The 32 teams that will compete at the Call of Duty World League Championship has officially been confirmed following this weekend’s North America Online Qualifiers.

There are 16 teams from North America, 12 teams from Europe, and 4 from Australia / New Zealand that will compete at the CWL Championship.

North America:

  1. Team EnVyUs
  2. Rise Nation
  3. OpTic Gaming
  4. Luminosity
  5. FaZe Clan
  6. Ground Zero (previously known as Dream Team)
  7. PNDA Gaming
  8. Team Allegiance
  9. compLexity
  10. Team Kaliber
  11. eLevate
  12. Corn
  13. Cloud9
  14. Apotheon eSports
  15. Most Wanted eSports
  16. Living The Dream (ex-TSM roster)


  1. Millenium (UK)
  2. Team Infused (UK)
  3. Splyce (UK)
  4. HyperGames (UK)
  5. Exertus eSports (UK)
  6. Epsilon eSports (UK)
  7. Giants Gaming (Spain)
  8. Team LDLC (UK)
  9. Supremacy (France)
  10. Cappeh Academy (Mixed EU)
  11. Revoltables (Mixed EU)
  12. Vitality (Mixed EU)

Australia/ New Zealand:

  1. MindFreak
  2. Orbit
  3. Chiefs eSports Club
  4. Tainted Minds

The Call of Duty World League Championship, presented by PlayStation 4 takes place September 1-4 at Call of Duty XP! The teams will be competing for the biggest prize pool in Call of Duty history, $2 million.

Activision will reveal the Groups for the CWL Championship during a live stream on August 15 at 2PM PDT.

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    Correction : This isn’t Tainted Minds but Champs Squad, which is a team composed of players from multiples ANZ pro teams.

    • I think Tainted minds acquired them, like pulse gaming did for cappeh acadamy, not sure though…

      • alexis

        Yes I have the answer.
        Champs Squad is the former Team Immunity, but Tainted Minds acquired them.

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    Yeah but we all know either Optic, Envyus, or Faze will win

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    The Exertus team is now on FAB eSports

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