Treyarch has announced a 2X Cryptokey weekend for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, which will start on Friday, May 6th at 10AM PT and end on Monday, May 9th at 10AM PT.

  • Thomas the Tankswag


    • LMAO 2x cryptokey weekend on the week I have all my mock exams.

      I blame Devin Wolfe for this.

  • LovekillerX

    Noooo! It will lag so much I can’t play it. Funny thing is that it lags really much only during double weekend.

    • madshooterguy

      and all the tryhards appear from nowhere

      • Sweat

        Best time to collect sweat.

      • LovekillerX

        Yeah lobbies are full of tryhards during double weekends. Lag + sweaties = no thanks.


  • Ak74u

    Yessssss thank you!!!

  • M0987

    watch me grind keys all weekend and not get a single weapon but instead i get gestures that make my hardened military veteran do stupid dances and gear that make him/her look like a clown or a cartoon character. blehhhh

  • RedX0

    i think it’s more than a 2x crpto, a might be a like patch coming it way

    • Aceshigh87

      Vaughn was tweeting about it about half hour ago. 1.10 update.

  • Beast Mode

    yes! now i can get nothing in half the time

    • Janisrcohen1

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  • CoDforever

    Yes! They are doing this more frequently then I thought!

  • Dr. Salim

    Time to put money in the bank

  • I wish they did something every weekend, from 2xp cryptokeys to 2xp weapon xp.

    • Hauntum

      Or just take weapon xp out of the rotation…anyone decent doesn’t give 2 shits about weapon levels.

      • Umm… I do?

        • Hauntum

          The game’s been out for 5 months…how the hell don’t you have max on guns you use by now? Or are you one of those weapon prestiger Nazis?

          • I hardly play the game.

          • Hauntum

            So you spend more time talking about it than playing it? I see you everywhere.

          • Pretty much, yeah.

          • codplayerlol

            just play search during double weapon XP and in no time your guns will be max level. lol double weapon xp is a joke. no point in playing since theres no double xp and I’m on the 1000 grind

  • Gamerazor247

    Yes, thank you you Treyarch, now I can be teased by Malice’s and Wrench’s multiple times, plus get my third Marshal, you da real MVP, amiright!? (I keep getting 3 keys out of Rare SDs, wtf is up with that?)

    • OutlawGaming

      I was lucky enough to get a malice out of a common!

    • MrRogati1

      i use to get 20 atleast couple of times now only 3 yeahhh nerf!??maybe?? lol

  • The Gaming Revolution

    Have you noticed that Activision uses these double crypto key weekends to distract us from their problems rather than fixing them. Last time we had one it was during the week when everyone was ranting on how bullshit the supply drop system was. One crypto weekend later and I haven’t heard a word about it. Now, everyone is ranting about how garbage infinite warfare is going to be, the trailer has over double the dislikes than likes! So what does Activision make Treyarch do to fix Infinity wards mistake? Set another double Cryptokey weekend to get us to shut up since it worked so well for activision last time… but I ain’t complainin

    • Drank Bleach


    • Weed the People

      I’m pretty sure double cryptokey won’t stop people from complaining about infinite warfare

    • CODLogite

      Rant about things that are bothering u and end it with BUT i aint complaining? Ur a moron…..but i aint complaining. If thats where the Gaming Revolution is headed its no wonder everyone is hating on a game that no ones even played yet and 95% of which are gonna end up getting and playing it anyway.

    • Hauntum

      Keep the rants coming then because I enjoy me some double keys.

  • The gamer

    On behalf of everyone who agrees with me, fuck cryptokeys.

    • Hauntum

      Cryptokeys are fine, bro. Fuck COD points.

      • djml9

        CoD points are tine too. Just put the weapons outside of the drops.

  • Dickmissle

    Guys wait to use your criptokeys because they normally release something after double criptokeys

  • djml9

    More of thesebis never an problem. Im saving up all my keys for the rumored weapon bribe.

  • Drank Bleach

    Yayyy!! Time to grind for more commons from the rare supply drop!

  • Thug Turf

    Awwww man, I’ll be missing out on grinding for a chance at that sick verde camo! Pray for me boys

  • I don’t ever give a shit about these weekends. Why? I work a job that’s busier on weekends, which means I’m there longer on weekends.

  • Sentinel

    After I recieved the 500 COD points for the pre-order of the Legacy Pro, I used it and… and…. I got the HG-40!!!! It’s so nicee. Now I need the MX Garand.

  • Hauntum

    What happened to Double Divinium? Was that a one time thing or some shit? Jesus, Treyarch, consistency is all I ask for.

  • Batman

    Omg look, a miracle

  • Zombie

    No double divinium? GG treyarch.


    Its a conspiracy they are probably doing this because they are going to add new weapons i swear if that happens well then… I CALLED IT

  • jone

    is there double liquid divinium to?

  • Vinbat

    Grind but don’t spend! Wait for a weapon bribe.