Early this morning, Sony has officially confirmed in an interview with Financial Times that an upgraded PlayStation 4 with 4K support is coming soon. This new upgraded PS4 was first leaked by Kotaku; the PS4’s codename is Neo.

PlayStation Group CEO Andrew House confirmed the news stating that it will be a “high-end PS4” that will be sold alongside the current PlayStation 4.

“It is intended to sit alongside and complement the standard PS4,” he said. “We will be selling both [versions] through the life cycle.”

With this being said, it appears the upgraded PS4 will be more expensive than the current $350 price point.

Sony also revealed that the new PS4 will not be shown at E3 next week; the company stated that they wanted to make sure they have enough high-range games that support the upgraded PS4 before they announce.

We want to ensure we have a full range of the best experiences on the new system that we can showcase in their entirety,” he said.

But Sony also made it clear that all games coming to PlayStation 4 will support both the current PS4 and the upgraded PS4.

This news was leaked by Kotaku and GiantBomb in March. They stated that games will have to support both an upgraded 4K resolution, alongside supporting the current PS4 resolution. Developers would have to enable a specific 4K mode for the PlayStation 4 Neo.

Microsoft is expected to announce a new Xbox One Slim console, which is reported to be 40% smaller than the current Xbox One, at E3. The Xbox One slim is rumored to also be cheaper than the current $349 price point. In addition, additional Xbox One devices are expected at E3. We’ll update if Microsoft does announce new consoles on June 13.

SOURCE: Financial Times

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  • tarfeef101

    Finally. Tired of this slow ass PS4

    • Sentinel

      Um I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the PS4K being faster than the current. Unless you’re talking about the processing power of the console’s GPU…The upgrade will just make the display more sharp looking, specially on a 4K TV

    • Replace your hard drive in your PS4. if ur using the one that came in it, its pretty slow, but a 2 tb hard drive for ur ps4, put it in and u will notice how fast things load.

    • tarfeef101

      to the commenters: The PS4 uses an APU. This means to upgrade the GPU, they will also upgrade the CPU. Ideally, they will use the 14nm Zen architecture (since AMD is who does the custom APUs for consoles). So, this means (if on 14nm) lower temperatures, which is good since the PS4 is loud already. With respect to graphics, since I use 1080p, if they don’t use supersampling then my experience will always be at a good framerate, and likely very quiet/low temperature because I won’t be using all the power. If they use supersampling, it’ll just look way more detailed. Now with regards to CPU, considering there is already lag simply while going through menus while a game is active, they would be fools not to upgrade that as well. Especially since the CPU has to tell the GPU to execute all the tasks it does first, since this is supposed to handle 4K, that means the CPU will have an increased load anyway, so they will need to upgrade it. So it is almost guaranteed that the CPU will be upgraded. And to anyone who can’t read, or has a very bad memory, yes I know they aren’t 2 separate things in APUs, but I addressed them separately simply to make it easier to understand.

      The main point is that perhaps especially without gaming at 4K, this will be a great upgrade

  • RdJokr

    It’s funny how console players rant on and on about PC players changing hardware too frequently, and now this happens. At this rate, consoles will be changing hardware quicker than PC does.

  • J4MES

    It’s about time. The current consoles in general were almost dated the moment they were released and many games run at 30fps not even reaching max resolution. BF4 launched on XB1 in 700p which is semi-HD. The price will be very interesting though but I can see the mainstream being priced out.


    PS4K + The Last Of Us 2 = Sony wins as always.

    Has the Xbox One managed to sell 20m units yet? Sony achieved that back in 2014.

    • Zarky

      You might as well got to E3, you might get a fresher taste of the CEO’s ass..

    • Yeah… sony wins, but the players lose money!!
      I mean, there are 40 million people they bought PS4, 40 million people need to pay again?!?!? that sucks, fuck you sony.

  • ScOott

    Erghhf, I can’t belive they are making a graphics update already. I got my xbox one day one, and my ps4 last year.. What happend to just making them smaller half way through the life cycle :-/

    I don’t even have a 4k TV yet damn!

    • Sentinel

      I’m sure it would look slimmer but that 4K addition hits the sweet spot!

      • ScOott

        I dont know i have never got to experience 4k.. I dont know if it’s worth upgrading straight away? I cant tell the difference between my xbox and ps4 so.. I dunno man.. My other half would flip out if we got a new TV as well.. She wasn’t happy when I came home with a 55 Inch TV a couple of years ago.. I dread to think how much they cost for the size I want..

        • Sentinel

          Hmm okay, the only difference you will see between both current consoles, is how pixelated the back ground looks. Is not significant but the display would look a little more sharp at 1080P which is native resolution on the PS4. Right now, I suggest that you wait until the new PS4K has a solid 4K gaming market or worth to play games on the console before considering the upgrade! Plus how much it would cost to obtain one. I’m sure there’s 4K TV within the budget and to be honest, I rather use gaming on a tv size no bigger than 55 inch! Just a preference haha

          Here’s an imagine showing the resolution output between consoles.

          • Like a lot of youtubers say, xbox one and PS4 are pretty similar but they say that when you switch from from playing ur xbox to ur ps4 or vice versa you notice that the PS4’s graphics are a little bit sharper. thats the funny thing, xbox vs ps fanboys going to war over graphics when they are basically identical.

          • J4MES

            Haha yep! It’s funny watching the IGN arguements for the sake of 100 pixels or so in most cases! Most of the kids screaming at each other don’t even know what pixels are.

          • It’s 900p vs 1080p not 100 pixels.

            1600 x 900 = 1,440,000 pixels.
            1920 x 1080 = 2,073,000 pixels.

            180p = 633,000 pixels.

          • Chapo

            You posted a compressed to hell resolution comparison lol

    • J4MES

      4K console gaming wont hit mainstream for another couple of years so you’re better off just sitting on the fence for now. The TV’s are coming down to a more respectable price and continuing to drop every 6 or so months but it’s best to wait as the hardware is still quite hefty.

      • ScOott

        As long as I don’t have to upgrade it again in another couple of years.. Might have to join the p.c master race at this rate lol.

        • I tried joining the PC master race, bought a £800 gaming PC and it can’t even run BO3 on 600p…

          • tarfeef101

            That’s probably because you bought a prebuilt system, or made poor component choices. next time send me a message. You can definitely play 1080p 60fps BO3 for that much if you allocate your budget well

    • jordanxbrookes

      I got my PS4 in January this year :’|

      • ScOott

        I know 🙁 we should riot!! :@ lol

    • Frag Wall

      You should be thankful that you owned a PS4.

      • ScOott

        Thankful? Wtf! Lol I didn’t get it given to me..

        • Frag Wall

          Oops, sorry lol. My mistake.

  • Sentinel

    Where’s the new PS4K along with the game bundle?

    EDIT: Well now it is that is confirmed! I hope they really push Infinite Warfare to be FULL 4K supportive! I’ve stated this long before how this could be a comeback for IW game…possibilities couldn’t be more clear than ever!

    • J4MES

      I’ve been playing COD games in 4K for a couple of years but not even that can hide the cracks of the gameplay or business behind the games. Graphics and performance have never been a worry for COD games either.

      • Sentinel

        Ding, Ding, ding. Idiot of the day! Well ok, that’s because Ghost wasn’t build to be run @ 4K… Sir, are you aware of that?

        • J4MES

          Ghosts was 4K supported on PC as the ‘next gen’ COD and also full HD support on the PS4 and XB1. It looked gash because your beloved Infinity Ward cut corers and recycled assets from a partial HD texture pack used on the likes of MW3. Infinite Warfare is also built on 1080p gaming but will be FORWARD PORTED with 4K support and not built on 4K and backported.

          This is as basic as it gets facts-wise.

          • Sentinel

            Then again, I did not bring PC matters into this subject, Sir. We talkin’ ’bout consoles bruh. Like optimized settings on PS4…K, oK?? & I’m just going to stop you there ’cause really, you always write to me like you are sure about everything you state…when you aren’t. Yeah Infinite Warfare is optimized to 1080p resolution, like is pretty standard in today’s gaming but there is a lot of possibilities maan. Can’t you see, with COD partnered up with Sony for it’s exclusivity, (’cause PS4 users need PS Plus subscription to play online now), MAYBE they would come up with something like…”Get the new PlayStation NEO/4K with Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Bundle, All Optimized in 4k” Only on Playstation (;

          • J4MES

            I don’t think an electronics company who don’t even produce the internal components of their very own console have any jurisdiction towards developers who code and optimise the game lol! 4K will enhance the textures slightly which is comparable from me using either a GTX 770 or twin 980’s on PC but it wont drastically improve the experience in gameplay terms and could have a detrimental effect on framerates. I’ve already tested the Asus Strix GTX 1080 paired with SLI which is the latest 4K card on Black Ops 3 and the step up isn’t as significant as you’d think especially in regards to gameplay. If a game is shite; graphics won’t save it as the likes of The Order 1886 found out. If you think Sony can boost software performance based on console exclusivity when they aren’t even a software company; you are quite frankly deluded beyond comprehension.

          • Sentinel

            I stop reading after I saw PC…I’m done.

          • J4MES

            PC and PS4 use the same graphics card architecture *facepalm. Clearly you can’t comprehend my post as it’s above your intellectual level which is surprising as it’s the most basic terminology for consoles that even IGN kiddies know about.

            Probably best if you don’t post on things you have no clue about in future as it may save some embarrassment down the line. You probably did read my post in full but have no answer as you know it’s bang on the money but don’t have the respect to say so. Pretty sad really..

          • [PCMR] Grimlock

            It’s peasantry, let it go.

    • Dan

      You think graphics make a game? LMFAO go back to IGN you foolish peasant. I tried Ghosts in 4k on PC with extra settings maxed @ 145fps and it still sucked as much my XB1 and 360 versions. gameplay>graphics always

      • Sentinel

        HAHA. Right. Where did I even mention that again…? Moron at it’s finest. & so? You got your preferences just like I have mines. Get your insignificant self TF out.

      • J4MES

        Yep, BO3 with 2x GTX 980’s w/SLI didn’t exactly flourish. Don’t think many people will invest in 4K just for COD – the engine is older than HD too lol!


        • Eric H

          Looks great in my opinion.

          • J4MES

            Looks identical to running the game on an ageing GTX 770 on high which is why COD in 4K wont be a major step upwards especially when the assets are built for 1080p scaling. The FPS counter might take a hit too if they emphasise maxing 4K potential and that could be problematic.

        • [PCMR] Grimlock

          Skyrim with 4K textures looks better than that.

      • Virginia Vue

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    • TheSkrillexKill

      COD is not even that good in the graphics department. The textures are ugly as hell and 4K on PC is not even that great, considering how little the textures improve.

      So if you think CoD is going to look great in 4K, you need to play more GOOD games on PC with higher settings (BF4, Crysis 3, The switcher 3, etc.)

      • Sentinel

        No. I don’t need to use PC to play GOOD games. & for the last time, I am discussing about the console! So why TF does anyone feel the need to bring PC matters into the conversation…I do not care, I own a PC to run my very own gaming software but do you see me bringing anything related to it…NO. & Yes, I think COD will look great in PS4 NEO because it is my preference.

        • TheSkrillexKill

          Consoles are incredibly underpowered right now, and the “4K” thing it’s really bullshit. Also, why do you care so much about graphics on CoD? Black Ops 3 in 4K looks barely different.

          • Sentinel

            I think otherwise but ok, whatever floats your boat dude. & Like I said before, it’s my preference. Get it? Got it? Good. When we get the first optimized 4K video game on the console. Then we can discuss. I’m leaving PC out of this!

    • The Turbanator

      Do you actually think games will run in 4K on that thing?

  • ScOott

    I wonder how many idiots will run out and buy this, without the correct TV lol..

  • lunator100hd .

    I currently have a ps4, i may buy this slim xbox one

  • X1 Scorpio pls be real

  • Stewart Thomas

    “4K Support” will be you can play 4K Blurays. I’ll be amazed if they can do 4K games at any sort of frame rate that looks smooth.

    • J4MES

      The PS4 will need the mother of all 4K cards just to get and hold a stable 60 on even the most basic games. I think many developers could struggle with optimisation and let’s face it; most of them struggled like hell to even retain a stable 30fps on tinpot technology on the current gen.

    • The current PS4 can already play 4K blu rays, just can’t run games in 4k.

  • Ak74u

    Yes! Good thing I only have my Xbox one and I was about to buy a ps4 this summer now I can wait until the neo releases. Glad I waited to buy a ps4 but if the Xbox one upgrade is also true that would be perfect

  • ArtisanKnight

    Can some people just accept the fact that this exists. If you’re not interested, fine. Sheesh, people are so childish. No need to talk about its inferiority or how it doesn’t do this and that. We all know if this was Xbox, things would have been different, even if it were exactly what the Neo is.

  • CoDforever

    .. PC gaming here I come.

  • PCMR

    These poxy consoles are holding the gaming industry back especially the XB1 with 720p games and 30fps performance. That and the PS4 was old tat before it was even released. It’s gonna be another year until 4K is out on console and already Nvidia and releasing their new range of goliath GTX graphics cards on PC that will even make 4K dated by then so we’ll be back to square one exactly where we were in 2013 when these ‘new’ consoles released.

    Call of Duty games wont even achieve 60fps with two high-end 4K cards built in and it’ll be about 45fps unlocked tops so they’d just be better off focusing on reaching 1080p w/60fps locked and no up-scaling whist improving the quality of the games instead of wowing kids with gwaficks.

    • J4MES

      The disparity between high-end gaming and the current generation is still significant though and if 4K was incorporated into the PS4 and XB1 right off the bat and both Sony and Microsoft wanted to retain a profit on each unit; they’d have to sell them and £800+ which would not only price 95% of the people out of the market but that’s not even factoring in needing a 4K TV which back then was another £1500 on top. I do however agree that the framerate could be an issue although most of COD’s assets are recycled and designed around 1080p scaling so they’d be better off just focusing on full HD and allowing for auto-upscaling which may mean the framerate is retained at 60 and locked. If they start pissing about and building upwards with backport optimisation in place; I’d be very worried especially with it being Infinity Ward.

      • Agreed, back in 2013, games weren’t even and if they were, hardly any games were 4k, and if they were, 4k tv’s were a shit ton of price, and having something to run 4k would be shit expensive.

        • J4MES

          Yep, infact 99% of games these days are strictly built around 1080p architecture and back in 2013; many weren’t even full HD. Having 4K back then would have been ludicrous especially if the texture assets in games were of a significantly lower quality.

    • It’s not the fact that Sony and Microsoft can’t make consoles 4k 60fps. You must be retarded if you think multi BILLION dollar companies like Sony & Microsoft can’t make a console that can run 4k 60fps and for a cheap price because they can make their own parts. The reason why consoles are 1080p is because so that they are not expensive. A lot of people can’t even afford console prices anyway, so 4k console is out of the question.

      • PCMR

        Sony make their own parts? That’s the most uneducated thing I have ever read on this site. The CPU is produced by Radeon and the GPU is AMD. Sony have not produced one component for the device apart from the controller and each unit is barely profitable. The only things Sony make which is their own is mobile phones and TVs. Microsoft are also a software firm and have never produced GFX cards, CPUs or drives.

        • Because it’s cheaper this way, what’s the point in pouring money into making a 1080p GPU when you can buy them from another company. Since 4k graphic cards are new, it would be a good business idea to invest money into creating their own card for the console.

        • Blackforce

          You have got something wrong there. The GPU is from AMD, thats true, but the CPU isn’t from Radeon. Radeon is just the Name for AMD GPUs, so actually, CPU and GPU are from AMD, only the GPUs from AMD are called Radeon.

        • Cookin’ by the book

          >”CPU is produced by Radeon”
          PC master race my ass.

  • Xbox One Slim is what I need right now. My only complaint regarding the Xbox One is the downgrade in dashboard (personally my opinion) and the fact it looks like a VCR. So I would really love a slim pls

  • MountainDewIt

    Both Sony and Microsoft have failed on current gen. Had they only waited a couple more years instead of pushing out these crappy consoles, we could have began the new generation with these high specs. But why wait a few years when money could be made then, right? I believe Sony messed this generation up by trying to get out before Microsoft. Just think, we could have had consoles that were actually worth it from day 1.

  • Bobby Kotick

    The new PlayStation 4 will truly show off the innovation of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered!

  • Virginia Vue

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