During GameInformer’s new podcast, Jacob Minkoff talked a little bit more about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s movement system.

He started off by saying that the overall movement system featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is “very much in line” with the movement system present in Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, which features the chain-based movement system.

Jacob Minkoff, Design Director at Infinity Ward, went on to state that certain missions in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s campaign will feature the old-school, Modern Warfare boots on the ground movement.

“Now we do have missions that are old-school, hardcore, boots on ground. Like when you start out on Earth, it’s exactly old-school, Modern Warfare boots on ground. As you move into space, in low-g environments, in zero-g environments, in other planets, we give you what we call a boost rig, which has RCS thrusters on it. That’s when you also get access to the grapple.”

He also talked about the new Grapple movement feature in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s campaign, stating that the grapple can move in all directions, allowing you to move 360 degrees in space. Minkoff talked about how you can change the way you move in zero-gravity, flanking from different vantage points never before seen in Call of Duty. 

Brian Horton, Studio Art Director at Infinity Ward, stated that the movement in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is not connected to Sledgehammer Games’ Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in an way. There are no exo-suits in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and the strength that the exo-suit provided in Advanced Warfare is not present in Infinite Warfare.

Details on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer are still limited, but the full reveal is coming September 2 at Call of Duty XP event. 

Watch the GameInformer podcast with Infinity Ward developers here.

  • Andrew

    Nice try but still not a classic cod

    • Mizhe5

      Then shut up and stop reading about Infinite Warfare.

      • Andrew

        Nigga this website has a comment section so we could put our opinions dumbass

        • Dr. Edward Richtofen

          Fuck off you dumb faggot

        • Ruski Drinks Brewski

          So hard using the N word, oh how much I inspire to be you.

    • Aidan

      Then don’t play it

    • Of course it’s not a classic, classic is old games, this game hasn’t even been released yet retard.

      • Andrew

        Ok let me reword that…still not a classic cod FEEL!!!!

        • BradyAlucard

          Sure it is, with zero gravity.

        • Ruski Drinks Brewski

          Uh Oh Retard alert!!!

  • Stefan Lang

    I dont care for movement I just want a fun game that rewards you for shitting on kids AKA BEAST FUCKING KILLSTREAKS NOT THE WEAK SHIT WE HAVE NOW. A game that gives you more incentive for ranking up aswell. Like grinding those weapon calling cards in MW2 and MW3.

    • Ak74u

      An AC-130 or reaper from MW3 those we so much fun or even the Loki but make it good because it sucked on ghosts

      • Mick

        Loki would make more sense to be brought back because it’s up in space. Certain maps will be on earth and others will be up in a space station.

        • se7en

          The Loki was retarded along with just about everything else in that garbage game….

    • BradyAlucard

      Ooh weapon calling cards.

      • Stefan Lang

        The grind for the golden ones with the skulls was real af man

    • gives us killstreaks like the ones from mw2 and i’m all good

    • Jay Evan

      One idea I have for a 25 streak is Supernova. Press a button and the FUCKIN SUN EXPLODES, INCINERATING ANYTHING WITHIN THIRTY LIGHTYEARS.

      • Stefan Lang

        Not a bad idea actually ?

      • DeadZombieGaming 12

        Maybe that could be a hidden easter egg-ish secret. Or there would be a 25 killstreak like nuke from MW2, that would destroy the entire planet you are on (except for Earth) and the space station

    • Not only do I want over powered killstreaks, they need to be reasonable in the amount of kills / points to get them. These days you barely see streaks in modes like TDM. We need to go back to MW2 / MW3 style.

    • iGotNothinOnBatman

      In Activision’s eyes, grinding for those supply drops is way more important so we can get the guns they create after launch instead of releasing of them to everyone who bought the season pass. They think that it’s alright for one person who doesn’t have the season pass to have the HG40, FFAR, the wrench, and the fuckin baseball bat while someone like me, who spent a $110 on this fuckin piece of shit game gets jack shit. And someone dared me to buy supply drops (another $20) with COD points and guess what! I didn’t get a single epic item and only got 2 legendary things, and they were fuckin gear for characters i don’t use. So fuck you Activision and Treyarch!

  • cool, i guess. so excited yay. woo campaign

    • Smayo

      Let’s hope one of those missions is the entire MP…

  • Alex

    Is that picture from Advanced Warfare or Black Ops 3? Can’t tell as all the Cods look the same now.

    • Yep. That’s what happens when you do future every year. Exciting isn’t it

      • Jay Evan
        • Man you really are retarded aren’t you? My comment obviously meant 2014 with advanced warfare up until now and technically even further with 2012 with Black Ops 2, seeing how that started the trend.

          I advise getting some common sense honestly. I get you’re a fanboy and everything, but come on, nobody has time for that

          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            Just leave him alone he is to stupid to understand he will just lose interest

          • Rav

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          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

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          • iGotNothinOnBatman

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          • Dr. Edward Richtofen

            Nice name fuckboy

          • Eriko

            It麓s not obvious that your comment meant from 2014 to now.

            You are wrong, since they don麓t have done future every year. Maybe be more specific next time smartass

          • You must be retarded as well. Anyone with a common sense and intelligence knew I meant the recent years and not the franchise as well. You have to be an idiot to have that spelled out for you. It’s becoming more clean to me that there is more retarded childern here than I thought. Otherwise, you wouldn’t need shit spelled out for you.

            Anyone obviously knows that every Call of Duty isn’t futuristic, get a grip, idiot. As far as me being wrong? No.

          • Jay Evan

            I just don’t see that much reason for complaining that COD is futuristic every year, when realistically, there exists 9 games already made that aren’t.

          • And once again, you must be retarded. My comment obviously didn’t mean the franchise as a whole. As I said, I would advise getting this thing called common sense. It’s pretty useful actually and doesn’t make you seem like a total retard in your comments

          • Jay Evan

            Learn to specify instead of just being a fucking asshat about it. You said “every year,” not “every year after 2014.”

          • BAMozzy69 .

            Technically every game since CoD4 with the exception of World at War and Black Ops are future settings. CoD4 was set 4-5yrs into the future from its original release date. Obviously now that date has now passed but at the time it was still set in the future – just very near future. Black Ops 2, one of the most popular games was quite possibly the most futuristic game on last gen, yet was only 13yrs into the future (2025). MW2 was set 5yrs on from CoD4 and only now is set in the present (2016). Ghosts is set in 2023 – 10 years from its release date. Advanced Warfare was set 40yrs into the future (2054) and Black Ops 3 is set in 2065 – 40yrs after Black Ops 2 (50yrs on from its release date).

            Infinite Warfares exact time setting is unknown (I believe) but like every game before it with a ‘future’ setting its still grounded in plausibility. Its not as if we are not looking at colonising Mars, mining resources from planets and asteroids due to depleting Earths resources. Its not like we are going full on sci-fi with aliens.

            Future settings allow for creative freedom. We wouldn’t have had ‘iconic’ moments like the nuclear blast in CoD4, the fall of iconic structures (like the Eiffel Tower in MW3) without moving into a future setting. People complained that CoD was essentially the same game every year – whether it had different time settings or not. I agree that Advanced Warfares movement really had a negative impact on the game-play and flow but I also think part of Ghosts problems is that it didn’t push the game-play significantly from what came before it. People insisted that Titanfall would be a CoD killer because of the advanced movement, the innovation and freedom this brought to the FPS genre whilst ‘CoD’ was still stuck in the same format its always had. AW went to far but BO3 still keeps the essence of CoD but with the freedom and innovation that TF had. TF was great but the limited content and limited platform release held it back.

          • I shouldn’t have to specify, if you were actually smart and had some common sense you would have knew what I meant.

            Sorry i don’t look out for retards

          • Aldo

            Oh so every year to you means every year since 2014? And anyone who didn’t know that is retarded? Gotcha!

          • Oh look another retard that lacks common sense and needs everything spelled out for him!

          • Aldo

            No I have loads of common sense actually but you either have a very poor grasp of the English language or you simply lack the balls to admit when you’ve made a mistake. And we both know which one it is don’t we kid?

          • No, you lack common sense. If you weren’t a retarded child, you wouldn’t need obvious shit spelled out for you. It’s common knowledge that every CoD is not futuristic. That’s why the statement isn’t completely literal and refers to recent years.

            Actually use that pink jelly in your head actually think instead of it being spelled out for you. You might actually feel like you have done something

          • Aldo

            And again no, you have to be a retard if you say every year whilst actually meaning the last two! It was a stupid comment from an arrogant teenager who doesn’t have the balls to admit as much!

            I’ll leave it at that but no doubt you won’t be able to resist calling me more names so go ahead and get it out of your system……….

          • Once more, you have to a complete retard to take my comment literally and think I meant the franchise as a whole.

            Arrogant teenager? Huh, interesting, because you’re pretty much a retarded child who lacks any commom sense because wlittle Billy over here can’t figure anything out on his own so he needs it spelled out awww 馃檨 little billy has no common sense 馃檨

            Like I said, my comment PAINFULLY refers to the recent years of Call of Duty, if you seriously took it as the entire franchise you’re the fucking idiot lol.

            I’m sorry, but you still trying to argue against something so painfully obvious at an sorry excuse to try and say I’m wrong is fucking hilarious LOL

          • Aldo

            “Yep. That’s what happens when you do future every year. Exciting isn’t it”

            There’s your quote. Which bit refers to the recent years exactly? The ONLY reference to time is when you say ‘every year’ and in no way has that EVER meant two years! There have been over a dozen Call of Duty titles so to refer to the last two as ‘every’ makes you a fucking retard and the only thing that’s painful is your refusal to accept that you’re a complete moron! Tell me this hotshot, why did you say ‘every year’ when you meant ‘the last two years’?

          • Like I said twice already, you’re stupid enough to actually fucking take it LITERALLY and somehow thought I LITERALLY MEANT EVERY YEAR. Every person here and including their mom knows that NOT every Call of Duty is futuristic,. everyone knows that. So obviously my comment was never 100% literal. I swear to fucking god dude you have to be one of the biggest idiots here.

            Also, I have made similar comments to that one as well, it’s seriously painfully obvious that comment obviously refers to the recent years.

            That fact the you refuse to admit to see the obvious meaning in my comment just proves how fucking stupid you are. It’s seriously even more pathetic how hard you’re trying.

            I advise going to school or learning something because what you’re doing here, it’s not working out for you.

            Also, idiot, if you learned how to fuckig read, I said every year because of the recent years, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, it’s not fucking hard to figure out what I said EVERY FUCKING YEAR. I swear, the fact you took it as 2003 all the way until now really shows how mind blowing stupid you are

      • Aldo

        Actually this is IW’s first attempt at future warfare so hardly ‘every year’!

    • Thomas the Tankswag

      No, you can tell, you’re just trolling. You were probably one of those dickheads who complained cod wasn’t changing back in pre-AW times, but then goes crying when cod changes slightly.

      • Alex

        I’m not trolling. I realize now that it is Infinite Warfare but the picture just threw me originally as that is exactly the same robot cut and pasted in from Black Ops 3.

      • Smayo

        Or perhaps he wasn’t crying CoD didn’t change, until they started adding in these so called innovative movement systems…

        But I have to agree with him, if this picture was under a post about the new DLC in Bo3 I wouldn’t think it was out of place.

        • Jessicacarndt4


        • CoDforever

          Vocal minorities

          • Smayo

            More like vocal majorities these days…

          • CoDforever

            lol u are insane if you think 90% of cods audience arent the average joes

          • Smayo

            It’s the 90% average joes that speak out now against the direction CoD has taken. There is literally no hype whatsoever for this game in the casual community.

            I really hope sledgehammer picked up their vietnam theme for their next game…

      • Guest

        It’s Infinite Warfare right? (Not trying to troll)

      • DJSaviD

        Actually, his comment tricked me. The first thing I thought was “yeah that’s obviously BO3” and then I realized it’s Infinite Warfare.

    • Chocobooo!

      So original….

    • Laddie

      Please stop

    • FPS_MxR

      The file name is just “d”

  • Hope they do something like exo abilities from advanced warfare and everyone can choose if they want double jumping/boost or a grapple hook something like that

    • Ruski Drinks Brewski

      How about no


    That is 100% bs. What he means is that advanced movement won’t be required for those missions but most likely the enemies will still be using it. Plus I don’t exactly trust Infinity Ward after the “ghosts side missions.”

    • Smayo

      Exactly, same thing with every single time they emphasis on it isn’t exo suits but Bo3 movement, like then it’s oke with the community…

      Bo3 movement sucks just as hard as AW did…

    • Jay Evan

      Wait, since when did ghosts have side missions?

      • RdJokr

        Exactly. Mark Rubin hyped that shit up, saying that we can pick stuff up during the mission, which could change up how the game plays with side objectives.

        And we all know what happened after that.

        • Aidan

          Mark Rubin was a fuckin’ idiot. When you’re an ex Naught Dog developer, your reputation is on the line. I have faith in IW.

  • Jay Evan


  • so, like the advanced warfare campaign where some levels didn’t have exo thrusters?

    • Jay Evan

      All AW mission had exo thrusters, but no boost jumping for some.

      • Dr. Edward Richtofen

        Dickhead you know what he meant


    (((Jacob Minkoff)))

  • Ruski Drinks Brewski

    GIve us the ability to talk mic in SnD with others an I will buy the game

    • PussyDestroyer

      Say no more

  • Infinity Fail

    Shut the fuck up with “boots on the ground”, how embarrassing that you can not admit that your game has 3D movements. IW has the worst marketing out of the three big companies. From AI fish to boots on the ground.

  • Assist King

    As long as shots take I can deal with the jumping movement system bullshit. People hate on Ghosts’ but at least shots took and very little lag. Last two games have had jumping crap and a horrible lag and hit detection.

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      That is what Infinity Ward is great at. Good hit detection and little to no lag

      • amandaclangston


  • Alex

    Hhaha boots on the ground has become a novelty…

  • joey

    congrats copycat whiners (and those of you who are just…uhhhh…slow and thus unable to maximize the potential of the exo) – not only have you scored the dumbed-down “i’m on the moon” movement system in bo3, but also cemented such as the apparent gold standard for the series.


    that’s not to say AW doesn’t have issues – notably the fact that lag seems to favor one team over another in nearly (if not in) every single game. such a condescending business model.

    • joey

      the lag scam being, of course, alive and thriving in bo3. arrogance is always inherently ignorance, but it reaches a new nauseating pitch when fools boast without realizing that their best and worst games are almost certainly the product of game lag.

  • Cayden Evans

    Who gives a shit??

  • iGotNothinOnBatman

    I just absolutely love how the fanboys get so fuckin butthurt when people’s opinions hate on CoD. It’s fuckin hilarious. Me personally, Infinity Ward can go suck the dick cheese off a hobo. EA wins the holiday season!

  • Cheesesteakwit

    I don’t care if it’s boots on the ground or Exo suits I don’t want to play Call of Duty Multiplayer on other planets, Space Stations or asteroids!!!!! Keep the MP on earth!! Don’t turn COD into Destiny, Titanfall or Halo!!!!

  • Cheesesteakwit

    All the real Infinity Ward developers left to open Respawn Entertainment to make Titanfall and now Titanfall 2 and since they left Ghosts was the worst COD ever and now we got Infinite Warfare!!!! Fingers crossed that they will make a good game this time!!!

  • thebulky1cometh

    “Flanking from different vantage points never before seen in Call of Duty.”

    Translation: people will be coming at you from above, wielding an overpowered shotgun or a blazingly fast SMG.

    Where have I seen that before?

  • brez

    dont care about ONE mission with boots on t he ground with this unrealistic ass shit.