Lock and load — the biggest Call of Duty tournament of the year starts today at 9:30AM PDT / 12:30PM EDT / 5:30PM UK with Group Play. The full schedule for the event, in your regional time zone, is available here.

Tune in for the Call of Duty World League Championship, presented by PlayStation 4 on Twitch, YouTube, MLG, or via the in-game event viewer on PS4 in Black Ops 3.

In this post, we’ve embedded all of the Twitch streams.

XP Zone — Special Stream:

CWL Champs Alpha Stream:

CWL Champs Bravo Stream:

CWL Champs Charlie Stream:

CWL Champs Delta Stream:

Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest news and updates from the CWL Championship!

  • Element115Will


  • lunator100hd .

    Yhea yhea, when cod xp gonna start?

    • Kozzi


  • ccrows

    FYI – Gloves are now unlocked in BO3…

    • Former

      Time to pull some nuclears from the little kiddies using them.



    • CoDforever

      It will be the most watched cod event of all time. 250k+ viewers

      • ScOott

        You say that as if it’s impressive..

        Ive watched a casual guy playing cod in his bedroom get more views..

        Proves how laim competitive CoD is when the casuals get more views lol..

        • Smayo

          Last CoDXP the whole internet was full of amateur leaked pictures from almost every inch of the event location. This year I haven’t seen one picture or heard any real leaked info… guess it isn’t that much alive this year….

        • CoDforever

          The growth is impressive. 3 years go the viewership average was around 10k. Now we’re on SkySports channel on television. Now we’re peaking 25x that. Now we’re the most watched console esport.

          And no, pro players are the most watched streamers on cod except when Syndicate streams zombies, which is quite rare nowadays.

          If you ever got into competitive cod, which you won’t ever do, you’ll notice it’s not as bad and stereotypical as you think. The viewing experience in bo3 is also exceptional and really fun to watch.

      • Mark

        250,000 nerds wearing sweat bands while drinking Gfuel and eating garbage can size bowls of Doritos. Sounds pretty lame for normal ppl but for every wannabe MLG pro and children lacking social skills it will be a dream event.

        • CoDforever

          Lol that is the most sterotypical thing I have ever heard, most people that watch are regular people

      • SPAWNST4R

        That all, fuckin lol

  • Suroz

    where that mp gameplay at

  • Can’t wait to play Call of Julie Ghosts