On the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies site, Activision has revealed new details about the Perks in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Zombies in Spaceland mode.

The mode features two kinds: Fate and Fortune Cards and Candy Perks.

  • Fate and Fortune Cards: Single match upgrades that can greatly enhance a subject’s abilities. Build a deck of up to five cards to bring into the game. These cards can be earned in-game by completing challenges and progressing through the story.
  • Candy Perks: Bang Bangs, Trail Blazers and Slappy Taffy are just some of the candies that grant players unique abilities. They can be found at stations throughout the map.

SOURCE: CallofDuty.com

  • Jay Evan

    Well, can’t say I’m surprised.

    • gg


  • CoDforever

    So basically gobble gums.

    Get ready for microtransactions in zombies again.

    • djml9

      i do fine without gobblegum or buying those vials.

    • apathy

      It’s not like it’s P2W so why does it matter?

      • Former

        It essentially is. If you have a shit ton of Perkaholics, you have a MASSIVE advantage when going for high rounds compared to Joe Shmoe who has 1 or 2.

        Every time you go down, you can just hit for another Perkaholic to get your QR back, which bypasses the 3 QR rule, so you can down as many times as you like.

        No, there isn’t winning or losing in zombies, but some people care about leaderboard rankings, which can be strongly skewed by microtransaction whores.

    • Batman

      For now, its fine, its not that hard to get perk a holics and shopping free in bo2, and it doesnt give you that much advantage

    • RdJokr

      Gotta provide YouTubers like NoahJ456 and Syndicate something to spend mad cash on.

  • Gamerazor247

    Card Booster Packs? OF COURSE, gotta bring back the Zombies Microtransactions…

  • I don’t understand why everyone is already moaning about microtransactions, there are microtransactions in the majority of games nowadays, even the “extremely hyped” Battlefield 1 will have microtransactions (like every other Battlefield game, battlepacks aren’t they called?).

    • Tested

      Call of duty games make billions, They don’t need to add micro transactions to make money, they should support there loyal fans who have bought all there games, instead making the game pay to win.

    • Siftblade

      Just because “everybody else is doing it” doesn’t mean it’s good or okay, nor does it mean people aren’t allowed to complain about greedy business tactics.

      • Ok.

        • Filthy Prank’d


          • Ok

          • Joseph Smith

            Lucy Harris smart smart smart; Martin Harris dum dum dum

    • Tested

      Also they should add microtransactions from day one instead of misleading fans and adding it a month after the game comes out.

    • W8TilYaSeeThis

      Battlepacks only give you marginal benefits. You’ll get a battlepack and it will often contain something like a Laser Sight or a 4x scope for your FAMAS. These are things that you are GUARANTEED to unlock within a few hundred kills at the most.

      The Black Market screws over everybody who does not have exceptional luck. Most people are not going to spend $50 for a very, very slim chance at getting an HG-40, but there are enough people who are desperate enough and addicted enough to convince Activision to keep the system in. Activision’s system gives them a ton of revenue at the cost of the majority of players. I have 8.5 days of total play time since Dec. 27 of last year, that’s a little under 1 hour per day on average. The only Ranged primary I have is the FFAR. If I was playing BF4 like I was playing BO3, I’d have access to almost ALL content in the game.

      You might say, well I don’t have access to ALL things in BF4, because I haven’t bought all of the DLC. The problem is, you can’t just “buy” the content in BO3, and you can’t really “earn” it either. I could spend 20$ on CoD Points and get the FFAR, HG-40, R70 Ajax, and DBSR- 50, while somebody else spends 100$ and gets nothing.

      • Ok.

        • Batman

          You got owned so hard tho

          • I read the first line and couldn’t be bothered reading the rest, I have an opinion and so do you lol

          • water

            Apply hot water to burned area. >:]

        • Water

          Apply cold water to burned area xD

          • I read the first line and couldn’t be bothered reading the rest tho

          • ” i don’t like being on proven wrong so i will ignore everything that literally proves me wrong and protect what I say by calling it a opinion”.

      • M Demon

        What you can get from battlepacks ? : 100% – 200% XP , which with games 100% xp sometimes you can get 300% xp per match , and that means almost a level up every single match , that means more level , more unlocks , more battlepacks , so you get what you want rather than 30 hours in just 10 hours and you pawn the everybody`s faces for the next 20 hours , its simple maths .
        What you can get with Battlefield ShortCut Packs? : You literally unlock every single object in game without even playing with it , all the tank upgrades , jet upgrades , heli upgrades and even attachments and so the guns! so a player which has played 50 hours to unlock everything just has better SKILL and needs to play with a newbie who payed the shit outta game and is upper level than him but plays like shit and makes his team lose , again simple maths.
        What you can get from Supply Drops? : Having a sword instead of knife is just for fun and there are not too many guys who want to run around with a sword when others are shooting at them like shit , Having FFAR means you have less fire power than most Assualt Rifles in game , medium fire rate , one of the most in recoil , so it just depends on you to stay on Man-o-War or not .
        Having M1Garand means you have to make your shots more count , less power than Shiva , no reload until its out .
        Having HG-40 means less power than Kuda .
        Having DBSR – 50 means less power than SVG-100 …
        I dont have any fucking problem with supply drops being in game , i dont buy them cause i dont need them , sure if they gave away all these content in game without any supply drops it would be fun as hell , but i got Dark Matter , i dont need camo , i got Hero Suit for every character , i dont need any suits , i dont like silly Gestures , i dont want emblems cause i made it myself , i dont need calling cards cause i have some Masters , i dont need RDS , cause i unlocked most of them….
        So ALL is up to you… Stop these bullshitting comments

      • Mother of BTFO, holy shit dude.

    • BradyAlucard

      Doesn’t excuse the fact that they ruined gaming. Pre-7th generation you actually got the full content out of the box.

  • Bonn Bo

    AHHHHH, I SEE THAT JUGGERNAUG SYMBOL! so what, it’s gonna be like hubbajubs? or juggagum?

  • Stonewall

    Anybody else notice the phrase ” progressing through the story” ?

  • Dangelo95

    Why are people complaining its nothing like treyarchs and people are saying its cartoonish or stupid? You haven’t played it it’s looks fun and it’s different it’s infinity wards own taste of zombies give it a chance what did you want a direct copy of treyarchs then you’d complain it’s too similar some cod fans are never happy it’s boots on the ground like you wanted jeez what else did you want

    • Batman

      It sucks, period.
      Its my money so I decide to give chances or not, its atrocious, it was painful to watch

      • Jay Evan

        *says it sucks while providing no real argument or explaining why exactly its bad*

        • tarfeef101

          Fine. People who are complaining (who I agree with, but I haven’t been actively speaking out against it) are doing so for a couple reasons.

          1) We (a SUBSET of the community that I am speaking for) like zombies because (in part) due to the interesting storyline, dark and “scary” theme, and really intense themes. Many of the most popular maps are like playing through a thriller movie, with plot twists, Easter eggs, an overarching theme or purpose (usually through the Easter egg quest). This is lost on IW, who seems to have thrown away that serious atmosphere and given us something much less engaging.

          2) This is possibly more personal, but to me the graphics don’t look as good. I’m sure the campaign and MP look good (been a while since I’ve looked at a trailer), but when I was looking at the zombies trailer it looked almost cartoony, and that loses the ability to really add detail into the map.

          3) This is for a different group of people, but one I HAVE spoken out for: EXTINCTION IS FUCKING GREAT, and I’d much rather have that back. Back in ghosts I was still in school, and as a result I logged weeks played in that game mode. Me and my friends would play that every day, going for high scores, speed runs, all kinds of stuff. It was a blast. Sometimes we still go back. It was incredibly fun, and we were all really sad when they didn’t say it was coming back.

          So there @Batman, I got your back.

          • Jay Evan

            I believe extinction is coming back according to unconfirmed leaks. It’ll likely get revealed shortly before release just like Ghosts’ extinction.

        • iTYPE2ANNOY

          it is childish, corny, cartoony. That is some of the reasons he didn’t say because it should be obvoious why it is so garbage.

      • destsicate

        Yet you’ll still buy the game

      • Ryanide0990

        Suck a dick you dumbass fuck. Play it then come back

    • Capten ermirica

      Lame colourful kid friendly gimmick filled crap. Give me dark gritty extinction any day. Call of duty is turning more in to overwatch by the day. Really hope the multiplayer saves this game.

      • TheDemonOfHate

        “Hope” is a forgotten word in CoD.

      • iTYPE2ANNOY

        yeah um dont get your hopes up even for a second. expect the worst and you may save yourself the dissapointment.

    • Sal Perkoholic (pra3torian)

      It IS cartoonish and stupid. It’s not the fact that we’re pissed off because it doesn’t resemble blkops, it’s because Infinity Ward and Activision has made the game so dependable on perks or Fate & Fortune cards that it’s almost impossible to get get beyond round 20 without any help from these added advantages. And guess what, those so called added advantages cost a f/n fortune. The name itself, Fate and Fortune is synonymous for buy or die. F**k this game!

  • ShiroAkuma

    i got a strong feeling of Wonka Candy…welp gonna get me some rainbow nerds now and it will give me a rainbow dash

    • Ethan Sluga

      the pony? lol

  • Flixter

    mmm the devil from fate and fortune cards remember me faust from kino der toten posters

  • XboxWon

    Please sell these as micro transactions.. it’s the only way to make the game fair.

    • I actively hate that comment. Just saying.

      • Bridgetpsmith

        <<fb. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il394r:….,….c.


      you lazy piece of shit how about earn it for free and not waste your money

      • BradyAlucard

        Why not have him go pro and be the best player if that matters so much to you?

        • iTYPE2ANNOY

          go pro? wtf? no, he’s just a noob idiot sheeple who buys all microtransactions he lays his disease infested eyes on.

          • BradyAlucard

            I’m sure you know him well enough to confirm such nonsensical claims.

          • XboxWon

            Your username checks out.

    • jordanxbrookes

      You should lay off them drugs.

  • Ak74u

    It’s already a complete rip off from treyarch zombies. Perks, pack a punch, even the 4 character remind me of Marlton the nerd, misty the girl, russman the back guy and the white paranoid guy. And candy sounds exactly like gumballs. IW over here thinking they’re treyarch

    • GinsuVictim


    • Jay Evan

      No, they’re doing CALL OF DUTY zombies. Did you forget that the title CALL OF DUTY is shared between them? Of course there’s gonna be some parallels, you fucking idiot.

      • Ak74u

        But they didn’t make zombies, treyarch did. All their zombies ideas came from treyarch and they’re implementing it into their game the main reason I’m upset is because zombies was always special and I see it getting milked with every other developer trying to match up to black ops zombies succes. And I’m sorry but that’s the zombies I grew up with so for me treyarch zombies will always be the original COD zombies

        • ScOott

          These look like they are going to be able to freshen zombies up not milk it, they already announced two guns that sound really fun to use, both sound very creative compared to what treyarch have been doing, the ray gun mark two? Really?

          All the maps are starting to look like the same old boring maps becuse they have to follow the story that’s set.. Bo1 maps all looked fun and different.. Why is zombies all of sudden become so dark gritty, it doesn’t make it scary it’s just getting boring, I think they are going to do a a good job of making zombies a fun crazy experience again..

          • Ak74u

            They’ll be able to freshen treyarch zombies because IW zombies will be horrible like AW zombies and people will start appreciating treyarch zombies even more so they’re actually doing treyarch a favor

          • ScOott

            If u say so mayynnn..

          • GinsuVictim

            I liked Extinction more than any Zombies mode, so I look forward to IW’s take on zombies.

          • Ray Gun Mark II>any silly goofy weapon that Infinity Ward is thinking.

            And making zombies a fun crazy experience again? Lol what do you mean? Up until 2014 Treyarch always developed zombies and since WaW Treyarch has always had a dark gritty feeling in their zombie maps. Did anyone here not play World at War?

          • ScOott

            I’m talking about bo1, as WaW zombies got put into bo1 I tend to put them together as a package.. U look at the back drops for bo1 and compare them to Bo2 and 3 bo1 looks better..

            U don’t think the new guns sound good then? Im betting IW zombies also has the ray gun, so as it stands IW are doing a good job with zombie weapons imo.. Something treyarch has lacked.. Any developer can stick mark 2 at the end of the gun. It wasn’t new it wasn’t intresting..

            I honestly feel treyarch have took their eye off the ball in recent times and have gotten too fixated on the story and easter eggs, to even care about anything else, i honestly feel IW can do a good job with their take on zombies…

          • Even Black Ops 1 was serious and dark. Kino? Ascension? Shangri La was even pretty damn gritty for it’s jungle map.

            And i strongly disagree. Black Ops 1 is not better than Black Ops 2 or even 3 in terms of gameplay. Like at all.

            I also love how you nitpick the Ray Gun Mark 2 but never brought up The Blundergat, Staffs, Thundergun, Wave Gun, The Bows, Apothican Servant. Treyarch has came up with tons of weapons, creative ones I might add.

            That freeze gun that they’re describing in the stream? Yeah it was already done. Winter’s Howl from Five. The guns in IW zombies won’t be better won’t be interesting because it’s already been done before, just in a more kiddie play time setting.

          • ScOott

            No the two guns in the article, the one that knocks zombies into other zombies and the one that rockets them into the air…

            I mention the ray gun, becuse I am super casual.. To u this is going to be a waterd down version of the game becuse u take it so seriously, to me it’s a breath of fresh air..

            Although we don’t know how deep zombies is actually going to be, the map they have shown is a pre order bonus, this might end up being the one crazy map their is, the rest might appeal to the hardcore, people are so quick to hate without knowing anything..

          • Even the Ray Gun Mark 2 is different than the original Ray Gun. Three round burst? No splash damage? Penetrates zombies? It’s 100× better than the original Ray Gun and I’m extremely pissed that Treyarch has yet to bring it back.

            And I’m pretty sure that map they shown is a vanilla map. It’s an on disc map. Plus trailers are designed for judgment and for you to make a choice on whether or not you want to pay for it or even touch it in this case, because I plan on buying Infinite Warfare I just wont play the sorry excuse of a zombie mode.

            Plus, everything I heard in that stream they did just confirmed my decision. It’s exactly a Treyarch rip off with a kiddie setting. Everything they said is exactly what Treyarch has done. The only way Infinity Ward was going to make me play their zombie mode is if they had a brand new take on it and I’m mean literally. Because a kiddie setting is not my definition of a new take. I wanted gameplay changes not what Treyarch has done or what SHGames has done

          • ScOott

            Check the end of the trailer, i assumed that ment it was a pre order bonus?

          • Nah that’s the camo pack. If you pre order the game you get the terminal bonus map and the “zombies in spaceland” camo pack

          • ScOott

            Aghhhhh ok kewl.. Thanks dude

          • iTYPE2ANNOY

            trust me ScOott this is the COD: Nail in the Coffin. Especially this fruity little Zombies they have made.

    • I am now more grateful for Treyarch zombies than I ever been.

      Look at Treyarch’s last map. We are literally going from badass dragons, robots and zombies from a map literally named “City of Blood” to Infinity Ward zombies…set in the 80s with goofy ideas, goofy setting, zombies literally break dancing.

      And you know that’s cool, if Infinity Ward wants to have a comedy type zombie map that’s cool, but its just not for me and it’s not something I’m interested in.

      I’m more interested in multiplayer and campaign of Infinite Warfare and if it’s good, 99% of time spent in IW will be multiplayer much like all the other Infinity Ward games i have played.

      I’ll patiently wait for 2018 when Treyarch comes back with the zombies i know and love. In the meantime, I’ll stick to BO3 zombies

      • BradyAlucard

        This is actually a really neat map so you’re missing out on a lot. I think of it as another BO3 season. Let’s not forget what kind of trait the 4 Zombies characters have; comedy/comic relief.

        • I don’t think I’m missing out on much when your vanilla map is set in a 1980s Disney land rip off with dancing zombies. It looks like it attracts kids. I think I’ll be good.

          • BradyAlucard

            It’s not attracting kids, it adds character to the maps instead of being super serious. Zombies has always had comic relief.

          • Yeah it is. That entire setting is nothing but bright colors, a Disney park, dancing zombies. It’s stupid.

            And yeah zombies has always had comic relief, but not like this. Ever

          • BradyAlucard

            Not taking itself seriously isn’t stupid. It’s Infinity Ward’s own take on Zombies, and it’ll be just as good in its own way, and it’s not like this is even the only map. Not all Zombies-related things need to be ultra serious or extremely dark. I don’t mind dark themes, especially in games, but Black Ops 3’s maps can get so dark to the point where I can barely see on the map, even on maximum darkness levels. Does the map look “bad” because it’s a little bit more “whimsical”? No, not in the slightest. This is pretty much another DLC season for Treyarch Zombies but with Infinity Ward’s own charm added into the mix. Everyone should give it a chance.

          • I’m not giving it a chance because it’s not something I’m interested in. I’m sorry, but that trailer did nothing for me but confirmed my opinion I had the entire time. Plus trailers are designed for judgment and whether or not you will like it or not.

            And I dont see it as “another DLC season for Treyarch Zombies” because its not. Treyarch isnt making it lol. This is just another cheap rip off with an even more horrible setting than Exo Zombies and I didn’t think it couldn’t get any worse after Exo Zombies and boy was I wrong.

            And everything they said in the stream says it plays just like Treyarch zombies. Round based, pack a punch, trading cards, magic wheel, etc. So it’s nothing new. The only way I was going to play this, is if the gameplay was completely different but it’s not. This is just buying time

            No thanks, I’ll stick to Black Ops 3 Zombies until Treyarch’s next game.

          • BradyAlucard

            That’s a shame, because it’s so much better than other ideas, like Extinction being a primary mode again, which would have sucked. I think Zombies is welcome, and the reason why I think of it as “another Treyarch season” is because Treyarch’s DLC season is severely limited to a mere one year, which would suck for those like me who mainly prefer Treyarch CoD games and would have to wait every 3 years, so Infinity Ward finally doing Zombies helps with that wait, and it might even be just as good as Treyarch’s (let’s be honest, Neversoft, now merged with Infinity Ward, were great developers).

            “So it’s nothing new. The only way I was going to play this, is if the gameplay was completely different but it’s not. This is just buying time”

            Why would anyone want Zombies to be “different”, though? It’s why I desperately want to play it, and it goes along with my ‘it’s another Treyarch season’ mentality. “No thanks, I’ll stick to Black Ops 3 Zombies until Treyarch’s next game” That’s why I want to play this, so I don’t have to wait, and it has a ton of potential.

            You think this setting is “worse” than Exo-Zombies? I completely disagree. We’re not bouncing everywhere, nor are we working instead of having fun via having to worry about severely unbalanced/OP EMP and Goliath Zombies. This destroys Exo-Zombies in every way, despite immature themes like dancing disco Zombies, but I think this approach could lead to more fun-less-serious gameplay that Zombies probably needed, and there’s still the possibility of a Kino remaster.

          • I’d rather have Zombies DLC once every three years with Treyarch doing it. That’s how it used to be and I liked it that way. And honestly, I was never a fan of zombies until I played World at War. Mainly because zombies is just cliche and boring, but Treyarch broke away from that and actually made the most unique zombies in terms of gameplay and story. And the fact that every developer is doing it, turns me off. So I’m just only going to play Treyarch zombies. Always.

            As far as people wanting it to be different? I can’t speak for everyone and I’m not going to, but I will speak for myself, I wanted it to be different. That’s the only way it’s going to catch my attention or to get me to like it. If it fails to do that (which it already has) then it already sucks to me.

            Keep in my mind, Treyarch made zombies different, and so different enough in terms of literally everything that I fell in love with zombies. You have another developer do what Treyarch is doing, I’m not going to be fan of it regardless.

          • BradyAlucard

            I won’t wait 3 years, though. That’s way too long of a wait. I seriously don’t know why Treyarch can’t do more than one DLC season, that’s incredibly lame and really irks me. That being said, Spaceland can’t be judged by just a snippet of footage where the traditional Zombies mechanics are intentionally shown, so there’s no way of any of us knowing for sure that it’s just a reskinned Treyarch Zombies, I think it’s being a bit unfair. I think everyone should at least play it once to know *for sure* and for a fact that it’s as bad as they say it is. Regardless of our opinions, at least the option is there, that’s all I care about, plus wasn’t there some sort of leaked secondary Extinction mode or something, or were the alien weapons the new Wonder Weapons in Spaceland?

          • Of course Spaceland can be judged by the trailer. Like i said before, trailers are designed for making a preview and then fan to make a judgment on what they like or didn’t like. I didn’t like it, from the setting, stupid ideas, and how badly it’s ripping off Treyarch.

            Yeah and the option is there now in every game, that’s a positive, so if you or anyone here who likes Infinity Ward zombies and dont wanna wait three years, it’s there for you in the game. Which i can dig that. That’s the beauty of an option, it’s there, but i don’t have to take it, but its there for others

            Yeah, there was some “leaks” regarding Extinction, and it looks like, well, from what I read, it’s getting the Nightmare mode treatment. Either way, I’m not really worried about it. The Extinction boat is gone and it’s a miss opportunity in Infinite Warfare. I think it should have been given a second chance. Mainly because its Infinity Ward’s idea and it was truly different. Now granted it sucked, but i thought it could have used improvement and had plenty potential. But either way, like I said, I’m not worried about it, that boat has been long gone now. I plan on treating Infinite Warfare like an old school Call of Duty, by just playing multiplayer

          • BradyAlucard

            No one can really judge it objectively because it’s a mere 2 minute reveal trailer that shows practically nothing mechanically. The only real information about the map that I could find was through the Jay Pharaoh interview stream, which made me even more intrigued. If it didn’t have elements from the Treyarch games, no one would bat an eye. It gives a sense of familiarity alongside fresh ideas such as no longer having just one person having to spend their currency on doors; everyone can contribute if they choose to, but you wouldn’t know if you only watch the trailer and that’s it. I don’t see what’s wrong with the setting, it’s probably the most creative Zombies setting yet, but then again, I love the 80’s, from what it did for gaming, to what it did for metal, to pop culture, and to the crazy clothing and hair. Gaming is about fun, and if that means “stupid” ideas (which I don’t find stupid) like Disney theme parks or neon colors in a few places and break-dancing Zombies then I welcome it and will remain optimistic. Zombies are quite literally the only reason why I play Call of Duty to this day, and if Infinite Warfare didn’t have it, then I wouldn’t care.

            Yeah, I’m not saying that you can’t have an opinion because I’m someone who values other people’s opinions, I’m just sorry you feel that way and I’ll always try to convince everyone to play it over the Campaign and Multiplayer, but I can see where everyone’s coming from. If the online sucks especially then you know where I’ll be, if I even get the game over all of the other much better games coming out this soon.

            “The Extinction boat is gone and it’s a missed opportunity in Infinite Warfare. I think it should have been given a second chance” it was terrible in comparison to Zombies, though, and was the utter epitome of a Treyarch Zombies “rip-off”. I’d rather have the real thing. But why is it being given the Nightmare mode treatment? As in reskinned Campaign missions with cryptids lazily thrown in? I’ll take it, it’s an option and at least it’s there to add more content to the experience. COULD it have been given a second chance? Definitely, but as a secondary Co-Op experience IMO. The Zombies ideas mainly work in Zombies and only Zombies and treating it as a primary mode would just make everyone hate it more. Oh well, I’ll try the lazy Extinction mode if I even get the game.

          • Of course you can’t judge it objectively. It’s an opinion lol. Not much you can really do. Even when the game comes out, i still can’t say it’s objectively bad because it’s just an opinion. It’s all subjective at the end of the day but I’m just stating the obvious by now.

            And it’s Call of Duty Zombies, I’m sure if it changed it, it would still get attention. Because it’s Call of Duty and I’m sure there are plenty of people who dont even know who developes which game. So I’m sure if they did change it up, it would still get people playing. People like zombies lol

            And I said before I hate the setting, I hate the idea, i hate the pretty bright colors, i hate the dancing, theme park everything. As far as the setting goes, the 1980s, i wouldn’t be against it if it was literally anything else besides a bright neon dancing color setting.

            I want my zombies to be serious. I want that dark setting, i dont want colors, i want a depressing setting, i want it serious. And granted Treyarch has done goofy shit and comic relief, but they have always balanced it out and made sure there was plenty of serious elements. The only map I can think of that was completely serious was Mob of the Dead and Origins..but Mob of the Dead was miles ahead better than Origins.

            The thing about an Extinction reskinned campaign is that I won’t play it but only once lol. I have had Black Ops 3 since launch and I have only touched Nightmare mode once.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Well you didn’t think it was going to be unique did ya? Look at Exo Zombies. It was literally Treyarch Zombies but with an Exo Suit. I didn’t expect this to be any different so it’s not such a surprise to me.

    • Honestly, zombies to me has slowly become one big blur. It all becomes basically ” The same round based survival with the occasional boss/special zombie, but different themes to everything and maybe one or new two mechanics and perks “.

  • Sentinel

    Hmm I can sense that these cards would be the new “bubble gum” specials. Another way to acquire these is by getting them COD Points. Either way they are cool and different!

  • Drank Bleach

    Signs of another strong micro transaction call of duty, can’t wait for the announcement of supply drops in September.

  • burrgee

    OK for a start you fucks never played it before, stop basing the game off past cod games its not black ops anymore so give it a rest, the perks are a little diffrent and all the ladyboys are freaking out. kids these days…

    • Dr. Edward Richtofen

      fucking dipshit

      • WesupDude

        Fucking dumbass

        • Dickmissle


  • This looks really cool, I like the concept.

    I just find it really silly for them to have a ” build barriers ” perk when people literally actively ignore carpenters, though.

    • Fog

      Those are the perks, so if we can’t have more than 4 perks, who in the world would buy this ‘build barriers quicker’ perk? Lmao

  • xSilent-Commando

    I expected a futuristic setting as in the Campaign/MP as the the arcade is personally to appeal to the younger folk due to bright funky neon colours and doesn’t look attractive at all.

  • PuddleOfStix

    “Progressing through the story”? Is this an Extinction kind of story where you progress through new areas or classic Zombies Easter Egg kinda thing? I missed the live stream today. Thanks in advance for any answers.

  • Alex

    I’m really not interested at all. I haven’t played COD in months and find myself playing BF4 which absolutely shits all over the recent cod`s.

    Ive just outgrown COD

    • Former

      Thanks for coming to a CoD article to let us know, edgelord.

  • Ratsandwich

    ‘Tis Shit.
    Looks almost identical to Black Ops Zombies, but worse. @ Tartfeef – Yes yes yes. You do speak for us. Extinction could have been an entire game in and of itself. Story driven, episodic, just great. Exo zombies as well. Co-op at it’s finest level ever. I saw genuinely heroic shit from randos and players. Was amazing with actual actors personae, gave it such depth and it was simply amazing and totally engrossing. This is a total fucking shame. I couldn’t be bothered with fucking gobblegum and vials and little bitsy Mobile app microtransactions. Ruins it. Been around since The Beginning and I think it may be the end for me. Everything that goes around, comes around.

  • Whitty17

    Offering your opinions before actually playing the game is ludicrous to me….especially after you all ripped each other apart over your inaccurate opinions in the first place. Wastes of space.