Just with previous Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC Packs, players who preorder Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Salvation DLC Pack 4 will receive a free Revelations Dynamic Theme on PlayStation 4.

If you’re a Season Pass owner, the DLC Pack 4 will show up as a free preorder. For those that want to buy it separately, the DLC Pack costs $14.99.

(Main Image via @AceThug69

  • Paul

    A free theme really?

    • Peewee78368

      we always get one with each DLC map pack

      • “we always get one with each DLC map pack”

        We didn’t get one in MW2 DLC packs, so therefore you are lying.

        • Element115Will

          Geezus man why you salty today??

          • It was a joke man, you don’t expect me to actually want a MW2 theme with DLC packs.

        • Paul

          True dat

        • la

          I’m guessing he’s talking about Black ops 3 considering its the newest cod. Also Paul did comment on a black ops 3 post,then pewee replied saying we always get one. On the other hand he could have explained it better as well. Always think positive! ?

      • Paul

        I know and it isn’t as if the themes are any good

    • Siftblade

      Would you rather not have anything at all? We used to just get the DLC maps, why are you complaining about an added bonus?

      • Paul

        Class a theme as a bonus. Nah a bonus was the giant when buying the season pass a theme is shit I mean the only good 1 was gorod krovi the rest were blan af

        • Siftblade

          What are you talking about? You payed for the DLC maps. That’s it. Themes are just bonus. You didn’t pay for the themes. In BO2 you ONLY got the maps. In MW2 you only got the maps. The description for the season pass is

          “The Call of Duty®: Black Ops III Season Pass delivers 4 epic DLC map packs in 2016 with all-new multiplayer content, including re-imagined fan-favorite maps from Call of Duty®: World at War and the Call of Duty®: Black Ops series, plus thrilling Treyarch Zombies content, all for one great price.”

          So you’re paying for the DLC packs. The Giant was a bonus and the themes are a bonus, something that other games didn’t get. Stop complaining about something that you’re not paying for. Just because The Giant was the first bonus doesn’t mean you “deserve” an extra map with every DLC. You’re paying for 16 DLC maps. That’s it. Not 20, 16. So everything outside of those 16 maps that you payed for is a bonus.

          • BradyAlucard

            Actually, in BO2 and Ghosts’s Season Passes, you got weapons too.

          • Siftblade

            Weapons were a bonus as well. The gun in BO2 was a bonus just like The Giant was. A one time thing that was a bonus that you shouldn’t expect every DLC. Idk anything about ghosts so can’t say anything about that.

          • BradyAlucard

            Ghosts’s weapons were both included in the Season Pass as well as separate items, and it’s the same way with Black Ops 2’s Peacekeeper being available in DLC 1 I recall. They’re considered as bonuses because that’s the way that Activision has done it but really it shouldn’t be happening at all (and before anyone mentions anything notice the word “shouldn’t”, not “couldn’t” or “can’t”).

          • Paul

            Okay I didn’t say anything about getting an extra map with each dlc you twat ? I said the giant was a better bonus than a theme that just wastes space on console. Why you getting mad because I said a theme isn’t much of a bonus I mean kinda sad for you bro

          • Siftblade

            I’m saying you shouldn’t complain about bonuses. You’re not paying for them, be grateful for what you get. I’m not mad, you’re just being ignorant and entitled.

          • Paul

            I’d rather have a dlc weapon than a theme like how they done it with bo2 and ghosts now that’s a bonus not a theme

          • Siftblade

            BO2 only had 1 weapon, just like BO3 only had 1 zombies map as a bonus.

          • Paul

            Not really being ignorant I mean lets be honest a theme doesn’t make you feel inclined to play the game. Where as some form of in game bonus (whatever it might be) could make you want to play the game for a while longer. I’ve got all the themes so far and none of them made me want to play. I had to go for dark matter and prestige master just to keep playing the game.

      • BradyAlucard

        $50 for just maps and some themes is severely overpriced it’s not even funny. What we SHOULD be getting are the Supply Drop weapons and camos, but as long as it’s legal for Activision to do, we’re going to have to just accept this and move on I guess.

        • Siftblade

          I agree that it’s expensive but that’s what the cost for the 16 maps is. They clearly state that that’s what you’re paying for. If you think it’s too much you don’t buy it. It’s like paying $10 for a burger. You can complain to the owner that it’s overpriced, but they’re not going to lower the price or add a free drink because you deserve it for buying an overpriced burger. Either buy it or don’t, you get what you pay for. If they decide to give you an extra slice of cheese, that’s a bonus. You didn’t pay for that cheese and you shouldn’t expect to always get the cheese, and it’s damn stupid to expect them to give you that extra slice every time.

          • BradyAlucard

            I’ve mentioned this, actually, though funny enough. I’m fully aware that Activision’s asking price is completely 100% in favor of rules and U.S. laws, but I’m just saying that that doesn’t mean that I have to like it, and I’m not directing that at you, just the trolls here sometimes that defend Activision for whatever reason.

  • FeboooH

    Shame that these aren’t available in Europe yet…

    • Daniel

      When will the be available?

  • lunator100hd .

    Do i have hope for a small and simple zombies map in this final DLC?

    • Former

      Simple? For the Grand finale of zombies? Dear God, I hope it isn’t simple.

    • Siftblade

      Please no. Your only hope would be if they add survival maps like Tranzit that takes place in only the Nacht area or only the Kino area of the map, etc.

      • BradyAlucard

        Tranzit’s hate was unwarranted IMO. No Zombies map is bad to me.

        • Siftblade

          Tranzit was okay

          • BradyAlucard

            I have so much fun on it, but I can’t explain why.

        • TranZit hate was very well deserved. You don’t go from Moon which was a big step forward to Zombies to a map like TranZit which was one step forward but also a 100 steps backwards at the same time

          • BradyAlucard

            I didn’t mind it. As I stated, I don’t think any Zombies map is bad. The only maps I have mixed feelings with are a couple of the Black Ops 1 maps and even then I have fun on them.

    • BradyAlucard

      “Small and simple”? Good luck with that, you’ll be severely disappointed. Zombies is the best part of CoD now and it’s not because of its size nor simplicity (well, sort of its simplicity).

  • Michael Romo

    I’m hyped af

  • Sentinel

    Why does it looks like it is in spa……wait hold up!!! Infinite Warfare in space confirmed!! 3arc you sneaky bastard!

  • Sentinel

    FTW!!! I don’t know about you guys but I’m legit hyped for the multiplayer reveal!! I’m just anxious to see why they kept it to themselves for so loooong!! I just hope they bring some throw back weapons to the mixture ’cause I am really a fan of that!

    • What’s ‘FTW’? “Fuck the what”?

      • Meesum Zaidi

        “For The Win”

        • Na bro, “WTF” is ‘What the fuck’ and FTW is WTF backwards so it must be ‘fuck the what’.

          • Sentinel

            Fuck the what Fazal, let the dude have an imagination!

          • Filthy Prank’d

            No lie, I literally thought that was what it meant when I didn’t really know the real meaning. I even thought it was “Fuck the world” at one point. That’s what happens when you live under a rock.

      • lol this had me laughing

        • Daniellesmiller

          <<fb… ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!iw218t:….,……

  • Nobody gonna mention this weird ass deal?