In a new interview with Forbes, Activision has confirmed that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered’s gameplay will remain the same as the original Call of Duty 4 title from 2007, but will feature graphic updates and more.

Meanwhile, the game itself will remain true to the original in terms of gameplay, guns, killstreaks and so forth. Maps and modes will remain unchanged mechanically, even while the game itself will look remarkably better.

This also seems to imply the same perks which was a hot topic when the game was first leaked.

With that being said, the weapons, kill streaks, modes, and more will be the same as the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare title.

SOURCE: Forbes

  • Duke of hazard

    Well of course it should. It’s a remaster. There shouldn’t be that big of a change.

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      It’s welcome, but yeah.

  • ‎ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

    gud news

  • Primey

    Really want to know what they plan to do with the PC version of the remaster.

    Are they really going to give us a server browser, let us host dedicated servers and make it mod friendly just like the original?

    • Redmagpie93

      Without doing so they kill the game before it launches, realistically speaking. PC is only starting to regain trust in the series with Radiant Black hitting BO3 :L

      • Primey

        yup it’s going to be a massive flop alongside infinite warfare.

        • Redmagpie93

          Unless of course they do the unexpected and match the features the OG had, then I’d say a lot would be drawn in.

    • SoulTaker

      Look up Vince McMahons theme song and you’ll get your answer.

      • Weed the People

        Lol your comment made my day p.s nice pic

  • Dangelo95

    goun to be such a pain when i can’t call my helicopter in cause there’s already one in the air

    • Valenfield

      lmfao ikr,
      it was annoying when i was about to call one but my team had one already…
      then once i called it, the match ends .-.

      • ericjonesbz

        Chopper call! Take turns calling out who had next chopper. Oh the memories

  • Lundqvists

    Thank god

  • M0987

    So juggernaut, stopping power and martydom will still reign supreme such a shame

    • Ak74u

      I don’t mind jugg and stopping power because they are both a counter if each other but martyrdom should seriously be out for sure

    • Ryan Oliver

      looooooooool thats nothing compared to the other CODs.

  • ?HollyWeezy?

    Good. I don’t want any changes just next gen graphics

  • jordanxbrookes

    Thank God. Even though people want it to be reworked on or make fixes, I rather stick to what it was than to have things changed where it doesn’t feel like the COD4 I know.

    • Ak74u

      What about martyrdom that was the worst thing

      • Eric H

        eh honestly you could just jump past the nades

        • KnockoutWolf

          When I play it, I just remember SeaNanners saying ‘never run up to bodies once you’ve killed them because the chances are, they’ve got martyrdom equipped’

          • ICutOldPeople

            I see no one has mentioned final stand.

          • David D

            *Last stand wasn’t a huge issue in COD 4. It was secondaries only and the last stand timer was much shorter than later titles versions.

          • Myth

            The only issue with it was 9 times out of 10 your kill would be stolen lol.

      • jordanxbrookes

        It was annoying yes, but that was part of COD4.

        • Ak74u

          But it wouldn’t change anything if it’s gone and nobody would be mad if it’s gone either because it was super annoying I understand your point and I agree just really think it would play much smoother without martyrdom

          • GinsuVictim

            Balancing things is fine, but let’s not outright remove stuff. Glad they aren’t.

          • Ak74u

            Then how could we see a fix for martyrdom? That’s the only thing I can see the new batch of players really complaining about

          • GinsuVictim

            Longer fuse time? Jump to take less damage?

          • orphenshadow

            Honestly, half the shit in Black Ops 3 is worse than martyrdom

          • jordanxbrookes

            They could always just nerf it a bit, but removing it? I just couldn’t man.

          • Ak74u

            Well what about final stand? And 3x frags with sonic boom are you okay with that?

          • Mario Rivera

            Shyt, u didnt even need sonic boom, those grenades were beefy enough to get by using stopping power/jugg in the perk 2 slot.

          • Ryan Oliver

            Yes it would actually. Ur removing what made COD4 what it was, so it would change the game. If you remove Martyrdom you might as well remove everything else thats considered ‘annoying’.

    • SoulTaker

      So you’re okay with 3x frag and sonic boom returning with no flak jacket ?? Might as well scrap domination the community will basically spam grenades at you when trying to cap a single flag. At least add flak jacket as a blue tier perk.

      • Eaz Jmilly

        stop complaining

        • SoulTaker

          I’m just raising concern about how bad domination could be with grenade spamming sorry for caring about the game we’re going to get to play.

          • Aldo

            I reckon they’ll have tweaked the damage to the nades so they’re not as lethal.

      • BigMacMan

        I can’t wait until people realise how broken their beloved cod4 was

        • SoulTaker

          In my opinion, I wouldn’t call it broken (I’d call MW2 broken) but it defiantly had it’s issues which I kind of wish they tweaked out. For some reason however people would rather not see that happen. I bet those same people would want a MW2 vanilla remaster.

          • orphenshadow

            This was one of the last titles for PC that you could mod properly. Playing on PC was awesome. Full control of your servers and map rotations. Don’t like a perk or weapon. Restrict it. etc…. When people ask why I think consoles killed Call of Duty, that’s exactly why.

          • Mario Rivera

            As awesome as the possibilities with modding are it can also be gamebreaking when people cheat/abuse with it.

        • David D

          Broken enough for me to rack up over 50 days played. I played on and off up until about a year ago when I scrapped my 360.

        • Yeah I’ve got a lot of days racked up but I’m thinking it’s going to be interesting to see people bitching about how unbalanced a lot of the perks and elements in the game were back then

        • Myth

          But you’re missing the fact that no amount of bullshit in COD4 is ever going to be worse than the crap they’re making today.

          You can still play the original COD4 on PC and there is a lot of servers that’re active…. the game is still more enjoyable than any recent title that they’ve released.

          That’s the thing with COD4’s perk system, it had a lot of risk/reward. Want to run with Jugg? You’re going to kill slower… Want to use Sonic boom? Going to die faster and kill slower. Perks weren’t as unbalanced as people are making them out to be.

          • Aldo

            Yeah I agree. It always irritates me when I hear people moan about Juggernaut but using that perk had a trade off – you couldn’t kill as quickly as those using stopping power. Same goes if you want to stay off the radar only you kill slower AND die quicker. Overall a very well balanced game!

        • Sandraganderson

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        • TMZ Censored Me

          Lol, nice try jacking a top comment from a previous thread in a desperate attempt to get likes. Pathetic…

      • DJSaviD


      • Jonathan Espin

        You have juggernaut remember

      • Well to be fair it doesn’t say same perks. There will be changed and balances there so you don’t have to worry. Inside source 😉

      • Mikey Gezmus

        Naw yo what we need is that classic quickscope style all these new cods are fucking up competitive sniping. For us OGs out there.

        • Disbelief

          If you play infinite warfare you would see quickscoping is back. A majority of people are running around with snipers in beta.

    • HenryDF

      There’s nothing wrong with them balancing. We’ve come a long way in 9 years, and most AAA games constantly see themselves balanced and rebalanced.

      MW Remastered has the potential to be a patch 9 years in the making. And if something doesn’t work, it can be changed. They’re not going to ship the exact same COD4 you know and then just leave it be – it will be balanced.

      • I’m thinking not – I think it’s actually a way for Activision to put it out as the original was and to say to the community – ‘See guys! The COD’s we make now are waaay more balanced! you’re memories that MW was the best COD aren’t as true as you guys remember..’

      • Mario Rivera

        Well that can be a bad thing cuz it depends on what Raven’s interpretation of “balanced” is. Judging by the things they have going on in cod online i wouldn’t suggest blindly trusting them either. Theres a crap ton of things in COD4 that the series has evolved past over the past 9 years, theres also a crap ton of things added to the series that people would consider staples that werent in COD4. A true remaster of COD4 or MW2 would be almost unrecognizable compared to their past selves lol.

      • Disbelief

        People will find something to complain about. If it’s exactly the same, the people who thought certain aspects were broken will continue to do so. Then if they rebalance it, those same people will just complain about something else. They went more futuristic because people were complaining that it was just the “same old, same old.” Then people complain because it’s “too futuristic.” Now they are offering both as an option. At least they are making an effort to deliver to both the old school COD players and the nubies who weren’t even old enough to play COD4.

    • Sexy Mcgee

      For one thing they already said they’re going to use dedicated servers so that means the excellent netcode of the original is gone. Already it isn’t going to play like the original.

      However, if they don’t fix the game up it’ll just remind the old guard that it was a good game for its time only and it’ll alienate new players pretty quickly.
      Personally, I’d rather they kept the look (improved of course) of the original and upgraded the gameplay. Instead they’re changing graphics to the point that it doesn’t look like COD4 anymore and (presumably) keeping all the gameplay issues the original had.

  • Tested

    I hope the damage from the Helicopter “7 killstreak” is lowered.. It was way too overpowered.

    • orphenshadow

      I don’t. It’s meant to be overpowered. It’s a fucking Cobra

      • Jerry Dangler

        getting 7 kills in a row isnt even hard tho… they should raise the kills needed a bit. 5 for uav, 10 for airstrike and 15 for aimbotting heli… then it will take skill to earn a over powered shit storm heli

        • ericjonesbz

          Chopper was fine. Couple people shooting it, it went down easy. Turrets took it out in a second. When all else fails, stay in a building for a minute. Was so easy to avoid.

          • Jerry Dangler

            the shit would shoot you through the walls while u was in a building…

  • jrnotaloka

    They should add the ac130 to mp

    • Jesus Peralta

      Yeah, besides the 3, 5, 7, killstreaks. I think the AC130 would be a decent addition. But not 11 kills, maybe 15

      • Ryan Oliver

        Remastered means just that. A visual graphics upgrade and thats it. No new features, perks, killstreaks, camos, guns, and hopefully no removal of them. If you want all the overpowered shit go play MW2 or the other CODs. This is COD4, its all about skill, not 12 year old dickheads running round with AC130s and quickscoping intervention.

    • They won’t be adding any new killstreaks, get over it. Wait for a MW2 remaster, clearly the CoD game you want remastered.

  • Sentinel

    Having nothing but revamped graphics and texture is great. I want it to play and feel like the COD that came out in 2007. All of those who think that they should “add” or “change” need to stop. You wanted remastered, you got it.

    • HenryDF

      Why though? They’re never going to ship the exact same game that came out in 2007 and then let it be. There will be balance issues, there will be problems, and they will be fixed.

      The technology allows for it so much more, and it’s just crazy for a studio to leave a AAA game with notable balance issues in this day and age.

      • Sentinel

        Really bruh? It is so obvious that they will work on notable issues or problems with a remastered tittle. Like you said, it’s a AAA studio with a 3 year development cycle.

    • Michael Romo

      All I want is some cosmetic features added in, like camos. That way, we have a reason to keep playing after the first 4 months.

      • Aceshigh87

        CoD 4 had camos. Just all the challenges for them are based on headshots.

      • Sentinel

        Yeah such features are always welcome! Just excluding the micro-transactions!

      • .Monkey

        And clown masks and stuff like that

        • Aldo

          That would be downright sacrilege!

  • I’m very excited about this remaster. I’m looking forward to it more than I am with the new one coming out

  • Kyle Emery

    Just need MW2 Remastered now

  • Michael Romo

    Only thing I ask for that would be new to COD 4 is more challenges, if any. Maybe tie some camos in with it, too. That way, it won’t be like playing the exact same game from 10 years ago.

    • Mick

      That would be cool. More camos for completing challenges would be pretty cool. Something like this would be fine, nothing major that changes the game we once knew.

  • Michael Romo

    Guys, relax. I’m sure after the game is released, they’ll balance and fix whatever needs to be fixed.

  • The Turbanator

    They should keep the same perks, but they should be rebalanced and reorganized. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a fourth perk slot (no new perks other that flak jacket mind you), with the perks rebalanced to reflect this.

  • Diego Diniz

    Why not add some streaks like AC-130 ???

    • Jerry Dangler

      because streaks are what make cod bad

      • Diego Diniz

        Bad??????????????????? Are you crazy???
        This is why COD is better than BF… STREAKS!
        Feels good when you earn them…

    • Jon

      Ha ha ha ha…..for a minute I thought you were serious….

    • Ryan Oliver

      No. Its COD4 not MW2. The 3, 5, 7 kill streaks where fine. Dont like it GTFO.

  • lMattW

    Will it have arcade mode and the campaign “cheats” after finding all the intel?

    • They MUST come back. The cheats add so much replay value to the campaign, especially the slow-mo one. It was so much fun replaying each level with it, going all John Wick on the enemy!

  • .

    You all wanted this, now you’re all bitching about it, wtf. And all PC want is modding this, modding that, modding, modding, modding -.- THIS is the exact reason why people say CoD has the worst community, because all you do is ask, receive, complain, repeat.

    • Wraith

      You can’t blame them (well, some of them). They wanted CoD4 remastered, so they got CoD4 remastered…..with half the maps, attached to an $80 price tag with game they may not want.

      The ideal situation was: all the content with a price of ~$40 dollars standalone.

  • Ricardo

    I´m the only one around here who thinks they should add a couple of extra missions as a bonus in the campaign, I remember how everyone loved the MW campaign, it was literally praised by everyone, even by those who play multiplayer only.

    We need to go back in the days when CoD campaigns meant something.

  • jasmin go vote for it to be sold separately

    • GinsuVictim

      As if that will do any good.

  • ericjonesbz

    Pre-Patch G3? Loved being able to actually use my trigger finger. Unlike all the fire capped guns that came out after the patched G3 through out all the different call of dutys.

  • scrotesmd

    I’m sure they will balance and tweak things with community feedback, I’d like to see the triple grenade last stand toned down at least.

  • Kanfused

    The return of Headquarters

    • Kanfused

      I’m excited for HQ now

  • Cant wait for 12yr olds running around with grenade launcers and juggernaut

  • Mikey Gezmus

    When COD4 comes out I want my ps4 people to be ready to get slapped , I heard same guns and all are coming back so in that case M4A03 Will be used daily and y’all are getting clipped on (in my 10+ man feed, I hope all the people out there that think there good at quickscoping are ready to be slapped.

    • Ryan Oliver

      Same, all the 12 year old dickheads think there all clever hiding behind thier overpowered killstreaks and intervention quickscoping. Lets see how good they all are when COD4 comes out and real skills involved.

  • jahladagaming

    Graphic updates “AND MORE”. Want to know what more? Remaining maps behind a paywall is the more.

  • Eddie Tupy

    i play cod4 daily and honestly i could go either way with adding a flak jacket perk. Little known fact, JUG mitigates bullet AND explosive damage…. What they really need to consider is tac mask. Honestly id use tac mask over stopping power and SoH any day on small maps like killhouse..

    But the thing i really hope is that they add more graphic options like bo3 has and add in server browser with ability to see peoples private matches like in csgo