Every story has a beginning…

  • Aidan

    Is it just a mash-up of all the past maps? That’s fine by me, as long as I get 4 new MP maps, I’m good. Hope to see a standoff remake 😀

    • The nostalgia in this map is going to be off the charts. Waited 8 years for this

      • Crystalrcote4

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      • I hope it’s a Tranzit remake and that’s all.

        • Daniellesmiller

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  • kgf

    Hype levels are OVER 9000

  • MaRico Spikes

    Zombies still garbage

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      • MaRico Spikes

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        • BOMBDAMAN

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    • RdJokr

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      • MaRico Spikes

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    • Element115Will

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      • MaRico Spikes

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    • Sentinel

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    • FazalGaming

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      • gg

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    • MaRico Spikes

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  • Oh. My. Fucking. God

  • M Demon

    OH Shaite…!
    8 FUCKING days!

  • The Gaming Revolution

    So its not going to have a bunch of remastered maps in the pack, instead just elements from each old map mashed together into one big “Revelation”


    i had the video playing in 2 tabs and thought they overdid the delay effect on his voice lol


    how fucking lazy are they to reuse that richtofen quote? and did nobody even listen back to the last thing dempsey says and how it ends abruptly


      yeah and


      it’s just a quote why have a period over it

    • RdJokr

      That’s the point. 115 is fucking up his mind so bad, he’s repeating things over and over like a madman…

      • DEMOLITION12

        that’s a very pathetic excuse

  • Siftblade

    FUUUUUCK this looks awesome. I’m so hyped.

  • BradyAlucard

    So it’s all of the Zombies maps in one? Well, I did see the Keeper room from Der Eisendrache.

    • RdJokr

      Takeo’s quote seems to confirm that. “So much of our past has returned…”
      It’s only right that we revisit these old areas. It plays well with the nature of fractured universes and all that.

      • BradyAlucard

        That would be awesome. Very Lovecraftish.

  • Former

    Please tell me that Cellhouse poster is from Mob of the Dead…I’ll blow my load if that map is merged into this.

    • Aidan

      You can see a couple of shots in the trailer from MOTD, like at 0:16 you can see a sign that you’d see in a prison, and at 0:41 you can see the hanging body bags that were scattered across MOTD

      • Former

        Nice. Also at 0:23, that kinda looks like the scenery from Buried. Buried and Mob are my two favorites.

        • Aidan

          Buried was awesome. Love that map.

        • Skillreks

          if you look closely, that’s the main room from Kino, with buried features~!

          • Former

            True. I see it now. I really hope they bring something from Buried though. Best zombies theme of all time in my opinion.

          • In my opinion it would go to either Mob of the Dead or Origins.

            I think the 1930s prohibition era was an awesome setting for a zombie map. And this may seem far fetched and stupid to some, but I’d love to see a prohibition era Call of Duty game. Think of it as a Battlefield Hardline game, but set in the 1930s. That’s the best way i can put it

            And I loved Origins for it’s setting. Something about a WW1 setting with robots and zombies i love. I bought that dark setting was awesome

          • Former

            Mob had a great theme as well. Something about the old West style, the mansion, the maze..all of it fit so well together for Buried. The gameplay wasn’t up to par but damn the map was cool.

  • Johnny

    It could just be small parts of old remastered maps that you teleport to. Similar to how you teleport to various rooms when using the teleporter in Kino Der Toten.

  • Joshwoocool

    Looks awesome

  • Michael Romo

    I actually called this. Back when we started talking about DLC 4 right before ZNS. I think I said something like, “What if ‘the ultimate place’ is all places?” We could be wrong about all of this, but if what we think is true, I called it by accident. I want you to know that

    If you fell for that bullshit, you’re too gullible. And you wasted your time reading this

    • Sentinel

      Liking your own comment is like giving yourself a high five…sangano.

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        • Sentinel

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      • FazalGaming

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        • Sentinel

          That was she saaaaaaiiid! LOL

      • Mr_ysi42t96

        Nah it’s more of “…like kissing your own ass”

        • Sentinel

          Lmao or that too.

  • Too many trailers for one zombie map, I’m really keen to see more to do with multiplayer this time round.


      There might not be any multiplayer this time. A lot of signs are pointing to an all zombies DLC 4. Even if it’s not all the marketing will be towards the zombies since this is the grand finale.

  • Jay Bricker

    Anyone else notice a brief clip of a hanging bagged up corpse? Like the ones ALL over Mob of the Dead?

  • This is far fetched, but it will be a missed opportunity if Treyarch doesn’t do it.

    if Relevations is really this big map with sections of zombies maps from the past wouldn’t be awesome if like, let’s say you entered the Mob of the Dead area, the soundtracks play for that map and not only that what if they had the wall weapons from that map? Like for example, let’s say you enter the docks from Mob of the Dead and the M1927 was there! Or like you enter in one of the huts from Shi No Numa and the STG44 was there.

    • PCmasterRace-ConsolesAreGood

      everything would be awesome i just want all the maps (parts of the maps) in 1 new map including with new locations like we see in the trailer which i think is the eather! :p

  • Ruski Drinks Brewski

    wow the biggest shit ever kappa

  • bbbbbb

    No old maps. It’s just 1 new map, but we will teleport to a small locations from old maps. Trust me.

    • PCmasterRace-ConsolesAreGood

      I hope it’s not like that.. that would be a disappointment. What would be cool is if all maps that we played on, were parts on the new map.

      So we get a new map including with parts of the older maps which are so awesome! especially seeing nacht der untoten, mob of the dead and kino parts on the new map! <3

  • lunator100hd .

    Is this Nacht der Untoten at 0:15?

  • Jaybo3

    I would like to see that the make a full zombies dlc for dlc 4 as zombies is treyarchs thing also with it being the final adventure but with takeo’s quote “so much from our past has returned” that sort of confirms a all zombie dlc as you have remastered origins, kino, mob of the dead, etc but even if it was one map with bits of every map it would be the ultimate map (but the would need to allow all the wonder weapons from every map to make it like we are revisiting these maps. Also the are interviews with Jason bundell on YouTube especially with MrRolfWaffles where in his recent one with bundell he starts by asking if there will be zombies in dlc 5 five and he just starts laughing and doesn’t give a yes or no answer and it cuts to “too early for this intel” so this could mean that dlc 5 confirmed and possibly remade zombies maps then anyway I’m so excited for the final map

  • Sentinel

    Who ever thinks that dlc 4 is a full zombie map…get real dude.

  • WesupDude

    Its possible that they just rendered some old maps in the bo3 engine for the trailer and we might not see them in game. My support for that is the “not actual gameplay footage” at the bottom right.


      they’ve been consistently disappointing with bo3 so no surprises

      • potato

        but why would they do that for a trailer though ?

        • WesupDude

          To lead the hype into the final map.

          • potato

            what about the quote of takeo when he says “So much of the past has returned”

            and every zombie trailer have had that disclaimer “Not actual gameplay footage”

          • potato

            also The universes are merging into each other proof of that are the floating stuff in DE map also in the trailer when it shows Kino there are some trees within the map i believe those are from buried …man i don’t know it’s too complicated we need to see the actual trailer 😛

          • WesupDude

            You could be right, and hell, I hope you’re right, I’m just not sure what to expect at this point.

  • darren

    Is it just me, or does “The House” look like the haunted house in Buried, on the maze side of the mansion?