9 years later after the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, we’re finally getting the remaster we’ve all been waiting for.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is going to be a huge release for Activision/Infinity Ward alongside their new upcoming title ‘Infinite Warfare’. With the amount of anticipation and hype surrounding a remaster, Activision are essentially releasing 2 huge Call of Duty titles in one go this November.

With so much interest surrounding the Modern Warfare remaster, it does open the question… Could Activision take advantage of the Modern Warfare Remaster and introduce DLC? Potentially also implement the Supply Drop system?

Since it’s going to be a full remaster, and not a port, it would potentially make complete sense to prolong the hype and keep players coming back by releasing DLC map packs. We could for example see 1 new Modern Warfare map including within each Infinite Warfare DLC map pack as part of the Season Pass.

By releasing DLC for both games, it would please both groups of players who prefer to either play the remaster or Infinite Warfare. This of course opens the question of player-base fragmentation across the 2 titles.

Would you like to see DLC within MW Remastered?

  • Kill Denied


  • Robmeister89

    That would be awesome! However, I’m completely fine with playing all of their original maps and DLC..

    Cannot wait to play Crossfire again.. Best map ever..

    • ApoK

      And Strike 😀

  • Who Am I To Judge?

    I’m mot sure how smart it would be to implement a supply drop system into this game, and to start adding weapons, because that just starts to ruin the whole point of bringing it back remastered. DLC maps, on the other hand, could be an interesting concept.

    • Scott

      Spot on Bro! That’s the whole point of bringing back the original game, I don’t want them messing with the game, adding guns to base game, streaks nothing. Boots on the ground.

    • Robby #RGS

      Coudnt say it better myself GG Friend

    • Ak74u

      It shouldn’t have supply drops it would ruin the game I rather them not touch it just let it be a simple remaster with nothing new besides an updated list of game modes and no final stand/ juggernaut perk

      • Who Am I To Judge?

        100% agree, it would ruin the whole nostalgia factor, and remind us of the BS systems in place now

      • Thomas the Tankswag

        Game modes need to stay the same, and final stand/martyrdom/ juggernaut can all stay too if balanced slightly – OP perks are fine in a non pick 10 create a class as long as they are all equally OP

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          Then we need Flak Jacket.

      • Aldo

        Juggernaut balances out Stopping Power so if you get rid of one you have to get rid of the other. I suspect they’ll keep it exactly as it was as far as the perks go. Pretty sure they’ll add host migration and fix a few bugs but that will be all.

    • I agree, there’s nothing give to give out in supply drops, unless they actually add character customization. Cuz that’s not even in the original cod4. But if they do, it better not be anything like the BO3 supply drop system. DLC maps would be cool though.

      • Thomas the Tankswag

        I hope no character customisation unless its the characters hair and face- im excited for actually having 2 different teams again with 2 different uniforms

  • Riskninja


  • Robby #RGS

    Will It Have Dedicated Servers ?? And Get Rid Of The Hackers?? Since Its A Remaster Not a Port Everyone Starts Fresh??? Guys If U can Respond Yes Or No To ThisIl Appreciate it

    • I think it’s practically a new MW1, so no hackers. At this moment we aren’t sure if it’s just campaign or full Modern Warfare though.

      • Ak74u

        Yeah it should be a new MW1 we all start fresh same game it used to be with improvements and take out the unbalanced perks like final stand and jugg/ death streaks.

  • Is it messed up, that I’m more hyped over the cod4 remaster, than I am got Infinite warfare?

    • Pretty much everyone is.

    • Robby #RGS

      No My Friend I Started Plying Cod Back In Cod2s Prime Im Excited That There Treading Us Vets Of Cod Good

    • Scott

      Have you played the original COD 4?

      • Yeah I had like 60 days played and I would still play it today, if it wasn’t modded!

        • GinsuVictim

          It’s not that hacked these days. Give it another go.

    • CoDforever

      “Is it messed up, that I’m more hyped over the cod4 remaster, than I am got Infinite warfare?”

      Well no shit you are, they havent said or shown anything about the new game

    • VAQnotVAG

      Trust me, you’re not the only one!

  • But what if Activision is trolling us

  • Riskninja

    I can see implementing map packs that might include maps from the other modern warfare games, considering the likelihood that this will only be a CoD 4 remake. (Terminal anyone????)

    • They may add the other Modern Warfare campaign missions/maps/weapons as DLC.

      • Riskninja

        @ACTIVI$ION You need this man on your DLC team

  • Uzair Chief

    I have waited a long time for this! COD 4 Remastered!

    • Schruk

      Haven’t we all?

      • Uzair Chief

        Makarov. Nice one!

  • ToonToons22

    Just give it updated graphics, new multiplayer servers, remastered DLC maps, and leave it like that.

    Read my lips: Absolutely NO supply drops in Modern Warfare Remastered!

    • Rorke File

      I think they want to attract old audience with this remaster and introduce them the supply drop dlc etc. It’s Activision guys..

      • Steven Thornton

        Supply drops have ruined cod

    • CoDforever

      And host migration and game winning killcams.

      • Vittorio D’Antuono

        Yeah I hope they’ll add the latest improvements like the ability for the match to pick a new host once the first one leaves a match. It’s irritating how anyone could end up a match just if they’re butt-hurt about it by leaving it. Also I hope for new, faster and more reliable servers. We’ll see! 🙂

      • Kurupt

        And no Death Streaks. Fuck you Final Stand!

        • MrLadyfingers

          LAST stand… 😉 Get it right!!

          Ole Bobby Bowls… “Fuck you last stand! :D”

        • Myke Fletcher

          You won’t have to worry about that. There wasn’t any death streaks in COD 4. But last stand was a tier 3 perk. Death streaks didn’t come until MW2

    • Sexy Mcgee

      Also, no netcode changes. Though, they could get rid of frag x3, flash/stun x3, claymore x2.

      • ApoK

        No, don’t change the gameplay

      • TemplarPS

        I think they should not remove but change it to x2 frags/stuns and maybe change claymore to 1?

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      I hope they put more effort into the graphics, I’d be excited if they remade a bunch of stuff.

    • RdJokr

      Yeah, keep dreaming bud. If they intend to put MP in MWR (which I doubt they will), there is absolutely no way they wouldn’t take advantage by not putting microtransactions in it. Not unless they’re tired of getting easy money.

      • ToonToons22

        Consider this the make-or-break moment. They could create the best game of the year or screw up completely. As much as I want to be excited about the game, I wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet.

        Activision is not to be trusted. I want to say to everyone that if supply drops are once again returning in COD 2016, do not be surprised at all.

        • Steven Thornton

          I’ve been so happy and anticipating this game with fond memories until I read these comments bringing me back to top earth. Ur right they are going to ruin this game as they have been doing for quite some time. Za

    • ApoK

      Extra camos would be cool, playercards, emblems, clans, leagues, better stat tracking, keep the gameplay EXACTLY THE SAME, no new weapons! New maps are cool because you can choose not to play them, you can’t choose not to get killed by a new gun.

      • Dickmissle

        They should make it cod online

        • i’m sure that when Call of Duty will have hit rock bottom, they will wait a few years, then release CoD: Online to the whole world and they will keep adding stuff to it in the same fashion as Destiny

      • Austin

        Same new maps no new weapons but new calling cards and emblems 🙂

    • alex

      + MW2 with this – OMA = the only multiplayer game i play for awhile

    • RobMelchor

      And NO supply drops with silly content, let’s keep MW serious like it used to be. :/

      • J-Cap

        No one had a problem with supply drops until they started making guns only available through supply drops so if they just actually make supply drops only have cosmetic items. I think it would be a good addition.

        • Steven Thornton

          Wrong I hated them Cuz u have to pay for cheap sh*t that could just be put in the game

    • SkylineDesigns

      Exactly do not change anything but the graphics.

  • Crushedminiegg121

    For once i am actually looking forward to what this ‘new’ cod might be like, for me, them bringing back the original modern warfare, kinda tells me that this COD might go back to basics, no exo’s, no supply drops ect. I’ll keep hoping anyway.

  • Dangelo95

    The I my thing I’d like from the remaster is some new kill streaks if it’s 3-5-7 then everyone will be getting them no problem

  • It’s so sad that 75% (or more) of the people today have never played cod4. They are going be like “what is this basic shit!?” And you can say “sorry kid, it’s before you time.” Lol

  • Joe Rodriguez (X2003FTF)

    At this point I’d prefer that they scratch infinite warfare altogether and just release CoD4 Remastered. Introduce the Supply Drop system (come on guys you know that Activision is going to implement a supply drop system) to CoD4 for more gun camo’s, calling cards, character uniforms, etc. AFTER DLC1 they can add new weapons so that for at least a month or two it can be played as it was all those years ago.

    • ApoK

      Or they could add in new weapons and have a classic and new selection of playlists that have DLC weapons in one and none in the other. There is no worry of splitting player base either as playerbase will be huge.

      • Joe Rodriguez (X2003FTF)

        That’s what we assume but let’s not kid ourselves, CoD4 reinvented the wheel and so it’s near and dear to so many hearts but nostalgia will keep lobbies full for so long. After the 1st month user base will drop like every previous CoD, spike w/Christmas noobs then level out again.

        Player Base will be just as critical for Infinite Warfare/CoD4:MW RM as it is for any other CoD. They split it too much between Infinite Warfare, CoD4, and CoD4 classic….. the game after DLC1 will be unplayable.

        IW needs this after Ghost, they will absolutely get the usual suspects in the door opening day but that’s not enough AND even if it were can they keep them there? As much money as it makes I think a LARGE part of the CoD model moving forward is Supply Drops and they need to keep people playing all year, to keep buying CoD points. Infinite Warfare NEEDS to deliver BUT CoD4:MW will help get butts in the seats, it will allow us the opportunity to give Infinite Warfare a chance.

        BUT Activision will not allow IW to split their focus after launch. CoD4:MW will NOT get updates, DLC, supply drops, etc., all their money making focus will be on Infinite Warfare (which will probably suck) and CoD4 will be something bonus like Nightmare mode was on BO3. I pray I’m wrong though

        Actually after thinking about it some more I like your idea IF again they scratch Infinite Warefare altogether.

  • Ghost

    I don’t think there will be Multiplayer for COD4 since that would hurt the season pass and supply drops sales for the new COD

  • carlos

    First, I think its gonna be single player only, not the multiplayer. Second, if it does include the MP as well, we have to remember this is not the same Infinity Ward that put out MW & MW2. They havent put out a good game since MW2. They’re probably gonna mess it up by adding a bunch of unnecessary streaks & completely ruin it by adding supply drops. And after they mess it up (cmon, we all know they will) Tmartn & Ali-A will continue to say “Dude this is like the best COD EVARRRRR” and parents will continue to buy it for their 10 yr olds!!.

  • Dangelo95

    Hmm the thing im wondering is how Actuvision is going to get the majority of players to play infinite warfare over the remaster

    • Release the remaster later?

      • Dangelo95

        Idk that would make people hella pissed it will have MP though or what’s he point of a remaster ?

        • Well I’m a little skeptical about that. It would be weird if the majority would play the remaster rather than the new cod. So I wouldn’t get too hyped about the remaster ye know.

    • carlos

      Thats why I’m betting the remaster is single player only.

      • Dangelo95

        It will have MP or no one would even want it

        • Smayo

          Exactly, if we don’t hear anything about the MW remake MP in the official announcement, im sure they going to screw us over…

      • Ak74u

        But activision knows we all want it for the multiplayer not really the single player

        • Schruk

          Then again, it is Activision.

          • ApoK

            And they make Millions in dollars every year, you think you get that by being stupid?

        • Ricardo

          speak for yourself, people loved the first MW campaign, and we would love another experience like that, too bad it comes in the form of a remaster edition instead of a Modern Warfare 4 like it should be.

      • Aldo

        Bad bet. Activision know they wouldn’t get away with teasing CoD4 remastered without including mp as their fans would slaughter them for it and ApoK says they’re not stupid so believe the hype!

    • snake56

      It’s gonna be single player only. If they release MW1 multiplayer, it might separate the community further more than the season pass/DLC stuff that we get each year.

      • Dangelo95

        But the selling point would be to include Mp to make a remastered 5 hour campaign wouldn’t even be worth the time and money to make

        • snake56

          Yeah but including the MW1 MP would also mean having another tech support team to make patches and stuff. You already see the support stops for every CoD app and multiplayer once a new CoD is out. I could be wrong of course, but I doubt Activision will invest more in this 2016 game than previous incarnations of CoD.

          • Dangelo95

            That’s why another studio is handling the remaster and IW is focusing on Infinite Warfare

          • Juses

            Ur an lyin fagit wit noe sweg

    • LovekillerX

      It probably includes MP but the trick is here: you have to buy legacy edition if you want MW1 remastered. That being said it would guarantee more income because legacy edition would be more expensive compared to normal edition. That is why it isn’t probably worrying them so much.

      I still don’t get it why anyone would consider MW1 full game with only campaign in it. It’s main point is MULTIPLAYER. Therefore it would be dumb to say full game if it would be only campaign.

      • Dangelo95

        I know it will include MP everyone would boycott the shit out of infinite warfare if it didn’t Actuvision is smarter then that I mean I’ll play both still not gonna bash infinite warfare I haven’t seen it yet but I just like me good ol Classic cod

        • LovekillerX

          They also wouldn’t tease with Overgrown.

      • Ak74u

        I think you’re right that would be very smart of them to do from a business point

        • LovekillerX

          Yep. They know people loved MW1. Put it in legacy and they’re rich (not that they’re not already lol).

    • CoDforever

      Trust me, theres going to be a lot more people playing the new game over the remaster

      • VAQnotVAG

        I tend to agree.. mostly because mainly the older generation of COD players will be on it.. and that’s ok, I don’t need to hear people complain about huge maps and lack of jet packs

  • MultiplayerCop

    I truly don’t see this being multiplayer. It would fracture the playlists on infinite warfare, not to mention mess with the supply drop system that Activison loves so much. I think more people would play cod4 over the halo/destiny/cod game being released.

    We need to get the details first.

  • Ak74u

    They should add in all the game modes that it didn’t have that were made after cod 4 like kill confirmed, infected, & ground war

    • Who Am I To Judge?

      Infected would honestly sell the whole game, even though i am already where I want Activi$ion to suck the money out of my pocket for this game (JK, but seriously)

      • Ak74u

        If they’re remastering it might as well go all out on the remaster it’ll be worth the money for the remaster

  • Frank Rizzo

    I really hope it has supply drops.

  • LovekillerX

    If legacy edition is expensive it should include IW, MW1 and DLC for both. Also no supply drop system. Someone thought of supply drops giving you MW2/MW3 weapons but I don’t think that would be fair and balanced.

    • They should release a game like every 5 years and they should release new content like weapons/maps/campaign missions often to keep the game fresh, kind of like what GTA V is going.

      • LovekillerX

        I don’t know. I like to see Call of Duty every year although it could be called recycling. But hey spring wouldn’t be so exciting without Call of Duty leaks.

        • CoDforever

          cod isnt the same game every year anyways

          • Guywithbrains

            People say it is. But the formula works so well so why change it? It would be the same thing if I would say DICE should remove vehicles from Battlefield because it is the same game every year. But Battlefield wouldn’t be Battlefield without vehicles. Same principle goes for Call of Duty.

          • DEMOLITION12

            there is nothing you can change about cod. its a fps game

      • Call of duty: Online basically, the game is still in beta in china and it’s been in developpment since 2013, i’m sure that they’ll modify it a bit and release it worldwide when call of duty will fade out, à la Medal of honor 2010 reboot

  • Dude32

    Not sure if IW and Activision are dumb or not but releasing a remastered version of most loved COD game along with new COD that might have a movement system that everyone hates is a stupid good idea.
    I actually feels sorry for IW because they work hard to make a new game and they end up getting smacked in the face by Activision and community.

  • Ozeahan

    It’s funny how people say that the remaster will include multiplayer, but i honoustly think that it wil just be a remastered campaign, maybe because it flows into infinite warfare’s campaing. Or maybe, just maybe infinite warfare is going to be some kind of second mw2, with just a different timeline or something.

    • Batman

      It will include MP, 70%(real numbers) of the entire community is not interested in a futuristic sci fi cod in space w/ supply drops made by IW.
      The only reason they are remastering cod 4 is to sell it w/ IW so they can please both sides
      If it is campaign only it defeats the whole purpose, no one would buy it, and everyone knows cod 4 campaign

      • M

        Doubt it if they include mp in this one that would be a death sentence for iw and that is the real money maker for acti.

  • GeoNe0

    Surely it is only going to be a remastered campaign they would not want to have competing multiplayers. It is more likely that Infinite Warfare will feature a higher number of maps from older modern warfare games than is usual at game launch or as map packs.

    I hope this is not the case and the remastering is the campaign and multiplayer.

  • CGkillZ

    My question is will this new cod4 be the same game that was first shipped out? Cause I’m happy about this but don’t any of you remember x3 frags, the 1 burst m16, stopping power, juggernaut. Quickscoping, martyrdom. Is this all going to be in? Are we going to have newer game modes like hardpoint? Is it going to be the exact copy or a balanced cod4?

    • Ak74u

      I think they will rebalance what is needed in the game the cheese stuff basically not the weapons

      • Aceshigh87

        Death Streaks were never in CoD 4. In fact you couldn’t even customize your normal streaks.

        Just a correction in your otherwise accurate comment. Everyone looks at CoD 4 as being perfect and forgets who many BS things were actually in that game. People would be out for Vaughn’s head if they made the XR-2 as strong as the CoD 4 M16 was.

        • Ak74u

          Yeah I didn’t remember If death streaks were in that game I haven’t played it in years but I do remember final stand and juggernaut and of course I know it’s 3 5 7 streaks

          • Smayo

            Today I put in CoD4 in my 360 just to see how it aged, besides finding an unhacked lobby in any other game mode then FFA, I got already sick and tired having to dodge a martyrdom granade after literally every kill I made.

            The MW remake should have definitely some balancing when put out this November.

        • zack

          All the guns were strong so it was no problem. No they have to cater to mlg and make one assault rifle and one sub machine gun head and shoulders above the rest.

  • ToonToons22

    A listing showed up on Amazon UK a while ago showing some sort of “Modern Warfare Trilogy”. It said 2016 on it, so it’s most likely the remastered MW. It’s been removed, but that’s to be expected.

  • Pretty sure it’ll be a novelty tag on for people forking out for the high price editions of Infinite Warfare. Like how they gave away COD Classic with the Prestige edition of MW2. To be honest I’d rather they didn’t tarnish a great classic game with modern add-ons, a simple graphic overhaul will be good enough.

  • Corvo

    If they add supply drops its game over, that will kill the game before it even gets going. No ones interested in that

    • zack

      It will be like black ops 3. They will wait until we all buy the game and then add all the money grabbing schemes.

  • Ak74u

    I think in order to not separate the player base from cod 4 remastered and cod infinite warfare there should be some sort of multiplayer connection or link between the two. Like have space warfare display your ranking of cod 4 remastered and possibly earn rewards for playing cod 4 kind of like how mw3 displayed ranking emblems of past cods on mw3s player showcase

    • zack

      Or just cancel infinite warfare.

  • Phillip Jones

    I doubt you will be able to but I hope you can buy the MW remaster on its own because I have no interest in buying Infinite Warfare if its set in space. I could see myself buying it for the MW download code then trading it in straight away.

    • Batman


  • Iamyoureviltwin

    Now Activision aren’t going to want there player base split are they…no way!

    But I was thinking last night about what if (this is only a thought)
    what if they make it somehow that you have to play IW in order to make
    progress in MW… IE you can’t prestige in MW until you do in IW… or
    you can’t unlock certain weapons until you do a challange in IW, so on
    and so on, so basically you HAVE to play IW

    Like I said just a thought

    • zack

      They should honestly just cancel infinite warfare. Do you see one comment on any of these articles that is excited for infinite warfare? No its all about cod4. Cut their loses and listen to the community and not their wallets from now on.

  • EveryoneIsInsane

    Modern warfare remaster + supply drops?

    Now THAT is how you do a clickbait headline.


  • YoungMurf

    Well this escalated quickly.. yesterday it was a leaked photo that people were arguing the legitimacy of and now ‘We’re gerting the remaster we’ve all been waiting for’ well colour me FUCKING PSYCHED! Holy mother of Juses it’s actually happening this is one of (if not) the greatest days of my gaming life, CoD4 is what started it all off for CoD (Multiplayer wise) ahh I’m in complete euphoria!

  • Rorke File

    I think they want to attract old audience with this remaster and introduce them the supply drop dlc etc. It’s Activision guys.

  • Guywithbrains

    Keep supply drops away. Supply drops as an idea is good on paper but it is executed horribly. It just adds unnecessary unbalance to the game.

  • Putting supply drops in CoD4 would literally be cancer. I don’t think Activision can count on being CUCKS for so long.

  • J4MES

    Of course Activision will ensure that COD Remastered will have DLC and Supply Drops. IW aren’t including this Remaster for free out of the goodness of their hearts for the community – this is a prime business opportunity for the franchise to make an absolute killing on all fronts and suckers will cough up regardless.

    • YoungMurf

      I will cough up whatever it takes to purchase the Legacy Edition.. that being said Supply Drops have absolutely no right being in MW whether it’s remastered or not and if they were to be it could be detrimental to the series. Plus, the newer generation of CoD players need and deserve to play MW like it was in the good oul days, so that will/should play a factor.

  • Vittorio D’Antuono

    I hope they’ll include the “Variety Map Pack” that we all know and love in the Cod4 Remaster. And if they’re willing to sell some new DLCs with never-before-seen maps for the Cod4 Remaster, I’m in for that. I just hope they won’t integrate the supply drop system on neither of the two games. It’s just a mess.
    IW <3

  • Simon Bidwell

    Leave it as it was, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Would be nice to have the original DLC just don’t do anything stupid with it. NO SUPPLY DROPS>


      “cod 4 wasn’t broken” loooooool

    • ApoK

      I think I’m the exception when it comes to supply drops, if they took out weapons and the ability to pay for them, I’d love them

  • The Flash

    The wrong MW to remaster imo, from what I saw most people wanted MW2 and I personally would prefer MW3 – Infected and Face Off for the win – though if they added these to COD4 i’d take taht.

    • ApoK


  • Thug Turf

    As a person who never got to play Modern Warfare online, is it really as great as people say it is? Is their flaws in multiplayer that I should be aware of? I’m genuinely curious. Is there serious unbalanced issues like stopping power or jugg?


      its shit. muzzle flash is ridiculous, half your deaths are to grenades and maps are all bland

      • zack

        In others words, it’s not catered to noobs that suck ass. Which is why it was great.

        • DEMOLITION12

          grenades don’t take skill

  • Imventing

    so I’m basically reliving my childhood. only difference is that i won’t reach that gold cross again :/ Life just hit me like a brick lmao. That infinite bullshit aint getting installed on my xbox lmao

  • KeeperNog

    I win burn Activision’s headquarters to the ground if they introduce supply drops.

  • RudyRmn

    How about treyarch dropping bo1 or bo2 remastered in bo3 dlc? Or a bo3 mode w/o specialist or jet-pack?

    • zack

      Black ops 1 was supposed to be backwards compatible back in December. They only said that to calm the rage everyone has for halo ops 3.

  • M

    They wont put a lot of effort into the remaster it will be a quick dirty port where they take the pc version as is make it 1080 60fps for ps4 and xbox1 maybe change the menu’s a bit. This one is just meant to shut up the crowd that want a mw remaster. I also doubt it will have mp.

  • Gamerazor247

    Pfft, I wouldn’t be surprised if they resold DLC Map packs, lmao, but it all depends whether or not MWR is a half assed “remaster” or it actually includes Multiplayer…

  • Wraith

    You know what, just up the graphics. Bounces, weapon damage glitches with attachments, grenade amount, juggernaut, let’s just keep it the same. Didn’t stop anyone from playing before. Have this weird feeling if they remove them all it’s going to start a chain reaction of things changing.

  • I don’t see why Supply Drops would ever be added into the MWR. I could see Activision being greedy and throwing them into IW but it wouldn’t make any sense to implement anything “New” into the remaster aside from better graphics, servers and stability. Don’t be surprised if IW has some form of a Black Market which heavily encourages Micro Transactions

  • GamerTag: Robustss

    I think it’s pretty obvious it’s not going to be the same game with enhanced graphics etc. Remastered = bs supply drops added whether it’s customizable items or not.
    I think all the perks / attachments should stay the same as well, it’s not COD4 without Jug

  • Builderdrin

    It’d be sick if they merged all 3 Modern Warfare games into one (kind of like COD Online)

    • ApoK

      All 3 in one package, in their own engines with extra maps added in and extra customisation [cosmetic only]. Upgraded to 1080p, retextured if required and extra features that run across all games like emblems, titles, clans, leagues etc

      • ApoK

        and before anyone says it, I know those 3 run on pretty much the same enginer, just slightly tweaked.

  • SoulTaker

    Well if the COD 4 remastered does contain multiplayer you can bet your sweet ass they’ll include DLC and supply drops I’m 90% sure about this. Anyone who doesn’t believe they would go as far as to do that are very gullible.

  • PvBrent

    I think the problem with releasing a map pack for both games is the fact that not EVERYONE who owns Infinite Warfare will have the remaster COD4. The Remaster as we know it, only comes with the Legacy Edition of Infinite Warfare. You want to make sure that anyone who buys the Season pass or map packs for Infinite Warfare are getting what they paid for and if you only bought the base game of Infinite Warfare and the season pass, this means you’ll be forced to get DLC for a game you don’t own. The Remaster would have to have separate DLC plans then Infinite Warfare. The only way a DLC pack for Infinite Warfare to have DLC for both games is for the Remaster to come with every copy of Infinite Warfare regardless if it’s the base game or a CE.

  • Exelzion

    do not change ANYTHING at all in COD4 other than noob tubes. That’s it. Cod4 is so good because that’s what it is, do not fuck about with it please to help these new generations of shitty cod players.

  • crumeo

    Prolong the hype? Its 9 years and hype really hasnt died. Messing with COD4 would be a massive mistake. Maps are fine, but like a certain drum set, DONT TOUCH IT otherwise. Though, if someone is capable of ruining a classic it would be activision.

  • TheRarestOfAllPepe’s


  • ActiHUSTLAvision

    IF infinity Ward changes COD 4 system/engine and makes it easier for the kids who started with Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, etc,.. im probably going to cry myself to sleep..

    • zack

      I’ll sell my Xbox and donate the money to lizard squad so they can hack the servers.

      • ActiHUSTLAvision

        haha, wonderful!

  • MrLadyfingers

    I hope this is a balanced combination of the entire Modern Warfare series. Sort of a “best of” series. I’d love to use the Striker or the Spas-12 on Backlot. Or the MP7 on Favela. Either way I’m exited and intrigued.

  • Drank Bleach

    This is what they do best, hype people up and then let people down. I think it’s just gonna be campaign only, they’re not gonna be working on servers for the infinite warfare and mw1, they will focus entirely on infinite warfare. Look, treyarch or Activision hasn’t even let bo1 be backwards compatible and we’re near May already. Don’t fall for the hype.

  • Anonynus

    Full remaster? So a graphical upgrade or next gen everything?

  • zack

    I’m not even getting excited. They are gunna fuck the game up 100%. It’s become an expectation now. After they screw this up trying to be noob catering money whores cod will officially be dead. To me at least.

  • DoFuRaMiNGo

    Just imagine the MW2 remaster with the ACR or the Intervention in Supply Drop… Yes it could be that’s activision guys 🙂

  • Sam SMG

    Can’t wait to do mile high club again, remastered

  • cod9249583

    Cant remember everything about cod 4 but if there is a perk that can hear dead silence they just ruined search and destroy. They should then call the game mode camp listen kill and destroy.

  • Schlong Goblin

    Idgaf I want supply drops in MWR. New camos and shit only though. Like thatd be dope.

  • Arshen Selvarajah

    tbh i really wanna see party game modes integrated into cod 4 it would be so much fun. like gun game or sticks and stones or even one in the chamber would be nice, really miss those game modes

  • Fatal Jerry Tucker

    Remastered old maps only. No new weapons maybe some new maps. Keep gameplay original. Awesome job on remaster btw!!!

  • Ed

    Do wild bears s##t in the woods? I too believe one variety pack map for cod4 per dlc release for Infinite Warfare makes sense