Jacob Minkoff, Infinity Ward’s Design Director, has revealed in a new interview with IGN that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s campaign will feature side missions alongside the main story that will provide players with in-game rewards.

“As the captain of the UNSA Retribution, which is the carrier that you command, you can order it to go and engage in different missions in a non-linear order.”

The side missions will offer players in-game rewards and even add, optional more elements to the entire story. These side missions are all optional, and players can still play the entire campaign in the linear order as previous Call of Duty titles.

“We are telling a linear story, but along the way you can choose to attack targets of opportunity, and attacking those targets of opportunity will reward you with various items and progression and loot elements that will help you to accomplish the next main mission that you accept from command,” he added, noting they “will also reveal optional elements of the story.”


  • CyberWolf

    First! Now this sounds actually nice. I hope they’re better than Black Ops 2’s strike force missions.

    • Tramaine Tevis

      Imagine, a red tiger camo on your Jackal.

      • LovekillerX

        Oh my god. I hope it will have other customizable things like better weaponry etc.

    • I fucking LOVED them. I still replay them today.
      Big issue though is that your guys AI in that game was terrible, you could have 2 squads of 4 guys agaisnt 2 enemies in cover and 100% of the time the 2 guys won, dying after 10 minutes.

      It really forced you to do absolutely everything yourself in first person which effectively made the entire mode’s speciality worthless.

      If they just made more SFMs using DLC MP maps and made your troops more effective, it wouldve been a lot more fun.

      • Bengal Tigger

        I guess I’m the lone sheep who doesn’t even like it *sigh*

        • I guess i different from the average gamer. I can sit down and enjoy longer more serious things and have a lot more patience.

          When most people find something like Strike Force Missions bad, I can heavily immerse myself, which adds to the experience a lot more to me.

          Instead of a random soilder I suddenly am me, I gave personalities, talents, skills and I can interact with a given world and the situations on it as if I where really a soilder.

          It’s why little things like looking down and seeing your body, having your character talk and in cutscenes actually see my character is seriously appreciated by me, i feel like a actually body, a person instead of a floating pair of arms and literally nothing else.

          It’s why I can sit down and enjoy spec ops while most instant gratification multiplayer fans hate it and find it boring. I could care less that it’s assets are used in campaign and sometimes I’ll have to wait and watch a cutscene or something.

          Immersion and patiencee are serious factors that help me enjoy a game. I like to pretend that I’m say an actual character in a game and say, react the way the would.

          You know how when companies release gameplay of their games, they play all ” cinematicly ” ? They don’t run and ignore everything going around wanting to just kill more.

          I like the ” in between ” sections. For instance, check out the reveal of Induction for Advanced Warfare, you see how they stop and look at things from the hip while walking slowly? I LOVE doing that. It just, feels right.

          • Kozzi

            That. Was beautiful

      • Sandraganderson

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  • Riskninja

    Sounds like this game might actually have a good campaign

    • Michael Romo

      IW always makes good campaigns. Ghosts had a good campaign, even though the MP sucked

      • Riskninja

        Currently replaying MW3s campaign, 10x better than BO3 campaign

  • Axel Noir

    Hey guys. I am back and this place is still the same whine fest xD.

    • Bengal Tigger

      Hey man, Fuck you

      • Axel Noir


    • please go away

  • LovekillerX

    So here seems to be the cast of Infinite Warfare:

    – David Harewood is Sgt. Omar (Battlefield 3, Killzone Shadowfall)
    – Jason Barry has not yet been revealed (Titanic)
    – Eric Ladin has not yet been revealed (American Sniper)
    – Jamie Gray Hyder is Salter (True Blood)
    – Brian Bloom is Cpt. Nick Reyes (A-Team)

    • Aidan

      Fun Fact: Brian Bloom played Keegan in Ghosts.

      • Axel Noir

        And Yuri from MW3

        • Aidan


  • Brandon Joyce

    To my disbelief, all the comments as of this point are actually positive

    • Brandon Joyce

      Good job guys!

  • I doubt it will actually happen, they said the exact same thing for Ghosts and it never came in.

    If it really does come in though, I’ll be really happy about this.

    • That was Mark Rubin hyping up the game and making shit up. Those guys are professionalstill and know what they can accomplish.

      • It’s the first time they’ve just blatantly lied to us like that, though.

        • CoDforever

          what did they say?

          • During a interview I’m sure you can look up on YouTube, Mark Rubin said there would be ” Easter Eggish side missions ” that would reward you in the main story.

            Game comes out, nothing like that is in the game.

            Eventually during the games cycle he even quit.

          • CoDforever

            He was probably talking about extinction. Initially, to unlock it you had to beat the campaign.

          • He directly said campaign.

          • RdJokr

            He said something like “there would be items you find in each level that change the way you play”. There was definitely nothing like that.

        • Aidan

          Mark Rubin was a twat. These guys are from Naught Dog, so If they lie it’s gonna look pretty bad on their part.

          • CoDforever

            What did mark rubin lie about?

          • Aidan

            I’m not really sure. I just think he’s a twat XD

    • RdJokr

      They had 3 years to work on this. If this does not happen, IW can go suck some fat nuts.

    • that’s exactly what i thought

  • This is a great addition. Sounds like the three year development cycle paid off. Can’t wait!

  • What you looking at?

    This is actuely a good idea guys! hate or love the game u cant say this is a bad idea.

  • Thomas the Tankswag

    Wouldn’t believe it until they prove that its true. What happened to the side missions in ghosts?

  • Michael Romo

    Call of Duty: Infinite Mass Effect Warfare

    Not that I’m complaining. I always wanted a 1st person Mass Effect

  • Wraith

    Tfw you’re such a fanboy you’re impressed by side missions. A basic feature in most single-player modes. Hyped. o.0

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    DICE can go fuck themselves. Are they really that upset with how much they’ve failed with Battlefield 4? Infinity Ward should be laughing at them, because at least Ghosts was playable at launch. Just pathetic. http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2016/05/02/battlefield-devs-slam-call-duty-infinite-warfare-trailer-precious-2010-graphics/

    • Tested

      It’s not “Dice” It’s two people who work for dice who have the right to an opinion.

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        They represent DICE, and I don’t care what their “opinion” is. They’re acting unprofessional and they deserve to get ridiculed for the bullshit that they spew. Are they really that salty about how shit Battlefront was?

        • Tested

          “DICE Video & Media Editor” Hardly the top boys.. They have a right to voice there opinion, And stop with this battlefield vs cod crap, both are good.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Does it really even matter what position they’re in? No, they act like they know what they’re talking about, and they know damn-well what they’re doing. This kind of shit gets people fired. And you can’t force me to “stop” doing anything. Battlefield 4 was a broken ass game at launch, and BattleFRONT was terrible. Do I have every right to post MY opinion?

          • Tested

            Yeah you do have the right to post your opinion, however if you think that people should be fired from there job because they don’t like something about a game, They have a right to say what they like, people like you “cod vs battlefield” are not real gamers, i bet you also fight over console vs pc.. and last, you must be fun at party’s.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            I never said that they SHOULD be fired, even though I think it’d be ideal, I said that it could *get them* fired. I’m not like those assholes out there who thinks that people should lose their jobs because of some bias that I have. Just try to not put words in my mouth. And you’re wrong; they DO NOT have the right to talk shit about their competition, especially when they’re being hypocritical about it.

          • Tested

            “Devs usually get fired for such pettiness” “This kind of shit gets people fired” You kinda give the impression that you wanted them fired. Anyway stop being a fanboy and defending a company that does not care about you. Just like you have the right to say “Battlefield 4 was a broken ass game at launch, and BattleFRONT was terrible” they have the right too. now stop replying to me kid.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            No, I don’t want them fired, I’m just stating fact; developers who act unprofessional get fired all the time. I’m not being a fanboy, you know why? Because I play DICE games, too, and I’m saying this from someone who is neutral. You call me a fanboy for calling them out on their objectively false bullshit? Go ahead, it’s your opinion. Don’t tell me what to do, “kid”, it’s different with developers, because they’re employed to be on social media, dumbass.

          • Tested

            It’s there personal twitter, it has nothing to do with there job. they can say whatever they like. don’t like it? quit life.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            They can’t talk about their profession if they don’t want to get scolded. They knew what they got themselves into. Maybe you should understand game development, business, and social media?

          • Apollo Ape

            Brady 1
            Tested 0

    • TheSkrillexKill

      To be honest, the graphics in the trailer look a bit dull than usual. But I agree, they acted really childish.

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        Devs usually get fired for such pettiness, what they did was extremely unprofessional. They’re even talking shit about graphical effects that THEY also use. Infinite Warfare looks as good as BO3 does tbh. Remember how bad BO3 looked when it was first revealed, though?

    • Cookin’ by the book

      imo bf4 doesn’t look great until you turn everything to ultra, and consoles aren’t pcs.

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        PS4 version doesn’t look bad. Still not THAT much better looking than recent CoD’s. AW Campaign is probably on par with BF4.