With the latest game settings update in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, the Rare Supply Drops are now available at 50% off rate if you use Call of Duty Points.

Rare Supply Drops now cost 100 Call of Duty Points from now through Tuesday, May 31st at 10AM PT.

Rare Supply Drops still cost 30 Cryptokeys.

Thanks @Biblicalreaper for the tip!

  • fust after a week without news


  • Toldyouso

    This means next week will have new black market items. They are just trolling with us.

    • toldyouso

      What I did was spend that spare 100 points and buy some more for 10 €. I got a weapon so it was worth it. Now I’ve spent 30 € on supply drops and 100 € on the game.

    • ToonToons22

      Yeah. It’s probably going to be some futuristic STG-44 or something

  • Drasadex

    Now I can get rid of the spare 100 points I have lol

  • ScOott

    This is great news!.. For the muppits that buy these things.. But seriously at least they are letting people with the spare 100 spend them..

    • shut up scooot, ill spend 100 cod points on YOU

    • jordanxbrookes

      Yeah, just used my spare 100 COD Points and got a Monochrome Haymaker lol.

      • ScOott

        I just got the FFAR with that 75 wins and I hate it, even with quick Draw ADS is way too slow, wish I could swap with someone for the Hg40

        • MichaelSenpai

          HG 40 is ass. You’re not missing out.

          • ScOott

            At least all the weapons are kinda ass then, id rather have them all shit then how A.W did it..

          • Imventing

            at least you knew you were getting a gun once you prestiged..

        • Vinbat

          FFAR is easily the worst assault rifle

        • jordanxbrookes

          I got the RSA Interdiction on my PS4 account but got the MX Garand on my Xbox account so I have to switch back and forth to use them 😐

        • Smayo

          I got the HG40 out of the weapon bribe, funny weapon to use but it can’t match the kuda or VMP. I also got the two handed sword out of 1 of the 10 rare suply drops… other then that not much else useful…

      • Isabeijscholl1

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        • HyruleKing88

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    • Mr.Blobby

      There is no way you can call people muppets for spending THEIR money how THEY want to. Here’s the way I look at these microtransactions. Whenever you go to an airport or a train station, a can of Coke is £1-1.50 or €2.50, which is way way way overpriced in comparison to your local shop where should be 60p, which is still a rip-off. It’s called a closed market. Now, instead of complaining how much of a ripoff this is, you either don’t buy it or you see if you can do a buy one get one free type deal either on the cans, or on some kind of other drink. It amazes me that people still complain about the existence of supply drops, they are here, and they probably aren’t going away. So that leaves you with the 2 options mentioned above, don’t buy them, or wait until this kinda thing comes around and get them cheaper. Personally I’ve spent £32 both this time, and the one other time this happened. For £32 I got 50 drops, bonus keys, and burnt duplicates (around 1000 keys). This to me is a massive improvement on the AW system. To be completely honest, if you work, you should have a budget to spent on leisure etc, and if people choose to buy drops, that makes them no less of a person than someone who choose to go out clubbing etc. Sorry for the long reply, and this isn’t primarily aimed at you Scott, but I do see you having a good moan every time something like this pops up, and you act that there aren’t other options…

      • fr4gbob

        There is no way you can tell Scoot that he can’t call people muppets, it’s HIS keyboard and he will use it how HE wants too…… I’m bored now, sorry for the short reply, I’m off to buy a can of Coke for 60p and laugh at the muppets paying £1-1.50 🙂

        • J4MES

          I got a coca cola 24 pack for £10 which is 24p a can!

          • ScOott

            That’s bulshit, u shouldn’t be able to buy it just like that, they should really be put in supply drops..

          • J4MES

            It was a supply drop – I forgot to mention the fact I spent £13,750 since christmas trying to get the 24 pack;-)

          • ScOott

            Lmfao!! Best comment..

        • jordanxbrookes

          I pay 55p for a can of Coke so HA!

      • ScOott

        I’m not moaning at all, but ur comparisons are not even the same thing as buying cod points dude.. Paying extra for a physical item u can’t get cheaper at the place u are it is completely different from digital shit put in a digital box with no guarantee of what u get.. If I want a can of coke il go buy one, if I want the hg40 il go buy it.. O no wait..

        People who buy these are ruining future games, so il call them a muppit any chance I get, I mean seriously what are u getting out of this experience? Apart from ripped off..

        • Mel Banh

          Exactly. The people who buy it and even try to defend it are the cancer to the gaming community. They say it likely won’t go away.. well no ****. It’s because they keep buying it!

          • Ryan

            Why are they the cancer of the gaming community? Supply drops are like gambling. People spend their own money, so they are only hurting themselves an they take the “Risk” of not getting what they want… Whats the difference between you not buying them, and them not existing? Either way, you arent affected.

          • HyruleKing88

            Weapons. That’s the difference. If Supply Drops, didn’t have weapons, I can almost guarantee that no one would care.

            It’s one thing if you and 10 other players buy 20 Supply Drops each and you each get a different shirt. It’s another if you each buy 20 Supply Drops and only one of you gets a weapon that the others don’t have and may never get.

            If SDs didn’t exist, these weapons either would have been base weapons included with the game, or they’d be micro DLC, but you’d know what you were gonna get when you pay. You’d pay $1.99 for a weapon, not $1.99 for a 0.00001% chance of a weapon.

      • J4MES

        95% of the people playing are spending their parents money on supply drops. If they had to earn the money themselves; they’d think twice about wasting it in such a ridiculous manner and it’s people like that which Activision entices and thrives upon. The amount spent on these gambles is mortifying to the extent; someone could buy a brand new game for what some spend it a few minutes on supply drops.

      • zack

        i dont know how much of an insult it is to call someone a muppit. never heard that. but ill call you a sucka!

      • BradyAlucard

        That’s just fucking stupid.

      • Astraxis

        At least I know I’m getting a fucking coke, plus an added sugar rush. If you buy these things for a CHANCE of getting a gun that’ll be WORTHLESS in 7 months, are are less of a person.

      • Mick

        Just stop. You’re the reason why supply drops are here to stay.

        • Ryan

          What does it matter if they are here to stay? You aren’t forced to buy them, so you aren’t affected by them being here or not. CS:GO has micro-transactions that have turned into a small economy, you don’t see that community having a go at one another?

      • HyruleKing88

        There’s a big difference between getting ripped off for food between two stores, and having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on random crates to hopefully get a weapon in a video game you already paid full price for. Supply Drops are just a greedy way to fuck over the loyal fans of the game and nickel and dime them out of their money. It’d be one thing if it was just cosmetic items. but it’s not.

        Look at it this way. Let’s say you pay a $50 admission fee to enter a store. Now, you go in and pay $2 for a drink. The clerk reaches into the cooler and pulls out a Mountain Dew. But you wanted a Coke. Another $2. Now he pulls out a Sprite. Another $2. Now a Dr Pepper. $100 later, you’ve got 50+ drinks and still no Coke. You’ve spent twice your admission fee on drinks alone, and you don’t even have the drink you want. I bet you’d be pissed. So what makes this kind of random chance bullshit okay when it comes to Supply Drops?

        We can’t keep sitting here and saying “Well that’s the way it is. It’s probably not going away.” If we’re going to do that, might as well say “Boots on the ground is dead. Jet packs, boost jumps and exos is CoD now. Buy it or don’t.”

        If we don’t fight against Supply Drops, they won’t go away.

      • Agelos Fyrigos

        you forget something. Everything has a production cost. Shit like a 2-dimensional texture costs almost nothing and they produce it JUST ONE FUCKING TIME… after this? fuuuull profit now let the math talk:
        (bottle of cola 2.5$/0.6$ = 4,16 RPP(rip off points)

        2-dimensional texture 10.000.000$/1.000$ = 10.000 RPP

  • Johnny

    I still don’t like the idea of “In-App” purchases on console games.

    • BradyAlucard

      It’s bullshit.

  • ToonToons22

    At last we get some news, even though I couldn’t possibly care less about COD Points.

  • Gamerazor247

    Awww, that’s so sweet… Back to Uncharted 4…

  • What is this “100 spare COD points” that I keep hearing people mention?

    • jordanxbrookes

      People that pre-ordered Infinite Warfare from GameStop or GAME (like myself) received 500 COD Points as a bonus, so 200 on one Rare Supply Drop plus another 200 on another Rare Supply Drop leaves people with 100 COD Points and no one opens Common Drops because they’re shit basically.

    • snake56

      It’s a kind of scam from Treyarch/Activision to force you to buy CoD points.
      Like Jordan said, at launch people received 500 CoD Points to use in supply drops. The most common choice made by people is this : 2 rare crates (200+200) so at the end you have 100 points that could stay forever on your account… but chances are that you’ll be tempted to buy a pack of CoD points every time you look at the number of cryptokeys and the remaining 100 pts.

      It’s the same scam that Bungie used in Destiny with the Eververse Trading Company.

  • Activision Employee

    Do people still fall for this? This offer usually means that we get a new patch with new content in the next days after it’s over. Buy if you want to burn your money for literally nothing, go on.

  • Boldcyclonus

    Finally got the HG-40. That gun is fucking terrible.

    • Digital_Veil_

      I’ve picked it up off the ground a few times and year, it’s garbage.

    • Hauntum

      Rapid fire makes it usable. However, pretty much any other AR is stronger.

    • Drasadex

      Try using it in Hardcore. It takes no more than 3 bullets to kill someone there.

    • Axel Noir

      I disagree

  • FoxyTheDankPirate

    just had that 500 cp from pre order (only for cod 4 ) so i used them and i got 5 rares with 2 guns mx garand and th ffar

    • Digital_Veil_

      You lucky fuck. The FFAR is amazing.

      • ScOott

        It’s not

        • Axel Noir

          It kinda is

          • ScOott

            The ADS time makes it weaker than any other gun..

  • Tested

    Not played this crap pay to win game in months. #battlefieldwon

  • Jonny Wan Kenobi

    Still waiting for contracts Treyarch. Cryptokey wager matches wouldn’t be bad either.

  • ben wills

    > Doesn’t report on Atlas Gorge being free, even though it would help AW’s community get less fragmented with more downloads

    > Reports on supply drops, which most people are greatly against

    Then the article does everything it can to encourage using CoD Points (which cost money) and stray people away from cryptokeys

    Did CI write this or ATVI? This is brutal. I really wish a better site existed for CoD news, but alas this trash is the only one.

  • Digital_Veil_

    I am weak and I caved, blew $10 and got absolutely nothing. It reminded me of how much completely worthless bullshit there is in the supply drop pool. The odds of actually getting a FAMAS/MP40/Marshall are so pathetically small. Such a shame that Treyarch devs would spend their time making those weapons for such a tiny percentage of people to use.

  • Tony G Wilson

    Hi how do I make a complaint about this….well kind of , I recently bought the 2400 CP points for 19.99$ on Xbox one…after hitting confirm it brought me back to the lobby and said system are temporarily unavailable at this time, and I didn’t receive the 2400 CP points but my money out of my wallet was gone!!! So I tried it again on the 200 CP points for a 1.99$ and it worked instantly. How do I get my money back our receive the CP points???

    • Kobrah

      Activision support on twitter

  • Tony G Wilson


    • MichaelSenpai

      Activision support.

  • HyruleKing88

    Acti Exec: “Guys let’s make Supply Drops half off for COD Points.”

    Acti Peon: “What about Cryptokeys?”

    Exec: “Do we sell Cryptokeys? Can we make money with 50% off Cryptokeys?”

    Peon: “No sir.”

    Exec: “No? Well, there’s your answer. Also, you’re fired.”

  • Imventing

    still not getting a dime out of my pocket

  • Fullmetal

    This is not showing up on my account, When my wife logs in she has the 50% off but when I log in it does not show the 50% off or anything. We both have Xbox live. and Have restarted ETC.