A new patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is now live on Xbox One and PC. This update went live on April 18 on PS4. The version number is 1.09.

Patch Notes: 



  • Arena Season Vet Vanquisher Calling Cards should now properly unlock after meeting the required win total.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Rank 1” Calling Card was being awarded again in the After-Action Report after winning an Arena match, despite the user already having the card.
  • Earned Prestige Calling Cards now properly display within the Calling Cards menu.

General Gameplay

  • Resolved issue where grey boxes were appearing in place of the NX ShadowClaw.
  • Addressed exploit where Players were able to gain extra momentum at end of a slide.
  • Added pre-match “Waiting for Players” message when Pre-Match settings are altered in Custom Games.
  • Fixed issue where the HG 40 would appear as a large grey box if Players first entered a Zombies or Campaign game, and then went into Multiplayer.
  • NX Shadowclaw bolts will no longer remain on the map if the Player is killed by explosive-based Scorestreaks.
  • Players will no longer hear the whiz-by sound effect for NX Shadowclaw bolts throughout the map. This will only occur for Players near the bolt.
  • Time window to obtain “Tag and Bag” Medals has been extended, and the Medals are now properly rewarded at the end of the Vision Pulse range.
  • Fixed an error where double Winner’s Circles would appear if the top-scoring Player would quit the match just after the Host ended the game.
  • Fixed issues with the BlackCell projectile not properly impacting UAV’s.
  • Repeatable reload sounds are no longer heard when the NX Shadowclaw bolts hit surfaces near enemy Players.
  • Resolved an issue where spawn trap logic was not being enabled in 2nd and 4th rounds of gameplay.
  • Additional improvements to bot path selection and correction when becoming stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where certain weapons could be fired faster than their intended fire rate.

Black Market

  • Fixed issue where the wrong portrait image was appearing for Battery’s MMA Specialist Theme.
  • Fixed an exploit where Players were able to obtain more Cryptokeys than intended by manipulating game lobbies.


  • Ante-Up
    • Increased starting Scorestreak amount from 100 to 150.


  • General
    • Reduced Specialist earn rate in the Hardpoint Gametype.
  • Reaper
    • Reduced accuracy when firing un-zoomed.
    • Reduced ammo count from 120 to 100.
  • Outrider
    • Increased First Raise speed.
    • Increased ADS speed.
    • Increased sprint recovery speed.
    • Increased ammo count from 8 to 10.
  • Spectre
    • Reduced leftover Power when Spectre is killed while Ripper is Active.
  • Ruin
    • Increased Overdrive earn rate.
  • Nomad
    • Increased Rejack earn rate.
  • Reaper
    • Increased Psychosis earn rate.
  • Firebreak
    • Reduced Heat Wave earn rate.
  • Battery
    • Reduced Kinetic Armor earn rate


  • Submachine Guns
    • Kuda
      • Reduced 1-hit kill range in Hardcore Mode.
      • Laser Sight bonus more aligned with bonus received on other SMGs.
      • Reduced ADS movement, but no longer lose speed while firing.
    • VMP
      • Reduced ADS movement, but no longer lose speed while firing.
    • Weevil
      • Removed speed reduction while firing.
      • Increased ADS speed.
      • Increased sprint recovery speed.
      • Increased 5-hit kill range.
    • Vesper
      • Removed speed reduction while firing.
      • Increased ADS speed.
      • Increased sprint recovery speed.
      • Increased ability to control recoil.
    • Pharo
      • Removed speed reduction while firing.
      • Increased ADS speed.
    • Razorback
      • Removed speed reduction while firing.
      • Increased 4-hit kill range.
      • Reduced 1-hit kill range in Hardcore Mode.
    • HG-40
      • Increased 3-hit kill damage range.
  • Assault Rifles
    • HVK-30
      • Increased sprint recovery speed.
      • Increased aim stability.
      • Increased recoil stability.
    • ICR-1
      • Increased recoil stability.
    • Sheiva
      • Increased ADS Speed.
      • Increased flinch stability.
      • Rapid Fire now functions properly.
    • MX Garand
      • Increased fire rate, now performs better with Rapid Fire.
  • Shotguns
    • KRM-262
      • Increased 1-hit kill range potential.
    • Haymayker-12
      • Increased 3-hit kill range.
    • Argus
      • Increased 1-hit kill range potential when hip-firing.
  • Light Machine Guns
    • BRM
      • Increased ADS out speed.
      • Increased recoil stability.
    • Dingo
      • Increased tightness of bullet spread while ADS.
      • Increased hip-fire accuracy.
    • Gorgon
      • Increased ADS out speed.
      • Increased recoil stability.
      • Increased damage through light cover.
    • 48 Dredge
      • Increased Fire Rate.
      • Increased ADS out speed.


  • Laser Sight
    • Increased the accuracy bonus received from Laser Sight.
  • Recon
    • Increased recoil stability.
  • BOA
    • Increased recoil stability.
  • Thermal
    • Increased recoil stability.
  • Ballistics CPU
    • Increased recoil stability.


  • Rolling Thunder
    • Increased drone count.
    • Increased entry speed.
  • R.A.P.S. Deploy Ship
    • Increased drone count per drop.
  • R.A.P.S. Drones
    • Increased movement speed of drones.


  • Nuk3town
    • Added additional spawn logic to mitigate spawn trapping.
  • Infection
    • Closed up a line of sight through the wood pile outside of the barn.
    • Fixed an issue where players could reach outside of the intended playspace.

Game Modes

  • Hardcore
    • In Hardcore game modes, fixed an issue where the owner of a Care Package would be killed if a teammate stood under it during the first 15 seconds of a round.
  • Hardpoint
    • Adjusted positioning of objective markers inside of the Hardpoint zone to be more centralized.
  • Uplink
    • Improved the ability to pick up a dropped Satellite Drone.


  • The challenge, “Hundred Percenter”, now properly appears when completing all of the Multiplayer challenges listed under Operations.
  • Increased window of time to earn the “Tag and Bag” medal.
  • Fixing an issue where players could earn the “Heat Stroke” medal when killing an enemy stunned by a teammate.



  • Blocked an exploit that allowed the players to use the Death Machine indefinitely.
  • Resolved an exploit allowing players to access unintended areas.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during a host migration while reviving teammates.
  • Fixed an exploit where players would be able to keep their perks after being revived.
  • Resolved an error that occurs when Prestiging in Zombies.
  • Addressed a bug where the Rocket Shield icon wouldn’t disappear after being destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug relating to certain attachments not working correctly with upgraded weapons.
  • Addressed stability issues regarding cross-mode play in split screen.

Shadows of Evil

  • Addressed an issue where players would rarely be killed while riding the train.
  • Fixed several bugs with the Undead Man Walking GobbleGum.

Der Eisendrache

  • Balance improvements for the Kreegakaleet lu Gosata’ahm and Kreeaho’ahm nal Ahmhogaroc bows.
  • Addressed a number of exploits that allow extended use of the Ragnarok DG-4.
  • Resolved a bug where the Ragnarok DG-4 would be put away before expiration.
  • Addressed a variety of exploits where Players were able to exit the playable area.
  • Fixed an issue where skulls would not appear after being collected during the bow upgrade quest.


  • Fixed bug where COA’d enemy could persist past round exit and possibly kill player while screen was faded out.
  • Fixed bug where scoreboard on subsequent Redins Rally play through was not completely cleared out.
  • Increased weighting for karma points to determine winner in ROJ event.
  • Fixed bug where a player in last stand could pick items up.
  • Fixed bug where score multiplier got out of sync with multiplier increment bar on players fated with Fortune or Fortitude.
  • Added new reoccurring challenge, Eight before Fate.
  • Round no longer expires if a boss is still alive.
  • Added animations to the Siege Chicken.

SOURCE: Activision Support: Xbox One

  • jordanxbrookes

    Furst and goodbye.

  • Thomas the Tankswag

    New weapons coming real soon.

    • Will WilFredo Mendoza

      Along with never seeing them.

      • Thomas the Tankswag

        I have 3000 cryptokeys saved up, so hopefully I’ll get Atleast 1 weapon. Bored of the wrench now as ive had it since it was released.

        • ScOott

          Ur going to need alot more than that lol.. U might get a baseball bat if ur lucky, u probz get the sunshine camo for all ur guns, u won’t get a decent gun u want tho..

          Just seen u replied to my deleted comment, thanks I realised soon as o said it lol..

          • Thomas the Tankswag

            Im opening commons, hopefully i can complete my contrast camo collection (Better camo than dark matter imo). Crossbow would be my favourite thing to get though.

          • ScOott

            I have never opened a common..I’m too upper clarrsss for that.. How are they? I struggle to get a weapon in 30 box never mind 10!

          • Thomas the Tankswag

            Ive had 5 wrenches from commons, 2 wrenches from rares (yes 7 wrenches, fuck my supply drop luck), and i opened them on a 3:1 ratio. I got many more contrast and verde camos (i love them, you may hate them) in commons and also many more decals/calling cards. In rares i tend to get a lot of gestures and taunts which i don’t really care about as the second i finish a match i go onto reddit and never watch the podium/killcam. Haven’t opened a supply drop since end of February.

          • ScOott

            Lmao 7 wrenches.. the supply drop box it’s self say u have more chance of getting a legendary or epic drop, and a guaranteed weapon or specialist item..

            So that’s the one I’ve always gone for, u seemed to have had more weapons than me from a standard drop tho.. 6 days play time only ever opened rare and I have the mx grand and the long sword and that’s it.. I might have try the common..

          • Give me the MX garand and I will giv you a can of Monster

          • ScOott

            Lol I’d trade it for hg40, nothing less..

          • tuby

            Give me 200 euro and is all yours lol. Kust had some lick yesterday and hot it finally

          • tuby

            Fuck you auto correction.just had some luck yesterday and got it finally

          • ScOott

            Lol that’s cheap compared to what Activision are selling it for. But il still pass.. Thanks…

          • tuby

            Yeah I know Activision is money horney.Glad that I have not paid for it. However Its a nice gun happy with double weapon xp this weekend so I can test the best load out. Maybe you have some luck the N ext time

          • SEAN

            Damn give me the mx garand and ill give you a year supply of monster

          • Thomas the Tankswag

            Probably just my luck, most of my drops were opened in January and i believe rares have changed since then. Open a few commons and see what you think, i find that im much less disappointed getting shit with 10 cryptokeys than 30 which is why i do commons.

          • ThisGuy

            I’m still salty as hell that I’m level 440ish and all I’ve got is that damn crowbar twice

          • Psychomaggot105

            That sucks. I got nothing for a long time. Then all of a sudden I got the crossbow, fury song, garand, butterfly knife and just today the new sniper.

          • SEAN

            True that my brother im level 580 i even spent 500 dollars on those pathetic supply drops and only have got the wrench crowbar and brass knuckles no weapons i stopped buying cod points due to the pathetic drop rate of weapons. Its ok tho ill still shread with my m8 kuda and manowar. I hope one of these days b4 i hit level 1000 the call of duty gods will give me what i want but until then i will keep on dreaming.

          • ThisGuy

            I even sadly made a second account to see if it would stop screwing me

          • Will WilFredo Mendoza

            Surprisingly, i get better stuff (apart from weapons) on common than on rare. But it depends ones luck I guess.

          • Viral Echo

            I have only opened rare drops during 2X Cryptokey weekends and still have never received a weapon… I might have to switch over to rares at this point.

          • ScOott

            By the sounds of it, it don’t make a difference which one u open.. U would of thought I would of seen a bigger difference than the guys that just open common.. Do u have any weapons?

          • Viral Echo

            All those commons and not a single weapon! 🙁

          • zack

            I have the sword, wrench, iron Jim, brass knuckles, butterfly knife, hg40, and Marshall’s. All from common drops. I swear the rare ones are rigged man they aren’t worth it.

          • zack

            And I’ve actually gotten the Marshall’s twice.

          • Batman

            Wait until the arms dealer supply drop

        • There is a little less than a 1 in 100 chance of getting a DLC weapon in supply drops, but keep in mind like half of the DLC weapons are shitty melee weapons. Spending 3000 will probably get you like 30. I will LOL if you get 30 duplicates of the brass knuckles or some shit lol

          • ScOott

            Ur wrong.. I was really sad and worked it out while I was stuck at work.. The odds are even worse than that.. U also have to take into account duplicates and that the supply drop system is not 100 percent random..

          • Some guy on reddit a while back said it was a little bit less than 1/100 but considering they are adding new skins and random shit all the time the odds are lowering all the time

          • I’m saving up to 3,000 cryptokeys just to see how bullshit this system is for players who don’t want to spend a dime. I’m only at 646 cryptokeys right now.

          • ScOott

            I’m doing the same, I bet none of us get a weapon we want tho lol..

          • Yeah, I’m thinking same as well lol. The only black market weapon i have is the wrench.

            I really want the HG40, but i would honestly be good with the MX or the shotgun pistols.

  • ScOott

    Wasn’t this an article already? I remember making a comment on how they have buffed the supply drop weapons and the shot guns that don’t need buffing..

    • Thomas the Tankswag

      That was for ps4, this is xbox and pc update.

  • Gooby

    Can anyone explain to me why there are retards replying to my comments from like a year ago? WTF are these people doing with their lives.

    • ima go find a comment of urs from a year ago and reply to it now

    • lunator100hd .

      Maybe some ppl check their accounts once per year.

    • Siftblade

      Had that happen to me too. This guy got mad at me about something I said on a BO2 article for DLC2. lolwut

    • Dickmissle

      Cause you touch yourself at night

  • WhiskeyDick

    Uhh where’s the RSA Interdiction buffs?!

    • Hauntum

      Seeing as how only 1% of the community has that weapon (probably less), I don’t think that should be their priority.

      • WhiskeyDick

        They fixed the hg40! But I guess you’re right… Leave that gun to rot and alter guns that didn’t need the buffs nearly as much!

        • Hauntum

          You kinda missed my point, so I’ll rephrase it for you: Nobody gives a shit about that gun.

        • Dickmissle

          Salt is strong

          • WhiskeyDick

            Lol sure! I’m salty bout a gun I’ve finished all the challenges for?! I feel for those who got this gun as well as it’s absolute garbage in it’s current state… You selfish fuckers only care about yourselves lol… You won’t see this gun much in public matches because it is so horrid

          • How much Activision dick did you suck to get it?

  • Stefan Lang

    You can also spot enemies with the ripper targeting system as well. Someone was in C house On Nuketown dom camping behind the couch and my ripper target system detected him from the other side of the wall. Not sure if bug or meant to be that way.

  • Justus Maximus

    I HATE weapon nerfing. They are ruining my permanent unlocks sooo freaking much.

    Also, this will probably be my last cod game. Maybe Treyarchs new cod in 3,5 years will be interesting. Mainly for zombos

  • Biobooster77

    RAPS -God dam it!! every time the other team get RAPS my team back out, like WTF, then again I don’t understand why they would buff this score streak as I think this was fine as it was!? they could at least balance it by either dropping the points to get a power core to counter the RAPS or add a new perk like “toughness” in conjunction with using flak jacket……..??

    • Striker

      Power Core points need to be lowered further but Cold Blooded counters RAPS. Throw in EMP grenades and a LMG with FMJ and RAPS can turn into a boon of killstreak points.

  • yer da’s a cow

    the only patch i will ever be interested in is when they patch the stoopid suply drops and give everyone with a season pass access to the “weapons in supply drops” for free. wtf is the point in buying a season pass and all you get is map packs and zombie crap.save yourself a few quid on map packs with season pass and they think you will be happy. atleast AW gave season pass holders a few extra weapons . BO3 is an awesome game but theyre nothin but money grabbin tits.xb1 user here and pissed off enough that we have to wait an extra month longer than the ps4

  • yer da’s a cow

    and dont care that ps4 users had to wait when xb had the rights but im selfish that way and i think of myself before people i dont know so get it up yeez

  • Stefan Rang

    thx to this patch i and other pc gamers cant play map Shadow of Evil, This is the eroor that we get BG_Cache_GetIndexInternal – Exceeded 250 items for type triggerstring
    Other 2 maps are fine

    • Hauntum

      Happened to my friends and I on Xbox One, as well. Seems like they’re spending too much time on patching Dead Ops Arcade, and not enough on fixing their careless mistakes.