It’s an end of an era. Microsoft’s Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, announced today that the company has stopped manufactoring new Xbox 360 consoles. The Xbox 360 launched in 2005, and Call of Duty has a rich history on the platform. Xbox 360 was the best selling console of the last-generation, and Call of Duty played an integral part. 

In fact, Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty 2 was a launch title for the Xbox 360 in 2005, and since then, every single Call of Duty title has been released on Xbox 360. 

Activision and Xbox even entered a partnership from Modern Warfare 2 through Advanced Warfare for DLC add ons available for on Xbox Live platforms. For Modern Warfare 3 through Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty eSports was also played on Xbox 360, switching over to Xbox One in latter titles, for the Call of Duty Championship.

While they’ve stopped manufacturing the console, Microsoft has reassured that the Xbox Live service for Xbox 360 will continue to be online for years too come, as backwards compatibility will extend the service. 

Xbox 360s will still be on sale, but once current inventory is sold out, there will not be anymore available. 

SOURCE: Microsoft 

  • Took them long enough

  • Will WilFredo Mendoza

    Ill forever keep mine, even though I moved on to PS4. Will have good memories.

  • R.I.P Xbox 360

  • Michael Romo

    This matters why

  • Joe Handsome

    Soon after Playstation will follow

  • Guywithbrains

    This is sad news because Playstation 3 might suffer the same fate soon. I had one of the best gaming experiences ever with my Playstation 3 when I got my first hands-on with Call of Duty series. I was so hooked to Call of Duty 4 although it wasn’t it’s golden time anymore. Since then I have bought every Call of Duty game except World at War and original Black Ops. Sadly current gen is filled with future themed first person shooters (they are good but I would like to have Call of Duty game on Modern Warfare series level).

    • Aceshigh87

      Just because the consoles WERE good and WERE loved doesn’t mean they should still be manufactured today. Anyone who’s buying a console won’t have the nostalgia for those old games and anyone who has the nostalgia already owns them. No reason to keep pumping out 360’s and PS3’s when they can focus on current gen.

      It’s the end of an era but it’s not sad. It’s not as if old consoles will suddenly stop working, you just won’t be able to replace them anymore.

      • Guest

        Thing is you will. You could get a used SNES online at this point. If anything might be a good idea to buy a couple used PS3/360 now and then sell it to teens tryna be retro in like 10 years lol.

    • KeeperNog

      Playstation 3 was discontinued last year in a few countries already. It’s only a matter of time.

  • Heyyyy, that’s pretty good

    It’s time to let the 7th gen die in peace.

  • ScOott

    They must of ran out of morons to sell it to at this stage.. Any one who purchased a brand new 360 while the new gen consoles are out is a donkey.. At least get it pre owned, that’s what I would do if I wanted one..

    • jordanxbrookes

      Exactly, I got myself a second hand one with 250GB storage for £50 at CEX. RIP to those morons who paid full price lol.

    • LOL a donkey

    • Ak74u

      Yeah it’s been 3 years since the release of new consoles and people still play on last gen it’s time to move on to current technology if someone can’t afford it by now they must be in a really tough financial situation it’s easy to save up money if you work at least $20 a week

      • TheDemonOfHate

        & then some of the players complain about the games they release.

      • Nour Hassoun

        With all fairness, last gen games are way better. Before the BC program expands exponentially, there are still a billion reasons to use last gen.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Xbox 360 is still a better console than Xbox One though.

    • Liam Luz


    • ScOott

      😮 why u say this?

      • The Xbox 360 will forever be the best video game console (at least for cod) that was ever produced. Both the PS4 and Xbox one are just meh, with the PS4 being less mehish (yes, I said mehish). The main reason they stand out is because of their new hardware and the games that are being released for it. The Xbox 360 was near flawless with one of it’s only issues being the RROD. It was the console cod evolved around before getting all shitty. The PS3 and PC were just ATVI’s side bitch for getting some spare cash while increasing the player bases. The 360 was where everything was at. It will be forever missed, it’s the console I grew up on (besides the original Xbox and N64 :P).

        • DEMOLITION12


        • Adam Nitkin

          PS2 will always be the greatest console ever. Sold nearly double the next highest and Japan didn’t even stop making games for it until 2013.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            So many good consoles, the 360 doesn’t even come close.

          • Guest

            I think we’ve spotted the fanboy amongst us. Geez. Maybe you can have a 3some with your PS3 and PS4?

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Only fanboys get uptight when I tell the truth about their wittle console. I don’t see you pointing other fingers at those saying that the 360 was better at PS3 and calling them fanboys. It’s adorable that you attack me with retarded reasoning, though. Keep going.

        • ScOott

          Xbox 360 has the best CoDs fo sho! I personally don’t think that makes it the better console tho.. When u buy the next CoD (if it’s good) would u buy it on the one or the 360.. When u buy a new aaa game u don’t think damn I wish this was on 360 do u?

          If xbox got the old Cods backwards compatible it would be the ultimate xbox.. So many 360 consoles would never be touched again..

          While it will always remain a great console and one I’d still play to this day if I had one, I wouldn’t say it was better than the one…

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            The original Xbox and Xbox 360 destroy the Xbox One, especially where games are concerned.

          • ScOott

            I disagree, u have to search through so much crap to find a decent 360 game.. Any game that’s made it on to disk with the exception of a handful on the xbox one games, are pretty decent, u can’t say the same about the 360.. The rising costs of games on the new gen consoles has made it so games have to be of the highest standard..

            Quantity doesn’t equal quality, and if u attempted to go back and play some of the great xbox 360 games u would question why they were so great to start with now that we have moved on..

            An example My memories of the first ever Tomb raider or resident evil would be completely ruined if I went back and played it at this stage on the original consoles..

            They were the best consoles at the time, and I’m Greatful I got to experience them but to even compare them to a newer console and say they are better is something I belive u can’t do…

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            What? Xbox One AAA exclusives are mediocre, especially in comparison to the 360’s, and the original Xbox. The 360 didn’t have a whole lot of exclusives besides Halo, Gears of War, and Forza (just like the One), but neither does the Xbone. At least the 360 had games like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. In regards to the original Xbox, the other 2 consoles can’t compete; it was a gold mine of exclusives in comparison. Now THAT is a great console.

            And when you play an Xbox One game, you appreciate the older titles, because they had so much more charm to them. All the Xbone has is budget over them, so maybe the One’s games have the *production* budget over the older consoles, but in terms of gameplay and such? I don’t retract what I’ve said, in that regard. I think the original Xbox games were Xbox’s best.

          • ScOott

            Ur just counting exclusives? No one buys into next gen just to play exclusives what about all of the multi plats that are on ps4 and xbox one.. By calling the xbox one mediocre ur also saying the ps4 isn’t as good as the 360 and the original xbox which is crazy..

            U play an original xbox and tell me how the gameplay is then play something on ur ps4.. Lol come on Brady…

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            What? Exclusives are what make consoles, err… consoles, so you’re not making any sense. I don’t mention multiplats because the PS4 beat the Xbox One in multiplats before the console even launched… In terms of 2016, the PS4 is going to increase its momentum in exclusives, and it’s slowly starting to improve more and more often. My problem with Xbox since the mid-late 360 era is the fact that there are always the same 3 annual IP’s (Halo, Gears, Forza, rinse and repeat), but the reason why I prefer PlayStation so much more is because there are far more in-house studios and other unique exclusives that make the consoles so great, and dominant. The PS4 isn’t quite as good as the 6th generation, and I don’t know what it takes for the PS4 to be “as good as the 360”. It has many of the features that 360 did, and if the PS4 keeps its momentum, then it’ll destroy it in exclusives. And PS4 games are the same as the Xbox One? Again, you’re making absolutely no sense, you’re not even providing reasoning.

            You want to know what 6th generation games have over games today? Charm/heart, because it was an entirely different era back then. “Just because u don’t enjoy the exclusives doesn’t make the xbox one worse than the original xbox or 360..” Then what would be more convincing? Because it sure isn’t an improvement. The original Xbox is up there as a console that has the most exclusives ever, alongside the PS2, so yes, it is fair to say that the original Xbox is “better”, because times were completely different back then.

          • ScOott

            U don’t mention multi plats because ps4 beats the xbox one, that makes no sense.. I don’t understand how u can think old gen beats new gen.. If that’s the case sell ur ps4 and get a 360 and an xbox. But ur not going to do that because ur ps4 is better!

            U have good memories from older consoles which is great.. But to confuse that with it being a better console is insane…

            Some of my best games of all time, Consist of Crash bandicoot, Mario kart on the super Nintendo.. Die hard on the ps1… Golden eye on the Nintendo 64.. Just because these games are some of my favorites doesn’t mean the console should be classed as “better” than the new consoles.. It makes no sense to me to make such a statement…

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Yeah, I don’t mention multiplats because I thought that everyone knew it for a fact and it didn’t need to be acknowledged, and I also define consoles by their exclusives, because they’re the things that make consoles unique. Your logic about selling my PS4 makes no sense; the old gen is better because the games were better and the industry was better. Compare the Battlefront reboot and Battlefront II in content and scope; all the reboot has is graphics, and the older titles destroy it in gameplay as far as fluidity goes. I keep my PS4 because there are games that ARE unique like Bloodborne (Despite its Souls similarities), and there WILL be games that will MAKE it unique, i.e. games like Horizon: Zero Dawn, just to name a couple of examples. Since Quantum Break was overhyped like The Order: 1886, will ReCore and Scalebound be the ones that make the Xbox One unique? I can tell you that it’s a start, if there were more new IP’s than copy and pasted ones, then it would be a helluva lot better.

            It’s not very outlandish, because it’s logical to say that retro consoles are better than modern consoles because of their games and what they had on the industry back when they were all in their primes. In regards to features, sure, but games had more going for them during the retro era. Nowadays, games are extremely expensive, so we aren’t getting a whole lot of bang for our buck for $60, and the resources are put more towards into graphics than making the games fun and exciting. Retro games are, essentially better, but no one’s saying that games these days aren’t good, now THAT would have been outlandish.

            Those games have way more charm than games now; look at their sequels. Hence my point. With the inclusion of DLC, the industry these days has gone downhill, and we keep our retro consoles in order to go back to an era where it was completely about fun and not about nickel and diming the consumer. They just have more charm going for them. I seriously think that you’re the only person who prefers this generation of games over previous ones.

          • ScOott

            I’m going to make this real simple….

            U name ur top 5 or 10 games which ever u like for the consoles that u are saying are so great, with brief explanation of why they are better than current gen consoles…

            If I haven’t heard of them, il YouTube them and see what ur talking about…

            And after u done that il make the same list just with current gen games..

            I’d love to see these games that have so much “charm” what does that even mean? It sounds like a bad case of nostalgia to me..

          • Granted I’m only comparing 2-3 years worth of games to 10+

            There are so many. Can I name 20?


          • ScOott

            Lol why are u saying xbot? I’m talking about all current gen consoles.. And I assume ur talking about all last gen.. List as many as u want..

          • ccrows

            “The original Xbox”


          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Yes, the original Xbox. Xbox One exclusives in comparison. It’s not outlandish to say that, because the original Xbox was Xbox’s prime, and the 360 didn’t have a whole lot of exclusives like the One, so I don’t think that was Xbox’ prime.

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          The PS4 is slowly starting to become the PS2, and I hope that it gets better and better so that gamers become more impressed with it.

        • ccrows

          “Both the PS4 and Xbox one are just meh, with the PS4 being less mehish”

          Are you still gonna feel that way about the XB1 if it eventually gets OG BO, COD4, and MW2 though?…

          • Meh, it’s not the same for me. It’s just how I feel.

          • ccrows

            Serious question, how would it not be the same?…

          • It’s just the interface for me. I don’t really like the next gen OSs, and that’s why I’ve become a PC gamer. It’s just my opinion, so feel how you want. I’ll probably be getting the next cod titles only on PC. I’ve lost most of my interest for console gaming in general. 😐

        • RobMelchor

          SNES was the best console ever xD Super Contra was COD back in the days xD

      • jordanxbrookes

        Because it’s true lol. Don’t get me wrong I like my Xbox One, but the 360 is still superior (except for graphics ofc).

        • ScOott

          Hmm lol .. I don’t see it my self.. The only time I belive an old console beats a new console is the super Nintendo.. That destroys all of what Nintendo has done in recent years..

    • lunator100hd .


  • TheDemonOfHate

    Next is Nintendo

    • Ak74u

      I thought that already happened since its release

  • Ak74u

    Sony fan boys are like ps4 all the way. I love ps4 but you have to agree xbox won last generation console wars the 360 was amazing and stunning when I first got it definitely better than ps3 I hate how many people bash on the xbox and xbox one because it has many great unique qualities. The 360 for a fact looked better than ps3 graphics and did everything, man it was a dream when I first got my xbox. I’m not trying to start a console war but as much as I love playstation, xbox will go in history for one of the best gaming consoles ever in my books. So playstation players please keep it clean and have mad respect for xbox and the 360. I started with playstation then got xbox when the 360 came out. Still with xbox with xbox one but Im also getting ps4 just waiting for the neo/4.5/ 4k, whatever it will be called

    • I’ve never had an xbox and I can agree that the 360 was better than the PS3, the only reason I bought the ps3 was because all my school friends had it, and then with next gen I just bought the ps4 so i can transfer my stats from Ghosts to next gen. The 360 will be one of the best consoles, but the PS2 has the best console of all time, for the time when it came out it was just wiping everything. If you’re interested watch this.

      • Ak74u

        Seen this video already and yeah PlayStation has also greatly evolved the ps4 is a big improvement over the PS3 I love PlayStation mostly for their exclusive games an all time personal favorite of mine is ape escape (ps1) spyro and R&C. The nostalgia of these games are so good. And that PlayStation 1 sound was perfection

        • I had a ps2 when I was a kid and I had no idea how to use it and the only game i had was Madagascar and I would just run around because I didnt know how to play

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        The PS3 destroyed the 360 in exclusives, and the main thing the 360 had over the PS3 were Xbox Live and social features like party chat. That’s pretty much it.

    • Dickmissle

      I can’t even go back to my 360 controller after using my ps4 I mean it’s so damn heavy compared to the ps4 controller

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      The PS3 decimated the 360 in exclusives. The 360 had better social features like party chat and even though online was $60 per year, Xbox Live was still good during that time. PS3 had everything else like features that aren’t about gaming, and Plus pre-Gold. And the PS3 won as far as sales are concerned.

  • RobMelchor

    Time for Sony to do the same with the PS2.

    • Cookin’ by the book

      That was discontinued in December of 2012…?

      • RobMelchor

        LOL, my bad. I meant the PS3!

  • Ak74u

    There should be an article on how they’re making new Xbox ones. News says they have been working on some kind of new Xbox model as there has been documents for some kind of new chip and a new FCC code that they have been testing on. Some news sites say it could be an Xbox slim with improved hardware or an Xbox 1.5

  • ToonToons22

    The Xbox 360 was and still is one of my favorite game systems ever. It was available for a long time and had a very large assortment of games. But its time has come, and it must be retired. It will be remembered as the best system to play Call of Duty on for so many years.

  • Pretty much confirms that the next COD will be only on X1/PS4?

    • Riskninja

      I think we could assume that before considering the quality on BO3 on last-gen
      BUT, I see your point, this is A₵TIVI$ION we’re talking about after all.

      • Keshav Bhat

        It’s not just about money either though. Black Ops 2 has an insanely high monthly active users: last time they said it was 11 million. So, seeing how many folks are still on last-gen, it influences their decision too.

        • Biobooster77

          You think maybe because players are so fed up with the way AVTI are money orientated on BO3 with supply drops and only getting crap from them, no new guns for SP holders, the 10 specialist “might” be in the supply drops, players are going back to BO2 cause they know they won’t get any if this crap.

          You said it yourself Keshav 11 Million play BO2, when I play BO3 standard playlist is about 56% of players are playing this mode and on the DLC 1 its about 11% that there just says it all about who is playing what game & modes

          • Guest

            So at first last gen people were cheap losers but since Activision has gone full Activision now we are saying people are still on last gen as a way to stick it to the man? Hilarious

          • Biobooster77

            What….?? I have a 360 and an xbox one and I still play both, whats your point, did you misread something? so “Guest” you wanna waste your money on supply drops and get nothing?

            I’m pointing out BO2 is still popular on “OLD GEN” because of what Activision are doing, its human nature for people to revert back to what they know and love (BO2 on last gen) whats has this got anything to do with calling ppl that still play xbox 360 cheap losers??

          • Shut your stupid fucking troll mouth up you fucking cunt.

        • ScOott

          Yh that classic cod with boots on ground, with no supply drops, I wonder why 11 million people are still playing that hmm strange.. instead of letting it influence their decision they should be making a game worth leaving the 360 because if all I played was CoD I don’t think I would of upgraded yet.. . I’m pretty sure that number would drastically decline if cod wasn’t trying to change so much…

  • Where the cod 2k16 leaks at tho

  • Drank Bleach

    R.I.P Xbox 360 but it definitely wasn’t the best selling console for last generation, the Wii and the ps3 outsold the xbox 360, but nonetheless had great gaming on the 360.

  • Aidan

    R.I.P The greatest console of all time.

  • Dickmissle

    GameCube master race

  • Its going to be a sad day when the servers get shut down for 360. Hopefully it won’t happen for a long, long while.

    • Smayo

      It won’t, otherwise the backwards compatibility feature on the xbox one would stop working as well

  • yer da’s a cow

    anyone buying a brand new 360 is either in need of a mental hospital or has escapes from a mental hospital.2nd hand one then maybe ok but dont buy a brand new one. more trouble than what theyre worth