Speaking with Forbes, Activision’s Rob Kostich (Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Call of Duty franchise) has revealed some new information about the reasonings behind bringing back Call of Duty 4.

Activision deciding to bring back Call of Duty 4 came from hearing fan feedback, and with Infinity Ward’s new title coming this year, it was the perfect time to do so.

“We’ve heard the community loud and clear the last couple of years,” said Rob Kostich. We thought it would be a perfect opportunity to celebrate Call of Duty and the community, where we’re going and where we’ve been and bring it together in one package. From an overall offering, an overall value proposition, I think what we’re giving to the community this year is frankly unprecedented in Call of Duty history”.

But in order to get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered players must buy the Legacy or Digital Legacy (or higher) editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Kostich said that the team at Activision is not worried about players playing Modern Warfare Remastered more than Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Infinity Ward’s studio head, Dave Stohl, also made that point in the interview, stating that players get two different games in one bundle.

“It was important for us to be authentic to what fans want,” Kostich told me. He isn’t worried that players may spend more time playing more Modern Warfare multiplayer than Infinite Warfare. “We’re thrilled they’re going to be playing a lot of Call of Duty this year,” he says.

“If you think about it, basically they scratch two different itches,” Stohl adds. ”You’re gonna scratch the kind of more nostalgia Modern Warfare itch with the remaster, but all the kinda cool new stuff in Infinite Warfare is really exciting too. Obviously the Infinite Warfare experience is big with all the new bells and whistles, but it’ll be fun to go back to Modern Warfare multiplayer as well.”

SOURCE: Forbes

  • tarfeef101

    They shouldn’t be worried. Just happy.

  • Eric H

    Aw man the news is getting better and better about the remaster. I’m genuinely happy.

  • Good to know. Hopefully they won’t shaft the MWR servers to prioritize Infinite Warfare

  • Red.P90

    Glad that activision and infinity ward are ignoring the YouTube comment section full of minecrafters.

    • Valenfield

      you mean, MAINKRAFTERS*

  • Thomas the Tankswag

    Hopefully playercount is back so we can find the populated game modes for the first few months before it becomes standalone.

  • TheHorror

    They’re going to sabotage COD 4 somehow, I fucking know it

    • Rorke File

      I’m having a feeling to about this.

    • Johtoboy

      They’re going to sell the rest of the remastered maps as DLC. Same planned obsolescence as other games, even though it’s a remake.

    • Supply drops. “Oh look, I got a new perk!” That would be fucking stupid though lol. 😛

    • DeadArashi

      yer… 10 MP maps out of the original 16 in game and 4 dlc maps? What about the other 10 maps? Can anyone else smell DLC Remastered?

  • M0987

    I dont think they give a damn which of the two is played more as long as people are playing it then they are happey

  • @Ozeeyk

    Why will they be mad? They’re making more money with the extra money it costs for getting MW remastered

    • liam deuce

      they could buy legacy edition and then sell infinite warfare standalone and keep call of duty 4.

      • Scotty K

        you need your copy of IW to access the remaster. Nice try though.

        • Ak74u

          No you just need to buy IW and you get the code for cod4 and the moment I get it I’m selling back IW lol to gamestop

          • GinsuVictim

            I saw somewhere that you’ll access MWR from the IW menu, not stand-alone. Haven’t seen confirmation of that. (so much bullshit out there it’s hard to know what’s true)

          • Ak74u

            Nope that would be retarted to require a game disk to play another game. Never seen that happen before that’s like force locking it behind another game which is redundant

          • GinsuVictim

            Alice: The Madness Returns was required to play American McGee’s Alice remaster, a remaster that was never released individually.

          • Ak74u

            Well that’s some stupid shit right there forcing people to have a game they don’t want

          • fr4gbob

            Its not really any different to putting Zombies in, its just a side game on top of the main game, just like going through the menu to play Zombie mode, you would be able to go through the menu to play MW mode…

            You couldn’t play Zombies without the main game!

          • A third game mode and a entirely different game are not the same thing.

          • fr4gbob

            Its not really an entirely different game, its only part of one, Zombies could be considered an entirely different game too

            The whole thing could be played in a simulation deck on the spaceship, there are plenty of ways for it to make sense… plus, being actually part of Infinite Warfare, it would be much easier to integrate supply drops into it as they are no doubt already going to be in the game….

            If they made it standalone and put supply drops in, all the illogical kids out here would, instead of just not using them if they don’t like them, have another temper tantrum like they do over BLOPSIII

          • Zombies is just a third game mode. It always has been. Your comparison makes no sense

          • fr4gbob

            It makes perfect sense lol, you just don’t want to admit that its a possibility, suit yourself…. but it still could happen and shouldn’t be a shock if if does, personally, I think that’s exactly how they should do it, they are not releasing a full game, its only part of one and sticking it in the main game as an added bonus mode would be the best approach… if you want it as a stand alone, its been out for many years like that, go buy it, bet its real cheap now.

            But lets face it, no matter what they do, people are still going to bitch and moan….. cause that’s what the COD community are like, completely closed off to anything that doesn’t suit them at the time

          • No, it really doesn’t. Your comparison literally makes zero sense. You’re comparing a game to a third game mode. Zombies was never a full game. It’s always been the third mode co-op in Call of Duty.

          • fr4gbob

            again, not a full game…. and again, Zombies could be considered a full game, just because they have never released it as one, you are completely closed off to the idea of it being one lol…. but whatever floats you boat, Im obviously only guessing, incase you didn’t figure that out, but it definitely makes sense… whether you want to admit it of not, whether they do it of not, is a completely different beast…. but I hope they do, just to annoy all the COD moaners lol

          • Zombies can’t be considered a full game because once again, it was never a full game. It was always the co-op mode in Call of duty. So no, your comparison literally makes zero sense.

          • Ak74u

            Yeah it is because cod 4 used to be its own game it was never a “mode” unlike zombies which is just a co-op mode. We’re talking about an actual game that used to be on disk. It’s not a mode it was a game…

        • Vittorio D’Antuono

          Wrong, Cod4 Remaster will be inside the physical editions of IW as a download code. Once you type that in, you’re good to go. No need to have IW.

  • Dangelo95

    Which is why they’re only putting 10 maps on the remaster they can release the other maps later on and make some money for loss of sales on infinite warfare DLC

  • jordanxbrookes

    They better not fuck over the COD4 Remaster.

    • Rorke File

      This exactly confirms they will ad some micro-transactions. I have nog good feelings with this Bobby.

      • GinsuVictim

        Show me the words you think confirm micro-transactions so I can laugh at you heartily.

        • Rorke File

          The fact only 10 maps are coming and how confident they’re with the situation with more players on COD4.

          • Vittorio D’Antuono

            In fact, I hope they’ll be adding the missing 6 MP maps somehow, maybe through Infinite Warfare’s DLC packages. That wouldn’t be bad. As far as black market and supply drops go, I hope they won’t be bringing those into the Remastered multiplayer as well.

    • Ak74u

      Yeah no supply drop crap in cod 4 or any type of micro transactions i don’t want to see a ginger bread man in my beloved cod4

      • Code Elite

        There will probably be supply drops in infinite warfare, but not cod 4.

    • Vittorio D’Antuono

      If you were referring to black market / supply drops, I hope that as well. Technically-wise this Cod4 is incredibly promising, but if they’ll screw up the multiplayer everyone’ll be really upset. Let’s wait and see …

      • jordanxbrookes

        Any microDLC bullshit in general.

    • BigMacMan

      but CoD4 was already broken

      • Eddie Tupy

        yep, very broken. nades stuns glitches. does anyone remember that you could spam infinte stuns?

    • Mick

      I agree. If they add anything to this game to take away that nostalgia factor, and if it’s not well received, I’m going to be fucking pissed.

    • Eazymhd1402

      They are going too fuck it over some way, I know Activision they can be real fucking sneaks when it comes to shit like this

    • Ataraxy

      Its a remaster they wont add anything.

  • J4MES

    Activision wont be worried as they’re milking it on both fronts but Infinity Ward could end up rather embarrassed once again if their new game is outplayed by an old Call of Duty just like Ghosts with BO2.

  • Weed the People

    I didn’t play cod4 so I ain’t tripping I’m getting infinite warfare to play coz I’m and iw guy simple

  • CoDforever

    They shouldnt be worried either way. COD4 will NOT have more players then the new game, as much as you guys like to exaggerate that it would

    • The Flash

      i dont care either way but im intrigued to see whether this will be true

    • Especially since the base $60 game doesn’t include it. And most casuals don’t buy special editions

      • JJ13

        1 game for $60

        2 games for $80

        Only a moron wouldn’t spend an extra $20 for an amazing game.

        • Mark

          Only a moron would spend 80$ just to play the game that costs $20.

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      Is this the same guy who lied about saying that quickscoping wouldn’t be in Ghosts? Hope he puts that nerf hammer on the quickscopers in the remaster. I’d love to see the sniper bitches cry.

      • Bengal Tigger

        no please no, I like my snipers the way they were :'(

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          They could keep them the way they were, just without allowing quickscoping. FaZe and other sniping channels ruined CoD.

          • Eddie Tupy

            youll see more camping then

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Why’s that?

          • Jabari Kenyatta

            “youll see more proper usage of sniper rifles”

            Fixed that for you.

          • Eddie Tupy

            you want proper usage of snipers? play a non arena shooter.

          • Bengal Tigger

            I loved quickscoping but I wasn’t one of those fucking FaZe faggots or sniping clans, Yh they did ruin CoD but it was funny to troll the shit out of them back in the old one’s. Now I don’t see any humor on CoD no more.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            I’m still good at quickscoping lol. I think sniper “clans” ruined CoD, yet I can snipe just as well as they can lmao, is that hypocritical of me?

          • Bengal Tigger

            nah, it’s not hypocritical

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Good lol, I can’t stand snipers in CoD with a passion.

      • Nonversation

        Get a life nobody gives a shit about what u have to say

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          Says you and other trolls out there.

          • Guest

            Trolls? Objectively speaking, you don’t know you come off as a sort of a jerk? Even if you aren’t. Just reading your responses in this article you come off as a psuedo intellectual while everyone else is just discussing a videogame

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            How the hell is that objective? “Pseudo-intellectual” and you’ve contributed to the conversation, how? Stop insulting my intelligence.

          • Guest

            Do you not know what objectively means? It means as someone not for or against you you come off as a jerk. To contribute to the conversation, new COD is getting so much hate that it almost HAS to be better than we think even if it’s 2/10. Sort of how B v S was pooped on so much so when you see it it’s like, “it’s not THAT bad.. I think COD4 being back will be awesome of course. Sorry to bother you.

          • Jabari Kenyatta

            Way to be a dick rider.

      • Eddie Tupy

        oh god, if they do that you ll whine about camping snipers while you run around with mp5

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          Camping snipers are less rage-inducing than quickscopers beating you at close-range when you put a full clip into them.

          • Sandraganderson

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          • NoComment

            I’m sorry that your skill level consists of you losing at close range to a sniper using the Mp5…

          • BradyAlucard

            Skill in a casual game? Sorry that you don’t understand the point of my 7-month-old comment.

    • Ak74u

      What makes you think that? People still play cod 4 and waw on PC today

    • Bob Loblaw

      It’s possible, this is the first year since 2007 that we will have a competitive arena shooter, a competitive 3rd person shooter, and a solid progression based shooter. And yes, I’m aware that GoW was first released in 2006 and no I’m not referring to Halo as it’s no longer an arena based shooter.

    • awesome_farts

      The remaster is only exclusive to higher end editions. The concept of doing that will already put the remaster in ‘less’ circulation at launch. But it has won a following more loyal than the following won of the more recent releases.

      And if the current ones were remastered in the future and bundled the same way…. I doubt they would have the same impact IMO.

    • Sexy Mcgee

      Kostich said that the team at Activision is not worried about players playing Modern Warfare Remastered more than Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare:

      “We’re gonna phuck both games up so hard nobody’s going to want to play either one.”

    • Static_Oz

      I bet 1 year after Infinite Warfare & Cod4 release more people will be play Cod4. There is just something special about that game (cod4)

      • Jonathan Myers

        Ya ur right static, there is something special about it, it’s the fact that people actually DIE when you shoot them! Now there is so much BULLSHIT that goes on within each game unless you have host. Even then you still get bullshit. Idk how the developers gave fucked it up so much over the years (i happen 2 think that there is way 2 much shit the game has to process within each game now that they have all this flying and thrusts and speacialist and moving camos etc, and i think that is a majpr reason for alot of the lag within the games) .And for some reason you can’t rape like u use to in all the old dutys all the way up to Bo2, unless u go super try hard evergame. Thats competitively and pubs. The game makers will say that it is beacuse it’s balanced. And that’s bullshit. It’s just a completly diffrent game now. The simplistic boots on the ground 95% gunskill duty of old is what it’s all about and what made It what it is now. Can’t wait 2 go back to that and start going like 30-2 every game again. I bet at least 75% of the duty population now is gunna completely suck ass at it. I’m meaning the newish type cod players. They ain’t gunna have there gay ass thrusters/jetpacks/Whatever the fuck else has made duty gay.

    • Buster Brown

      Dude you are clueless. Here is some facts for ya. The votes and poles are in from many youtubers fans and the overwhelming majority of this community is just done with future science fiction. Take a good long look at the like -v- dislike ratio of the IW trailer video on youtube. Here is some more facts for ya. At any given time you could find more players online on Blops2 then AW or Ghost combined, why do you think they started hiding the player count. Heck there could be more people on Blops2 then Blops3 right now but we will never know because the player count is still gone. With the remasterd MW game just about everyone who played that game thinks it’s the best COD ever and then the rest of the community have never played it so its like a new game to them. I would bet everything thing I own that within a month of release you will see this community shift over to COD 4. You might be a part of that 1% that likes the science fiction future stuff but your highly outnumbered kid sorry.

      • CoDforever

        1) Bo3 was set in the far future, had advanced movement, was still the best selling game of the year. Did people buy it because it came with cod4? No.

        2) Bo3 is right now the #1 most played game on xbox live and has been for the past 8 months, ever since launch. Its above insanely popular games like GTA, The division, Minecraft, Halo, Destiny, FIFA 16 etc

        3) What does the dislike ratio have to do with anything? Lets be honest, 90% of those dislikers are probably gonna buy the game anyway and how many of those dislikers came from the same IP addresses? Because lets be honest, most of the dislikers joined in on the dislike train after they saw everyone commenting about it. The trailer initially had way more likes then dislikes.

        4) And I would bet everything that way more people will be playing IW over cod4. 90% of cod fans are CASUAL players (as in, they dont comment about cod on the internet) and want something NEW. I asked all of my casual friends that play cod regularly and they said they would like it if Bo3 movement came back. These are also not the type of people that come on the internet and talk about cod on forums etc.

        • JJ13

          Every one of your “friends” that want the bo3 movement need a nice hard slap in the back of the head. With a truck.

          • CoDforever

            Or you could just play cod4 if you hate bo3 movement so much ..

      • Sbace Man

        You know who else was outnumbered? The people who liked CoD as the generic modern war shooter that everyone complained it was. “Oh it’s a clone every year it never changes it’s all the same.”
        Anyone who said they were fine with that was a minority.
        And yet now that things have changed everyone’s whining back for the old stuff.
        Infinite Warfare may have dislikes on social media, but that’s like saying Bernie Sanders is going to win the Democratic nomination and go on to win the Election because social media says they like him a lot.
        The reveal trailer has 11 million views, only 700k of that is dislikes and 200k, rounded down on both, is likes. That means of 11 million people, only 700k disliked it right? You know how stupid that sounds. You shouldn’t gauge social media for how much a game is liked and you clearly failed math if you think the people who like science fiction are the 1%. And even if the community is done with science fiction, should the market really devolve back into the boring modern war pit it had become? Clone after clone of people shooting each other in middle eastern land or defending their home from terrorists with no variation.
        The problem is the community, not the developers this time around. Every year CoD gets more new people to buy it because every year it grows away from that cycle everyone hated.
        Why bother pleasing the old community who can never decide on what they want and does nothing but whine, when you can build a new one on people who like the content you’re making?

    • mr lol

      nu-male little kid who likes the new COD’s confirmed

      get outta here go do your homework

      • JJ13

        I think that’s the point. If IW caters to the shitty players in Infinite Warfare, then all the kids that love the recent CoD games will hate MW.

        We need to be realistic here. Shitty kids that spray with SMGs from across the map far outnumber those of us that loved that you actually had to aim in MW and MW2.

    • Mike Wilson-Barrett

      Really? Everybody is slating how awful the BETA is. Here is a direct quote from one. “Now I know why they’re forcing you to buy IW to get COD4 – It’s ‘cos IW is bloody awful!”

      • CoDforever

        People also said that zombies would have more players than MP last year with bo3, come on now.

  • KernosT

    Yea you pay 80$ yo get CoD4 so I’m sure they don’t give a fuck what you play. They already got the cash from you. “Very thrilled” they are.

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    If you think the COD4 remastered is going to launch smoothly you are crazy. How is separating the player base between their new game and the remaster a good thing. RETARDED!!!! If you buy this piece of shit just to play a game you played the fuck out of 9 years ago you are a glutton for punishment!!! 3 year dev cycle for this shit!!!!

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      Remasters do not take THAT long.

      • GinsuVictim

        Especially hurts his argument that Raven Soft did the remaster anyway. It took nothing away from this year’s title other than players, but that’s fine. There’s plenty of us.

  • Mario Rivera

    The majority of people don’t and/or can’t pay for enhanced editions of video games. Of course the lure of COD4 might reel in alot of the ppl that usually stick to the $60 version of COD but still… While $100 for cod 2016, cod4 and the season pass via the digital deluxe edition is honestly a epic bargain I’m definitely planing to take full advantage of, the fact that its exclusive to the few that do buy the $80+ editions of the game actually makes me wonder if COD4 remaster servers are gonna be dead/TDM only shortly after arrival. The install base for current gen is good for its age and all but i wouldn’t say its in 1 out of 10 homes just yet lol. Then amongst that install base u obviously have division as well such as: how many of them are getting COD in the 1st place? how many of them are not only getting cod but also dropping $80+ on it? how many of those people are actually going to play it online at least once a week if at all? When u consider these factors, the notion that COD 2016 being outplayed by COD4 is ridiculous to say the least lol.

    • Jay Walker

      Don’t let Activision fool you, MW: Remastered WILL be available to purchase separately…it just won’t be until after the new year. They’ll want to rake in as much Legacy Edition money as they can before they sell it on it’s own, and this is one way to get people that only want MWR to buy Infinite Warfare as well.

      • Mario Rivera

        I don’t doubt that as being a highly probable scenario at all but as far as the 1 year lifespan of cod is concerned, everything i said pretty much stands. We MAY see it release alone as early as 6 to 8 months after release but it might just be a afterthought by then lol. I was planning to buy COD digitally with season pass for $100 just as i do every year anyway so having a remastered COD4 thrown in with for the same price is honestly a very pleasant and welcome surprise from a company thats usually trying to nickel and dime the hell out of us with various forms of micro-transactions. It does suck that its currently exclusive to the bundles but i can at least appreciate the bundles being very reasonable for those planning on buying COD 2016 anyway.

  • Deadpool

    If IW is ultra futuristic and has advanced movement in the MP, I won’t be playing it much, because I’ll be enjoying some old school boots on the ground game play in MW.

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      You will play it for a couple of months bro… and then you staph

  • MurkN101

    “It was important for us to be authentic to what fans want”

    • xlogiclv

      game hasn’t even came out yet

    • Sentinel

      This is the new trend that’s been going around implying that “everyone” is buying the Legacy Edition to play COD4…like nah, speak for yourself. & the game hasn’t been out yet like tf? lol

      • MurkN101

        The last 3 Call of Duty games have been shit, albeit varying levels of shit, some not as stinky as the others, but it’s gotten to the point where we just have to assume the worst and hope for the best.

        • Sentinel

          Too bad, you still bought and played the last 3 games the & yeah, buy the legacy edition just for COD4…you still going to play Infinite Warfare and proceed to talk shit.

  • Stefan Lang

    Cause that means MP is going to be good with IW and I for one will be playing IW regardless.

  • Drank Bleach

    Them saying they’re not worried sounds worry some for us, now I’m more concerned that the rest of the maps for cod4 will be dlc. At the end of the day it is Activision.

  • jrnotaloka

    Get your wallets out supply drops incoming

  • jahladagaming

    The fact that only 10 multiplayer maps are coming is fishy. Don’t believe what the suits say. BLOPS 3 supply drops were going to only have cosmetic items but they saw the money making potential and that “promise” soon changed. The missing COD 4 multiplayer maps will more than likely come in paid for supply drops or some other way that requires payment. Once we find out the real deal with the remaster then I might consider getting it, but it’ll be well after we really know what’s going on. Ideally fans should boycott the Legacy edition and demand that COD4 comes on the standard disc. Many of us have already bought that game (the best COD) so don’t make us pay for it again.

  • Slothigans

    Of course their not worried cause you have to fuckin buy it along with the new one!!! So it’s a win win for them. It’s another story if it were two separate items.

  • Mike Parker

    Have to purchase another game to play the one the community is voting for? When will the gouging stop? Just another marketing ploy to make money. BTW, Battlefield 5 comes out in Oct and set in WWI. Just saying….

    And before anyone replies, I’ve been a COD fan for over 8 yrs and season pass owner for each.

    • Sentinel

      So what if it is a marketing ploy…I think is genius from a business perspective! Judging on how poorly Ghosts sales were, it’s the best way to secure this year installment sales knowing the “high” demand for a remastered. This is the world today and Activision have been doing it for quite a while now. So get with it ’cause they aren’t coming down to your level. Don’t act like you wouldn’t do the same if you were on their side of the table. For those who still bitch about it to this date, there’s a subway where you can “have it your way”.

      Btw, hopefully BF5 is set on the WW1, after playing the Vietnam DLC I’ve been interested on the stuff they can actually get in to.

      • Mike Parker

        I understand what you’re attempting to say, but the fact is players are beginning to throw their hands up at the nickel & dime price tags to play the game. I hope COD sustains their customer base and things work out. I for one will not be following this cost strategy by purchasing the game. My choice! I’m very interested to see how this game plays out and would love to come back to COD next year.

        • Sentinel

          Yeah at the end of the day we still getting COD4 Remastered! & true, me and my squad are ready to take on the next BF!

    • Valenfield

      Those are just rumors.
      It’s not know if it’s trully set in WWI or not plus,on the timer ea has putted on, BF5 kinda gives me a feel of Modern Era because of the background it’s using…

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      This guy doesn’t know what a rumour is… Oh well… CoD community is dumb as a rock.

  • Guys look im sorry but im probably going to be playing Infinite Warfare mostly

  • ccrows

    I’m calling BS on what was said here.

    If more people are playing COD4, sure Activision will be happy to cash the checks, but IW would bring them more money…

  • The gamer

    Says they are giving gamers what they want in the bundle. Gamers say they don’t want a bundle. Those two lines seem crossed. They are worried, it’s pretty obvious.

    • DeadArashi

      they’re just trying to boost sale figures, if they released both separately it would become too apparently that no one gives a flying fuck about the new CoD games. It’s a dying franchise and they’re trying to revive the skeleton of the horse they have been flogging since it died 4yrs ago after Black Ops II

  • GFY

    The best of both worlds and the community still finds reasons to bitch and complain. The problem isn’t COD anymore. The problem is this whiny fan base acting like petulant children. For gods sake, they are video games. Enjoy them.

    • Sentinel

      True & whoever ate a videogame has some serious issues…sike! I gotchu lol

      • GFY

        Lmao autocorrect struggles bro!

        • Sentinel

          It happens lol

      • awesome_farts

        Did they eat it with some respek on it 1st?

    • DeadArashi

      except that you’re forced to pay more in order to get the one you want… best of both worlds my fucking ass. The problem isn’t CoD… not the “whiny fan base”… it’s the fuck that Activision are money hungry cunts that require CoD4 remastered to boost their sale figures for a game that would otherwise fail… I mean, Infinity Ward are even taking Treyarchs thunder by bring zombies to their game…

      This screams final effort to salvage a sunken franchise that died after Black Ops II

      • Marc Grierson

        died after bo2? dude your fucking nuts. BO3 $550 million in sales in 3 days but yeah sure its dead lmfao!! This screams giving people what they asked for and being conservative as to not overshadow the game the team has been working 3 years on (hence the bundle) Here’s a point, don’t like it? Don’t fucking buy it and actually make a stand but we both know the only stand you will be taking is first in the queue waiting for your copy.

        • DeadArashi

          Yer, first in line for my copy of MW remaster. Taking that out and trading in IW before I even leave the counter. If there was the fucking option of getting MW remastered by itself i would but Activision has so little faith that they need to force it out with IW just to make sure sales are maintained. If that doesnt give you an indication of what the game will be like then I fear for your intelligence

          • Marc Grierson

            You fear for my intelligence yet your a sheep that has watched 1 trailer and already knows the ins and outs of the game hahaha!! Your a bandwaggon jumping keyboard warrior and nothing more to me! xD
            Activision scared of losing sales are you retarded? Its call of duty it will sell like hot cakes like every year, even when the sales are low they eclipse the majority of the launches throughout the year, we both know MWR is being sold separate later down the line they might be bundling to not only gain more sales but to make sure the game their dev has worked on actually gets a look in (see I said maybe? That’s because its all speculation stop acting like you have cold hard facts)
            Dude I like the exo movement and BO3 movement is even better so I have no issue with “what this game will be like” I know I will enjoy it its my kind of thing and MWR to keep the BOTG is an even better sweetener.
            We get people like you evry single year “oh it will flop, it wont sell, it will be terrible” yet people still buy it. Why? Because they fucking enjoy it. Simple as that. Stop making wild stories up in your head because you aren’t feeling the new cod, as I have stated before don’t buy it (even though you’ve already said you are, regardless of whether you are trading it in you are still buying the game haha!) Happy Thursday 🙂 Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      • jooker-jr

        Think about it, if Activision made MW a standalone game then no one would buy IW, is it the best way to deal with it ? No, but games are a big business now, and they want money.

        And TBH, the deal is not bad at all, you’re getting COd4 for 20 DOLLARS !

        I can’t believe I’m saying this but, Good job Activision !

        • DeadArashi

          $30 AUD… not bad for a game… if I didn’t have to pay the extra $100aud for something I don’t want. Good job? have you not seen what the IW trailer likes to dislikes are at right now? Infinite Warfare is actually going to be the number one failure of a game. Infinity Ward has finally killed the once great franchise that they created. If you can’t see that then you are the reason the Activision thinks they can keep getting away with this shit

          • jooker-jr

            Dislikes == a poor game, and tbh, of you think that battlefield won ( no pun intended) because of the likes on YouTube and the dislikes of IW, then I personally think you not a good video game player; because you literally judged two games based on CGI and few seconds of gameplay.

            If you want to judge the game, judge it when the gameplay trailer launch.

          • DeadArashi

            You do know that people have played BF1 and that have said that when was shown in the trailer can be done in-game and that the graphics of the trailer were what they were on Xbox One…

            Both trailers might have been cinematic but on CoD was CGI while BF was done in cinematic style to represent what can be done in-game,.. And I’m judging them based on the fact that one’s set in WWI while the other is the prequel to Halo

          • jooker-jr

            Well, propel are playing IW right now, and they will say that it will be awesome, will believe them ?

            And many propel played ghosts before the launch and they said it’s awesome, and that wasn’t completely true for 99% of the community.

            Mwny people said that BF4 awesome, and look how it launched
            I’m not saying that you shouldn’t listen to anyone, but people’s talk isn’t always accurate.

            And there’s a BIG difference between in-game footage and in-engine footage, both gameplay and graphics wise.

            And just because a game is futuristic, doesn’t mean it will be bad.

        • Mark

          your not getting Cod 4 for $20. Yur getting it for $80. You arent going to touch Infinite Warfare if your a MW fan. Your basically buying a full AAA game for no reason and going to let it collect dust.

    • Wraith

      Video games that require my money. Best of both worlds but some people only want one half. If all I want is CoD4, I can’t get just CoD4. I need to pay an extra 80$ (CAD) for IW, which I don’t even want. Now, if it turns out to be utterly amazing against all my expectations then I’ll reconsider my decision, but for now $110 CAD (not to mention $60 for DLC, which probably has the rest of the CoD4 maps attached to them) to relive some nostalgia does not sound like a great deal to me.

  • Elektrobanq

    I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but if you are a Prime Member on Amazon and pre-order the Legacy Edition, you will only have to pay $63.99. Just a heads up. I apologize if someone else already posted this.

    • Sentinel

      I have the gamers unlocked with best buy. I think it’s a great deal!!

  • Michael Romo

    Dude, everyone is going to play COD 4 for like, two months and then get tired and go to IW because IW has way more to offer.

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      And then say ”wait, i think i have played cod 4 before”

    • JJ13

      You must still be in middle school.

  • VenomSnake421

    “It was important for us to be authentic to what fans want,” even though we are forced to buy a garbage game to play another one bundled with it.

    • lunator100hd .

      Only that you dont know if the game is garbage or not.

      • VenomSnake421

        The game won’t be have boots on the ground, so it’s automatically bad to ME, AW sucked, BO3 sucked, and this will suck too, think again before you say something stupid.


    it dont matter how many of you hate it..or how many likes and dislikes the youtube videos get..this game will break all previous cod records to date primarily because of the marketing masterminds behind it. infinite warfare will be the best selling cod to date.

  • »-(¯`v´¯)-»Belladonnia

    They are waaaaaaaay to comfortable with that. They have something up their sleeve.

  • DeadArashi

    Of course they aren’t worried which game people play, the cunts get our money regardless. Fucking listen to consumer feedback my fucking ass. If they really listened they would be giving it as a standalone game or in a MW Collection with MW2 & 3 instead of another futuristic bullshit that no one wants.

    And only 10 of the MP maps from CoD4 are coming back? Prepare your wallets guys, you will have to pay for DLC to get the rest of them.

    Yer nar, they can fuck off with their $130aud price tag, the only reason they are doing this is because they know CoD is a dead franchise and to prove that it’s still alive they are forcing one of the best CoD games into a bundle with a piece of shit just to boost sales figures.

    “It was important for us to be authentic to what fans want,” – Kostich… yer fuck off cunt, They haven’t done what a fan wants in years. Just keep flogging the dead horse. The most useless, money hungry cunts of a company I have ever seen. Even when they do listen to the fans they still fuck up and go against them

    • jooker-jr


  • GamerTag: Robustss

    Be funny if it came out and it was all hacked lobbies for authenticity

  • Bob Loblaw

    People seem to forget how broken Call of Duty 4 was, many will be smacked in the face by this and the population will fall. I can’t wait to get my first hatemail for wall banging in SnD or for throwing 3 grenades at the start of a round.

    • JJ13

      So according to you, CoD4 was “broken” because you played like a pussy. That makes sense.

    • Bob Loblaw

      Hey hermano

  • Gurshaan87

    They will just Fuck up cod 4 on purpose so people play Infinite Warfare.

  • Eddie Tupy

    i wouldve bought both anyway since i like games and i like cod

  • awesome_farts

    Did shipment and kill house make the cut for the remaster?

  • Wraith

    Of course not, because IW is attached to CoD4. And the rest of the CoD4 maps are likely attached to the IW DLC. T_T

  • yer da’s a cow

    guys guys guys … stop arguin about whats gonna be played more.1st and foremost …. who cares??????? secondly obviously unless you really are that retarded and pay all this money to go backwards first then IW will be played most.(atleast for the 1st 4/5 months) ive never played COD4 so cant comment on the game but i do know i will be buying one of the packages that has MWR but no i wont be going near the game until i have maxed out on IW.or unless IW is as bad as ghosts was.worst game ever and im not just talking about the call of duty franchise. im talkin ever in the history of gaming.

  • AJ Knitter

    If they weren’t worried they’d sell MW seperately

  • Hecz ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    O rly? Then sell CoD 4 MW Remastered separately then

  • xEpykxZenGarden

    If they aren’t worried…. why can’t i buy just the cod4 remastered?

  • Jonathan Myers

    there is something special about cod 4, it’s the fact that people actually DIE when you shoot them! Now there is so much BULLSHIT that goes on within each game unless you have host. Even then you still get bullshit. Idk how the developers fucked it up so much over the years (i happen 2 think that there is way 2 much shit the game has to process within each game now that they have all this flying and thrusts and speacialist and moving camos etc, and i think that is a major reason for alot of the lag within the games) .And for some reason, even when you FINALLY get a game that’s not LAGGING OR BULLSHITTING, you can’t rape like u use to in all the old dutys all the way up to Bo2, unless u go super try hard evergame. Thats competitively and pubs. The game makers will say that it is beacuse it’s balanced. And that’s bullshit. It’s just a completly diffrent game now. The simplistic boots on the ground 95% gunskill duty of old is what it’s all about and what made It what it is now. Can’t wait 2 go back to that and start going like 30-2 every game again. I bet at least 75% of the duty population now is gunna completely suck ass at it. I’m meaning the newish type cod players. They ain’t gunna have there gay ass thrusters/jetpacks/Whatever the fuck else has made duty gay. N i mean I don’t HATE black ops 3, it’s the best 1 the past couple years, but it’s just not Duty….at all. I still rap at it. ( 2.45 k/d 9.0 win loss ratio) . But it’s not what the people want or WANTED. Look at the dislikes on infinite warfare. Most disliked game I’m history. Thats beacuse each year they keep going FURTHER AND FURTHER away from the foundations of what made duty the best shooter ever. Frankly I’m surprised the damaged foundations are still holding the building up.