Get your first look at Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Zombies mode, which is called Zombies in Spaceland, in the reveal trailer.

Prepare for the roller coaster thrill-ride of your life through the gnarly amusement park of Zombies in Spaceland. Play as one of four classic 1980s archetypes in a radical, action-packed journey with an all-new ‘80s setting and a most excellent soundtrack from the era.

  • Was that Hasslehoff at the end? (My bad if I mispelled his name)

    • CyberWolf

      Yup. Looks like him.

  • Jay Evan

    First. Also, I knew these characters were supposed to be obvious archetypes.

  • DeadZombieGaming 12

    This actually looks fucking fun…
    It is quirky, cheesy 70-80’s zombies with fun looking gameplay…

  • Bonn Bo

    this looks fucking sick dude. Good shit IW.

  • BradyAlucard

    I think this looks great.



      • BradyAlucard

        Oh get over it, it has character and it doesn’t take itself seriously. It proves that Infinity Ward are fully capable of playing an extraordinarily fun map, and just because we’re adults, doesn’t mean we can’t like immature themes here and there. You’re like those guido morons who make fun of adults for playing Pokemon. No one cares what you trolls think.

  • CyberWolf

    I’m in love with the style.

  • Dangelo95

    Looks promising glad to see IW is actually trying and putting effort in the horde mode

  • Element115Will

    Was looking great until zombies started dancing, then I was just “wtf” the whole time. *sigh* i shall wait for multiplayer now.

    • Jay Evan

      The zombies dancing was from a monkey bomb type of item. Plus, it’s the friggin 80’s

      • Element115Will

        Yea I rewatched it and i think it could be a boom box type of item thrown and they get distracted and dance, pretty clever now that I think about it lol

  • Wizga

    Seriously they need to make a new engine. This seriously looks like BO3 zombies. Only different is the way zombies sound. I’d rather spend a year or two without a new COD game just so they could make a new and more powerful engine. This game is going to be a disappointment if mp is going to play like BO3 without specialists, wall running and jumping. Camping ain’t gonna save it.

    • Smayo

      If MP is like that (without specialists, WR and jumping) it doesn’t need the campaign to save it, because it would mean it’s BotG…

      • The thing is, they never confirmed it won’t be boots on ground, everyone assumed off the feel of it being like BO3, yo never know what they might mean.

        • Mizhe5

          What are you talking about? There’s videos of boost jumping… So no, it’s not boots on the ground.

    • Jay Evan

      What reason does COD have to building a new engine? It’s like buying a new car when your’s runs out of gas, there’s no reason for it.

      • Bonn Bo

        That’s a terrible analogy.

        • CyberWolf

          Actually it makes sense.

          • Bonn Bo

            this isn’t the same thing at all, i’m not saying that this game or it’s engine are a flat out disaster, cause it’s not; But that doesn’t need improvements. Taking the time to work on a new engine would bode well for activision, as the fans would appreciate the upgrade, and it could make game development easier on treyarch, IW, and sledgehammer. Just look at all the praise epic games is getting for the U4 engine, it’s made game development a hell of a lot easier, in doing so, cutting costs. It’s just an all around better move.

          • CyberWolf

            Well, I guess you’re right. But this sorta works in our favour too. Look at Battlefield 1. You can already tell that the game’s gonna have some crazy system reqs. Maybe twice as big as the previous BF game. This Call of Duty on the other hand will most likely have similar if not the same system reqs as Black Ops 3 while still lookin good (albeit not as visually grand as games like BF1). Or I might be over-thinking and Activision just don’t wanna spend the extra cash. I dunno, friend. I just want a fun game.

          • Bonn Bo

            For sure, gameplay is top priority. However, I think activision should pour some money into a new engine, especially since it’s going to be used by three (potentially more) development teams. Giving these devs a new, stronger, and easier to use engine with their three year dev cycles, they’d be able to pump out even better COD games.

          • CyberWolf


          • darren

            Dunno. Seems all 3 have been using it for years, and I’m sure they know how to use it to their advantage. But, yeah, whatever. I think they are afraid of losing the “feel” and that is everything in CoD. And that, my friend, would be a disaster. Think about it. CoD on an unreal engine would definitely feel different. And not necessarily better, either. That is what makes CoD, CoD. Throw any CoD title in. Any. And all of them feel like home. New engine? Brand new feel. Think about shoes. New shoes look great, but they’re uncomfortable and hurt, until you break them in. So, after all these years on this engine, those devs know how to use it to their advantage. The first few on a new engine would probably be sub par, just because those devs don’t know the engine, the ins, outs, shortcuts and shit. Besides, CoD only has to do CoD. It isn’t an open world game. It isn’t going to become a 32v32 or 64v64 game. I’m happy if it works good for 12-18. Sure, a lot can be said for a new engine, but a lot, I mean, a LOT can be said for this one.
            Just my 2 cents.

      • Smayo

        But if that car has all kinds of flaws due to aging, it needs replacing…

        • Jay Evan

          If Battlefield was a Ferrari, then COD is basically a medium-end sports car. Still efficient for what it’s supposed to do.

          • Smayo

            It would if it hadn’t those engine flaws, the foundation is long outdated by now and cannot be fixed with some simple tweeks. It needs a replacement badly…

            if you think of it, only 2 CoD’s after this years entry, and it is running on a 20 year old game engine based on hitscan registration…

      • Eric H

        If CoD built a new engine, it wouldn’t be call of duty. People really don’t understand this…

        • That’s completely false.

          • Eric H

            No, actually its not. If you knew anything about the engine, you would know that by switching to a different engine the game would cease to feel like CoD. The Quake engine works that.

          • Again false, upgrading an engine wouldn’t change Call of Duty at all. But i guess a good graphic change is a little too much to process huh?

        • darren

          That is exactly it. Could they make it look better? Sure. But would it FEEL the same? And I just don’t think it would.

    • guest

      you watching in 1080 60fps? it looks way better

    • I think graphic side, it looks fucking awful. But it’s going to be sick

    • Find a better looking game that runs at 60 FPS on console and i’ll give you a prize

      • Duke of hazard


        • That’s only 720p on console. I’m talking 1080p with 60fps, I forgot to include that

      • TheSkrillexKill

        DOOM, and probably every other game on the market, lol.

  • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

    Idk why but these characters look so Scooby Doo’ish to me, like they’re the new cast.

    • It’s suppose to be fun

  • grimm joww

    are they showing another map later?

    • CyberWolf

      I think this is the only map in the base game.

  • I get what they were trying to do, take away the serious aspect of Zombies. I think its going to be like what Saints Row is to GTA. I honestly ( as a zombies lover since BO1) dont think ill like it, but I guess itll do for the next year.

  • Holy fuck that is sick

  • Mike_Scarnn

    That was extremely disappointing

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      thats kewl

  • Jon

    I like where they are going with this

  • snake56

    So far it looks like every CoD Zombie co-op mode but with the 80’s style.

  • Gamerazor247

    Looks better than Exo Zombies, can say that much. Oh wait, that giant zombie, *BurgerTown flashbacks* i don’t knoooowww….

  • Dempsey’s left butt cheek.

    I’m too indoctrinated at this point. Exo zombies didn’t have enough flavor and the Infinity Ward brand doesn’t appeal to me. For me if it’s not Treyarch zombies I’m not interested. But I hope it’s fun for you all.

  • This is a fucking joke, right? Lol i knew i wouldn’t like it

    • I do i play zombies for fun not for spending 5 hours doing an Easter egg like bo3

      • That’s funny because that’s not true at all. The easter egg quest is a choice, not a requirement in the game. I play Black Ops 3 zombies for fun all the time without doing the main easter egg.

        • But the thing is everyone wants to do the easter egg that’s why i play solo to kill time or don’t play at all

          • I always find randoms that wanna have a chill game, it’s half and half for me

          • I would get in with randoms who yell at me for not wanting to do the easter egg lol it’s not my fault i just wanna have fun for sometime

          • For some reason the randoms just message me instead of asking me in gamechat and normally when they do, i ignore them lol

          • Lol you have it easy

    • This looks better than BOIII zombies

      • No, it doesn’t.

        • Bridgetpsmith

          <<fb. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il395r:….,……

          • Cuyler Sloan

            no one cares there here for gaming not your stupid shit bridget

        • I gotta agree, at this point in zombies it comes to what characters and themes you like more, rather than actual gameplay since all three studios are following the same little formula.

          In my opinion, Black Ops 3 zombies, as buggy, flawed and annoying to play as it is, definitely on my opinion looks more fun than what IW is cooking up.

        • Eddie Tupy

          purely subjective.

          • I’m really glad there is always a cuck like you in these comment section to always remind people the complete obvious.

            Now let me make you useless and hear me out, i don’t need you or anyone to tell me what I said is subjective because I already know that, and if you’re going to reply to me with that shit, reply to the other guy letting him his comment is subjective. It goes both ways.

          • Eddie Tupy

            i meant both of you.

          • I’m really glad that you’re somewhat smart to state the obvious. Congratulations

          • Eddie Tupy

            Why are you so triggered?

          • Why are you going to use a buzzword like “triggered”? Do you think you’re clever or something?

          • Eddie Tupy

            you mad bro?

          • Kill yourself and go back to 2009

          • Eddie Tupy

            lol ur still mad.

          • please go back to 2009 where you belong. You probably still watch trolling videos, dont you?

          • Eddie Tupy

            lol go back to 2009….you’re the one who cant stand new games kid.

          • Lol…i can’t stand new games? Are you really going to try and tell me how i feel? Please, im not the one still using “u mad ” in 2016. Please, you’re pathetic.

          • Eddie Tupy


          • Lolno

          • Mike_Scarnn

            Your comment is purely objective. But it’s really dumb for you to comment that.

            (To save you the trouble, my second sentence is subjective)

          • Eddie Tupy

            My comment mustve struck a nerve or else you wouldnt have replied to it.

          • Mike_Scarnn

            Hmmm… interesting assumption you made there

    • Mike_Scarnn

      In other (good) news, did you see that last BF1 trailer? Talk about awesome! Plus, open beta comes out august 31st. Great day yesterday

      • Holy shit, they revealed the beta?

        Fuck yeah!

        It doesn’t look very different gameplay wise from the other battlefields aside from a few gimmicks, but I really want to try the sniper rifles now that they finally got rid of the old shitty ” black sprite of reticule taking up the entire screen ” when aiming down sights.

        Along with the way they changed the range effectiveness of them, too.

      • Yeah it awesome, i cant wait to play the open beta

        • Mike_Scarnn

          You got Xbox?

      • Sentinel

        Ahh this…this is great! let’s all talk about Battlefield 1 on a CALL OF DUTY news site. Is funny how these kinds of idiots bash COD with such irrelevance but roam around to talk about BF…

        • Mike_Scarnn

          Last time I checked, it wasn’t against the rules to discuss other games on here. And since when did my bashing become irrelevant? All my critiques of the game so far aren’t the typical “This game looks terrible! CoD sucks!” I have actually taken the time to give reasons why I dislike what I’ve seen so far.

          And FYI, I’m not ‘roaming’. I’ve had this site bookmarked for the better part of a year now and it’s not like I’m going out of my way to find some place where I can criticise CoD and praise other games.

          • Sentinel

            Who’s talking about rules here…you just praising the shit out Battlefield on here like is the next big thing, like seriously, only kids do that kind of shit ’cause guess what, I think BF1 would be awesome but do you see me trying to plague this site about it? No. You are on the site of the next big thing for this year…Infinite Warfare & COD4 Remastered. You just haven’t realized that yet. & FYI, you just have it bookmarked so you can easily jump on the site to tell us your salty feelings about COD that nobody really cares about at the end of the day.

          • Mike_Scarnn

            I literally just told you why I have this site bookmarked. And why do you get so butthurt about me praising BF and not CoD? And to be honest, the real reason I’m on here is for patch notes on BO3. I haven’t cared about IW since the day it was announced because I assumed it was going to be set in the future, based off the title and cover art. And everything that I have seen so far about the game has just disappointed me more and more.

            You need to learn not to get so offended and defensive when I criticise something that you are madly in love with. Aren’t “CoD Veterans” supposed to be semi-professional, not in the skill-wise sense?

  • XboxWon

    lol @ all the fools who thought Infinite Warfare wouldn’t be game of the year.

    They already have it locked up. Congrats IW, you have officially brought Call of Duty back to where it originally was : at the forefront of cutting edge fps technologies and amazing design that would take other developers years upon years to even imagine.

    • XboxISdead

      Yea we can tell your not all there just buy the whole Xbox won sn the other thing they won was last place hahahahaha they just figured out how NOT TO HAVE A POWER BRICK ABAHAHABAHAHAHAHAHA

      • Mike_Scarnn

        You mock him for his name, yet your name is by far worse than his. And your name couldn’t be any more false than it is. Xbox is definitely not dead. Just wait until Holiday 2017. You’ll be eatin’ your words

    • Mike_Scarnn

      You must have missed the most recent BF1 trailer because that gameplay trailer is definitely the best looking, most epic, badass trailer of all the games this year. And Infinity Ward has by far not brought COD back to where it originally was. If anything, they’ve went even further away (in the most horrible way) from where they were originally. This game looks outrageously boring, and the zombies looks like a freakin’ joke, and not in a good way.

      • MichaelScottBeatsMicaelScarnn

        so you would rather have a serious war simulator to me it looks more fun seeing as tho BF1 is based in word war 1 the time where it was literally hide in trenches and throw mustard gas at each other at least this they are taking less serious and i like that a lot and a lot of other people do too

        • Mike_Scarnn

          And a lot of people hate it, myself included

      • Sentinel

        Great, go be the fanboy you so desperately are on their website. You only here to bash IW on every news update ’cause you just fucken salty. To many of us, the game looks legit. We praise Infinity Ward because they have done a great job so far. I will enjoy all games, from BF1 to IW. Real gamers maintain an open mind with all games and give good critics, no waste their fucken time writing the some fanboyish non-sense. Closed minded fuck.

        • Mike_Scarnn

          So much of what you typed is far from being even slightly correct. And the goal for any critic is to highlight the goods and the bads about whatever they are critiquing, whether it be books, movies, in this case, a game.

          1) I am definitely not close minded. I am completely open to trying the game. Yes, I could be wrong. The game could end up being the greatest CoD ever (highly, highly unlikely). That said, I’ve always said that I will not be BUYING this game. I have my doubts. Since when did that become a crime? You get on here and attack me over my view of the game. Campaign looks unoriginal and the zombies mode looks dumb. Stop whining about it.

          2) What am I to be salty about? Please tell me. A lot of people do say that the BF1 trailer did indeed look the best, graphics wise. I don’t care what E3 says. IW didn’t impress me, even before I knew that it was IW.

          3) Stop forgetting that you are talking to someone who is a fanboy over basically everything that he likes. I’ve loved CoD since CoD 1, up until AW. I used to be so pumped and excited for the next CoD, always anticipating the reveal trailers. However, like I’ve said numerous times, CoD is on a bad descent. I think they keep going in the wrong direction. Further and further into the future is not a good idea to me. That is why I’m super stoked for BF1, because DICE did what so many people wanted, a gritty, old school shooter on current-gen.

          All in all, just cut it out with the insults. Seriously. Yes, I’ve called you a dick and a jackass numerous times, but that was because you were actually being a dick and a jackass. And if you are going to keep insulting me, just, for the love of God, spell correctly. It ain’t that hard.

  • I was dying when the zombies were break dancing. Then people would still hate on it didn’t play bo3 zombies because they made it too complicated for my little brain but i definitely will be playing this just for fun.

  • Michael Romo

    This looks too fuckin cool. Even if it’s the same as 3arc zombies, it looks fuckin sick. I can’t wait to unlock this EE song

  • Drank Bleach

    Uhhhh….that looked really childish, might as well label cod games rated T.

  • Kozzi

    What. The. Fuck.

  • dust&cheese

    looks original; but i can’t help but imagine how much money they’ll make off of cosmetic items for just zombies alone. the skins for these characters are going to be outlandish; and knowing the younger COD fanbase [which has quintupled over the past 5 years], so many kids will become addicted to the micro transactions and build their gambling tendencies.

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      This is the 80’s, of course it is gonna be fucking colourful

  • Couldn’t they have come up with a more boring and stereotypical cast of characters? A black guy with the typical ”Bust yo ass” remarks, a nerd, the obligatory female character, and a wise-cracking tough guy. The soundtrack is awesome though, at least they got that right.

    • Mike_Scarnn

      You managed to make yourself into a racist, a sexist, and overall dick from that one sentence. Congrats.

    • Jay Evan

      They’re supposed to be obvious. “Play as one of four classic 1980s archetypes”

  • Looks like a laugh, like Dead Rising meets Treyarch Zombies, and I like the setting, but let’s be honest… Hardly original is it?

  • Eddie Tupy

    No actual gameplay yet people talk shit about the ‘colorful theme’.
    To me this looks like the colorful stuff is simply the location. They are in a ‘theme park’ therefor itd be pretty dumb not to have kid stuff. I think people are just trying to be the first to say it looks bad and ‘i told you so’ and to be part of the popular opinion. Anyway Im sure the next maps will have other themes.

    I personally cant wait for this, it looks pretty good despite only showing gameplay with no hud..

    Also guys…this is a video with compression, you should wait till you play it to judge graphics…especially PC players like me

  • Cuyler Sloan

    awesome good job for produce this awesome trailer

  • Former

    I like the fact that this is creating so much controversy.

    Let’s face it, it was a lose-lose situation for IW’s reveal. If it looked too much like Treyarch’s zombies, people would bitch about it being a copy. Now, since the theme is totally unique, everyone’s acting unnecessarily critical and conservative towards it.

    As long as it has the basic zombies feel and gameplay mechanics, it will be fun. Am I expecting long, cryptic Easter Eggs like Treyarch had? No. But I’m still looking forward to playing it when I’m sick of grinding Multiplayer.

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      You know it’s good when the community thinks it’s too different it creates controversy…

      • Former

        I assure you, if the trailer looked like a replica of Treyarch’s zombies, you’d have comments saying “Oh cmon…not this shit again. More depressing and dark maps. They’re not even scary. Yawwwwwn”

  • Nexy

    Meh. It was alright. Still prefer BO3 over this.