With the latest game settings update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, a new Supply Drop option is now available. It’s called the Taunts and Gesture Bribe, and as the name suggests, it guarantees a Taunt and Gesture with each drop.

This specific bribe costs 300 COD Points or 60 Cryptokeys and is available till in the Black Market until Thursday, April 14th at 10AM PT.

Image via @KeisersozayHTTC

  • Can’t even get it for cryptokeys? Are you kidding me? ATVI greed knows no bounds, does it?

    • ScOott

      Would u have actually wasted ur keys on this drop if it was available? I know I wouldn’t.. I don’t care if I can’t dance like some of the guys lol..

      • The Flash

        agreed, they’re all i get in rare supply drops and there garbage, i actually want a gun

      • Bengal Tigger

        I wood cuz em faget

    • Bacon

      There’s already a high chance of getting gestures in the rare supply drops.

      • ?????

        Same for me :/

    • ?????

      Pfft if you really want a taunt or gesture just open a rare supply drop xD

    • The main post LITERALLY SAYS 60 KRYPTOKEYS

      • Sal


        Hurr durr

        • Everywhere else people are saying 60 kyroptokeys too.

          • Sal


        • Basher101

          I would’ve said it if he didn’t, cause I wasn’t here asap. -.-

          • Disqus is so weird, i wish I could merge my 2 accounts, this is my main one for logging in w/ Facebook

    • ccrows

      “It costs 300 Call of Duty Points or 60 Cryptokeys and is available till Thursday, April 14th at 10AM PT.”

      Reread the last sentence in the article above…

      • Sal

        It was JUST updated. The only option was 300 CP. They JUST added the 60 CK option. Lolol.

        • ccrows

          Which was updated? (the article updated, or the game?)

          Because I just signed into the game and the 60CK option is there, and this is the first time that I opened the CI article…

          • Sal


            This was earlier today, lol.

          • ccrows

            So then BOTH the article and the game?…

          • Sal


            The article was updated because the game was updated again, lol.

          • ccrows

            Good to know. THX… 🙂

    • infinity396

      60 cryptokeys.. can you not read that or see the picture????would seem a waste though.. if it guaranteed 1 of the supply drop only weapons that might be a different story..




      • StrongSquadPebbleSwords


      • Maciej Ray Marcin Zaremba

        Especially since a Rare already guarantees that.

  • StrongSquadPebbleSwords

    They’re just MILKING IT DRY!

  • TheDemonOfHate

    Boy if you don’t quit with this mess.

  • Gamerazor247

    *throws hope for Weapon Bribe with Keys out the window*

  • ScOott

    We have fallen victim to the treyarch trolls.. We wanted a weapon supply drop they give us taunts and gestures.. Lol! Seriously who gives that much of shit to spend THREE hundred keys on a supply drop..

    • StrongSquadPebbleSwords

      I have left over 100 Cryptokeys but they ain’t gonna be kind…

      eDiT: I mean 100 Cod points lel

      • ScOott

        Can’t use them, which just makes this supply drop even worse lol.

    • I wonder if Actvision even realizes that none of their favorite YouTubers are not even buying supply drops anymore lol

    • ?????

      If they make a weapon bribe, Activision will probably do the same thing here… Dammit

    • thebulky1cometh

      I admit that I had one weak night when the new Garand came out; I’m still embarrassed by it.

      *And of course I didn’t get the Garand*

  • M

    They will never do weapons bribe because weapons are the only reason people buy cod points. If there was a sure way to get weapons nobody would buy codpoints

    • Thomas the Tankswag

      No they will, but expect it to be 2000 cryptokeys/1000 cod points.

      • M

        Then people will get the weapons they want and stop spending money on cod points. Acti needs to hold something back from the crowd so that folks have an incentive to buy cod points for supply drops.

        • Thomas the Tankswag

          Theyll do it just before a batch of new weapons are released, the hype of the last weapon batch will have died down and so the bribe will be a last chance for activision to milk money from them. Then straight after, they’ll release new weapons and everyone will be hyped for supply drops again.

  • lunator100hd .

    Pls activision make a weapon supply drop, value it at 1000 cryptos and give as a weakend to grind for them, just like zur in Destiny.

    • WhiskeyDick

      1,000 cryptokeys?! I dunno how you plan to grind those in one weekend.. I only got 250+ cryptokeys playing this weekend during double cryptokeys

      • lunator100hd .

        You can if you have saved a lot.

    • The Flash

      better still put all the weapons in the DLC packs

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Good job the ‘Taunts and Gestures’ are the most pointless addition to CoD and therefore have NO interest in this!!!

    Sooner CoD drops the CoD point BS, the better!!!

    At most, They should only charge ‘real’ money for actual ‘Cosmetic ONLY’ items – NOT RNG with a ‘chance’ to get what you want! Like BO2 and Ghosts did!!

  • Barry Keithley

    Please do NOT buy any cod points for this. 300 points for a little dance is not worth it by any means. If this was what we wanted a weapon only Drop things might be different. Thanks.

    • ?????

      Who tf would get this? xD

      • Yes, you!


        • ?????

          I may be stupid, but not THAT stupid xD

  • Activision Shareholder

    Keep moaning and buying the Supply Drops anyway you hypocrites! Gotta love the CoD community and no matter how much extortion Activision does; people still cough up the old dough regardless. GGWP!

    • StrongSquadPebbleSwords

      Your name tells me you’re trolling…. BUT you’re a funny man I love that and you! >:D

    • “Actvision Shareholder”

    • Activision Employee

      You’re right. Many people still buy points and they’ll do it no matter what.

    • Bengal Tigger

      Can I say something how much do you get payed to suck off the CEO of the company

  • Laddie

    Of course they won’t cost any cryptokeys after a double key weekend. Fantastic


    Wow this is awesome! Cant wait!


  • I dont know why Actvision just go ahead and fix this fucking broken system. Or purposely broken system.

    Seriously. I don’t like to say CoD is going to die but I really don’t want to see this series be hurt or damaged because Actvision wants a quick buck instead of giving what everybody wants. A better supply drop system, or even sell the guns. This is just ridiculous at this point.

  • Vinbat


  • MultiplayerCop

    Fuck that bullshit. Greedy motherfuckers.

  • Wut.

    • ?????

      Taunt or gesture supply drop? Do they mean Rare supply drop? xD


    What they should add is a trade market…leave everything the same if they want just allow me to trade with other players..

  • Drasadex

    lmao of course it’d be COD Points only.

    • Skrantch

      Or 60 keys

  • darren

    Let’s give everyone what they DON’T want. Weapon bribe? Fuck, no. Give them some gestures and taunts.

    • thebulky1cometh

      Weapon bribe for like 100CK would be an awesome deal; of course, I’d probably just get the switchblade a few times.

    • JoZer805g

      COD4 all the way along with MW2 and MW3. We need a remaster collection of these three games for PS4 and Xbox One.

      • lol

        mw3 sucked

    • The Flash

      its sad that this is true, man i miss the prime BO1 days

  • Sal

    These ‘Bribes’ are just more specific rare supply drops. They should be 40 CKs not 60.

    30(Rare)+10(The Bribe/Theme)=40 CKs

  • Too much.

    *Uninstalls BO3*

    Ghosts anyone?

    • Advanced Warfare anyone?

      • thebulky1cometh

        Never tried it because I was depressed after Ghosts.

    • thebulky1cometh

      Sold it cuz it broke my PS4.

  • Cryptokey

    300 keys and I get 2 max per game. Somebody knows how long it would take for me to open one?

    • Skrantch

      300 points or 60 keys

  • Joe Handsome

    I have a higher chance of finding a new weapon off a dead enemy then getting it from the black market supply drops just saiyan.

    • Skrantch

      But you can’t find taunts and gestures off enemies lol

      • Joe Handsome

        Tbh I don’t see the point in taunts and gestures its useless to me.

  • Diego Diniz

    MW2 retro and we are fine!

  • spaceace41 .

    This stuff is getting old. I hope Kotick and Hirshberg bought lots of real life yaughts and cars with all the money they made of off this. I think BF5 is getting my money this fall. Especially if MW remasters are pre order only or are ridiculously over priced.

  • Game of Phones

    I think double cryptokeys weekend should be the standard key rate.

  • Sentinel

    Again, they make this available right after double cryptokeys has expired. They know how to fuck with people smh

  • n3s4l1f3

    bo2 my first cod game, then i waited for bo3 and that´s it, this is gonna be the last cod game i´ll buy, now waiting for battlefield 5.

  • Samicidal

    I will die if they have ” Guaranteed Rare Emblem or Paints hop Material” as the next bribe.

  • Thug Turf

    Why would anybody spend4 hours worth of cryptokeys on something that is always almost guaranteed in a rare supply drop? That’s dumb. Quit stalling and allow us to get the DLC guns already ATVI

  • JoZer805g

    I remember back in the old days, we used to complete challenges to unlock content, now it’s gamble for more content. At least most games like Battlefield and Battlefront have assignments to unlock content like weapons, etc. Bring back the old days.

  • Tay

    It should be bribe for a weapon

  • Code Elite

    60 cryptokeys for shit.