Following the events of Der Eisendrache, the Origins heroes find themselves stranded on a remote Pacific island, home to a secret biological research lab experimenting with Element 115. Players will face new terrifying enemies, devastating traps, and classic Zombies side quests to enhance the Origins narrative.

  • Thomas the Tankswag


  • Timthegeneral


  • Mr awesome


  • LovekillerX

    Oh my god that was intense! All those traps were so cool. But those spiders… biggest NOPE ever!

    • StrongSquadPebbleSwords

      The spiders are called “Thrashers”

      • LovekillerX

        I’m having goosebumps when looking those spiders. Yuck! But luckily I got my weapons to shoot them. Did I see HG40 and Marshal dual wield?

        • StrongSquadPebbleSwords


        • Who Am I To Judge?

          There was also the MX Garand at one point, I’ll find a time stamp.
          At 0:30

        • Who Am I To Judge?

          There was also the MX Garand at one point, I’ll find a time stamp.
          At 0:31

    • Those are the first things I’m shooting at without hesitation! I’m not letting those damn things even look at me!

  • StrongSquadPebbleSwords


  • Now we have to deal with spider bullshit now.

    • I’ve forgotten.. again!

      I think you’ll find that’s spider shit.
      *No bulls included

      Map looks awesome!

  • JDahn

    It looks awesome but the biggest complain I have is that in BO3 Zombies we don’t have old weapons. All the futuristic weapons are boring and crap. At least they put the MP-40. That’s a start. But considering that BO2 had 2-3 new weapons in every zombies map….

    • StrongSquadPebbleSwords

      tru m8…

    • Batman

      Exactly, someone finally said it, hopefully they will add these weapons on previous maps

    • And how many times do they need to bring back the MP40 or the Thompson or the STG44?

      The only weapon that they should bring back for a throw back at this point is the PPSH41 or even the Commando.

  • Gamerazor247

    So, are the HG40 and Marshal mod-able or what? I’d like to have Red Hex Camo on the Marshal, plz… No? K ‘den

    • I also saw the MX Garand in the trailer, held by Nikolai at 0:30!

      • Steve

        Maybe this is a hint that well be all getting these weapons

        • Timthegeneral


        • Batman

          The razorback was on der eisendrache trailer
          The XR 2 was on the wall at a pre release image
          The AK 47 was in the exo zombies dlc 4 menu
          And we never got to use those weapons in game.
          Hopefully we get an update that takes out the shieva of the mystery box and replace it with the garand + remove the vmp from the box and add the HG 40 ON ALL MAPS

          • HG40 on all maps…hmmm reminded me of a thought I had back in Black Ops 2 zombies with the AN-94 being in all maps but they never did it. It’s a shame it was only in two maps.

    • Drasadex

      That would be really awesome if they were

    • Batman

      The MX Garand has a red dot, so yes

  • LOL It’s Groot.

    • Tramaine Tevis

      Since you mentioned that, that’s what i’m going to call him. Groot

    • jesse koring

      i call him shrek bacause it’s a swamp

  • At 1:14 there is a new spawn powerup

    • StrongSquadPebbleSwords

      Its an item also my theory is that you go to a big ass pod and put this in it to get powerups!

    • Maybe a replacement for the Tram Fuse

      • StrongSquadPebbleSwords

        What I had on my mind.

  • uchydhvbh

    And i thought that Der Eisendrache was the best map ever… I WAS SO WRONG!!

  • lotterry

    Map looks a little less frivolous from what I can tell. Im sick of maps that take for ever to set up and I liked them ok to begin with

  • MichiganerE

    This is giving me nostalgia of WaW.

  • StrongSquadPebbleSwords

    “Thrashers are enemies that appear in Call of Duty: Black Ops III on the Zombies map Zetsubou No Shima. They are spider-like creatures that are able to shoot spores that paralyze the player, have their own close up attack, may go in a “berserk” mode and will have their own unique animation when they kill the player where they eat them.”

  • RobMelchor

    I can’t wait to see the MP Eclipse trailer, Zombie mode is not my thing.

  • n3s4l1f3

    when are we gonna get a rainy zombies or mp map like hard rain from L4D2, that would be so cool!

    • w

      it rains in shadows of evil, but i get what you mean, the mood created in hard rain because of the rain was great

      • n3s4l1f3

        yeah you’re right, in shadows of evil rains like light showers, well let’s play bo3 coz’ i bought the season pass with the pre order of the game, so bring on the zombies!

  • Aidan

    Nice 🙂

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    You bought a silly Season Pass? HA! No weapons for you!

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Looks damn cool – can’t wait!!! More excited for Zombies than the new Maps!!

  • Dempsey935

    Marshall 16, MX-Garand and HG-40 confirmed!

  • a6

    We have only one ( der eisendrache) in swiss store but no other zombi or skyjaket

  • Dunkey

    Shrek wants everybody the fuck out of his swamp.