A new patch update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is now live on PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The version number is 1.10, and its around 1.2GB size update (size may vary by platform and region).

Patch Notes:



  • New “Music Tracks” option is available in the Option Menu. Players are now able to choose which music plays in the Multiplayer Frontend, or select to have no music at all.
  • Updated the “100 Percenter” Calling Card art and moved the challenge from Dark Ops to the main screen to reflect status as a “Challenge Master” reward.
  • Improved stability when accepting an invite without the title booted.
  • [PS4] Improved messaging when a Player without Eclipse attempts to join a Player with Eclipse in the Main Menu.
  • Leaderboards are now accessible after Maintenance messages are dismissed.
  • Fixed an error when returning to the lobby from a Custom Game match if the Hardcore game rule was enabled.


  • Nomad
    • Rejack ability will now properly have a smoke effect if used while a Power Core Scorestreak is in effect.


  • Power Core
    • Resolved an issue where the Power Core was not destroying an enemy H.A.T.R.


  • [PS4] Verge
    • Fixed an issue where the Talon Scorestreak was able to navigate underneath the map in various locations.
    • The Hardpoint location next to the Southern bridge can no longer be captured from the outer side of the Northern walls.
    • Placed proper Player and Scorestreak collision on the back of the boat, in the river on the South end of the map.
    • Improved building appearance in the Northwest corner of the map.
    • Going behind the boulder on the street-side cliff is now considered out-of-bounds.
    • Improved bot pathing in the river during Custom Game matches.
    • Fixed an exploit where Players were able to stand on an unintended ledge.
    • Players are no longer able to mantle into some of the rocks.
    • Improved Player collision around Point B in the Domination game mode.
    • Players are no longer able to use Ruin’s Overdrive ability to run outside the boundaries in the Southeast corner of the map.
    • Fixed an exploit where Players were able to reach a particular metal beam in the center of the map.
  • [PS4] Knockout
    • Addressed an issue where Players could stand on the gate next to the cliff path.
    • Fixed Player camera intersecting the edge of gate near one of the gongs.
    • Fixed issues where the Players were able to stand in unintended areas next to the white dragon banner and the red veranda.
    • Fixed spawn issues at the beginning of 8-Player Gun Game and Free-for-All matches.
    • The Talon Scorestreak is no longer able to navigate inside the mountainous area around the Eastern edge of the map.
  • [PS4] Spire
    • Improved Player mantling across multiple objects in the map.
    • Fixed issues where the Talon Scorestreak was able to navigate to unintended areas beneath the outer catwalks.
  • [PS4] Rift
    • Fixed an exploit where Players were able to shoot through the window into the train.
    • Improved map performance near the stairsteps of the East platform.
  • Infection
    • Placed object in front of the barn’s woodpile, in order to close up the line of sight toward the wall run.
  • Hunted
    • Fixed an exploit where Players were able to mantle to an unintended area near the cave.
    • Addressed an issue where Players were able to reach an exploitable area next to the waterfall.
  • Breach
    • Addressed an exploit near the wall, North of the palace.
  • Splash
    • Players are no longer able to mantle into the ticket booth next to the starting area spawn.

Game Modes

  • Custom Games
    • Updated Official CWL Variants with new restricted items.
  • Arena
    • Additional item restrictions implemented in Arena.
      • Perks
        • Ghost
        • Sixth Sense
        • Tracker
      • Scorestreaks
        • Guardian
        • Hardened Sentry
      • Equipment
        • Trip Mine
        • Shock Charge
        • C4
    • New “Scrim Series” playlist introduced to Arena.
      • Play the official CWL game modes, maps, and rulesets.
      • No Protect & Ban, No Specialist Draft.
  • Hardcore
    • Resolved an issue where certain player-controlled Scorestreaks were not counting toward the teamkill kick limit.



  • Fixed a bug causing loss of functionality when activating a GobbleGum machine.
  • Resolved a bug causing the wrong menu item to be highlighted when backing out of a Public Match Lobby as the client.
  • Resolved a bug causing the wrong menu item to be highlighted when first entering Zombies.
  • Resolved a freeze in Theater regarding the creation of clips that include the level shortcut event on Shadows Of Evil.
  • Addressed an issue where players would still be targeted after activating the “In Plain Sight” GobbleGum.
  • Implemented various fixes for cases that caused a host migration to fail.

Shadows of Evil

  • Fixed a stability issue encountered while completing the Easter Egg.
  • Removed the depletion of Beast mode during a host migration.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to leave the playable space.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Margwa to still target players in Beast mode or while using the “In Plain Sight” GobbleGum.

The Giant

  • Resolved an XP exploit regarding the Fly Trap Easter Egg.
  • Added missing animations for Zombies that are affected by the “Pop Shocks” GobbleGum.
  • Fixed a rare crash loading The Giant.

Der Eisendrache

  • Resolved an issue causing unsmooth movement for clients navigating while in low gravity.
  • Fixed a rare bug regarding incorrect FX appearing on zombies while they are being consumed by the dragons.
  • Addressed an exploit that allowed use of the Ragnarok DG-4 to avoid death during a rocket test fire.

Zetsubou No Shima

  • Resolved steaming issues on perk machines and spider web walls.
  • Resolved a bug that prevented muting of other players on the scoreboard.
  • Addressed several issues with spider pathing.
  • Fixed various death barriers around the level.
  • Fixed an exploit created by zombies getting caught on spider webs indefinitely.
  • Resolved issues with electricity effects being stuck on a player’s screen after charging their shield with lightning.
  • Resolved a crash that occurs when picking up the Skull of Nan Sapwe after a player had left a public game.
  • Balanced Skull of Nan Sapwe weapon depletion and recharge rates.
  • Fixed an issue causing the players to lose their weapons when picking up the KT-4 while using the Skull of Nan Sapwe.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Skull of Nan Sapwe energy to deplete immediately upon activation.
  • Resolved issue blocking players from buying perks after respawning from an imprint plant.
  • Fixed instances of player being unable to pick up the KT-4 underwater plant ingredient.
  • Removed exploit allowing players to jump on top of plants.
  • Resolved an entity limit crash in split screen.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to skip the Easter Egg boss battle and see the narrative in-game cutscene.


  • Added new Create Public Game option for DOA II in the lobby.
  • ROJ Guardian hitpoints clamped.
  • Silverback movement speed adjustments. Speed reduced 3%
  • Silverback more likely to use/chain special attacks.
  • Siegechicken vehicle time out reduced from 40 to 30.
  • Siegechicken vehicle added to Hangar bonus room.
  • Chicken eggs health boosted.
  • Fortitude now only gives Siege vehicles (SiegeBot and FIDO) a 1.75 time out multiplier, down from 2.0.
  • Nuke pickup added to bonus rooms.
  • Adjusted how enemy selects player targets.
  • Reduced the Spider’s melee range.
  • Reduced electric pole spawn count in a couple of arenas.
  • Made adjustments to how electrical poles are placed and how they spread out.

SOURCE: Activision Support: PS4, Xbox One

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  • The Gaming Revolution

    Still no fix for that dark matter glitch on the kn44 for xbox? It’s been there since the game launched!

    • Stop impersonating me.

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        Are you from YouTube

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        Which one is real?

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        • Dlc 5 is coming, just wait & see 😉

          • Okay, clickbait man, I’m sure lol

            I can’t wait to go the dark side of the moon or bus route b lol

          • Oh, yea, clickbait, even though there’s way more evidence to suggest dlc 5 is coming, than isn’t, get with the times man and face reality 😛

          • Your videos are totally clickbait and there is no evidence to back it up. I seen your videos. They’re load of shit. I think it’s you that need to face reality lol

          • Clearly you didn’t fucking watch it then, come back and apolise when it’s confirmed, idiot.

          • Apologize* or apologise*

            I be sure to totally do that, moron. Considering the same thing happened back in Black Ops 2 and it turned out to be wrong just like now lol

            Click bait it up fam

          • It’s spelt with an “s” instead of a “z” in the UK; the correct form of the English language. As a matter of fact, this is nothing like the situation within BO2. The only evidence in Bo2 was that there was Dlc 5 in the code (but that was because nuketown was titled as Dlc 1). However, in black ops 3, the giant is titled Dlc 0 and nuketown is simply just “Dlc”. So it rules out the chances of this being the same situation as BO2. I clearly stated that within the video, but of course you probably have the attention span of a 4 year old. What’s more, is we have two very reliable sources also telling us that there will be a Dlc 5, as well as the fact that the sp description on callofduty.com states: “you’ll get access to the remaining Dlc IN 2016!!!” Notice how they said “IN 2016”? There was no reason for them to identify the year, and they’ve never done so in the past, if that isn’t obvious enough…then I really don’t know what is.

          • And that’s why I put both “apologize” and “apologise” because either way you still spelled it wrong you dumb cunt lol.

            Lol, you’re fucking stupid. Still believing in your own delusion. There isn’t going to be a DLC5 or a Map pack 5 at all and there wont be in 2017. That’s the problem with you idiotc click bait zombie youtubers. You get something new in the coding and you bust a nut over the number 5 and try to pass it off like there is going to be a DLC5.

            And hey, I have no problem with be wrong, or there being a DLC5, but the thing is, it’s not happening

            And oh, i watched your entire video on that, and like i said, no evidence was presented. Just you busting a nut for nothing lol

          • ^^when you know you’re an in denial moron who will be proven wrong in just a matter of time…

          • When you’re a talentless fuck that makes clickbait zombie videos because you lack any form of creativity ^^^

          • ^^when you’re a talentless fuck who resorts to harassing randomer’s over the internet over a title which states “Dlc 5 leaked code?” of which 100% represents the contents of the video, so how the hell’s that misleading?

          • “DLC 5 CONFIRMED”
            “OH SHIT, I BETTER BUST A NUT”

            These DLC5 videos are like the how to get the Ray Gun guaranteed videos from back in the day lol

          • I never said confirmed, did I, idiot.

          • Oh really now? Lol

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            bruh just let it go if he doesn´t like you he doesn´t but this is how hate i created people will use this thread too show you´re negativity

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            Im with you gaming revolution that other guy is a dick

          • He’s just attacking me for no reason lol, he must be pretty depressed or something. None of what he’s saying has any logic or real basis for an argument.

          • I’m not attacking you, I’m just letting you know that you’re shit lol

          • *in your opinion

            Because you disagree with me, even though I’m right. As a matter of fact, yes, you are fucking attacking me. I make one comment on here and now you’ve spammed me with nonsense. That’s called fucking attacking me.

          • You’re replying to me. I’m not spammimg you. If you reply to me, I’m going to reply back.

            You aren’t right about anything lol also, how are you going to say something is confirmed anf correct one second and the other second you try to say you didn’t say that? “I never said it was confirmed now did i?” yeah, clearly did in earlier posts.

            Also, stop acting like a total baby lol

          • If you talk shit, I’m going to reply back. Don’t be so stupid.

          • Oh, I’m aware. But the difference is, is that I’m not acting like baby crying out for help lol

          • No, you’re just crying.

          • I’m not crying at all actually but okay lol

          • Now fucking leave me alone lmao.

          • I just went onto your channel, don’t call me “talentless” ever again after that disaster lmfao.

          • I’m sure I would have over 100,000 subscribers too if I sat there, went into a game of black ops 3 zombies to record generic gameplay, edit zombie music in the background, and i talk and bust a nut of coding, and then make my thumbnail really misleading along with my title. Making the top clickbait videos.

            Yeah, I’m sure I would be popular too lol

          • Even though it’s not Clickbait and you’ve still failed to explain once how it is. You literally post 30 second gameplay clips, with no commentary, so please don’t be so hypocritical when calling me generic.

          • I haven’t posted any 30 second videos lol, besides my last one which was a joke, but I’m assuming you don’t get ironic humor which is what my channel is based around. I parody call of duty youtubers lol

          • No you don’t lmfao.

          • Yeah I do lol, i might have to parody you next or just the zombie youtubers as whole. You all clickbait to the max lol

    • zack

      Yeah man that is so annoying because I think dark matter looks really good on the kn44 but it only works for half a game.

  • tarfeef101


  • “Updated Official CWL Variants with new restricted items.” is that new Black Market weapons?

    • Logic Chief

      No, a couple days back in a hot fix they added new restriction on stuff like. trip mine, sentry gun, C4, and some other stuff. so when you go to custom games it will automatically ban all that stuff when doing GB/UMG.

      • Gotcha thanks buddy 🙂


    Furst first!!!

  • Activi$ion


    This one needs to be replaced with something else, really sick of this one, from 3:28 is really really bad…

  • Drasadex

    And yet the Music App doesn’t work during gameplay lol

    • Ak74u

      The music at the beginning of matches?

      • Drasadex


  • GustavKrasser

    “No Protect & Ban, No Specialist Draft”


    Why did it take so long. The only thing i missed from AW.

  • Gamerazor247

    Finally, they resolved that Zombies menu select issue.. But wait… What about the Eclipse Maps rendering issues!? It took 2 mins for Verge to properly load up for me in a match. I hope calling in Care Packages is sped up on Spire and Rift, I might be crazy, but they seem to take forever to arrive… Anyone even going to play that new Arena mode, sounds like some bullshit, everyone on that mode will literally Tryhard to the max with the “cheap” crap…

  • So they fix maps and guns in different updates? From what I remember every other CoD studio does that the same patch.

  • Michael Romo

    So many fixes…

    • Janisrcohen1

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    • Sexy Mcgee

      Is it my imagination or does the game look and feel better after the latest patch. The textures look like they added a sharpness filter and aiming feels more responsive. Netcode seems more spot on as well.

  • Hank Sille Williams

    So many fixes and yet to fix getting duplicate weapons at the black market! Fucking bullshit i got a wrench 8 times already! Got 2 in one day like wtf! I grind multiplayer just to get the same shit!

  • Diego Diniz

    11 GB !!! WTF ?!

  • Ignacio Yan

    i will like to know when they are going to fix the speed on the PS4, my speed is about 130 DW and 40 UPLOAD in all my computer and my PS4 is 8DW and 1 UPLOAD. i’m thinking about going with xbox because you can’t enjoy using the PS4 online no more

    • Sexy Mcgee

      You should contact customer support because that sounds like a problem on your end. I’m getting 50/10 MBs down and up through PS4’s network test.

    • Eden Shawn McBride

      I remember reading up that Playstation/Sony capped the Maximum Speed that you could require to help stog Mega fast Internets. 50mbps it’s supposed to be.

  • Janisrcohen1

    “my room mate Lori Is getting paid on the internet 98$/hr”…..!cc61etwo days ago grey MacLaren P1 I bought after earning 18,512 DoIIars..it was my previous month’s payout..just a little over.17k DoIIars Last month..3-5 hours job a day…with weekly payouts..it’s realy the simplest. job I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over. hourly 87 DoIIars…Learn. More right Here !cc61e:➽:➽:➽➽➽➽ http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsLinkGetPayHourly$98…. .❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦::::::!cc61e….,…

  • Diego Diniz

    Patch size is 11.572GB here!!! is it normal ???

    • OpinionsAreFrownedUpon

      That’s not normal at all.

  • Jones Mike

    And yet they didn’t fix the spider getting stuck in the plant on ZETSUBOU NO SHIMA, as it happen to me in a game after the patch. Man, this is something I hoped they was going to fix soon, it’s so annoying since you can’t end the round.

  • Alberto Moreno

    Is the Easter Egg pf Der Eisendrache can’t be done in solo I need 4 players to do it? Because I was doing the EE yesterday and the last steep of kill zombies for the keeper it appeared on screen that I’ve to kill with the orange bow (Fire bow) and I was playing with the electric bow

  • Sergej K. (Serega0722)

    My xbox one not update