch is activating Double XP and Double Weapon XP this weekend.

SOURCE: Activision

  • ccrows

    First… 😉

    • Kian


      • ccrows

        Nah man, actually I’m a Leo… 🙂

        • I’m a vegan

          • Will WilFredo Mendoza


      • AIDs

  • Vikerii

    How about a trial weekend of free supply drops?

    • Kian


    • “hahahahahahah… NO!” – Activision CEO

    • LovekillerX

      “Free supply drop – quarantees a hallucination camo!”

    • Luna

      Wouldn’t that mean you have to give the stuff you got in the supply drops back anyways?

      • Vikerii

        True. But being that the contents are pretty much all duplicates, i do that anyways. At least this way I don’t have to waste precious cryptos.

  • jordanxbrookes

    *Experience heavy DLC bugs for free this weekend!

    • MichiganerE

      Patch 1.01 released:
      Fixes exploit where players get guns.

    • Scott

      Titanfall changed Call of Duty , expect 2017 Call of duty to be boots on the ground as originally planned.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Lmao Titanfall did fuck all to Call of Duty. Activision changed Call of Duty.

  • TfarTn

    ScOott is bae. ❤️??

    • Bengal Tigger

      Everyone start cock blocking this guy

  • Plot twist ,CoD 2016 is actually a ww2 game, because earth is in Space

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    • CaptainSyria

      You wrote this in an earlier article and no one gave a shit.

      The best laid plans of mice & men… *sighh*

  • Ak74u

    I have an idea for a bo3 map a multiplayer map called system core or maybe just even core and it takes place in the central simulation where our multilayer characters have advanced to and in the map it could be really dynamic like the map could be constantly changing and breaking apart because we’re about to complete the simulation and the neuro interface is getting disconnected this would be cool for a last DLC idea

    • CoDforever

      nah man why would they do that they only care about competitive players

  • [EV] BLISS

    This comment killed me on youtube ?? Disclaimer: free trial for awakening is only available through supply drops

  • madshooterguy

    Awakening free trial starts april 1st…. APRIL FOOLS

  • MurkN101

    The new maps are garbage at best. The only redeeming quality is zombies. Maybe 3 or 5 people will buy the DLC after this trial, the others will just stop playing and sell the game.

  • RobMelchor

    So basically a 2XP weekend because we’ll have noob players to feast on in the Awakening maps.

  • wiseguy

    When they say all players, I wonder if they include those without PS+. Anyone know? Or is this nothing more than a simple double xp weekend for those who already bought the DLC?

  • wiseguy

    Does this mean it will be free to those without PS+ also? Or does this simply mean people who already bought the dlc just get a double XP weekend as normal? Anyone know?