Yesterday afternoon, Activision sent us a surprise envelope with a card in it; the envelope had specific instructions to not open it…till now!

The envelope contained an invite to this year’s Call of Duty XP fan event. Activision says Call of Duty XP will be the ‘biggest Call of Duty fan celebration of the year.’

The event will take place in Los Angeles, CA at the Forum, presented by Chase venue from September 2nd through September 4th.

The 2016 Call of Duty XP event will feature the worldwide reveal of Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer mode, hands-on experiences, live experiences, the 2016 Call of Duty Championship, and much more.

The event is open to the public, and tickets will go on sale on Saturday, June 11th at 10AM PT.

Call of Duty® XP 2016 is coming! Call of Duty XP is the ultimate Call of Duty® experience for any fan of the franchise and a celebration of our passionate community. From September 2-4, thousands of fans from the global Call of Duty community will assemble at the Forum in Inglewood, California for a three-day Call of Duty immersion.

Call of Duty XP 2016 will be the second Call of Duty XP event ever. The first event was for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in September 2011, which included the $1 million esports tournament for MW3, the MW3 Multiplayer Reveal, Call of Duty developer panels, and more.

Checkout our Call of Duty XP category page to see all of the news about the event that has been announced today!

  • Capten ermirica

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  • Capten ermirica

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  • So, no multiplayer reveal in E3? Not a good marketing strategy ATVI. Not a good strategy at all.

    • at least, they could show a glimpse

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    Can’t wait to go to this with my family

  • Itsthisdude

    Anyone here knows what time the event starts?