As announced by PlayStation at E3, if you pre-purchase select editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare* at participating retailers on PlayStation 4, you can get access to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered’s Campaign on October 5.

Activision Support has posted a new FAQ with more details on how this offer will work.

Retailer Pre-Purchase: 

If you are planning on buying Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare* at a retailer, you must fully pay off your purchase of the game in order to get access to the MWR Campaign 30 days early. Pre-orders are not the same thing as a pre-purchase.

Once you fully complete your purchase of the Legacy or Legacy Pro Edition, your retailer should give you a download code to enter on the PlayStation Store. That code will give you access to Modern Warfare Remastered’s campaign on October 5. Check with your retailer if they are participating in this offer.

In the US, GameStop and BestBuy have confirmed that this offer is valid at their stores.

For GameStop, their site states that online preorders will receive an email with a code on October 5. For those that preordered in-stores, their site states that players should visit their store on October 5 to get a code printed on their receipt. In order to get the code, the entire game must be fully payed off by October 4 at 11:59PM.


BestBuy’s site states that they will email you a code once you have fully paid off the game either in-stores or online. Full details on BestBuy’s offer is available here.

Digital Pre-Purchase: 

If you are planning on pre-purchasing the Digital Deluxe or Digital Legacy editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare* digitally on the PlayStation 4 Store, you will automatically get access to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Campaign starting on October 5. PlayStation Store will notify you on October 5 when the Modern Warfare Remastered Campaign is ready for download.

The PlayStation 4 Store requires you to pay the full price of the game upon pre-purchasing it on the store.

This offer only grants 30 days early access to the campaign of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. The multiplayer mode will be available to play on Friday, November 4, alongside Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s* release.

All of the progress you make on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Campaign prior to the November 4 launch will transfer over. After the early access period ends on November, players who had early access to the campaign will be required to re-download the full, final version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, included in select editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The final version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, which launches on November 4, will give you full access to the multiplayer mode, alongside the campaign mode.

This offer is valid from now through November 3rd — meaning if you pre-purchase at a retailer or pre-purchase digitally after October 5, you will be granted immediate access to Modern Warfare Remastered’s campaign on PlayStation 4.

Xbox One and PC players can get access to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, alongside Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, on November 4.

*Offer is valid with the purchase of the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Legacy, Digital Legacy, Digital Deluxe, or Legacy Pro Editions, only on PlayStation 4. 

Contact your specific retailer if you have any additional questions about this offer.

SOURCE: Activision Support

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  • CyberWolf

    Furst! Finally…

    • Kappa


  • Dr. Salim

    I bet this will come out before DLC 3.

  • Jonny Wan Kenobi

    Already pre ordered digital deluxe to get $15 back for spending $100 🙂 looking forward to Oct. 5 and Nov. 4

    • Sol Malus

      $99.99 is still 1 cent less than $100. If you haven’t bought anything else, you should.

      • Jonny Wan Kenobi

        I know 😛 I bought an avatar and The Order: 1886 as well.

    • djml9

      Same here. paid $75 (technically) for the $80 legacy edition + $50 season pass. Saved $55. Not a bad deal at all.

      • Carter

        Where did you preorder it to get this deal? Amazon? Gamestop?

        • djml9

          PSN. For E3 week, they had a “spend $100, get $15 back” deal and i bought the $100 digital deluxe edition so i’ll get $15 back.

          • KLEEBAN KLIBAN

            Yea, I seriously considered doing it but I can’t keep getting digital CoD or I’ll run out of room. I’m already close to the end of my 2TB hard drive. I got BO3 digital because I need my “actual” Zombies to be ready at a moment’s notice haha. Kinda excited about IW Zombies though. Reaaallly hopint it’s everything Extinction was (beatable missions, diverse loadouts, and meaningful out of game character upgrades) only zombie themed so Activision can say Zombies is synonymous with CoD. Really wanted an Extinction follow up because that was a nice change of pace. Would be a shame to lose that diversity.

          • djml9

            Im sorry to tell you, but digital and physical take the same amount of space, so you just missed out on a great deal for no reason. The only difference is that digital requires the internet to download and install (and can take longer, depending on internet speed).

            I did like that extinction was actually beatable, though. I would like it if IW zombies was beatable. I may be more in lined to give it more than one or two tries at a time.

  • Pahom

    What a petty way to sucker people into buying IW!

    • Jonny Wan Kenobi

      Some want, are looking forward to and probably would’ve bought both anyway 🙂

    • Marc Grierson

      Anyone willing to shell out £80 or whatever it is just to play MWR is suckering themselves. I actually want to play IW more than MWR but i’ll buy both. The MWR incentive has not “suckered” me into purchasing IW and people are actually realising IW looks great.

    • Br00talK1d


  • Diego Diniz

    Campaign??? NAH! We want MULTIPLAYER!!!

  • PvBrent

    my favorite part of this article is where it sais “The PlayStation 4 Store requires you to play the full price of the game upon pre-purchasing it on the store.” I’d love to know how one should “Play the full price” Who here has ever heard of this game called “Full Price”?

    • Michael Romo

      “Full Price” as in you don’t get half of Captain Price, you get all of him

  • Eric H

    Wishing I had bought a PS4 now.. 2013 was a bad year!

    • ItsOnlyBanterLads

      You bought an Xbox one because??? All your friends, of course, but did all your friends not realize Xbox was a disaster?

  • hungryandrew

    Guys just wait until January or February the latest, MW Re-mastered will be available alone as a single purchase, please don’t get suckered into buying this game.

    • Jason

      Agreed and hopefully. With Titanfall 2 and BF1 to choose from waiting won’t be hard.

    • Ciarán Smith

      or just buy it on steam for 9.99 who cares if its remastered or not !! same game regardless.

      • ccrows

        I have it for PC, but I just can’t get used to using a KB+M, and you are definitely at a disadvantage using a controller… 🙁

  • ItsOnlyBanterLads

    What a crock of shit for a pre purchase bonus, 6 hours of a game in which you’ve already played and know the ending. Pre orders/purchases are the cancer of buying games

    • Marc Grierson

      Where does it say I have to pre-purchase? No where? Oh im sorry, the way you commented made it seem like it was being forced. My bad . .

      • ItsOnlyBanterLads

        Read the fine print front and centre on ps store. It’s ridiculous. MW campaign will give you 1 playthrough and a 2nd just for the sake of it, a campaign which you’ve already played! Pre purchase, which is wayyy more of a statement of intent by the gamer, should have a better payoff. Early IW campaign would be better. Not some regurgitated SP when everyone is buying for MP. You see?

        • Marc Grierson

          Oh so it’s not the actual practice of pre-purchasing that your complaining about its the reward for doing so in this case then? Each to their own I think having the mw campaign early in the run up to IW is a good thing it means I can get it out of the way before I start on IW. There are loads of games out at that point this year so I’m glad it’s breaking the 2 apart. However calling it the cancer of gaming is just stupid when the point you’ve made doesn’t justify the statement all your moaning about is a reward for buying the game early and it comes across as whiny and entitled. They don’t have to give anything away early just remember that. So no I don’t see lol.

          • ItsOnlyBanterLads

            Both. It’s scum on their part. And foolishness on behalf of the gamer. A pitiful way to get guaranteed $$$ & the average cod fanboy is going to cough up that guaranteed $$$ to play a campaign??

            The majority of, if not all major commentators agree that pre ordering, and now pre purchasing will irreparably damage gaming and the consumption of it. Dunno how you don’t see this.

            Also,”they don’t have to give us anything”, just shows the limits you’re working between!

          • Marc Grierson

            I just don’t see it as a way to get guaranteed cash when cod sells every single year millions of copies regardless of the preorder incentives. The game was going to be bought either way regardless of how many people dislike the trailer or shout about it being futuristic or whine about the mw remaster. Sure it will certainly add a few more sales and pre orders but the recurring fans would have bought it with or without mw attached.

            You say “the average cod fan boy” but I would be within that threshold as I buy cod most years I think it’s a fun shooter to play and I’m not a fan of battlefield (although the new one does look pretty sweet) but the mw campaign early access offer had zero impact on my preorder I just preorder games because it’s easier for me to get it paid on the months I have more cash. The incentives are always shit but I’d preorder with or without them they don’t mean anything to me or any of my friends who preorder games so in my experience I wiild disgrace that this guarantees cash from “the average cod fan boy” as the cash would have been there either way.

            I just don’t get why it is damaging gaming lol gaming has never been as popular, the industry is booming from big studios to small. I may be being naive if so elaborate on your point but it just seems like hysteria for absolutely no reason.

          • Marc Grierson

            Sorry that’s a bit of an essay lol


      Na dude, if your going to pre-order anyway then the bonus is just that, a bonus. What’s not to like? I haven’t played MW so this will be “all right” for me. I started really playing CoD in BO2 though, which is when the mechanics got waaayyy smoother from MW3. Fluidity of controls and hit feedback are huge parts of what has improved from BO2 and on, and I hope this MW remaster is more than just a visual remaster and the mechanics are up to the new standards. For me, MW will already suffer from the less-to-the-game and slower pace factors so not sure how I’ll feel if the controls are still PS2 status when I don’t have the nostalgia factor. I think MW fans purchasing this will expect fluid controls too, which you kinda take for granted since improvements are usually mild each year, but if you were to get a PS4 graphics CoD with PS2 fluidity, it would hit you. Either way I’m glad Activision compromised and found a way to remaster MW for the old fans and still make it profitable for the company. I mean they have to make the crazy extra labor costs profitable, so give them a break and be thankful that they cared. I also have to say, I think the die hard old school CoD fans think that MW will be the main attraction.. it won’t be. It will have its moment of fame, but the lobbies will dry up significantly after 1-3 months. However, I think that the old school CoD fans should be glad for this. After all, if I’m right and most of us (especially the youngins) have come to expect more from our CoD games, then MW lobbies will be mostly filled with other like minded gamers. Great way for old heads to find online gamer friends who can recommend other good games they might like or already have other games they play. MW lobbies will also probably become the most adult, most tolerable lobbies in CoD history. It will be a golden age for CoD dads everywhere haha. Serously, picture lobbies filled with other older gamers who hate new CoD. I imagine for those people, it will be GLORIOUS! Unfortunately there will have to be some kids who copy their dads and older brothers “back in my day CoD used to mean something” attitudes haha. Can’t be helped, and it’s your own fault for passing on that elitist trash to your children haha.

  • devon richardson

    did anyone pre order from gamestop? If so, did you ever receive a code? I only received the cod points code and the future offer code. I paid in full btw

    • Juan Lopez

      I didn’t get the code for the cod points when do you find it

  • Keyser p. Soze

    Anyone know if this works when purchased through Amazon?

  • Brian

    Will this work with a GameStop ps4 preorder? Not sure if I have enough memory for both games digitally.

    • Tyler McCartney

      At gamestop you have to pay the full purchase price of the game on the pre-order and you have to stop back in at the store on October 5th to get your code for the early mwr.