To celebrate the CWL and Call of Duty XP, Treyarch is doing something special in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Live from right now through September 4 at 4PM PDT — regular Double XP.

Then, at 4PM PDT on September 4, Double XP, Double Weapon XP, 2X Cryptokey and 2X Liquid Divinium will be live through Tuesday, September 6 at 10AM PDT.

  • ScOott


  • Crikey its that lit that these mofos just burned my house down

  • PuddleOfStix

    Can we have it for a month, pls?

  • imBATMAN


  • Former

    FINALLY some double cryptokey/divinium. That’s all I care about.

    • Bettyslozada3

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  • Anime, Coffee, THC,COD

    Has anyone mentiond that weapon bribes that ppl have been saving are dissapearing? I had 4 bribes and they dissapeared without me using them.

    • Element115Will

      Omg i would be super pissed if that happened to me. Why save em? Just use em?

      • Anime, Coffee, THC,COD

        Because new weapons are coming soon and the old weapons arent that great anymore.

      • Anime, Coffee, THC,COD

        Im mad but i feel like this is a mistake since ppl in reddit are saying its happened to them too.

  • BradyAlucard

    Oh wow that’s awesome. I slept through the keynote though.

  • Anyone else being bugged by the team icon/logo being placed directly underneath the team counter, it looks messy af from a designer standpoint, why isn’t the team counters placed besides the team icon/logo.

    • Former

      You’re pointing out a scratch on a totaled car.

      • I don’t understand

        • Former

          There are bigger issues with the game, judging from the reveal.

  • Kozzi

    Now I have to choose between watching champs or playing

  • TheDemonOfHate


  • MichaelSwift

    Double Weapon XP will come in handy seeing as I just got the NX Shadowclaw from a common supply drop.

  • MikeRiggs86

    If it double everything how come I only got 1 liquid divinium, my gun aint upgradeing as fast as it should not to mention hardly any crypto keys, it seems the only thing they have actually activated is double xp

    • Qritical

      Did you read the whole article…?

      • MikeRiggs86

        Ya, just failed to notice it was Pacific time, should av know really as its always that time zone, cheers

  • Carter Ewing

    What time will it most likely be out for the liquid diviniums

  • joey

    i love how double cryptokeys equals what normal cryptokeys was AFTER they split what we were originally given in half.