When preordering Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare at retailers, there is an extra code that appears on the receipt that says “this code is for a future offer,” and all it says is it redeem the code on callofduty.com. The offer is set to be revealed at a later date.

Earlier this morning, we stopped by our GameStop to preorder, and the receipt had this code for a future offer.


However, it looks like the code will be for a beta of the game. Target’s reservation card for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare says “SCRATCH TO REVEAL BETA CODE” on the back.
Activision Support’s website has confirmed that retailers are in fact giving out a code for a future offer but says more information is coming soon.

This code is for a future offer. We will email you further details on what this code gives in the near future. Please double check your email address and make sure it is up to date in our system. You can change your preferred email address in your Call of Duty profile.

Activision has not announced anything about a possible beta for Infinite Warfare.

We’ll update as we learn more.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 had a beta last year in August. The Black Ops 3 beta was the first Call of Duty beta since Call of Duty: World at War. The beta became the most popular PS4 beta in history.

SOURCE: @CheddarSombrero

  • ICutOldPeople

    Furst and yes a beta.

  • Talha K


  • God damn lol

    • ICutOldPeople

      Damn thats a lot of dislikes.

      • Axel Noir

        Unfortunately. It doesn’t look like a bad game so far.

        • ICutOldPeople

          No it doesn’t which is sad to see the community act like this but it is the cod community.

        • JeronimoPW

          I’m sure the vast majority are bots. If people don’t like futuristic COD they just didn’t buy it (BO3 = 25 million copies so far)

          • Siftblade

            They’re probably just real people that don’t like COD. Or like COD but not the direction it’s going in.

          • Basgerin

            Bots? Is that the new excuse for everything that’s complete shit these days?

        • ConorGamingzHD

          I can’t wait for this COD! I’m one of the few who are actually excited to be in space on the campaign.

          • Hitman

            its growing on me so I am excited for this COD. I’ve enjoyed all of them so far (excepting Ghosts). I enjoy both COD and Battlefield


          they never do

    • Axel Noir

      Haters are going to hate.

    • CoDforever

      its pretty sad tbh

    • ScOott

      Wow.. That’s crazy i know people are upset that this isn’t the year for going back to the past, but i mean it could still be better than bo3.. I reckon the more we find out about this CoD the more people will start to accept it.. *unless all the haters turn out to be correct and I’m giving them a chance for nothing*

      On the plus side the next game is bound to have got rid of the advanced movment after seeing this

      • I understand why this game is futuristic this year, for obvious reasons such as it’s been developing since 2013, but if it’s futuristic next year, they’re not getting the message clearly.

        • ScOott

          Unless SH have seen how well bo3 got accepted and tried to do something like that.. I’m pretty sure they should of got the message by the next game tho

          • I’m just tired of the futuristic setting at this point honestly. I just want a different time period such as going into the past for one game at least.

          • Robertas Milinkis

            The only true problem with Infinite Warfare is the clothing and characters look exactly the same as bo3 in a sense that they are so overly complicate way too much detail in them , If the maps are detailed as hell and the characters are way to detailed then you can even see the enemys most of the time till its too late, and then all these variants in black ops 3 are pretty much the same just different patterns , can we just gets some hoodies & shirts?

          • Sandraganderson

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          • Scott

            If I had to guess , Sledgehammer will do a WW2 or Vietnam game. They need to get the trust back from the COD community.

          • Robertas Milinkis

            LOL Nope they are going to make a game that going to make infinite warfare look like the past 😀

      • Not a fan of Black Ops 3?

        • Weed the People

          No, hit detection worse than bo2, lags daily e.t.c

        • ScOott

          Yh, I just ment if treyarch can get the far future done right, no reason why the IW can’t..

      • GamerTag: Robustss

        There isn’t anything to moan about anymore though that’s the thing. Cod4 remake a new cod and black ops 3 still plenty of content there. If people don’t like any of those 3 then they are playing the wrong game.

      • TheNuGawd

        Do you not like blops 3?

        • ScOott

          Yh I like bo3 I have 7 days played in multiplayer.. I was just saying the next game might be even better

    • Ramirez

      Found this in the comment section, on the video.

      • ScOott

        I look at C.i and wonder why we are classed as the worst community, and now I’ve seen the YouTube comments I know why..

      • HateDaddy

        It’s funny that the first guy said it exactly how it is but you downvoted him anyways. Good thing downvotes don’t do anything on YouTube. :^)

    • waylay3r

      Well if the game is good i am gonna buy it , enjoy it and they can just take their edgy attitude and do whatever their hearts and narrow minds desire. Btw i bet if the same trailer had the title Battlefield 2143 probably a large portion of them would have said it looks amazing(BF2142 was a great game indeed tbh)

      • abc xyz

        That’s probably because Battlefield would be able to suit some thrusters as shown because the maps are so big but COD is its own FPS and I like thrusters but I know the majority of people don’t think they fit into the COD style


      well i guess we see what makes the majority of the cod community…retards

    • Bolbi Stroganovsky

      I thought this was fake, but it’s indeed true…
      More dislikes than likes…damn that’s just sad

    • Drank Bleach

      Remember to, people are probably upset that one is forced to buy a game they might not be interested in to play cod4

      • I think that and futuristic settings are so over done. They both a play a factor into it.

        Me personally, I don’t see a problem with having to buy Infinite Warfare to get CoD4 because the way I see it is that I’m getting two games for the price of 80 dollars. Sounds like a good deal but I definitely see why people would hate the decision as people don’t like buying the new CoD just to get CoD4.

        The future setting, I’m extremely tired of and bored of. Its completely overdone at this point. This is like the 5th or 6th game in row with a futuristic setting. I think they have done all they can do with future combat games. Nothing really much to do now in that setting. I think it’s time to go back to the past. Which there are plenty of options to go from, not just World War 2.

        I understand why Infinite Warfare is futuristic and it’s circumstances which is why I’m letting it slide this year. However, next year, if the game is futuristic or the CoD after, its clear they’re not listening.

        • Bengal Tigger

          Actually the only futuristic games with proper futuristic shit were AW and BO3, Ghosts and BO2 were more towards year 2019-2025. This is IW’s first futuristic cod as well in that sense.

          • Black Ops 2 and Ghosts were still future games and the games that started it all. My point being is, that we pretty much seen it all regarding a future setting (going to space in Call of Duty is pretty much the last thing to do) so after this game, it needs a break.

          • Bengal Tigger

            It should definitely have a break, heck it shouldn’t even be done anymore, just keep it to being either WW2 or modern warfare style and then when we’re like in the year 2050 or any year that the things start to be futuristic then the games should follow the same way.

    • Gamerazor247

      Man… I officially, OFFICIALLY… Realized… How pathetic the Call of Duty community is… God damn, I can’t believe I feel bad for Infinity Ward…

      • Dante Kenway

        pathetic because the majority of the community doesn’t like what they see? What does it matter? Why do you care what the community thinks of the new cod game? You shouldn’t. Ignore other people’s thoughts, and focus on what you think on the game. I’ve never played AW or Bo3, so what I’m seeing in Infinite warfare is quite interesting. I’ll see you in the supposed beta perhaps. Have a charming day.

    • Rorke File

      I thought no other game would beat Ghosts. This one did.

    • ArtisanKnight

      To be honest, that’s just the childishness and immaturity of the ignorant community. Sure, they can have an opinion, but most of the dislikes come from the bandwagon. Everyone wants a WW2 game, but will complain when they get it. There’s only so much the past has to offer. The futuristic setting is getting old, yes, but people have seen only 2 minutes of IW, and wrote it off. This literally is the cod cycle in a nutshell. I have a tendency to never judge a book by its cover, which is something a mature person would do, which is what these “fan” lack there of. With the toxicity of this community, I’m sure that everyone can not wait to ruin MWR.

      • There will always be fickle fans, yes, but I doubt everyone is going to complain once there is a Call of Duty that returns to World War 2. The only way people would constantly complain about is if it gets overdone again and over done like the futuristic shooters.

        I think that’s where people get it mixed up, if CoD returns to the past next year the majority will be happy I’m sure.

        Me personally, I want another Call of Duty in the past because it’s been so long and the future setting needs a break. I have nothing against it, i honestly don’t, but it needs a break. I also believe there needs to be a balance. A balance to appeal to everyone. You have three developers working on Call of Duty all doing the same exact setting and that needs to be change. Have one developer do future, have another one do past, have another one be mordern. That way every setting feels fresh and not completely over done.

        My opinion on Infinite Warfare is mostly skeptical right now and mixed emotions. I understand why this game is being made, I understand it all. I’m honestly interested in this space theme and the way the developers are describing it interest me. But I don’t know, I’ll just have to wait and see. I’m excited though. Mostly for Call of Duty 4, but I’m excited for Infinite Wafare.

        • ArtisanKnight

          I don’t hate IW because I haven’t seen much, let alone played it. On the other hand, seeing the Cod Remaster prompted me to go out and but the original on PS3. It’s quite satisfying, and I’m pretty sure a lot of others did the same.

    • fuck the haters! i loved ghosts, aw and bo3! im so hyped for iw! dont get me wrong im pumped for mw:r but im more hyped for iw! come on its fucking space! the final frontier! omg! i gotta go jack off now…

    • MountainDewIt

      A majority of those dislikes are probably people just doing it to do it. I bet alot of people disliking see just trying to get it to as many as possible.

  • ScOott

    Thank fook! At least those of us who are unsure will actually get to play before spending money.. Hopefully this is just a thing now for CoD..

  • Axel Noir


    • Element115Will

      Calm down dude.

  • Polys

    beta will be the only time this game will have more than 10 players playing at the same time … and then MwR will be released …

  • Ak74u

    I feel bad for infinity ward I mean I only dislike boost jumping and supply drops but the game doesn’t look bad just mainly worried about boost jumps

  • ICutOldPeople

    Better watch out someone is gonna steal your code.

  • Bonn Bo

    Fug yeah, now i can test the game out for my self. If it DOES have advanced movements, hopefully it’s more akin to BLOPS3 rather than AW, or at least work from blops. Don’t think people would take kindly to a return to the frantic cluster that was AW’s multiplayer.

  • Michael Romo

    Oooo, a new post with more hateful comments! *grabs popcorn*

  • Grant Burbidge

    Futuristic or not, boost jumps or not.
    Every cunt is gunna buy it and so am I! so enough of the bandwagon, If you really hate cod that much go back to minesweeper on pc! Fuck off

    • TheDemonOfHate

      I agree bud
      By the way, your sister eyebrows are on fleek. Plus she has some beautiful eyes.

      • Grant Burbidge

        Apparently according to your profile, you was raised by cats, your crawling in pussy my friend *straight face*

        • TheDemonOfHate

          Don’t take everything in the internet serious bud.

          But it’s ok that’s it your first time on here.

    • Michael Romo

      Thanks for saying this. Perhaps when I fix my internet, I’ll add you on whatever game system you play on so we can be two of the few open-minded people who try IW

      • TheDemonOfHate

        “few” is a strong word.

      • The fact you brag about how “open minded” you are to try the new CoD makes me cringe.

        • TheDemonOfHate

          I’m dying inside reading that

      • Dante Kenway

        “Two of the few open-minded people who try IW” A true open minded person would accept the so called bandwagon and move on. Seriously, I’m not saying to acknowledge the bandwagon, but people have different tastes- some people like to hate on stuff for no reason, but so what? They’re not ruining your experience. I’m pretty certain you dislike something, and guess what? Someone is calling you close minded.

  • Mr_ysi42t96

    Lol if everyone disliked the video trailer on YouTube reports the video. The video would be shutdown that would be funny

  • Hunter

    I really hope the people who pre-ordered the legacy edition (like me) get a beta code as well and it’s not just for people who pre-order from gamestop etc.

    • ICutOldPeople

      I highly doubt that it will be legacy edition or store exclusive that means less people playing there game.

      • Hunter

        Same I don’t think they would ditch out the people who payed $80 to $120 for the beta. That would make a lot of people upset. I appreciate you responding to me btw. I was wondering this for a little bit.

        • ICutOldPeople

          No problem dude.

  • Mick

    It would only make sense to release a beta if BO3 did one. I don’t know how I feel about this game yet tbh. Whether I should be hyped or not. I do get hyped whenever I see something good about this game, but the reveal trailer was a bit disappointing to me because I was expecting to see a bit of MP in it like BO3 did with theirs. But it was also good to see the setting and some of the characters in the campaign 🙂

  • TheDemonOfHate

    Does this apply for people who pre order the digital version? or what?

    • Aceshigh87

      If it goes the same way as BO3 then it will. I got it digital and had the beta. If they want a decent stress test of the servers they’ll do the same.

      • TheDemonOfHate

        Can’t you pre order the digital version at a retail store?

  • Michael Romo

    To those dumbasses who may be expecting a MW Remake beta, it’s about $7 at GameStop, depending on condition. But it’s only on PS3 and Xbox 360

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      and the beta would be useless… you have played it 70% haven’t. They are 7 year old’s jumping on a bandwagon

    • Wraith

      Such a good beta. Can’t believe they put one out 9 years prior to its release.

  • Dr. Salim

    Energy weapons in IW.

    • CoDforever

      I think thats just the smoke of the RPG

      • Dr. Salim

        No watch the trailer it’s not a rpg

      • Siftblade

        That smoke is very laser-like.

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      Yeah, but it will mainly focus on ballistic weapons

  • jordanxbrookes

    With the all the hate towards this game, I wonder if a Beta is gonna kill off the expectations of whoever is still interested in this game. Black Ops 3 Beta was amazing so I can only hope this one will be too.

    • Bengal Tigger

      It’s going to be the same situation as last year

  • LovekillerX

    Beta? Yes please. Maybe people actually love it when they get hands on the game.

    • Guywithbrains

      Another year when haters get a chance to try out the game before judging it for free *.

      * Pre-order and then cancel if you don’t like Infinite Warfare. Also there might be a chance for open beta because Black Ops 3 had open beta too.

  • Stefan Lang

    I have a good feeling about this game. Bo3 is great and Im glad IW were inspired. People crying about a thrust jump but I honestly dont care.

  • lunator100hd .

    I still believe in this team, i know that IW isnt the same after MW2 but it dosent will be failing for years, ghosts was just a big mistake, if they learned from that game’s failure they have the potential to make an amazing cod no matter the setting.

  • zack

    Not gunna lie, the campaign looks pretty bad ass. Not a lot of people play the campaigns though. I’ve played every campaign except bo3. The bo3 campaign just lost my interest after about two missions. There should be more incentives to play the campaigns. Like on advanced queerfare you could unlock some pretty sick outfits that could be used in multiplayer. I would suggest they do something like that to get more people involved in the campaign. As far as a beta, they absolutely need to have one. They cannot afford to have a shit release of this game. It will also build massive hype and more support for infinite warfare over the remaster, especially if the beta proves the gameplay is good.

  • Trinityvitaliaty

    Alot of People hate particular COD’s that there bad at.Some People hate COD in generael because there bad at it,but for some reason keep playing it and leaving there comments on CI and Reddit.There are far too many people that fall in that second category alone who feel obliged to leave there negative remarks (Kindly correcting someone and constructive criticism are very different from being negative)about any and every aspect of the game or another members opinion or statement.Go complain in another forum regarding something your good at or even like,if not go complain to your moms and ask them why they bought you a violent game thats rated M for “Mature”.

  • Josef Ovethsky

    Everybody who are asking where to buy your poster from, I bought mine from this ebay seller, his products are high quality! Enjoy 😉



    fuck target

  • tarfeef101

    Has anyone who preordered on PSN gotten a code? I haven’t (with deluxe edition in Canada). We’d better get them if my issue isn’t just a one off…

    • ICutOldPeople

      You might get it in an email thats how BO3 did it.

      • tarfeef101

        I might, but I haven’t yet. That’s why I’m asking if anyone less has. It’s data collection.

    • Yankeephil

      It’ll probably be like BO3 where it automatically makes you eligible with a digital purchase

  • Dangelo95

    The beta is the perfect way to go cause it fixes so many things before the game launches and we don’t have to wait two weeks for a patch and they won’t have to worry about people cancelling the pre orders if they don’t like IW as they want the remaster still

  • Good Ol’ Tricky Vik

    “So what have I missed?”

    • You missed us roast a weeb.

      • Good Ol’ Tricky Vik

        “Damn, it has been a while then.”

  • Wraith

    It’s time to just accept the fact. I, and people like myself, are no longer the audience they are trying to reach. I can’t fathom the fact that I’ll have to drop money in the triple digits to get IW Legacy and the season pass if I want all the CoD4 content. So I will be part of the IW beta, and if I do not like what I see, then I bow out this year. I feel a lot of us are still trying to keep ourselves in the community since we’ve been a part of it for so long but this shit ain’t healthy. One more chance Infinity Ward, one more chance from me.

    but on the other hand arguing against hoards of CoD fanatics is so much fun.

  • IW makes the best CoDs. (Except Ghost, but we dont talk about that)

    I want a past setting, with no thrusting, just as much as anyone else. But I’m going to give this a chance, with or without the Remaster (I am getting the remaster). The trailer had 1 second of thrust jumping, and people are hating it.


      Ghosts WAS the best cod

  • BaconLoversKing

    Grizzly gaming creates in the May create had a infinite warfare beta code

  • The anonymous employee

    It’s time for them to cancelled infinite warfare and go back to the drawing board. With this dislikes on the official utube trailer. Maybe they need to cancel the game for this year and go back to the drawing board. Listen to the community we want boots on the ground. Enough with this Sci fi shit going to space loot drops and other shit. Enough is enough

    • Baconloversking

      They’ve worked on it for over 2 and a half years why after spending all that money and time would they not release it? For all the dislikes and any way the view to like ratio is very high for most trailers

  • Sgt Alpha

    Guess I am in the minority here… but I would hate to revert back to WW1 or WW2.
    Call of Duty: World at War was garbage IN MY OPINION.
    WWI and WWII have been done so many times already… I mean, just VISIT the Wiki pages for “List_of_World_War_II_video_games” and “List_of_World_War_I_video_games” and you’ll see.
    That time period just isn’t my cup-of-tea, and it’s all been done before. I like shiny NEW things. Not old, rusty, and overly saturated things.