This week marks the final week of the regular season of the Call of Duty World League Pro Division Stage 2 in North America. The top 8 teams will qualify to attend the Stage 2 Finals, which will take place next week, July 14-17. In addition, teams at the Stage 2 Finals will also have a chance to secure a spot at the Call of Duty World League Championship 2016; qualification will be determined through their performance in Stage 1 and Stage 2. 

To celebrate the end of the Stage 2 regular season and because of how competitive the standings are, Activision is hosting a simulcast stream on Thursday, July 7 for the final day of the Stage 2 regular season in North America. On July 7, four matches will be played at the same time starting at 6PM PT / 9PM ET to ensure the fairest level of competition amongst teams.

Here are the matches that are set to be played:

  • OpTic Gaming vs. Dream Team
  • H2K vs. Team EnVyUs
  • eLevate vs. Rise Nation
  • Cloud9 vs. Luminosity

All of the matches are extremely important for each team, as the current standings have places #4-#9 just a few match wins apart. Map win percentage will also play a key role in determining the final standings if there is a tie. The latest standings for the CWL are available on the official website here.

The special Thursday simulcast stream will begin at 6PM Pacific / 9PM Eastern on,, and YouTube.

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SOURCE: Call of Duty esports 


  • What you looking at?


    • What you looking at?


  • Kozzi


    • crimznchaos

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      • tuby

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  • J4MES

    Meanwhile Tmartn ‘apologises’ but blames the community, monetizes his video and then deletes its when people realise it’s not an apology and it was just something to satisfy his naive subscribers whilst not admitting guilt to incriminate himself. He’s also gone back into hiding and hired lawyers to hide behind as the pressure mounts with lies upon lies and lying even when trying to apologise. Activision should distance themselves from this filth for the integrity of Call of Duty. Plenty of other people like Driftor who would lap up this position representing North America

    • ToonToons22

      Most pathetic apology video I’ve ever seen. That scene with the cute dog did a poor job of invoking sympathy for him, but we all know that he is clearly guilty.

      • w

        when he closed his eyes and sighed right after the dog scene, i cringed

    • LLORT

      He hasn’t uploaded any CoD material for 4 days so it looks like his relationship with Activision is over. They may be scumbags themselves but they do it by the books at least. Tmartn lied, scammed, defrauded, covered-up and lied again and then has the audacity to lie and blame the fans and users of the site to further distance himself from the crimes he’s committed. Just hope the FTC act ASAP and Valve begin their inevitable lawsuit against him along with all the civil proceedings currently in the works referred to top technology and online lawyers.

      He built an honest career and then destroyed it in less than one year through sheer greed and systematic dishonesty. I’m just stunned he still has a YouTube account as there are numerous violations he’s tried to mask and if this was any other user; they would have been terminated days ago. He’s even getting hate from his friends and colleagues so the best thing he can do now is just hide and let the law take its course before he digs an even deeper hole. To think I once respected him for his growth and content and now he’s just not only the biggest crook in YouTube history but the biggest liar on the internet that makes even Oscar Pistorious look mildly credible.

    • Mr_ysi42t96 (Fazal’s fgt son)

      Why do you keep hating on him

      • J4MES

        I’m not ‘hating’ on him – I’m merely stating information that is public knowledge in regards to the several breaches in online guidelines and basic law that he has committed and then persisted to lie about. Seeing that he’s a content peddler for Activision; it’s quite important to the integrity and transparency of the brand when one of their shills is embroiled in a violation of Federal and EU laws and that’s not discounting the moral standpoint or the cover-up he’s winged.

    • GinsuVictim

      Yeah, I refused to even watch his video because I knew he would make money off it.

      • J4MES

        I turned on adblock before I watched it for this exact reason lol!

    • GinsuVictim

      “for the integrity of Call of Duty”
      I chuckled.

      • J4MES

        I was actually trying to keep a straight face when I was typing it!

    • [PCMR] Grimlock

      Stop hating on Tmartn! As you guys can see on the video below. he is very sincere in his apology. He deserves a second chance just like a pedophile who got caught with his pants down.

      • Sam


  • Sam

    look what you stated J4MES XD