“This. Is. It.” – Dr. Monty

  • BradyAlucard

    There he is! Finally. Will Revelations be in that forest?

    • ToonToons22

      Good question. I always did wonder what that forest had to do with the Zombies storyline.


        It’s a place where all the characters reflect on what has been happening. It is in there minds and does not actually exist.

    • Doubt it. I think that forest represents a crossing point into the final chapter.

  • Laddie

    I never knew how much Malcolm McDowell looked so good in a video game until now. Excellent choice for Dr. Monty.

  • Anime, Coffee, THC,COD

    Whats revelations?

    • Fair

      That’s the big conclusion for treyarchs zombies my little weeb. 🙂

      • I can just about 100% guarantee this wont be the end of Treyarch Zombies. No matter how much they love making the game just for the lore and story of zombies, at the end of the day, its a cash cow with a HUGE fanbase. Treyarch and Activision wont let that end.

        Most likely, this is the end of the Original 4 saga, and next go around, were going to get a new group of characters that tie into the original story. Hopefully they wont be as bad as the Green Run team, and if they are, the community will just bitch until they return it to the original crew.

        • Exo Zombie

          Ikr. Zombies is a goldmine for everyone who works on it. Not surprising when you see that every Cod now has zombies. Supply and demand.

          • The funny thing is no other zombies can replicate teh success that Treyarch had. IW tried with the Aliens thing. It was different, but definitely not as good. SH tried with zombies. same thing. I dont think ill even really like the next one though, it looks too goofy.

    • Karenmgingerich1

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  • I LOVE that they showed the 4 characters standing face to face with Dr. Monty. Dont know why but that was a great shot.