Activision has announced that they’ve released a new update for the Call of Duty: Heroes mobile game to version 2.4 with a new Challenge mode and perks feature. Activision also mentioned that Call of Duty: Heroes has been downloaded over 30 million times since launch.

An all-new feature in Call of Duty: Heroes Version 2.4 is the Challenge Mode. In Challenge Mode, players are given a set amount of troops, heroes and killstreaks to clear seven stages of increasing difficulty. Clearing these stages earns players resources and a new reward: Challenge Coins. Seven stage sequences in Challenge Mode will be available daily

The update also brings a new Perk feature (similar to perks in Call of Duty MP) to the free to play mobile game.

Checkout the new trailer to see Update 2.4 in action:

Call of Duty: Heroes is available now for free on iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows.

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