Activision has posted a short video on social media that details new information on the Jackal in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The Jackal is the ship that all players are equipped with and use throughout the Infinite Warfare’s campaign.

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  • Drank Bleach

    Man, they really don’t want to us to know anything, no hint, no nothing about multiplayer til September.

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      • Imventing

        they probably remaking the whole game. bc I’m still disliking that trailer to this day.

    • W1LL1AM04

      Well, that is the whole point of COD XP. The set up to the big reveal

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  • Roberto Pasina

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    • Rhys Trépanier

      Vertical Take Off and Landing, but if you’re think about blops 3 then ayyyye

  • lunator100hd .

    They show too much of the game, if they dont hide something we will get bored before the game comes out.

  • MrKaos


    • Kobrah

      Just use hardwired

      • w

        for real. he should be more worried about an awareness type perk, especially since IW is notorious for making it OP

  • TheHorror

    It’s a strange feeling to have literally zero excitement or hype for an upcoming COD game. I could not give less of a fuck about IW. I really hope that the multiplayer looks good so that i can be at least slightly excited for this game, but as of now MWR is the only thing that has my attention.

  • Kevin Deng

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been any leaks about MP. At least like have a leak of a remastered map or the menu screen. Like cmon.

  • SlurpAH

    Gives us useless information, but doesn’t give anyone information about the game itself

    • brez

      They show us these ships like we’re going to piss our pants lame as fuck

      • SlurpAH


  • Icarus

    I know the game isn’t realistic but how would the pilot in the Jackal endure g -force when transitioning from a planetary body onto space or manoeuvring in space?