Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s campaign will feature a massive warship called the ‘Retribution.’

This warship is described as the player’s home and will be a key part of the entire game’s campaign mode, and it will server as the home for the player’s crew.

In addition, the description states that the Retribution will be a “key character throughout the campaign,” and players will “rely on and be responsible for” it as the campaign progresses.

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            Quit trying to force people to be who they aren’t and let them be “true” to themselves…

          • ItsOnlyBanterLads

            Basically, anyone who does this, or anyone who makes a big deal out of first or furst really need to re evaluate what’s important!

            It’s not funny, it’s not trolling, it serves no purpose, it’s just sad!

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  • Tested

    I hope you can just walk around this on your own then jump inside a rocket and take it for a spin

  • Tuhny Montana #SusGang

    This game looks ass as fuck

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  • Riskninja

    Man, if the campaigns were actually good again, that would be great. I mean the story, not the mechanics and extra features.

    • Sentinel

      The campaigns were good you just have low expectations of the game.

      • fires

        yeah they were pretty solid overall, man MW3s ending when you rush the hotel in Juggernaut suits and LMGs was such a fun powertrip.

        Blops3s campaign was pretty ass though. but coop campaign is something i like to see in games

        • Sentinel

          I think if you are patience and really play thru the mission without going all rambo. It will be more enjoyable. MW3 had a dope ending, killing Makarov felt so good and it was the moment I been waiting for since MW2.

          BO3 was good too, I mean it too me long enough and some research to find out what the heck was going on in the campaign. It really requires attention to detail to figure out that you was dead the whole time after the first mission and you was replaying John Taylor’s memories.

          Now about co-op ehh I’m skeptical after playing BO3. I much rather have a solo campaign because I enjoy cinematic moments and having co-op really takes away from making those moments unique and immersive. Co-op zombies is just fine.

  • Michael Romo

    Mass Advanced Call of Duty Effect Warfare: 3

  • Aidan

    People are so fast to hate just because it has Call of duty in the title.

    If this wasn’t a call of duty game, people would be all over this shit.

    • Group_935


    • Batman

      This isnt a CoD game that is why we are bothered.
      Did I ever say “hey, you are ignorant bc you like the game”?
      So stop criticizing people, and making ppl like something they dont
      Negative reaction is also an opinion and must be respected

      • How is it not a COD game? Looks like COD to me.

        • Wizga

          It’s has one thing that every COD game has – its core: fast based and fun.

      • Aidan

        First of all, This is Call of Duty. If you don’t like it, you can go fuck yourself all the way back to Halo. Second of all, I’m not asking people to like it, I’m asking them to stop being a bunch of sour cunts, finally, you contradicted yourself. “Negative reaction is also an opinion”, Well so are positive reactions, yet you still come here telling me otherwise.

        • ccrows

          “This is Call of Duty. If you don’t like it, you can go fuck yourself”

          Forget my prev post, you get upset too easily… smh

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      Saw one dude that the IW looked great, but cause it was CoD, it was going to be horrible… welcome to gaming, folks.

    • Guywithbrains

      People in the Youtube comment section are already hating it. They think they are funny with comments like “Halo destiny battlefront ops 4!”.

      I am not surprised but it makes me feel angry for Infinity Ward.

      • ccrows

        Here’s the thing, “Current IW” has yet to prove themselves.

        MW3 – They needed Sledgehammer and Raven’s help.

        Ghosts – So bad that they needed to use gimmick characters like MM, Pred, Space Pirates, ETC to get them to the finish line. Also Teenah ignoring the community, and talking about her social life weekend instead, IMO was a giant middle finger to the community at times during Ghosts.

        ^ And BTW look at the IW Trailer, there’s Teenah once again putting herself into the game. IMO she just doesn’t get it. She wants to be an attention whore during the “Hype”, but completely “Turtles” when **** hits the fan.

        *sigh* With all that said. I DO WANT TO SEE IW SUCCEED, (honestly I do) but I can see why the community is upset with “Current IW” ATM…

        • Wait, Teenah put herself into the game?

        • DeadZombieGaming 12

          Yeah, good points, but they have gotten new talent from different studios like Naughty Dog after release of Ghosts.

    • waylay3r

      yeah watch the people who are claiming of “futuristic space shit” fanboy the shit out of mass efect andromeda when it comes out. (Btw Mass Effect is a brilliant gamae)

    • ccrows

      There’s a flip side to that coin, there’s more people that are buying this game “Because it has CALL OF DUTY in the name”…

    • TalesOfPersona

      No they wouldn’t.

      The graphics look incredible dated. The storyline looks ripped straight from Halo: CE, which is almost 15 years old at this point. The only reason this game will sell is due to COD4.

      Infinite Warfare would have been absolutely murdered sales wise if they were separate releases, no one wants to play this shit. Activision hasn’t put out a good COD game in about five years. But delinquent teens such as yourself fail to realize that.

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk] EA DICE are pathetic, they’re salty because of how bad Battlefront was. “2010 graphics” my ass.

  • Icarus

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  • Red.P90

    It’s funny how people are like, “I’m only buying this for cod 4.” But then you’ve probably haven’t even played cod 4. I’ve been playing cod since cod 3 on the mother fucking wii xD, and I’ve adapted. Don’t get me wrong, AW was one of if not the worst cods in the franchise, but it wasn’t terrible, it was just the ‘worst.’ This cod looks great so far, and I bet the multiplayer will be great too. Bo3 isn’t bad, the hitdetection and lag compensation is utter bs, but when everything works it becomes a truly wonderful game. Trust me, I’m just as excited as most of you are for cod 4, but then (for those of you that have played it) you will come to realize it’s all nostalgia. I went back to play cod 4 on the pc a while ago and it was the most basic game ever! Cod 4 now is literally a browser fps flash game XD. So many games are based off the cod 4 formula because of it’s success and cod 4 now is just boring. I’ll play the remaster and let the nostalgia sink in, but when it’s gone it’s gone. I just hate it when people don’t let themselves have their own opinions and just let others think for them. Here’s a tip, be yourself, don’t let others choose what you should think, or who you should be. I have a feeling IW has done a great job with this game. I’m hyped!

    • GamerTag: Robustss

      I totally agree with this so many people won’t have even of played it and are jumping on the bandwagon. Iv’e been playing every single one since Cod 1 on Pc and I’m 26 this month. Sure it’s something everyone has wanted for a while but no doubt when it finally arrives people will be left disappointed

    • Harmeet Khosa

      You’ve hit the nail on the head. Yesterday I spotted a kid who truly looked in his profile pictures as if he was about 13 at most. He was calling other people ‘kids’ (kinda ironic) and was telling them to kill themselves for saying IW was actually looking pretty good. He also said that he’s only buying it for cod 4 remastered… somehow I doubt he played cod 4 at all. Like you said, people aren’t letting themselves have their own opinions on IW. I can almost guarantee that if it didn’t have the ‘Call of Duty’ label, people would be saying IW looks great. Which it does, IMO. However, if I watched the trailers for cod 4 and IW side by side without knowing they were ‘Call of Duty’ games, I’d have to say that IW has the edge.

    • ScOott

      Just shows u how the Cod community are split on this, u lot are acting just as stupid as the people downvoting.. We know nothing about multilplayer and half of u have all ready got ur dick up iw ass and the other half are already chucking their copy of IW in the bin, ur both pathetic..

      If people want to be cautious and not fall for the hype like ur self then let them, ur the one who has more chance of being disappointed basing ur decision off a trailer..

      • Drank Bleach

        I don’t get it, some are already saying this will be the best cod, What? I already see the same people being disappointed 1 week after launch saying this game is shit, wtf Infinity Ward!!
        For me, I really didn’t get hyped for IW when I saw the trailer, so I’m going in with low expectations.

        • ScOott

          Yh im on the fence at the minute, I just had to butt in, when I see some guy “having a feeling IW has done a good job” so he’s “hyped” and that everyone else is just a sheep who can’t think for them self’s because they don’t agree with his opinion…

          • Red.P90

            Seems you didn’t comprehend what I said. I never said if you don’t agree with me that you are immediately a ‘sheep.’ I said just to start thinking for yourselves and not let others mold your opinion in another direction good or bad. You also said let “people want to be cautious and not fall for the hype like yourself.” Sorry to be aggravated but you are what’s wrong with the cod community. There are so many young teenagers and kids who automatically jump on the bandwagon because their favorite YouTuber said something. Go to the trailer on YouTube, and click on all the profiles that project hate towards the game in the comments. And you’ll sometimes see, who your dealing with and tell how old they are sometimes by the amount of Minecraft you tubers they’re subscribed to xD. And the reason I’m hyped is because It’s been three fucking years! Infinity Ward has grown baby. They even have a Naughty Dog Dev (Uncharted &The Last of Us Devs) on their team. They just partnered with a graphics company aswell. Sorry for this being so long.

            Scott, don’t preorder IW if you haven’t already. And you know what, don’t even buy the game when it comes out. Wait till Christmas just so you can see all your friends having fun. Then you having to ask your mom for a pencil and paper to write a letter to Santa for it.

          • ScOott

            And ur still at it, ur a moron dude.. Ur moaning at people telling others what to do, and at the same time ur telling me what I should be and not be doing..

            Ur acting like a kid just becuse everyone isn’t hyped for the next Cod.. Get a grip man, we are all entitled to our opinions.. I so happen to be waiting to form mine properly..

            U seen a trailer and ur fecking jizzing in ur pants, and u tell me I’m what’s wrong with the community lol..

          • Red.P90

            Using words like moaning and jizzing and then calling me a kid is hilarious. You don’t even quote me with evidence to prove what I’m ‘telling people what they should do.’ Also, yea, I am telling people what they should do, and that is to have their own opinion. Oh wait what, it seems you’re forming your own opinion. Literally what I ‘told’ people do. So to be fair there was no reason for your input. Stop being semi aggressive and chill bro. I’m not telling anybody to get hyped about IW. I said I was hyped about IW. It looks good so far and that’s “MY” opinion. Also read a little more, your vocabulary is terrible.

          • ScOott

            Ur missing the point, people have the right to be vocal about thinking the game is not looking good, and preferring cod4.. if that ends up being my opinion it doesn’t mean I’m following anybody, ur comment is out of place on here ur not talking to a bunch of kids on YouTube.. We are all capable of forming our own opinions..

          • Rav

            I mean no offense Scoot you’re saying all about people having their own freedom of opinion but yet whenever a person voices something different from yours, you start criticizing them. Like have you yet to support or like someone who is like “You know, I think this game could have potential”. That statement is not “sticking a dick up IW’s ass its just an opinion of what things could turn out. But I bet if I wrote that comment down on this forum people like you and others would immediately say how stupid I am and be mean. From what I read, in a completely unbiased POV, this man didn’t say anything provocative to you or anything else! He just said his opinion, and didn’t curse, and said things very handsomely and formally. And to clarify for you because I feel that this comment will come as an insult to you, I do not mean any form of disrespect for you from this comment. If you did not take this comment as an insult, then I am extremely sorry for thinking that you might have.

          • Red.P90

            Thank you for passively proving my frustration. I’m just gonna leave it here and not constantly tell Scott the same thing over and over again because he doesn’t get that I’m saying the exact same thing he’s trying to say. Thank you.

          • ScOott

            Honestly haven’t attacked anyones opinions of the game, cuz I’m not sure what my own are yet.. Ive already stated this game could have potential 🙂

          • Red.P90

            “Honestly haven’t attacked anyone’s opinions of the game.” I’m done with this dude. You’re the most hypocritical person I’ve ever engaged in a conversation with. Xd

          • ScOott

            If someone is being a dick then they deserve it.. XD I’m glad ur done with this dude.. Have a nice day..

          • Red.P90

            Just stop.

          • ScOott

            Lol.. U know I’m right man, still no response to my post..

          • Red.P90

            I responded to Rav which pretty much included my response to your post. You are saying the exact same thing I’m saying, and you fail to realize that.

          • ScOott

            How so lol?

            You: listen u lot if u don’t like the idea of the new cod then it’s probz not ur opinion and u should form ur own, I’m hyped for the new game

            Me: but we are all capable of forming our own opinions here, if It turns out I don’t like the new game it’s simply becuse I don’t like it, not because I’m some fecking sheep..

            This is how I’m seeing this, I don’t get where ur getting we are saying the same thing from..

          • Red.P90

            You just rearranged what I said to make it look in your way. Read what I said again please. Copy and Paste where I said what you’re telling me I said. Then we can go from there. I don’t know why I have to baby sit someone through this. Can someone please help with this dude.

          • ScOott

            I’m not on the post I’m just replying from my inbox, are u telling me u didnt say that? baby sit? This is the kind of talk that made me reply to u in the first place.

          • Red.P90

            No I didn’t say that, you should read it again later tonight. Baby sit shouldn’t have been used, sorry. It’s just I constantly have to tell and somewhat ‘guide’ you to what I’m saying. No offense perpetrated.

          • ScOott

            Lol maybe we should forget this whole thing and start a fresh.. Obviously some mix up, I apologise if its on my end.. It’s just how I read the original post..

          • Red.P90

            Yup, sounds great. Glad this situation came out positive.

          • a

            Exchange blow jobs already!

      • Michael Romo

        I’m personally open minded to every new CoD. Idk what people are complaining about; they haven’t seen any real gameplay yet

    • ccrows

      K, and I’ve been playing COD since COD2.

      Also people have been saying, “I’m only getting “X” Cod game just for zombies for years now.

      How are people that say “I’m only getting IW, because of COD4” any different than people saying “I’m only getting ‘X’ COD only for zombies?”

      Also comparing COD4 to a browser flash FPS? Really? OK give me a browser flash FPS that competes with COD4?…

      • Red.P90

        Yet if you find someone who said “I’m only buying this for X,” ask them if they’ve played any other game mode. Saying “I’m only buying this for X,” is pretty much a waste of words. You’re buying the game, and chances are you’re going to try other game modes then what you mentioned. So the people saying ‘I’m only buying this for cod 4’ are going to be playing IW. Also, you can visit and find fps flash games there, that have way more features then cod 4. Times moved fast, it’s been what, 9 years?

    • Iv played almost every cod game EVER including Cod4.

    • Wayne F Caviston

      I agree every year a new one comes out and people are always like this is going to be terrible and then they actually sit down and play and are like this is f*cking awesome one of the best ones ever

    • I started on CoD 3 on Wii as well lol

  • TheDemonOfHate

    Basically like Destiny’s Tower.

  • MurkN101

    Hopefully that ship can transport us directly into COD4.

  • RdJokr

    Now this is something I’d like to hear. Infinity Ward is really trying with this campaign.

    • Guywithbrains

      I’m just glad we are getting cinematic story driven campaign back.


      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        Shooting galleries? You mean ACTUAL gameplay? At least BO3 feels like a game for once.

  • JKamaea

    According to the Call of Duty Store. SCAR apparently stands for Special Combat air Recon (SCAR)

  • Lohkas

    This game looks great if were talking about a new scifi series. I’m just concerned about the fact that its trying to be passed off as a call of duty. Obviously its gonna have the basic call of duty feel and play style were used to, but its advanced to the point that it barely resembles the original call of duty we began with. I’m all for change, and I’m still going to play (and probably enjoy) this game because it looks like a great concept, but I really wish we could could go back to an older setting.

  • ToonToons22

    Funny how most of everyone here wants to learn more about this game now, but 1 month ago, those same people claimed that IW was trash. Is this what they call the COD Cycle?

    • LovekillerX

      People can change their opinion. But yet again I think people will bash Infinity Ward after honeymoon phase.

    • J4MES

      The COD cycle is basically a load of people moaning for months on end, the trailer then gets released, rage turns into blinded hype, people then pre-order, people get the game and two weeks later they hate it, moan again and then moan about the upcoming game and how they will never buy Call of Duty ever again. People also whine about supply drops before buying a shedload so you can add this trait to the cycle.

      Activision well and truly has people in their pockets and it’s sad to see the same people fall into the same trap year after year after year after year after year.

      • LovekillerX

        Can’t blame Activision for knowing what they do. They even get haters to buy their game and that my friend is some skill in marketing.

        • J4MES

          Yep. I don’t like them but their business is just slick. Even when the franchise is struggling; they find ways to milk money out of people from nothing. The Legacy Edition which is required to play MW:R is another fine example of business brains and how to create revenue streams out of nothing and forced expenditure. People who aren’t even interested in IW will be forced to buy it for the privilege of playing MW:R and pay over the odds for it. Activision wins again even if IW fails.

    • ccrows

      “Most of Everyone?”

      IDK what that even means…

  • LovekillerX

    So this works like safehouse? Hopefully this time my story progress won’t be reseted to Singapore after loading my save…

  • lunator100hd .

    Sounds like it will be destroyed at some point in the campaign.

    • lunator100hd .

      Looks amazing, i cant wait.

    • What you looking at?

      hahaha funny 🙂


    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      That terrible Battlefront game?

  • Infinity Flawed

    nearly 100,000 dislikes on the official Infinite Warfare trailer. IW may as well cancel the game and just give us Modern Warfare Remastered instead. This is gonna do worse that Ghosts..

    • lunator100hd .

      99% of those guys dont even know why they dislike.

      • LovekillerX

        They are going to buy it anyways and complain later.

        • lunator100hd .

          Yeah thats the most funny part.

  • crazysteve811

    I hate when people trash Call of Duty just because it’s becoming more and more futuristic. If it’s in the future then there is a story to make with new and original ideas. If we stuck with World War 2 and etc. then it will get old. I’m a fan of all Call of Duty games even Ghosts and I’m hyped for this one. I already got the legacy pro edition.

  • Ak74u

    And people were telling arguing with me that they didn’t steal ideas, they stole zombies from treyarch and their campaign/ multiplayer will be advanced warfare 2.0

    • Ak74u

      Almost forgot

    • lunator100hd .

      First, zombies is not treyarch’s idea, they have said it will be something comletely different with its own storyline so i dont see any stealing also im pretty sure the multiplayer will be nothing like AW since IW can do way better hit detection and lag comp than the other 2 developer teams. Lastly the campaign gets a brand new story with new characters and plot, again i dont see how will be the same with AW( Oh wait they both have a black guy so it must be the same lol).

      • as far as i’m aware of it zombies was treyarch idea ….

        • lunator100hd .

          No it never was, they were just the first cod developers that used zombies as a co-op mode, that dosent mean it belongs to them.

        • What you looking at?

          who cares?? idc who is stealing from who. all i want is it to be good

        • GinsuVictim

          Someone better tell Haiti.

  • ŁŸRØ

    Yup it’s a semi open world I call it and I’m buying iw cause it seams new and btw people you guys do now it’s a three year process and that they started working on it three years ago so they can’t change it in a couple of months and make a new game like wtf

  • Same as bo3