Gfinity is back with their first Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 LAN event, the CWL Summer Masters. The event takes place in London, England from July 1 through July 3, where the best CWL Pro Division EU teams will play alongside the Challenge Division teams.

The 10 CWL Eu Pro Division teams and 6 amateur teams that qualified through the online play will compete in the event for the $20,000 prize pool and a chance to win more CWL Pro Points.


  • Millenium
  • Supremacy
  • Team LDLC
  • Splyce
  • Epsilon
  • Team Infused
  • Exertus
  • Hypergames
  • Orbit
  • Crane
  • Rival
  • Riot Gaming
  • U4X
  • fabe
  • Team MRN



The action will start of with Group Stages, followed by Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Grand Finals. All knockout stages of the event will feature veto selection of maps. Group Stages, Quarter and Semi Finals will be best of 5 and Grand Finals will be best of 7 matches.



  • Alan “Bricetacular” Brice
  • Oliver “ReL” Whitfield
  • Chris “Tunn” Tunn
  • Jonas “Oxygen” Ferry
  • Jack “CouRage” Dunlop
  • Tyler “TeePee” Polchow
  • Philip “Momo” Whitfield

Prize Pool:

  1. $10,000
  2. $5,000
  3. $1,500
  4. $1,500
  5. $500
  6. $500
  7. $500
  8. $500

Teams attending this event will also have a chance to earn CWL Pro Points, which are used to determine which teams can qualify for the Call of Duty World League Championship Qualifiers.

Current CWL Pro Point standings can be viewed on the official Call of Duty site here.

Broadcast Start Times:

  •  Fri., July 1: 9:45 AM BST, 10:45 AM CEST, 4:45 AM EDT, 3:45 AM CDT, 2:45 AM MDT, 1:45 AM PDT, 6:45 PM AEST
  • Sat., July 2: 9:45 AM BST, 10:45 AM CEST, 4:45 AM EDT, 3:45 AM CDT, 2:45 AM MDT, 1:45 AM PDT, 6:45 PM AEST
  • Sun., July 3: 9:45 AM BST, 10:45 AM CEST, 4:45 AM EDT, 3:45 AM CDT, 2:45 AM MDT, 1:45 AM PDT, 6:45 PM AEST

The entire event will be live streamed on Twitch. For more information, visit Gfinity’s official site.

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  • Thomas the Tankswag

    First. Go FaBe

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    Nobody cares?only people with no social lifes watch this?

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      fuk u im on my way to treyrch and Jason Blundell said his cat is going to eat your shreddies

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        Wait, hold up.

        You gave me S*** above for my post, and you double posted that pic? Really? *sigh* Wow…

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        Nice name Raquel. Is that your name at the strip clubs?

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      And the crowd goes….to sleep.

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  • The Gaming Revolution

    When I see anything that involves competitive COD matches

  • ccrows

    TBH I don’t really follow competitive, but the average COD player knew who Nadeshot was.

    I guess maybe Scump is the most popular now, but to me he doesn’t seem as mainstream as Nade…

    • ccrows

      ^ (cont)

      However, (popularity aside) I’d like to know (only for curiosity) who’s the best player & best team out there.

      AKA I’m not gonna sit there watch it, but I’d still like to know the results of who won… *shrugs*

      • kermit the frog

        fucking hell mate don’t write a Wikipedia entry

        • ccrows

          Yeah, and your post, (including your pic) takes up more space than mine.

          Oh the irony… SMH

    • J4MES

      Competitive COD just doesn’t appeal to many whereas proper games that demand skill like CSGO and DOTA 2 have a far more vast audience and a truly talent player pool. CSGO Cologne had 27m viewers whereas most COD events struggle to get past the million mark these days which in eSports terms is abysmal. The franchise really isn’t built for competitive gaming as it doesn’t take much skill and many competitive gamers have moved towards proper games where the prizes are greater, the fans are there and the competition is far more fierce.

      • ccrows

        Maybe not as much anymore, but there was a time when people wanted others to take COD more seriously. (compared to other FPS)

        ^ Also Optic, FaZe, TK, ETC fanboys were a thing.

        Don’t really know why that changed, and like I said earlier I don’t really follow competitive, but I’d still like to know which player and team are currently the best… *shrugs*

        • J4MES

          I think many ‘icons’ of COD have moved on to other games whilst many newbies have jumped on the eSport bandwagon due to is growth and expansion so there are just too many teams, too many competitions, too much money and just simply too many players whereas before; you had a load of recognizable group of teams with star players in a small selection of competitions. COD going off the boil and other popular games has had an affect and as these players make a living out of it; there are more stable games out there that offer far greater rewards, larger scale tournaments and are far more entertaining titles to play that showcase skill and quality.

  • J4MES

    Wow, Keshav removed my post about Tmartn running a corrupt CSGO gambling website that scams users and breaks gambling laws. You can’t censor something that is in public interest within gaming and the legality behind it. Such a shame we live in an era where people like that are protected because of their affiliations with Call of Duty and how it may harm the franchise in financial and credibility terms. Thankfully you or Activision wont be able to remove it from the mainstream media to further protect these crooks from the scrutiny they deserve. It also makes this site look very suspicious indeed…

    • lunator100hd .

      I think you care more that you should, guys like Tmartn is the proof that this world is fool of dumb kids, in my eyes he is like the dumb master of dumb kids, anyway the only thing that matters is that he laughs while reading our comments because he got rich doing literally nothing productive.

      • J4MES

        It’s just a shame that he exploits young people in such a way and flouts laws in the process to make money. I’d rather live an honest life with good ethics and enough cash to get buy than make a living playing games 18 hours a day whilst running a dodgy website that is embroiled in fraudulent activity and scamming users which he doesn’t even need to do. Shocking greed and standards. It could actually have a very negative impact on his relationship with Activision and Call of Duty as a whole by bringing so much into disrepute. If he wasn’t exposed; he would have kept it quiet and everyone would still assume it was just a corrupt site originating in Moscow.

    • Chomsky

      I just recently watched TmarTn’s video where he explained that there was nothing wrong with what he was doing. Was that all a lie and/or am I missing something here?

      • J4MES

        Of course it was a lie. He only made the video in a panic to defend himself to his naive subscribers – most of which who don’t know about CSGO. If his website was legit, he would firstly be affiliated with Valve, have a gambling licence in every country the site operates along with age restriction measures, have consumer protection in place against fraud and he also wouldn’t mask his identity as an owner. The fact he also did ‘winnings’ videos and advertising the site (which we didn’t know he owned at the time) in Youtube videos is a severe violation of the Google ToS and such things have to be disclosed. He may be able to butter up his subscribers but now he’s been identified in this capacity; he cannot simply talk his way out of it from a legality or moral standpoint.

    • Keshav Bhat

      It was removed because there’s no need to talk about TmarTn or his CSGO involvement on our site. Talk to him or comment on his YT channel.

      I cannot speak for Trevor, nor do I have any affiliation with him. Sorry if you’re upset.

      This has nothing to do with Activision or Call of Duty. Not sure why you’re even bringing that up, when his video is all about CSGO.

      I’ve said it before, but I guess you guys do not understand: we do not work for Activision, nor do we get paid for what we do. If you don’t believe that, fine. I cannot change the truth.

      • If I pay you can you make an article on why ScOott is a loser?

      • J4MES

        I was responding to another persons comment. There are also no rules on here that explicitly state the comment section has to be in-line with the article. You’ve swerved racism, trolling, bullying, malware and offensive language so many times previous but as soon as someone affiliated with COD becomes embroiled in something negative; you’re on it in no time with censorship. It inconsistencies like these that raise eyebrows.

        • lunator100hd .

          He called him ”Trevor” hmmmm.

          • Keshav Bhat

            That’s cause his name is Trevor Martin?

          • lunator100hd .

            I know that but)!#$!

        • Keshav Bhat

          I have not let racism go by here. There’s literally just myself and another person who wrk here and try our best to make sure the comments are clean. I come by and clean it up when I have time, but CI is not my main job or thing I work on. This is something we’ve been doing for fun.

          I removed your comment because it was basically a whole comment to whine and call him out. Don’t like him, fine but tell him Or comment on his site. Why are you talking about CSGO betting sites on CoD site when they are not connected at all?

          I don’t remove or try to remove comments when someone in CoD is in trouble or saying something. His video was exclusively about his affiliation with CSGO, which has nothing to do with Activision or call of duty.

          • J4MES

            I didn’t ‘whine or call him out’ – I responded to another persons comment and added Tmartn’s video so they could make their own judgement. I merely outlined the situation and posted his supporting response. Seeing that he is heavily affiliated with Activision but is in violation of several worldwide laws and in accordance with Google’s ToS; it is more relevant that you suggest.

            I appreciate your work on here but when things go up in smoke for one reason but others remain for weeks and weeks despite being persistently flagged; it just doesn’t sit well.

          • Keshav Bhat

            I rarely check which comments are flagged. It’s a different site where I have to go to see that. I usually just read comments myself and decide.

          • Jessicacarndt4


  • Dr. Edward Richtofen

    I’d rather not watch this trash

  • Jonny Wan Kenobi

    I bet I would wrecked over half of those nerds in a free for all match where they can’t have someone calling out every little thing every second.

    • Former

      EU players? Yeah, they’re kinda trash. NA pros would poop on you, though.

  • I have some fucked glitch with my bo3, when I play der eis, and we all ready up and it counts down and the game is about to start, it sends me to hardcore tdm lobby… wtf?

    It’s happened like 4 times in the past couple days.

  • Ak74u

    Okay I have to say this because it’s been bothering me but I’ve been too nice to treyarch not to say it. Where TF are the multiplayer trailers. This Tuesday we were supposed to see a full reveal of DLC 3 and we only got the zombies portion and not much information because it was just a cinematic trailer. Before they would have the developers sit down and talk about their maps and show a preview which I enjoyed and now since DLC 2 treyarch has been very quiet about things and rarely any communication with the community. Back in black ops 2 I felt vonderhar and the rest of the staff had a strong relationship with the community but now I’m bo3 it seems like they don’t want to talk at all and most things are left unsaid like the camos glitches (camo resetting) these past days and it feels like they have stopped working on their game or caring for some reason. idk if it’s just me or what sorry but I felt like I needed to express myself because I feel treyarch isn’t giving their all like in bo2 times

  • Former

    Only EU teams? Lmao. Shit will be painful to watch.