Treyarch has announced that Double XP is coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The Double XP will be live in both multiplayer and zombies mode across all platforms starting Friday, April 15th at 10AM PT and ending on Monday, April 18th at 10AM PT.

This Double XP weekend is to celebrate the upcoming launch of Eclipse DLC Pack 2, which is available April 19 on PS4.

  • i want double cryptokeys only

    gg no re

  • Dickmissle

    Yay I need this for zombies because mp is done

    • TheDemonOfHate


    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      MP is so bad lol

      • MichiganerE

        Didn’t you love the multiplayer at first?

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          I don’t remember saying I loved the Multiplayer. I loathed the Multiplayer since day one. It’s fun when the matchmaking doesn’t suck. Supply Drops are the least of this game’s worries, they need to fix the TTK and stop putting everyone up against tryhards before we all have to worry about Supply Drops. How many months has the game been out and the Kuda and Gorgon are still the same? The KN is a noob weapon, and why are some of the on-disc maps garbage and boring? At least Zombies is rarely bad.

          • MichiganerE

            Really? I recall you typing that you loved the game and it’s your favorite since BO1.

          • KING WOLFE

            He sucks at it and hates it..that is all..matchmaking is fine. You win some you lose some..kuda is nothing compared to vmp or pharo..

          • Guest

            Yeah. When he mentioned “fun when matchmaking doesn’t put you against tryhards” I knew he was bad.

          • Guest

            Sounds like he loved it until he started getting raped. Only bad players complain about matchmaking putting them against tryhards. The Gorgon was nerfed like 3 months ago. Also how can someone be bad yet call anything a “noob” weapon. Next Melissa McCarthy will be calling someone fat.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            The Multiplayer? Yeah, I won’t lie, if I said it, then I said it, and it being the best since BO1 isn’t saying much, because I couldn’t stand the past 3-4 games.

          • Neymliss

            Rarely bad? Zombies ships with one map, the rest you have to pay for.
            The Gorgon got a nerf, although it didn’t need it. It’s pretty much a slow handling shieva.
            The kuda? It isn’t anything compared to the pharo.
            A noon weapon? What exactly is a noob weapon?
            The only way you will improve is by going against people who are better than you(aka tryhards).

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            I’m talking about retail AND DLC.
            When these developers nerf something, it’s negligible at best. The LMG’s melt at any range, not just the Gorgon.
            The Kuda destroys it in range and overall damage. Hell, nerf the Pharo too, if it makes the game more balanced and fun.
            A weapon that is too powerful and everyone uses.
            No, that logic only applies to new players, not the ones playing it for years. This is a casual game, it doesn’t exist to be competitive.

          • Yeezus West

            U still suck stfu what would you kbow even tryhards hate the kn/kuda/ and all those trashy rookie weapons he mentioned b4 u talk just know im a tryhard rank in the 1000’s on career LB xbox one

          • Neymliss

            And? I have a 2.5 kd and am being requested to play on teams for mlg Columbus. Rank doesn’t mean anything.

          • Guest

            “It’s fun when the matchmaking doesn’t suck. Supply Drops are the least of this game’s worries, they need to fix the TTK and stop putting everyone up against tryhards”

            So basically you suck want to beat up up players lesser than you the same way these “tryhards” beat up on you?

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Your logic is retarded, how did you get that from my comment? Yeah… Even if that were the case, CoD is a casual game. No one paid $60 to play against solid players yet have teammates with no thumbs, nor did anyone say that they wanted to play against worse players every game, you troll.

          • RocketLeagueMVP

            Retarded? Casual game has nothing to do with the skill level of the competition. Two others accused you of not being that good yet you only chose to pick on the one person and call him a troll from deducing that you might not be good. Obviously your individual skill level matters somewhat since better you are better chance you have against solid players.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            No, I called that individual a troll because of his intent, to insult me, instead of using logic. I don’t think your logic makes much sense, either. Casual online games don’t require skill, because they aren’t meant to be taken seriously, and I don’t think you understood the point; skill level should be irrelevant in a game like Call of Duty because all it is is mindless shooting, it isn’t any more sophisticated than that, so why fuck with skill in the matchmaking process? Obviously, if you’re good at the game, then you’re going to dominate, but it shouldn’t be like that all the time.

          • RocketLeagueMVP

            If they aren’t meant to be taken seriously then why are people always talking about gun balancing and putting in 5+ real world days to grind for call signs and shiny camos?

            I get no one should be taking the game super serious but clearly we all do or we wouldn’t complain about things being nerfed or rage as much as we all do. I’m not saying you’re bad either but you’re making it a point to imply the game is simply random and meant to just be mindless button mashing which reeks of a 5’2″ guy not just saying height doesn’t matter but making a point to essentially devalue height. Games should be for fun sure but some will be better than others. Movies shouldn’t be taken so seriously but we all get into Marvel vs DC debates. Watching a movie takes even less skill than being better than someone else at a videogame

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            I don’t think that there’s anything anyone could do to stop taking a game that shouldn’t be taken serious so seriously, because $60 is a lot of money to invest into a game and not have it play out like you want it to. It happens to everyone, because we’re not perfect; it moreso happens because games cost money and we want to enjoy the experience, and not have to worry about our skill levels. In my subjective point of view? Getting destroyed in a sizeable portion of the matches is not fun, at least in my book, so I’m not going to want to play against that environment all the time. I don’t think it’s about taking a casual game serious, but being forced to play in an environment that we don’t want to, to the point where we’re forced to take it seriously. I think that THAT is the issue. Nobody would take the game as serious if we weren’t forced to take it seriously by doing things like having skill as a priority.

            I personally think that it’s a tad extreme to flat out assume things, but I don’t blame you, because you weren’t given even a hint of thought-out, elaborated context, so that’s my mistake; to be honest, lobbies being completely full of bad players and getting the edge over them is a blast, yes, and it’s why we want to play this game in the first place, but like playing against experienced players, just because I don’t want to get destroyed and be ripped off of $60, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I want the game to be “easy” and have everything handed out to me, as well as wanting the lobbies being “random”. My point is, is that it’s not supposed to be ultra competitive, so why make the game not be a very pleasant experience to make us rage, if we’re just going to get destroyed? Why get better when you’ve been playing the game for years? I think that that’s what casual gaming is about; we don’t have to get better after every entry, because we can’t get better. I’ve had the same skill level I’ve had since I first started online console gaming.

          • RocketLeagueMVP

            And actually you seem to consistently make it a point that the game is casual, matchmaking matches you up against “tryhards”, Kuda and LMGs are OP and arguing that annoying quickscopers(they are annoying) are somehow game breaking. There is a fine line between subjective opinion and excuse making. My 8 year old son playing against bots in private is someone not playing seriously and just mashing buttons. When you’re on a site dedicated to COD calling folks that may be better tryhards and arguing how good or bad you are doesn’t matter then you are past the casual stage. A casual just plays a few hours a week at most and tends not not care as much how good or bad they are not just pretending it doesn’t matter. Oh well. Skill not mattering actually sounds good to me since my damn son is probably better than me sadly.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Casuals can still engage with a community and know the difference between skill levels. My point is, is that skill shouldn’t even be a factor in a game like this, and it tarnishes the experience when it’s forced upon everyone. The Black Ops 3 [team-based] experience is all about pairing us up with under-performing players who are going to go negative (which will make you go negative because you have poor teammates) against players that are going to dominate us, or we’re going to backpack our poor teammates, have the game be close (which is most of the time, and it’s silly), and still lose. It’s not about skill level at that point, where there’s not anything we can do, because the game was over before it even began. I don’t want to play in that environment, personally, it’s just flawed game design, at that point. And it makes me want to take it seriously because I know that I won’t get my $60 back, so yeah, I don’t think skill level matters, because it’s not about skill level when you’re just going to get destroyed. How does that make you improve? That’s not how I improved. I improved by having experience, not by worrying about how good I was at the game.

            Or you could humor me and just say that I suck at the game, which is what everyone does and it’s hilarious, but those guys only prove my point. It’s just my personal point of view.

  • ccrows

    Third… 🙁

    • The Sixth Sense


  • Dickmissle

    Treyarch is hitting us with that dxpenis

    • Will WilFredo Mendoza

      And you love choking on it.

      • TheDemonOfHate

        Ew, Like stop for real.

      • Dickmissle

        Not as much as you loving sitting on it

        • Will WilFredo Mendoza


      • lord

        And you like to take it in your ass and swallow the cum aftherwards bitch

        • hungryandrew

          All of you are gay!!!

          • lord

            No only your sad with you

          • lord


          • Will WilFredo Mendoza

            And who the hell are you? Why dont you go to hell, where your grandparents are at.

    • Will WilFredo Mendoza

      Why did you delete your comment? That comeback destroyed me, that I loved it. Lol

      • Dickmissle

        I didn’t and thanks for the compliment

  • Drank Bleach

    Rather double cryptokeys than xp.

    • LMAO I was wishing for a double cryptokey weekend and the one week I’m away they have it.

      • Aidan

        Same here. Made 7 cryptokeys last weekend.

      • Thug Turf

        Same, did get 30 keys though.

    • Donald Trump


    • BAMozzy69 .

      I grinded all last weekend and managed to get enough for 8-9 Supply drops. Did get my first (and only) weapon in that – the Marshal 16. Maybe in another 2-3 months I may get another one!! Certainly won’t buy CoD points EVER and never bought Advanced Supply Drops either!
      Activision are essentially losing out from my money! Had they implemented the same system as Ghosts/BO2 where I could buy a specific Camo or gear set, chances are I may have bought a few…. Will ever buy ANYTHING that has RNG – I don’t gamble!!!

      • joey

        don’t underestimate the marshall. that gun is fantastic in core and hardcore. if you’re running, it raises and fires faster than anything besides its fellow pistols, yet it is much, much more powerful than the other pistols. as long as you’re crafty enough to be within its range, it is a beastly weapon. i already have five hundred more kills with it than any other gun in the game.

      • Guest

        They may be losing your money but they are making that back tenfold by others willing to pay for maybe vs a definite.

        • BAMozzy69 .

          I know!! We just need to unite as a community and never buy CoD points – including ALL those youtubers that buy them for ‘opening’ videos, game-play, reviews, first impressions, in-depth etc etc

        • jimbabwe

          ive paid 800+$ on supply drops lol i only have the marshall the sword and the crowbar and the butterfly knife but i still got other good shit

          • Fiend

            The reason this system exist is cause of dumbfucks like you

  • Cool, I’m only level 93 in mp and level 117 in zombies

    • Neymliss

      Wow! You’re cool! I wish I could be cool and post some aspect of my stats online for no reason! I guess I’m not cool enough.

      • Where did I say that I was cool or even implied that I was?

        Dont act like a pretentious asshole for no reason because in the end, you just look like a fucking tool.

        So please go to your nearest bridge and please for the love of god, jump off of it.

        • Code Elite

          I can see where your coming from, but you make yourself look like a fucking tool by including that last sentence.

          • Dickmissle

            He must be a reptile

          • You’re*

            Don’t call me a tool when you can’t even get your and you’re right, dumbass.

            Also, I like to think I have a reason for that last sentence. You act like an asshole to me, I act like an asshole back. It’s fair 🙂

          • The Gaming Revolution

            He’s right that you just shared your stats online for no reason, kinda like the pretty girl in school saying she’s ugly so everyone can tell her that she’s pretty

          • I shared my rank, not my stats and I shared it for the purpose of just making a comment. Not to show off anything or show people that I was “cool”.

            If I wanted to show that I was cool or wanted to imply it in someway, I would have. So you morons should probably stop putting something that isn’t there and actually reading the comment before you make yourself look even more stupid like you and the two other people.

        • Neymliss

          You wrote your rank on a public forum. Nobody gives a shit about it, stop jerking yourself off

          • You clearly gave a shit enough to reply back to me twice. Seriously, how stupid can you get?

            I repeat my last sentence, please find your nearest bridge and jump off of it.

          • Neymliss

            “You and two other people clearly gave a shit enough to reply back to me. You however replied back to me twice. Seriously, how stupid can you get?”

            Nice red herring. What does this have to do with what I said? Nothing.

          • Literally everything you retard LOL

  • LEL

    How many supply drops do i have to buy before i can get dubble xp?

    • CoDforever

      How many more times will I have to see terrible supply drop jokes?

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        When Activision comes to their senses and puts weapons in their already-overpriced Season Pass. And they’re actually pretty funny.

        • CoDforever

          saying “only available in supply drops” is not funny when you spam it everywhere.

          • Dempsey935

            Why do you care if people make supply drop jokes? the system fucking sucks and they have ruined MP now, hope they dont ruin Zombies.

          • CoDforever

            its annoying and they are not funny anymore. I never said to stop protesting against supply drops though,

          • Vikerii

            Not to worry. Treyarch will be adding new supply drop jokes to the supply drops. They might be bribable too.

          • Kobrah

            Exactly, they have already wrecked MP, they don’t also have to wreck forums, YouTube comments, Twitter, etc.

  • Donald Trump

    Thanks infinity ward for the doubl xp! Im gonna grind the whole weekend so i can reach prestige 5. MT DEW AND DORITOS HERE I CUM

    • Aidan

      Are you trying to be funny, or…?

      • Bob Saget

        Yes cause Hes batman

  • There are 2XP for Xbox too right?… RIGHT?!

    • One


    • Tom

      Nope xbox can’t handle double xp the processor struggle with single

      • LMAO

      • Cookin’ by the book

        And the GPU can’t render the 2XP banner.

  • CodPlayet01

    Real cod fan?love all the double xp? Keep it coming?

    • Neymliss

      Are you also an emoticon fan? Do you love spamming them?

  • LOL the new zombies map is everywhere even on Complex videos xD

    • matt murdock

      which video?

      • About pranking their sister about a zombie apocalypse

  • Jens Ulijn

    Next is completely free for me. So Let the weekend begin 😀

  • Shadow

    I don’t even… What’s so hard about starting x2 on the DLC release, they always fuck something up…

  • LovekillerX

    Double XP is nice… if it would WORK as intended! When there is double XP active games are so laggy that it makes it almost unplayable. I was so relieved when double XP ended because I got a chance to play again. *sigh*

    • nerd

      that happens because of too many people coming online to play at the same time which fucks the servers up

  • wookie2312

    wait is this just for ps4 or both consoles and PC

    • Kobrah

      2XP is always all platforms

  • Ak74u

    No knockout mp map trailer? Or I was expecting a full trailer by now since DLC 2 comes out in a few days

  • Dempsey935

    New BRIBE supply drop is available! OMG, taunts and gestures guaranteed for 6 dollars!…. fuck logic, Activison does the opposite of what the community wants , great job!

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Wrong article bud.

      • Dempsey935

        I know bud, but trying to point out that even though the community are against supply drop system, they added a new type today, its sad.

  • Diego Diniz

    Guys..I am Prestige Master 100+ and still waiting for MVP, MX Garand etc etc etc
    Black Market SUCKS !!!

    • tuby

      I am close to 900 and still only have the mx garant. Fuck you black market

      • thebulky1cometh

        At least you have ONE of the new guns.

  • Hentai

    Anybody want to party up this weekend and pubstomp? Probably gonna try to play Nuk3town 24/7

  • Milos Marjanovic

    loving the double xp, why dont they just make it scheduled for every first or last weekend of the month all the time!!!!

  • James

    Have never known a game with so many flaws and problems, i know games in the past have had there fair share of tinkering but this one is absolutely terrible,