Treyarch has announced in a new blog post that Specialists Bribes are coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, starting this week.

There will be bribes for three specialists each week, one on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; each day, a different specialist will see the spotlight. The bribes will be released based upon the order of the Specialists in-game. The Bribes in-game will guarantee an item for that specialist with each drop you open.

This week’s schedule:

  • Tuesday: Ruin
  • Wednesday: Outrider
  • Thursday: Prophet


In addition to the new Specialist Bribes, Treyarch is introducing new Specialist Character Models, which includes new gear sets and more.

Next week, three more Specialists will be highlighted.

SOURCE: Treyarch

  • RdJokr

    Cue the “We want Weapon Bribes!” rant.

    • I want emblem bribes!!!!!!!

      • RdJokr

        Don’t see why you would want that, when you can just make one that’s way cooler than what Treyarch offers. Seriously, go look up MagicSista24, she makes the best stuff around.

        • I want a bribe that gives me the black market emblem creator decals and materials. It’s hard to find what you want. I’ve been wanting the spider emblem to make a Widow’s Wine emblem for so long and still Haven’t found it >_>

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            One word commons

        • just a prank bro

      • Literally worthless.

        Why not just look up what they look like then replicate it?

      • ScOott

        That would be completely pointless dude, are u for real, just make them ur self..

          dont make me shoot up ur bar

          • ScOott

            Haha I know.. I just wanted ur inbox filled with the same comment over n over again 🙂 just to see u reply “just a prank Bro” three times was worth it..

          • I’m gonna put ur cat in a blender now

          • ScOott

            Chill dude.. It was just a prank Bro ?

          • You used an emoji… You’re like 30, that’s old af, you shouldn’t be using emojis. Just because of that I’m gonna put your dog in the microwave now.

          • ScOott

            Yo dawg I’m 27 and still more hip than yo ass, u get meh.. YOLO swag homie ?

          • Drank Bleach

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          • ScOott

            Englands chances of winning anything ended along time ago, if we can’t win with the likes of Beckham, Lampard, Gerrard, Terry, Ferdinand, Cole, Campbell, Owen and Sheara back In the day these lot don’t stand a chance.. We be lucky to make it the quarter finals, still fingers crossed lol..

          • Smayo

            Nobody gave a cent for our national team back in 2010 before the WC started. But we ended up in the final (sadly lost ffs) all I say is the ball is round… and can end up anywhere…

          • Drank Bleach

            Portugal is doing pretty bad as well, germany looks pretty good.

          • ScOott

            Yh, I bet on Germany for the world cup before it started 10 pound bet got me 90, just didn’t think they looked as good going into euros, ur from holland?

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            Does England even have a Olympic basketball team

          • Drank Bleach

            Nah, good ol USA, curious, why you think i was from Holland?

          • ScOott

            Sorry, when u said the final I thought u ment the actual final not the final as in knock out stages..

          • Drank Bleach

            Cat in a blender, dog in a microwave? How old are you? 10? What’s with your obsession for ScOott?

          • What’s with your obsession of being a fgt.

          • Drank Bleach

            Lol says the one with fgt in their username

          • You got me there.

          • Aidan


          • iTYPE2ANNOY

            nice talking about shooting someone and not getting banned. gg admins

        • BradyAlucard

          But it’d be so cool. What if I suck? 🙁

    • I’m happy with what we have now.

      Although I wouldn’t mind 3arch raising the chance to get weapons, I’m satisfied with the current condition of the Black Market.

      • RdJokr

        Considering that I just got 3 dupes (and the dreaded 1 Rare + 2 Common combo) in one supply drop yesterday, I’d say no, I’m not quite happy about it.

        The one way they could improve these special bribes is if they have a bigger guarantee for the items they promised. If they don’t want to do a “no dupes” drop, then fine, but at least increase the chance of getting the items that you want. Specialist bribes, for example, should at least guarantee all three items related to said Specialist. That would at least make the Cryptokey price tag a bit more tolerable, because at least you’re not getting a Common drop that way.

    • BradyAlucard

      I don’t even know what this is!!

  • Ak74u

    At least it’s not the stupid calling card bribe, that was so stupid it should never come back and it was as almost as much as a rare drop smh

    • Former

      Yeah…Funny part is that the calling card bribe was 100 CoD points, which is half the cost of a rare drop. 25 keys is NOT half the cryptokey cost.

  • Stefan Lang

    How about they start giving us camos for supply drop weapons since they patched the glitch after I put Transgression on the FFAR ?

    • Its not even like they have to make them, its clear from glitching that the textures themselves are there, they could just let us get them from SDs yet they wont.

      Im guessing Activision is cooking up something, it doesn’t make any sense for them not to let us have camos that clearly exist, atleast in some small form.

    • Michael Romo

      There’s a new glitch to share camos but it won’t work with dlc weapons

  • J4MES

    I fart when I sneeze.

  • Mick


  • Gamerazor247

    Let me guess… 50 keys for some mo’ bullshit? Can we just get camos bribes or something, that’d be cool…

    • It’s actually 60 keys. lol

    • Bacon

      I’d like camo bribes. I just want pretty camo for my guns when I shoot zombies but instead I get specialist themed items, attachment variants that I can’t use/see, and weapons.

      • You can use the attachment variants in zombies.

        • An Adorable Fluffy Alpaca

          Yes, but I usually get FMJ, suppressor, and extended mags variants which can’t be customized in zombies. I also get quick draw and stock variants, but you really can’t see them in first person.

          • lunator100hd .

            Attachment variants are dumb, its just another bait for kids to buy cod points lol.

    • RdJokr

      “All new Weapon Camo Bribes! Get a guaranteed camo for your favorite weapon!”

      *gets fucking Dust camo for Man-O-War every fucking time*

      Trust me, any cool idea will get fucked over by Activision in some way.

      • Gamerazor247

        Nah, with my luck for the last month, I’d get that ugly ass “straight outta the 90s” Contrast camo for the Blackcell or whatever…

    • Former

      You know there’s a glitch that lets you copy any camo to any gun, right? I just put ice on all my guns yesterday. Take advantage of it, fam.

  • Ozeahan

    Costs 60 keys, already was able to buy it when changing my console time and date for the contract flitch, suddenly got the serraph one and thought that it was a bug because i only had it for 10 minutes.

  • Ken Ward

    I have only ever played with the Reaper. To this day, I have not yet received a single camo or taunt for my specialist. Busted ass system.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Stop playing this turd of a game. Come check out my Law blog!

  • I wonder if daddy scoot is voting to leave or stay in EU.

    • J4MES

      Vote remain else I’ll get deported otherwise!

    • ScOott

      Where is EU? Never heard of it, I live in England..

      • Smayo

        Vote leave anyway, the EU will go down in history as the next rome…

    • BradyAlucard

      I’d go live with ScOott in the UK if Trump becomes president.

      • PandaMan

        TRUMP 2016!

      • Batman

        Just go and dont go back, hillary will destroy the US more than anyone

        • Dr. Edward Richtofen

          Is this real are you that stupid or just joking

        • BradyAlucard

          Uh… I’d rather take a crook that has actually had political experience instead of an idiotic, racist nutcase.

      • madshooterguy

        Obama 2016

    • jordanxbrookes

      I’m voting leave for the better of our country, despite the remain campaign’s propaganda.

  • Jonny Wan Kenobi

    Better start grinding for cryptokeys then. I really want the orange REM reaper gear. Hopefully they do a double cryptokey weekend before his day. Not sure if I’ll spend the 1000 cod points i have for pre ordering iw on this or not. I also wish they would put up a new special contract for another weapon bribe already. People should’ve had plenty of time to get 75 wins by now if they really cared. I finished it the day after it went live. FFA and gun game FTW!

  • Diego Diniz

    NAH! We want WEAPONS…not Camos and Pants!

    • Aidan

      Then save your cryptokeys for the next special bribe.

      • Dr. Edward Richtofen

        That’s a awful idea this games life cycle in almost over

        • Aidan

          Good. This year was disappointing.

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            Says who ?

          • Aidan

            Me. I hate black ops 3. Worst entry in the series IMHO

  • Dr. Salim

    Is there REALLY a point to this? I don’t want to unlock something I cant see in game.

    • Sentinel

      There is a point to this. Is not for you to see in game but to brag/show off to other players.

    • Kobrah

      You have to look at it in menus and lobbies, in the to
      3 thing at the end of games and you can see your hands usually. Might as well look cool. Or camouflaged so other players can’t see you in game?

  • Andrey Martim

    There is a way to not accept these bribes? I really don’t care about skins.

  • Thomas the Tankswag

    Not cod related, but could someone fill me in on anything thats happened with the Lovekiller/guywithbrains story in the last month, or have they just disappeared?

    • My daddy ScOott exposed both users as being the same person and they just rage quit.

      • Thomas the Tankswag

        No more Lovekiller/guywithbrains = Triggered

    • J4MES

      He or ‘they’ haven’t been seen since they were exposed as he/they know his/their Discus activities can be tracked in the webcache. A infrequent guest poster on here by the name of LLORT drew attention to it when Lovekiller/Guywithbrains were double teaming a few users who had differing opinions with suspicious insta upvotes and replies to one anothers profiles. They claimed they were just PSN friends in different countries but LLORT managed to prove that both accounts were posting off the same household router under the same IP address. This contradicted his/their story about how they knew each other which forced him/them to confess they ‘lived’ together. That blew a massive hole in their dwindling credibility but it wasn’t enough for LLORT who then proved that they were posting from the same device off two browsers which meant they were the same person or two people sitting on the same PC. Lovekiller then accidentally upvoted his own post instead of a response from Guywithbrains when cornered and instead of owning up that the person was using two accounts to inflate his opinion and shout down other users; he ran off making both accounts private and not to be seen since.

      He did try and play the ‘I’m a victim’ card and tried to get Keshav onside but everyone knew clear as day what the user was up to and the new evidence LLORT harvested confirmed this beyond any doubts.

  • ccrows

    Hoping that DLC3 news gets released soon by Trey.

    I would like to play DLC4 on XB1 before COD4R comes out…

    • Batman

      I would like to play DLC4 before CoD 2017 gets released.
      Treyarch’s post launch support for bo3 is the worst one I’ve ever experienced+they take years to drop DLC packs

  • Ratchet

    How bout fix these shitty lag spikes

    • J4MES

      They’d need to spend money on dedicated servers to do that and as we all know; Activision would rather pocket the cash rather than invest in the community.

  • Jeanetterdutil2
    • GinsuVictim

      Thank you, Disqus, the new block feature is awesome.

  • When ScOott turns out to not be a fgt and your in disbelief.

  • I wasn’t so down with the all around specialist bribe, but I actually wanna do this xD Outrider is my Waifu ♥

  • Capten ermirica

    Is nobody else still finding it fucking hilarious that they keep ramming these useless and frankly pathetic bribes at us to cover up the fact they hinted towards us being able to earn the weapons we wanted within contracts? I know now I was totally naive to think activision and their never ending pockets would risk losing money by giving us what we actually want. Fucking calling card bribes???who in the absolute mother of fuck cares about calling cards (apart from the ones you grind for which actually mean something) and more to the point who’s fucktarded enough to spend 25 keys on one knowing full well that you’ve reduced your chances of dropping a weapon instantly? Where did it all start going so wrong.


      where did it start? advanced warfare. jk but well said. the retards (some youtubers who were paid to) dropping tons of money on supply drops (even still doing it) ruined cod. dumbass sheeple….

  • Sentinel

    It is said that Infinite Warfare has a bigger weapons list than any other COD out there…Hmm interesting. I know that energy based weapon are in the game but I will stick more with the ballistic weapons instead! I just hope they stay away from any laser guns! Btw the sniper looks legit with the magazine on the side

  • Jay Evan

    These character models look like early Infinite Warfare teasers.

    • J4MES

      They look more like the crap Sledgehammer was producing for Advanced Warfare.

      • I honestly cant stand character customization. You can trust any developer with this shit because they go with over the top gimmick outfits….in a war game. I love pink outfits and cow boy hats

        • J4MES

          Surprised they haven’t brought in Disney characters into the game the way the franchise has been going in recent years! I’m expecting Barbie next…

      • Jay Evan

        guessing that the Banshi and the Rift e9 were weapons made originally by sledgehammer

  • I thought it would be a separate contract to earn these specific bribes, but us spending X amount of points on a bribe. not really worth it if you ask me.

  • Dr. Edward Richtofen

    Can’t wait for specter

  • Weapons: Nope
    Gears: Nope
    Calling cards: Rares only
    Attachments: Only for weapons i don’t use
    My supply drop opening in a nutshell

    • fr4gbob

      Weapons: Wrench, MX Garand, NX Shadowclaw, FFAR, HG-40 & RSA Interdiction.
      Gears: Useless cosmetic crap.
      Calling cards: Useless cosmetic crap.
      Attachments: Useless cosmetic crap.
      My supply drop opening in a nutshell

      • Lucky you only weapon i have is the bat from the 75 kills shit, i want the ffar and banshii

        • fr4gbob

          I got a second HG-40 from the 75 kill contract, and the FFAR from the free bribe they gave season pass holders, the rest, just from regular rare drops, except the Wrench that was in a common….

          I hope you get more soon dude, sucks that you can’t get anything, though imo, the FFAR sucks ass, really not worth the wait, NX Shadowclaw is the only weapon so far that I think is worth it…. wouldn’t mind a go with the Banshii, but not too excited.

          • picked the banshii a couple of times and i love it the ffar is good with the right attachments

  • Codisshit

    Fucking worthless. I got 1 rare taunt and to shitty regular camos for 60 cryptokeys

  • Rob Melchor

    Good to see that the Treyarch is not getting silly with the character models. Advanced Warfare got out of hand.

  • chris

    these character models are a joke, I wouldn’t apply these even if they were free.