Activision and Treyarch have officially announced that Daily and Weekly Contracts are coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Tuesday, June 14.

Daily Contracts and Weekly Contracts will be available: the rewards include bonus Cryptokeys, exclusive Calling Cards, and more. In addition, Treyarch will be adding new contracts ever day starting on June 14. Treyarch will cycle new contracts every 24 hours, at 10AM Pacific daily. Weekly Contracts will cycle ever Monday at 10AM PT.

There is also a special Mercenary Contract that will be available, which will allow you to use the newest playable specialist for a limited time only, the Blackjack. In order to get Mercenary Contracts, you have to complete Weekly Contracts.

The Blackjack is the new 10th specialist in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The character is the Black Market dealer himself. The limited time period for Blackjack is 60 minutes of game time. Treyarch notes that if you are in the middle a game when your 60 minutes expires, you will be allowed to finish that game using Blackjack.

These are the Blackjack’s abilities:

  • ROGUE – Copy the Specialist Weapon of enemies that you kill when your Power Meter is full. You must get kills to fill your Power Meter. 
  • GAMBLER – Get a random Specialist Ability when your Power Meter is full. Power Meter has a faster than normal fill rate.

With the Rogue ability, once your power meter is filled, killing the next specialist will let you have access to their ability. But if you kill additional specialist as your meter is filled, the option to “Flip” the ability will appear to cycle through which one you want to activate.

For the Gambler ability, once the power meter is filled, a random ability will be drawn. If you do not like that ability, you can press Left on the D-Pad and have it randomly select another ability.

Treyarch has revealed a new item for the Blackjack called Side Bets. When you’ve activated the Mercenary Contract, Blackjack will challenge you to “do your best” with the Rogue and Gambler abilities. If you complete the challenges, you will earn an exclusive calling card.

Treyarch has confirmed that the Blackjack specialist can only be used in Public Matches; the character is not playable in Custom Games or Arena.


SOURCE: Treyarch

  • DeadZombieGaming 12

    damn son… i dont even play this game but cool

  • Mitch

    0:50 Blackjack has a “Side Bet” feature

  • Gamerazor247
  • MichaelYo

    Contracts I like but that specialist is underwhelming.

    • fr4gbob

      The specialist is completely useless imo, he adds nothing new to the game at all.

      • Former

        There’s something about an exclusive calling card…After I get that, I’ll probably lose interest in him.

  • mac.z.faike


  • lunator100hd .

    There is still no decent way to obtain dlc guns…..

    • fr4gbob

      I got all mine completely free out of supply drops, not sure how much more decent it could be?

      5 new weapons just for playing the game as I normally would with or without Cryptokeys…. that’s awesome!

      • lunator100hd .

        Oooooooooooooooh reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

        • fr4gbob

          Erm, yeah….. that’s why I said it ???

  • Weed the People

    Am i the only one that still hasn’t gotten the 75 wins? lol, and i thought the 10th specialist was john cena

    • MichaelYo

      I got it fairly fast. Gun game is a good way to go. Only need to fisnish top 3.

      • madshooterguy

        Free for all is also a really good way to get wins!

        • Former

          May as well play Gun game, though. It’s a lot faster, for the most part.

    • Mick

      I have like 45 wins ?

      • TheDemonOfHate

        Keep getting them W’s.

    • Acadius Alexander

      You’re not the only one. I play Domination A LOT and despite me playing the objectives, my team of randoms have different ideas by worrying about their k/d and hide in corners or attempt to get the ballerina 360 no scope for their montages.
      My friends that used to play this have basically stopped for various reasons such as being Master Prestige Etc.

      • Weed the People

        I feel you bro i play ground war and safeguard for the wins and hero challenges but instead i get all the sucky people who haven’t even prestige and i still don’t know why they play ground war. After everything i end up carrying the team but we still lose because they don’t know how to cap a flag or move the robot, that’ why i gave up on hero challenges and went to overwatch

        • christbatman03 Gaming

          Play gun game and try to get to atleast 3rd and thats good so don’t worry about team mates messing up

    • TheWalkingDon

      I just completed it last evening. I got the damn crossbow.

    • madshooterguy

      I did it 2 times already (diff accounts)

    • Brian

      It’s not exactly hard

    • fr4gbob

      I finished it a couple of weeks back, not used my bundle or weapon bribe yet though, waiting for them to put some new weapons in supply drops, nothing I want in there at minute.

    • Cabe Kase

      Dude to tell you the truth, to get that done I only played matches my team was winning. My win lose is total shit in this game anyway, so i didn’t care to much. But yea go into tdm and if at any point your team starts to lose leave the match. Took me two days to get done, I raged pretty hard a few times. At one point it took me 2 hours to find a winning game.

      • Weed the People

        i average a win every 10 games that’s if i get lucky and have decent teammates. Like i had a 1.90 kd and my W/L is a .60 something. I avoid tdm at all cost because i get the noobiest people

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Soon the time will come.

    • No, me too, i only have 61 wins… C: C: C:

    • jordanxbrookes

      I completed that like 2 weeks ago haha.

      • I haven’t.

        I’m always put at the top and forced to carry a useless awful team.

        • jordanxbrookes

          I played FFA and just sweated my balls off.

          • I just got on today and realized I only had 62 wins, so I grinded the fuck out of gun game and finally got it.

            I really didn’t get much at all besides the FMJ KN-44 variant I really wanted, but hey! I got that and the Marshall 16, so I’m happy.

            They’re crazy OP though.

  • MichaelYo

    Also, is that an extra “special” contract or just the old one?

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Old one

  • ArtisanKnight

    Finally, a reason to take a break from Overwatch.

    • Weed the People

      Not good enough reason for me, although i’ll play a lot today to try and get the 75 wins

      • ArtisanKnight

        Well, I watched the trailer before realizing it wasn’t coming out until the 14th, soooo back to Overwatch. I have literally and quite randomly lost interest in Black Ops 3 in general, but I have been waiting for the specialist.

        • Weed the People

          i only play bo3 now for hero challenges, but i’ve given that up so i’ll play overwatch until the new battlefield, cod and fifa comes out

          • ArtisanKnight

            Same, except I suck at Fifa.

          • i rage a lot at fifa lol

          • ArtisanKnight



  • Mick

    Finally man something new. This game was so stale for a couple of months I just stopped playing it. Now I finally have something to grind for. Just hoping they give a ton of Cryptokeys for completing the contacts and not like 5 keys or something rediculous like that. Don’t be stingy Activi$ion.

  • meme

    ok so if you slow down to .25 speed at 0:51 you can see that once you complete a contract you have 60 minutes to use blackjack

    • fr4gbob

      Alternatively, you could actually read the article you are commenting on and it tells you that very thing

      “The limited time period for Blackjack is 60 minutes of game time. Treyarch notes that if you are in the middle a game when your 60 minutes expires, you will be allowed to finish that game using Blackjack.”

      • mememe

        Wow I am allowed to finish a game even when me time ran out? So generous.

        • fr4gbob

          To be fair, the whole thing is useless, it adds nothing to the game, all you do is earn the chance to use a specialist that is already in the game temporarily…… yeah, that’s “generous”

  • waylay3r

    Blackjacks ability reminds me of rubicks ultimate from dota 2. Maybe he wont be the best specialist ,but i bet he will be hella fun

  • FATHEAD661

    This game is headed in the direction Destiny was a while ago. When the community was thirsty for NEW and GOOD content, Bungie/Activision kept f***ing them in the butt with stupid crap. Same model here, contracts are coming but they’ll probably give a measley 5 CK max, also NO weapon contracts?! And last but not least, a new character that sounds completely underwhelming AND you have to grind to use him? No thank you 3Arc. I loved this game when it first out, it’s jyst turned into BS.

    • fr4gbob

      I think the contracts are cool, the Blackjack Specialist is the first and only thing they have added that I actually don’t like, but, at least I don’t have to worry about trying to get him for 60 minutes at a time, I will just ignore him and carry on enjoying the game, he will make no difference at all.

    • If you watched the fucking video, you would’ve seen a guy get 10 CKs for getting 10 headshots, please shut up already you crybaby.

      • FATHEAD661

        Here we go people, we have a special snowflake ❄. Please, tell me more about how much you love 3Arc’s dick in your ass. People like you are the reason CoD has been on a steady decline for some time now. Congrats you tumor.

  • thank god it’s limited time only. Is everybody in a match used Blackjack then nobody would get a specialist weapon or ability because BJ doesn’t have one of his own.

    • Former

      Wrong…Read the article. Gambler allows you to choose a random one.

      • oh thanks for the correction. The description was just hard to figure out for me.

  • “Limited time only ”

    LOL. Thanks Activision! Personally, I love taking it up the ass!

    • CoDforever

      Who cares? this is way better than just getting him out of a supply drop

      • I care, and while I agree it’s better than a supply drop, but it doesn’t change the fact or neglect that it’s a shitty thing for a “limited time”

        If supply drops weren’t going to do it, Activision better only do half, huh? Like always.

        • Eric

          It is a fucking extra specialist for a VIDEO GAME. And you won’t even be playing this game in 6 months once the new one comes out. Why do you people get so worked up about these things?

          • Noone

            Because internet Warfare is going to suck ass so I buy the game might as well stick to Black Ops 3 because his infinite Warfare is going to have the same movement

          • XboxISdead

            Love kids like you NEVER EVEN PLAYED THE GAME YET AND ITS GONNA SUCK typical

          • Batman

            It will, Im older than you kid btw
            We dont like it, its okay if you do, but dont shove your opinion down my throat

          • BradyAlucard

            You just explained the problem without even knowing it. Congratulations, corporate slave.

          • Virginia Vue

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          • BradyAlucard

            I can’t wait for my virus to be delivered! WOW! What an offer!

          • Mr Doge

            How is he a corporate slave for not giving a rats arse? You’re and idiot for getting worked up about it. Plus Blackjack seems garbage, like half almost all the DLC weapons. You’re so cool dude.

          • Ken Ward

            Well, why don’t we just make everything available for a limited time only? How about that game itself is only available for a couple months? Then, we can pay weekly to keep it going.


          • BradyAlucard

            Because he’s excusing/ defending this. We don’t have to like the fact that we aren’t getting the content forever, we just have to accept it. It doesn’t mean you defend it. Judging from his reaction, he’s acting like an asshole, to someone who isn’t even “wrong”.

          • Are you sure I wont be playing this game in 6 months? Because I obviously have plans to play this game at least until Treyarch’s next game.

          • Troy D’Alessio

            Correction I won’t be playing this game in 4 months when Battlefield 1 comes out. But micro-transactions in games suck in general. The limited time thing peeved me a bit as well.

        • CoDforever

          i mean its not like we’re paying to unlock him for a limited time, its just encouraging us to play

          • TheDemonOfHate

            But at least we should have the chance to earn him.

          • Former

            You do earn him…Hence the challenge to unlock him. Can’t understand why people always have a critique for every add-on brought to CoD.

          • TheDemonOfHate

            Let me restate. They should have at least let us keep him & not have to get him over & over again.

          • Exactly what DemonofHate said below. It’s extremely stupid to have to keep earning him and it’s extremely obvious this was Activision’s next best move because they couldn’t handle more backlash from supply drops.

            And I swear idiots like you always think complaining other feedback is so bad.

            Also here is the thing, and this may come as a shock to some one of you idiots who make these idiotic statements, but I’m not a hard person to please. Hell, it’s actually pretty easy to make me happy and make me content with a game.

            Hmmm, i dunno, how about like not giving the specialist out for a LIMITED TIME? I dunno, that’s a crazy idea! Maybe, I dunno, give it out where you could use him. ANYTIME YOU WANT!

            Now, if they went with that direction I would be a happy camper. Not these sad attempts to “keep players playing the game!’

          • Former

            Has it ever crossed your dense mind that you should be thankful they added a new specialist AT ALL? When in other CoDs was content like this added 6 months after release? Oh that’s right, none. So stop complaining about extra content you whiny bitch.

          • Oh boy here comes the idiotic “be thankful ” comment. Now I know you’re fully fucking retarded.

          • Former

            I’ve noticed that anyone who doesn’t chime into your whining is automatically deemed “retarded” by your logic.

            It’s alright, though. Keep complaining about a game you’re probably shit at. It would take a casual fuck like you to cry about a specialist. Lmao.

          • Your first statement literally makes no sense.

            And it’s not that you don’t agree with me, I don’t give a shit if you agree or disagree.

            But you idiots think it is so bad to complain and criticize a game. I apologize that some people just arent idiotic and blind like you.

            And your thankful comment, buddy, pal, Activision isn’t a charity. They’re a business. So I’m gonna complain about something if I don’t like it. Sorry your fragile little mind can’t process that.

            Also, your last sentence, completely ignorant and retarded.

            “XD imma try to say he isnt a gud at the geme n try to act lyke im maukon a point!!!! XD”

          • Former

            You’re not even criticizing the game. You’re still whining about additional content that really isn’t even content at all. A specialist that chooses one at random? You’re really going to complain about that as if it’s useful?

            Ignorant AND retarded, huh? Wow, I love your vocabulary. Sorry, I must have triggered you because it’s true.

          • “Triggered” lol

            And uh yeah, i did criticize the game. I critIcized the way they did it and even told you in my reply they WAY THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE IT.

            You keep proving how idiotic you are seeing how you didn’t even take the time read any of the comments and even then you just replied with a bullshit generic statement like “you aren’t grateful xD”

            I’m honestly serious, are you retarded?

          • Former

            I read every bit of your little whiny rant. I don’t care about the premise of your argument. At the end of the day, the opinion of one arrogant child such as yourself holds no merit when it comes to how Treyarch should add FREE content to the game.

            It’s like getting a birthday gift then complaining about how it isn’t the right color. But hey, I guess you were raised to be a hypercritical douchebag. Shoutout to your parents

          • “I read every bit of your little whiny rant. I don’t care about the premise of your argument.”

            Oh okay, so this is basically you admitting that you’re really, really stupid. You try to say I didn’t make any arguments or offer any suggestions yet you sit there and said you read it and ignored it. Are you even trying? Or is being stupid like a natural thing for you?

            As far as your last statement goes more generic stupid meaningless comment in trying to defend a business like Activision LOL

          • Former

            “You try to say I didn’t make any arguments….”
            Please point out when the fuck I came remotely close to saying any of that.

            You’re right, I am defending Activision. Yes, their supply drop shenanigans were annoying, but the guns they added are complete ass, so I have no problem with it anymore. NOW, they’re adding challenges and specialists, with no RNG involved, and somehow little kids with nothing better to do still hunt for faults.

            Please, continue to throw insults out there to fill the void of your depreciating stance on the topic. Childlike retorts amuse me.

          • “You’re not even criticizing the game. ”

            You literally started that out with one of your comments. And then you try and say you did read it but just completely ignore it? LOL K

            And here is where I actually agree with you, they’re adding challenges and contracts. I fully support that and I’m more than happy with those. So saying I can’t ever “be happy” with the game is completely incorrect.

            However, I’m not happy with the way theyre doing the 10th specialist. That’s why I’m complaining. Now it’s not as bad as supply drops, I have admitted that and agreed with that but it doesn’t excuse the fact that they went with the second route which is limited time.

            I don’t feel like I should constantly have to earn a specialist over and over by completing contacts. I think it would have done them better by just giving out and people could use it whenever they please, not contract base at the time. That seems more of a hassle.

          • Former

            Ah, see how much calmer an argument can be without throwing insults in every sentence?

            I feel as if Treyarch is just too lazy to implement armor skins and hero challenges onto Black Jack, which is why they aren’t permanently adding him. You have to look at the big picture here: Black Jack is a gimmick, that’s all. They aren’t adding an entirely new ability. If that was the case, I’d agree with you all the way. However, the community will be bored of Black Jack in less than a month, simply because there isn’t actually anything new about it.

            With that being said, the weekly earn rate is simply prolonging the ‘freshness’, one could say, of Black Jack. Would you rather it be permanent, then see every guy in a lobby use it non stop until the hype dies down? I wouldn’t.

          • I know how calm arguments work, been plenty of them. However, I find it insulting to anyone who complains is never “happy” with the game or anything. I find that to be a very, very, inaccurate generalisation and I honesty don’t see anything wrong with complaining. it’s better to be honest with how you feel, which is why I complain about it. But that’s a different story.

            Now as far as people getting bored with it, well that’s gonna happen either way. It’s probably going to slower than usual with they way theyre doing it, but I highly doubt that’s why theyre doing it that way.

            And the way they’re doing it, is just going to kill it for me personally. Personally, I’d like to access all the content in the game at anytime rather than trying to constantly earn it. I guarantee that after the first time I earn it and goes away, I’m not going to try to go for it again because I honesty don’t see the point in grinding something out just for it to get relocked again

            Now if it’s extremely easy challenges that I dont have to sweat for, then I probably won’t have a problem then

          • Former

            Judging from the examples they had, the challenges should be quite simple. You have to remember that they have to cater to the dipshits (50% of the CoD population), so challenges will never be a grind for decent players.

          • Yeah the ones in the video are really simple. Hell, that’s not saying I’m against difficult challenges or whatever. That would get along with the weapon bribes. It just isn’t worth the grind for something like the 10th specialist which would end up getting relocked.

            If they wanted to take it to a further step in the next 6 months they could possibly make very grindy type contracts that would out right guarantee you specified weapon like the FFAR for example. Probably wont happen, but that door is certainly open for them in the near future

          • Tuby

            Get a life besides the internet forum

          • That’s very creative. I would advise getting better comment material. Try harder next time

          • Kobrah

            They gave you 9 specialiststo use for an unlimited time. You can choose when to redeem your 60 minute contract.

          • And I have been using the other 9 since like the release of the game. The 10th for a limited time is not a good idea at all. Further down the conversation I said, as long as the challenges for the Blackjack were super simple then I don’t have a problem with it. If it’s grindy, not worth the time for something that will just relock. It’s stupid. Granted not as bad as supply drops, but still a still decision for it being a limited time thing. Clearly shows they’re just doing the bare minimum.

          • Kobrah

            At least he doesn’t have a unique ability you can only get with him. That would defenitly be fucked up

          • Yeah, that would be even worse if his abilities were new/different. It’s just the principal of them doing it the way they’re doing it, honestly.

        • Why the fuck do you even care you gigantic crybaby?

          He uses everyone ELSES abilities and you can only get him by PLAYING THE GAME.

          You’re complaining just to complain here.

          • BradyAlucard

            Let him complain.

          • Former

            “Complaining just to complain” CharlieIntel comments in a nutshell.

          • Huh, that’s extremely ironic coming from someone stupid like you considering I have seen you complain numerous times and on top that kind hypocritical to complain about someone complaining, huh?

            I swear your stupidity never fails to amaze me. Each reply to me you manage to embrass yourself.

            Try a little harder

          • ????

            A few weeks ago I told you to quit constantly using the word cuck every other word you say because it’s cringey and it makes you look like a edgy wannabe ten year old, which multiple people have also told you to stop doing, too.

            You must be really desperate, grasping at the straws for something that was a week ago.

            You tell me I ” embarrass ” myself as if I actually do, it’s funny because
            you’re the one complained about something that was never an issue, only outing yourself for not even watching a minute into the very video you’re whining about.

            ” Also, don’t try and tell me my reason for complaining. Because I’m not doing it just to do it. If you truly think that, well, you’re stupid like I have said many, many times. Which getting a dumbass reply from you isnt rare either.
            Try a little harder ”

            Basically” no ur dumb ”

            Congratulations, you said a thing, aren’t you a big boy?

          • Holy shit. If this reply didn’t just prove even further how insanely stupid you are and I’m not shock becasuse honestly I don’t expect anything remotely even intelligent to even come from you.

            Once again with the stupidity, I’m actually not grasping at any straws to prove anything. You see, if you ACTUALLY had any intelligence and a brain, I was pointing out the extreme irony that someone like you is going to COMPLAIN ABOUT ME COMPLAINING and CALLING ME A CRYBABY.

            When you do the exact same fucking thing in your stupid ass comments. I brought up you complaining about me SAYING A WORD I LIKE. You trying to justify it makes you even more stupid. At the end of the day, you and several other idiots took their time to complain and cry about me saying a word I like. I don’t care how long go it was, you still did it you fucking idiot.

            “You complained about something that was never an issue”


            You have no fucking ground dude. Literally.

          • All i see here is ” you’re stupid, you’re stupid, you’re stupid and you’re also stupid “.

            No, me telling you to relax on saying ” cuck ” 24/7 isn’t relevant to you complaing about something YOU didn’t even know wasnt a problem, you of had wouldn’t even complained about it if you actually watched the video.

            There is no irony, there is no hypocrisy, and no matter how many times you keep saying that along with ” youre stupid ” along with ” cuck ” changes nothing.

            You’re complaining towards Activision, about something that isn’t a problem because if you watched the video, you would’ve known that none of the issues you kept on complaining about actually even exist.

            This does not compare to me telling you just once a couple weeks ago to calm down over the constant 24/7 use of the word cuck.

            Its like you literally can’t comprehend the ideology that you could ever be wrong, and if anyone questions you, it’s ” ironic ” and their also stupid hippocritical cucks.

            Seriously what is wrong with you?

          • Former

            Lol. Took a glance at this argument and it’s a replication of what he’s saying to me.”You’re stupid” “Oh the irony” “BTW, you’re really stupid”
            He clearly has a screw loose or something.

          • Lol, if that’s all you got from my reply, then, once more, you prove me right again. I love the track record with you in always proving me right. It’s honestly great. No, but seriously, I would advise giving reading a try and some critical thought a go.

            Your first statement, it’s very relevant. You complained about me saying a word I like to say and keep in my mind, what like to say doesn’t affect anyone here what so ever and you complaining about it is useless and I’m not going to stop saying either because a few retards like you tell me to stop. You don’t get to tell me what I comment and don’t comment and the fact you’re trying to twist your complaining comments and saying they’re not relevant to each other is fucking hilarious. You honestly try way too hard.

            “you of had wouldn’t even complained about it if you actually watched the video.”

            This is a completely weak as argument, but seeing how you’re no stranger to making shit arguments it doesn’t surprise me. Your “what if” statements are completely irreverent and stupid. Waste of a sentence there.

            “This does not compare to me telling you just once a couple weeks ago to calm down over the constant 24/7 use of the word cuck.”

            Uh yeah, it does, cuck. I have explained this numerous times. You honestly have to be a moron to think the comparisons aren’t there. Considering the facts are there. You complain and you bitch and it’s worse than the things i have complained about. Considering you did it over a word.

            As far as your last statement goes, I have admitted plenty of times that I have been wrong before up here. So as far as that goes, another useless ignorant comment from you. Shocker.

            Please try again, cucker

          • Brandon Lapierre

            “Like” your so right dude

          • Mr. Grammar

            Hello Sir.

            I would like to thoroughly address your grammatical errors and wish you the best in your, to quote, ¨stupid¨ life.

          • Lol, pathetic and stupid. You can’t point out anything or even argue, so you go straight for grammar. Kill yourself

          • Shawn Gee


          • Shawn Gee

            You’re such a fucking loser. And you’re terrible at this game, so your angry, childish opinions mean (less than) nothing.

          • You’re*

          • bread.

            i doubt he meant that you’re angry. i assume he meant your comments were angry? just look at the sentance it was in. he was grammatically correct.

          • Lol that’s not the one i was talking about

        • DeicideHD

          You do get the limited time means you don’t get him perma unlocked and have to do the contracts again if you want to use it…I mean seriously stop freaking out like an 11yr old who can’t buy a few cod points if he so wanted.

          • Are you fucking stupid? Are you seriously going to try and tell me whar limited time means which is why I’m complaining.

            And your last statement…ohhh…now I see. You’re mentally challenged.

          • iTYPE2ANNOY

            cry more

          • Damn, that’s a pretty hardcore response dude.

          • iTYPE2ANNOY

            thank you

          • DeicideHD

            I can tell your new to games, but there has been timed unlocks for completing certain challenges since the NES. If you hate gaming so much, and dislike the way that Call of Duty is, stop playing it you mentally challenged fuck. I’m sorry you have a 0.89 KD and can’t figure out triggers from the d-pad.

          • You’re*

            And this comment just further proves how idiotc you are. “I can tell you’re new to games”
            “I’m you have a low k/d xDdddd”

            Dont think you have any room to call anyone mentally challenged when you argue and make retarded ass statements like a 12 year old would.

            Also, nice username, I remember when HD was super cool to have in your name like back in 2010

      • Ak74u

        That shouldn’t be our standard yeah it’s better then getting him from a supply drop but if this was back in the day, they would of just had him to purchase separately and every cod our standards get lower and lower we used to expect good things and we got them. Now the standard is begging activision to not put things in supply drops. If this was a few years back before supply drops existed I bet it would of been free to everyone but activision just keeps on screwing us over for their greedy selfish needs

        • CoDforever

          you would rather pay for him than just allowing us to earn him through gameplay?

          • Batman

            If it is 4$ at max, I would

          • I’d rather it be free with no BS. And it’s not asking for much either considering AW gave out the M1 Irons for free. MW3 gave out a remade map and two face off maps for free. So it wouldn’t kill Activision to give out a specialist for free with no BS

          • CoDforever

            they gave nuk3town for free

          • Yeah, that too as well.

          • Mr.Blobby

            For someone who writes such long windy statements, you really haven’t thought this through. If they give it to everyone, for free, at the same time, with unlimited use, everyone’s gonna be using it. Now who’s abilities/weapons are there to steal? It’s a balancing issue. It probably took as long as it did to come out cos they needed to come up with a decent algorithm for it to fit in with the other specialists and their timings, which they have been altering from the start. Think people on this site need to have a little more faith, the constant moaning is literally so depressing. And as someone else said, it’s free, additional content, ironically something that SHG introduced, but very few people acknowledged.

          • Man, everything you just said was extremely idiotic. Using the same dumbass arguments nice

          • Former

            Dude, he actually made some good points. I don’t understand why anyone who questions your opinion is “stupid”, “retarded”, “idiotic”….Name calling makes for a terrible debater.

          • He’s am idiot for not reading any of my further comments. I have already address everything he said in his comment. So, saying I haven’t thought anything out is ignorant and stupid. Reading is a good thing. People should try it out.

            And by the way, I insult people like you because you deserve it. Same thing with that guy, you, and Moo Cow. I especially do it when people like you think you’re on some higher ground. Now as far as the act of name calling, I dont care what you think of it, if i think you’re making an idiotc comment, then that’s what I’m going to say.

          • Former

            Nobody takes someone like you seriously when your only defense is “you’re stupid” lmao. You have to admit, it’s very childish. The sad part is, you make some decent points, but they’re overshadowed by your flailing insults. Just giving you some tips for life, man. 🙂

          • I dont need any of your life tips. So you can fuck off with that.

            And if you literally only think my only defense is “you’re stupid” then you’re not reading my entire comment and that sounds like a you a problem. I’ll advise the samething I said to Moo Cow, try reading. ‘ll say it again, you act like an idiot, don’t act shock when you get called one.

          • Former

            Ok, then. Maybe you’ll grow up one day.

          • Same goes to you my dude! Hell, maybe you’ll actually have some reading skills one day! I wish you the best!

    • imcrazy8

      i think the “limited time” is you get to use him for 60min per mercenary contract.

      • Kobrah

        60 minutes when you complete both weekly contracts

    • Eric C.

      I generally prefer to be wined and dined before taking it up the ass

  • What happens if you kill blackjack while using your power to take a power?

    • Former

      Secret achievement. Unlocks 1000 CoD points.

    • TheDemonOfHate

      You take the power back.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Your console explodes.

    • Michael Romo

      The universe collapses and a black hole sucks you up and fucks your parents

    • You will most likely just get whatever ability they had, or you’re given a random one.

  • Kill Denied


  • Sentinel

    Finally something to turn back to BO3 and play. I know the people who are butthurt with this supply drop thingy won’t be satisfied, then again when are they satisfied… lol, they won’t take this new additions lightly. Anyways, I had everything I wanted on BO3 unlocked, beside reaching level prestige 1,000 ’cause I’m currently at 261, so it got boring after a while…but now these will keep me entertain! Btw Black Jack has dope specialist.

    • Michael Romo

      Blackjack sucks ass

      • Sentinel


  • Felix Lamirande

    1. Specialist useless.

    2. Finally those contracts, I was waiting for them 🙂

  • Deprece

    New weapons dropping today too! “My wallet is ready!” is what Activision wanted be to say but F that! Lol

    • Sauce

      Sauce pls

    • TheDemonOfHate

      “Today”….. “June 14th”

      What universe are you are you living in?

      • Deprece

        I heard weapons drop today but blackjack and contracts drop on the 14th

        • TheDemonOfHate

          Weapons drop on the 14th

  • Bacon

    He decided to wear face protection, but not brain protection!

  • Dr. Derangedlove

    Not going to bother grinding to earn a temporary reward, how lame. On the other hand, I welcome contracts but hope they are worth my time and effort.

  • Dr. Derangedlove

    Checked out the video and noticed the (Intensity) camo on the wrench, it seems they’ll be adding additional supply drop camos for DLC weapons. Yay!

  • chris

    So, what are they gunna do, keep you doing contracts to play as blackjack? Does the timer keep running or is it play time only?

    • Michael Romo

      It keeps running. They’ll put up new contacts at a specific time

    • Vicsupreme

      Play time only

    • Kobrah

      Contract timer keeps running, blackjack 60 min is playtime

  • Michael Romo

    Good thing he’s a limited time only character. The fuck are those abilities? Honestly, this has got to be the lamest specialist in the game, so yeah. Unless there’s a cool CC or something for using him, I’m not even going to try to use him

  • Ak74u

    Wait so how do you unlock him permanently or is it always going to be time based wtf?

    • There is no way to get him permanently. Only through using Mercenary Contract Token. One token lasts for 60 seconds.

      • Kobrah

        *60 minutes

  • Nick Spihlmann

    Did anyone else notice the new gun in the trailer…. @1:31?

    • Kobrah

      It could be, looks a bit like the Kuda though

      • Nick Spihlmann

        Has a drum magazine with a grip that looks like a spitfire for the hvk?

        • Kobrah

          It does, I don’t have any legendary attachments for the Kuda though so I was just assuming they were legendary attachments. I didn’t notice the mag, I’ll have to have another look, the foregrip is exactly the same as the spitfire though

  • Batman

    Weekly challenge for only 60 min gameplay?

    • Kobrah

      *both weekly challenges

  • darren

    Contracts are fine, whatever. But the “10th specialist” is fucking stupid. Let’s give you the opportunity to play as another character for an hour, and nothing he does is new. No new weapon, no new ability. Stupid, I tell you.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Well, thy could’ve easily put the 10th specialist only in supply drops. But they did this instead. Pay $0 to use a new character for a limited time.

      • ScOott

        Keshav, will u be covering all the conferences at E3, or just CoD?

        • Keshav Bhat

          We will have an E3 post up tomorrow morning.

          • ScOott

            Ok thank dude! Thanks for reply..

  • Jonny Wan Kenobi

    Finally. Looking forward to it.

  • Virginia Vue

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  • Kobrah

    So many people complaining Black Jack is useless, but if he had his own unique weapon/ability you would all be complaining he will be OP (or like the weapons we have seen so far, UP). The CoD community is impossible to please

    • fr4gbob

      He is useless, but I agree, its not worth complaining about, just don’t use him, I certainly won’t….

      As for the weapons they have added, they are under powered, they should make them more balanced, its cool they are free and all, but kinda pointless when they are next to useless….. They should be balanced with the rest of the guns.

      I like that they put new weapons in the game, but if they are not gonna balance them properly, they might as well have stuck to the cosmetic only crap, at least then I would know where I stand and just not bother with supply drops at all.

  • javynavarro137

    all the wait for this shit, jeezos

  • AlexK489

    I can understand why this guy’s not a permanent unlock. Can you imagine a lobby full of mosty Blackjacks? Anyone rolling with Rouge would practically be forced to switch to Gambler, since Blackjack really doesn’t even have his own specialist weapon.
    This makes this guy pretty unique though, i look forawrd to trying to grind and get this guy unlocked.

    *hopes i broke the repitition of “WAH WAH CALL OF DUTY SUCKS” comments*

    *probably won’t last long*

  • CBHJ711

    I wish they wouldn’t be so tight with the cryptopoints in the new contracts that are coming out June 14th. Rly for the daily contracts 10 cryptopoints just 10, all that money they make, he’ll they made profit on the game the day it came out lol. Alls in trying to say is just please be a little more generous on the contracts, it’s hard enough to collect crytopoints lol.

  • CBHJ711

    Cryptokeys *

  • CallMeSenpi

    This is hands down the laziest specialist that could have ever been conceived. It’s like that one kid in your childhood that was a dick when you played superheroes. You know the one, little shit would always say he had the power to copy other people’s powers. Fuck that kid, and fuck Activision.

    Also, furst.

  • Cadence

    They should just permanently give him to people who have hero armor for all characters (and dark matter too if they want to make it a bit more difficult). He’d probably need a small nerf, but I wouldn’t have an issue with him because he can’t even choose his specialist weapon. He has to hope the person he kills has the one he wants. Lame.

  • lol lol

    if you take him from a supply drop we will have him forever?

  • Capten ermirica

    Late post I know as just got back from a festival but hang on just a minute. I thought the main point of these contracts was to give us easier ways to earn weapons we actually want? That’s what I’ve been waiting all this time for? The opportunity to use a specialist that does the same as other specialists and a way to get ‘great’ fucking calling cards? Poor poor show treyarch. I think we need to face facts that it’s never going to happen as all they seem to be doing is throwing shit at us to cover up and make us forget the fact we can’t get the damn weapons we want! CALLING CARD BRIBES?!?! who in the great blue FUCK cares about calling cards enough to spend 25 keys for a guaranteed random one?!??? I spent a year playing AW desperately wanting the insanity and never got it and now I’ll place my chips on not getting the hg40 or ffar or any other weapons they release by November when I’ll be moving on to infinite warfare and completing the same cycle? Booooo to cocktivision and their never ending pockets.

    • Dickmissle

      I have the hg40 it’s ok

  • cdd6321

    You guys are so fucking sensitive, it is a great update for the game. Holy shit all the dlc shit is in the black market. I have 2 days played on Bo3 and I have obtained 6 different dlc weapons from just trading the cryptokeys. The issue is noone wants to earn them so its easier to complain so you don’t spend cod points, everyone grow up. If you don’t like the game don’t fucking play it.

  • Bandall

    Here they go fuckimg up stuff again

  • RealBddy

    Ok June 14. But when on June 14 10AM? 6PM? Pls Answer!

  • Blizzarga

    If everyone could use the 10th specialist then it would be useless, only thing I can think of is its “limited time” since they can’t copy other blackjack specialist if more people choose the blackjack specialist

  • Barnz0

    Stop arguing on an article for COD. Like seriously makes both of you look like a 10 year old cry baby. Play it or don’t play it that is all. I personally like the limited time, makes you want to complete the weekly contracts every week. But I am almost master prestige so once that happens I’ll be going back to ghosts

  • Romeo

    Not even new abilities. I’m glad I stopped playing COD. It’s so garbage.

  • iVenom

    Pretty sure we can all agree cod is going to shit.