Infinity Ward developers are at E3 2016 and going on many different streams to talk about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

PlayStation E3 LiveCast: 

IGN Live E3: 


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    Really CI. You wouldnt enable the comments for me to be furst?

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    Not interested ’til there’s mp gameplay.

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      Let them do it. At the end of the days, sales and player counts will prove whether it’s #RIPCOD or #RIPCODHaters.

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      Lmao, people are persistent…

  • LastGenRichtofen

    Off to play origins

  • ScOott

    Only 110 days to wait till will find out about multilplayer.. #TheWaitIsReal :-/

  • Jay Evan

    And only three months till we can see multiplayer. T H R E E F U L L M O N T H S.

  • Truthteller

    Activision still too scared to show off MP gameplay. Looks like they’ve done a blinding job with their PR on the campaign reveal but I wont be fooled like others after Ghosts, Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 which were all crap games dressed up nicely before release. I’m surprised people haven’t worked this out yet after all these years but then again; hype will always blind the naive and they always moan like hell when they’ve wasted the money.

    Battlefield 1 is a game to be proud of though and so glad we saw the MP in all its glory whilst Activision hid behind scripted ‘gameplay’ that IW cobbled together without releasing any key info. Activision didn’t even turn up for E3 which said it all…

    • darren

      Well, Treyarch had the balls to show it off at E3 last year. And put out a beta. I know the CoDXP is gonna be the MP and Zombies reveal, but that is only like a month and a half before launch. That’s a bad sign. I don’t like them being so hush hush over MP. They could have had like a 10-15 second teaser for MP. So, also, no beta this year? Another bad sign.
      And Batlefield Shmattlefield. I dig their campaign’s alright, but the MP doesn’t do it for me. And I can’t drop $60 just for a campaign.
      We are being bulldozed by FPS this year. IW, MWR, Battlefield 1, Titanfall. I’m actually kinda disappointed this year. I was waiting for all the unannounced stuff, and all we got were trailers for stuff we KNEW were coming. There were like maybe 5 suprise announcements between both consoles. (Nintendo just doesn’t rank anymore, for me. Sorry.)
      And STILL no SKATE 4. 🙁

      • DeadZombieGaming 12

        What if they want to change it based on feedback?
        And the multiplayer trailer is gonna be more finished compared to if they showed it now.

        • darren

          Have a beta. The only real way to get feedback. Say the MP reveal flops. Then they have less than 2 months to fix it. That doesn’t seem wise to me.

    • J4MES

      Activision are the kings of PR and marketing and they have many people wrapped around their fingers – just look at how compelling the marketing was behind Advanced Warfare and the end result from a community standpoint after everyone bought the game. The Infinite Warfare reveal exceeded many people’s dwindling expectations but that’s down to marketing the strongest aspects to reel people in and I’ll be taking everything with a pinch of salt because their tactics are too well known for me. Them commissioning IW to redesign the box art was another smart move and you have to wonder what else is being desperately tweaked after the initial reveal trailer and the criticisms. Activision are so strong at what they do; they could sell used bog roll as diamonds these days.

    • Michael Romo

      First of all, the Battlefield 1 gameplay was disappointing. I barely saw any guns (different guns), and they showed nothing but the planes and blimps. And both sucked. Tbh, if I do get the game, I’ll probably not even make an effort to use the vehicles.

      Second of all, I have a feeling Activision didn’t show up and show MP gameplay because they are trying to polish it up. They know that most of the community is waiting to see if the MP looks good or not, so they don’t want to show it in its alpha form.

    • Keshav Bhat

      You do know that Black Ops 3 was the first time they have shown MP gameplay at E3? AW, Ghosts, etc, before, MP was shown in August/Sept.

  • Thanks for reuploading these interviews.