Call of Duty XP 2016 officially kicks off tomorrow morning at 10:00am PT with the reveal of Infinite Warfare multiplayer, and in case you’re wondering when you might see additional footage and impressions, here are the times they will be hitting YouTube and news sites. We’ll be live blogging/tweeting/posting articles as announcements are made, however gameplay capture and impression/opinions will be shared at the time below:

Friday Sept 2nd 12:00pm PT:  Infinite Warfare multiplayer

Saturday Sept 3rd 10:00am PT:  Modern Warfare Remastered multiplayer

Monday Sept 5th 10:00am PT:  Black Ops 3 Salvation DLC4 multiplayer (no zombies)

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  • JeronimoPW

    I’m so glad IW learned. Nice and classic kill feed position, connection bar >.<

    • BradyAlucard

      FINALLY. What an awful limitation to not have connection bars (and even no rage quitting at the end? Come on). I didn’t mind the kill feed (AKA “obituary” lmao) and the UI changes in Ghosts.

  • Brandon Joyce

    Is there a live stream?

  • Kazui (Secret Senju)

    No zombies?

  • Corey

    Random Snapchat dude says “what embargo?”.

  • Michael Romo

    I can’t wait to see “Salvartion” DLC 4 multiplayer

    Lol I’m just kidding guys I know typos exist

    • ccrows

      I honestly excited for DLC4.

      Standoff is one of my all time fav map in the entire series. Can’t wait to see the remake of that… 🙂

      • Smayo

        Nice of Activision that they show DLC 5 today as well…. oh wait….

        • ccrows

          I’d easily rather see them copy BO3 or AW, so I’m good with that.

          (current) IW doesn’t really innovate, so let’s use the better game to copy… 😉

          • BradyAlucard

            We don’t fully know everything about it yet, so I don’t think that we should be speaking absolutely right now.

          • ccrows

            I really meant that more along the lines of movement system, specialists, and (hopefully) not being in outer space… 😉

      • Clercq1983

        Playing on giant fucking picknicktable got you excited? Really? It’s like playing micro machines V2 all over again.

        • ccrows

          Great comment, and NO I plan to skip that garbage idea map after trying it once.

          Still, I want my Standoff remake, and hoping that the Outskirts remake is solid as well…

    • what

      bo3 will be missed imo. I have no trust in IW

      • GustavKrasser

        I’ll still have to play it for another year. The new game looks like shit.

        • Auditormadness9

          Too bad you’re gonna suffer loneliness, cuz by the time Infinite Warfare releases, bo3 servers will be abandoned and the game will BE SHIT.


    • Filthy Prank’d

      “Starvation”, which was what my brother said about the name of BO3’s last DLC map pack. I died.

  • imBATMAN


  • Eric H

    I saw some of the leaked CoD footage. I’m seriously very f****** worried. Please.. please.. please let them not mess this up! I will be so let down!

    • ccrows

      What was wrong with the leaked footage that you saw?…

      • Eric H

        I’m just afraid that it will feel too different if that makes sense. The aesthetic changes are fine, but I’m worried about changes to mechanical things.

        • Dávid Mészáros

          They said changes are only cosmetic no gameplay changes

    • BradyAlucard

      I thought it looked incredible. I don’t know about the UI but (spoiler alert) FULL gold camos were added to the game and I’m stoked.

    • ToonToons22

      I personally thought they made an improvement with the multiplayer. Here’s some footage if anyone’s curious. Watch at your own risk.


      Notice how the loading screen is slightly different and how you can actually see your soldier in the multiplayer menu. The weapon customization section allows you to view how the camo looks on your gun and you can turn your gun around like in BO3.

      • Mario Rivera

        I really dnt get how overgrown was a fan fav, so much hide and seek on that map lol

        • jordanxbrookes

          It was Sniper Heaven, that’s why. Overgrown was made for Ghillie Suits.

  • How are they gonna have the entire DLC4 playable but not zombies?

    • CoDforever

      They don’t wanna spoil it is my guess

      • Only problem with that is, is that Zetsubo No Shima and Gorod Krovi were both shown a day or two before release of the map pack. Only thing that really gets “spoiled” if you will is the core map features like turning on power really. I don’t see how Revelations would be any different.

        • Dávid Mészáros

          It’s the Grand finale you can expect that

          • What

          • Dávid Mészáros

            That they dont want to spoil stuff

  • BradyAlucard

    Was there an article on the community winning the Prizefighters or were the original articles just updated (I’ll go check real quick. Edit: Nope)? Seems like a big deal because it seemed impossible after the first couple of days. After I got them I immediately stole the idea of a Paintjob with blood splatter and called it “See Other Guy” lol.

  • w

    IW multiplayer to quench your thirst

    • Former

      Looks like Bo3 and Ghosts had a baby. Meh.

      • BradyAlucard

        I don’t see the Ghosts influence.

        • shit color palette

          • BradyAlucard

            In a war game? Boo hoo, I won’t lose sleep over it, in fact, I like lower-saturated games like this and Battlefield because I think it makes the game more atmospheric and war-like.

          • >war game
            CoD is anything but a war game. look at Battlefield, that’s a war game, and even that has a bright palette. why? because real war isn’t shit gray. it takes place in the real world.

          • BradyAlucard

            Like it or not it’s a military shooter and is, therefore, a war game. That’s just a fact, and Battlefield isn’t very colorful, it does its own thing with its aesthetics. You act as if Infinite Warfare doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing in its own right.

        • Former

          Going off of the aesthetics and user interface. Very Ghosts-like; bland yet sleek.

          • BradyAlucard

            Ah. I love the general UI personally. At least aesthetics are nothing more nothing less than subjective taste though. I mainly like the selection menu (can’t think of the official term at the top of my head)>

    • Looks like a copy and paste to BO3, I’m abit worried now…

      • Roscoe

        Shhiiiiit, I’d prefer it to be a Black Ops 3 copy and paste than an Advance Warfare one.

        • AW was better imo.

          • w

            I know everyone has opinions, but lol @ at that one

          • Do you wanna fite

    • ScOott

      Can’t lie.. Dissapointed it’s going to be the exact same as bo3.. they could of took away a few things added a few Things… At least its not a complete disaster, better to copy n paste of treyarch than make a movement system they would of most probably fucked up…

      Leave stuff to treyarch to do, they shown how to add 3D movement they gave us the pick 10 system, they even gave us zombies.. The other studios all they can do is copy and paste untill trearch comes up with something else..

      And people wonder why their are so many treyarch fan boys.. This is why..

      • Dávid Mészáros

        Treyarch is fucking cancer after bo1

        • ScOott

          Bo2 is one of the best multilplayers ever imo… Great guns, great maps, great score streaks, great camos, great ttk, great DLC and the first time pick ten was introduced… I know it gets hate for bad hit detection or w.e but I love it..

          Bo3 literally saved Cod after A.W and ghosts.. It’s not the best, but it’s better than anything the other developers have put out in recent years…

          Treyarch is far from cancer.. That award goes to S.H with Advanced Warfare..

          • Clercq1983

            BO2 was indeed one of the best MP’s ever… And I like all 3arc games… But I have to say hitditection and connection is always beter from infinity ward… And at this moment, matchmaking in BO3 sucks… Getting in to games that already started. Next thing you’re in a lobby with only 3 more people. No one joins… Search another game, again you join one that’s already halfway…

          • BradyAlucard

            That’s one reason to be excited for Infinite Warfare; the mere possibility of near-spotless net coding [logic].

          • BradyAlucard

            Overpowered guns and perks as well as broken Lightweight/Stock/camera angle animations and broken quickscoping to add unto that lol. BO2 had great ideas and it’s one of my favorite CoD’s (especially map-wise), but it was annoying and rage-inducing to play for me. I prefer BO3 in almost every way besides a few shipped maps and some DLC maps.

          • Ak74u

            Bo3 isn’t the best but it saved cod`s ass for a while let’s see if infinity Ward can get their shit together like the old days I miss that old inspiring team

          • Ak74u

            The main reason I like treyarch is for their zombies. Bo1, 2, & 3 we’re fillied with amazing zombies content and dlc. Imo, no other zombies mode can compare to what they bring to the table.

        • ccrows

          Dude, BO2. (the most requested 360 BC game in the the ENTIRE library)

          Your opinion and all, but c’mon man… lol

          • BradyAlucard

            Yet I haven’t seen a whole lot of games like CoD on PlayStation Now (which IS considered to be BC, mind you), but that’s probably because streaming and using up even more internet bandwidth on top of what’s used already is probably not good enough for Multiplayer games. As for BO2 in itself I love that game to this day, but it had its fair share of game-breaking issues that I had with it, such as inexcusably broken animations and/or quickscoping.

          • ccrows

            The only thing that bothered me with BO2 was the DSR QSing.

            BO3 (and I have Dark Matter) IMO did it so much better with SRs…

          • BradyAlucard

            That’s probably why BO3 is one of my most favorite Call of Duty games of all time, despite the sweats breaking the game for me (inb4 iTYPE2ANNOY jumps in and steals my thunder I go positive pretty much every game for the most part, at least). Quickscopers were the bane of my existence in CoD for a long time, and I can quickscope pretty well and always could since MW2 (I did it competitively). The Target Finder LMG’s, broken camera angles (as well as Adjustable Stock), and broken perks ruined that game for me, but it’s still a solid experience that I still have fun on. It’s one of the most well-balanced CoD’s next to BO3, that’s for sure.

            My gosh did Treyarch nail the snipers…

          • BradyAlucard

            And someone please tell me that I’m not the only one annoyed with the first-person sprinting animations Infinity Ward has been doing since MW3. Destiny and Halo 5 do it too and it looks silly and cartoony. It’d be cool in a comic book game or something along those lines but I prefer Treyarch’s style. Although it’s better in Infinite Warfare and it may be accurate to how soldiers sprint in real life though but IDK.

          • Mario Rivera

            I dnt get why ppl dnt just hold on to their previous consoles if they know they just gonna end up crying about backwards compatibility. Why play games via emulation when u can have the hardware? Especially since its network based emulation it should be a no brainer. The ps3/360 did not become worthless just because current gen came out. Both of those have hits for days that can be picked up for peanuts if you dnt already have them.

          • BradyAlucard

            My exact thoughts on BC. Xbox One’s isn’t even fully native anyway, so Microsoft lied there (it’s emulation). If someone sold their last generation console to buy a current generation one then that’s on them, and with that it’s also more likely that they traded in a bunch of games, too, which is their own fault. Heck I never owned a PS3 so I want to get one and enjoy its exclusives whenever I can without paying $100 for PS Now (despite getting 400+ being a ton of value, that’s more than Xbone BC).

          • Dávid Mészáros

            Hitler was the most requested leader in Germany at one time your point?

          • Aldo

            Most requested don’t mean shit. Justin Bieber’s music is hugely popular does that make it good? Exactly!

      • Been saying Treyarch is number 1 for years.. 🙂

        • ccrows


        • SSR

          for years? soo since bo1, which means you then saw only 2 of their games..or was it 3.

          • ccrows

            I agree with him.

            Ever since OG BO, (IMO) Treyarch has been the best dev…

          • Since WaW

      • I also want to add that Advanced Warfare is literally a poor man’s Black Ops 2 but with exo suits. Just to further prove your

        • ScOott

          Please don’t insult poor people.. They wouldnt waste their time.. You mean *retarded.. Guywithbrains and lovekiller both loved that game… Point proven..

          • ccrows

            That was the same guy right?

            That seems so long ago now…

          • BradyAlucard

            What happened to him/them? Did they book it because they were compromised like a CoD 4 mission or did they die off like a diseased hooker?

          • ccrows

            IIRC correctly, somebody here exposed him, and hasn’t been around since…

          • BradyAlucard

            I figured as much. It was probably ScOott because he has more balls than a gay brothel.

          • ScOott


        • ccrows

          AW was a mess, & it’s just too much to write why without writing a book.

          BO3 IMHO is soooooooo much better, and hands down the best COD on this gen up to this point…

        • Ak74u

          Advanced warfare tried to be like black ops 2 they included medals the same way bo2 did, the score streak system, and pick 10 or 13/ wildcards like in bo2 I know cod studios are a family but treyarch usually makes great ideas and gets copied from. I guess because they were very successful with bo2 and wanted to try to be successful like them

          • ccrows

            Cosmetically, I could see some things similar with AW and BO2, but (IMO) AW’s movement system was thrash…

          • Ak74u

            Boost jumping is trash in general.

          • Mario Rivera

            Scorestreaks are a modification of pointstreaks, pick 10 is a evolution of the create a class system both started by Infinity Ward. Pick 12 in Ghosts actually fixed everything that was wrong with pick 10, its a shame that every cod since has went backwards in that regard.

      • Tuby

        Still hope it will be great. On the other side we still have the modern waarfare remastered version

      • PuddleOfStix

        How can you say it looks the exact same as BO3? Was there some video released that I missed?

      • BradyAlucard

        It’s not the exact same, though? We shouldn’t be so hasty to jump to conclusions, and that speaks to everyone. Sure they borrowed a few things because they don’t need to fix what isn’t broken but how do we know for sure that they’re not putting their own take on the ultra-futuristic setting as well? I doubt that it’ll be “the exact same as BO3” IMO.

      • ccrows

        “Dissapointed it’s going to be the exact same as bo3”

        I could only hope that it’s as good as BO3 Scottie.

        IW has a melty TTK (I’m still worried about that) and they don’t know how to balance explosives.

        ^ If that BS is out of hand, then I’ll be playing a lot more BO3 and probably only IW when my friends are on…

      • 3arc also copies off iw too don’t make it seem like all iw does is copy 3arc well i’m an iw fanboy so that’s probably why lol

      • Mario Rivera

        That is a completely unfair comment considering that that Infinity Ward literally created the COD series… All the other studios have really done was tack on to what Infinity Ward started so put some more respek on their name. Treyarch has made amazing contributions to the series but dont get too carried away.

      • DeadZombieGaming 12

        Treyarch built on the formula and having shit hit detection in the meanwhile aswell.
        IW created the franchise and don’t bring up the whole ”its not the same infinity ward anymore, you idiot”.

        • ScOott

          I’m talking about adding stuff to the game and moving it forward.. Treyarch are doing that alone in recent years

    • Dávid Mészáros

      Notice how it says UNSA not scar multiple factions confirmed?

    • GustavKrasser

      What the fuck did these motherfckers do all three years long, when they only copied bo3?

      • BradyAlucard

        How do we know that it’s just a copy and paste job? We don’t.

        • Shaun

          Leaked videos mate, basically BO3 again

          • BradyAlucard

            I saw them before I even posted the other comment and as I stated we don’t know 100% if it’s purely a CTRL+C CTRL+V job or not.

    • Capten ermirica

      Well I’m not impressed?

    • Bloodyman2103

      To be honest, I’m not surprised Infinity ward did a copy paste of BO3. Someone else already mentioned it, but Treyarch is the one that actually come up with new gameplay mechanics and ideas, they give us new stuff, wether we like it or not. IW just repeats after treyarch. Infinity ward should be ashamed of themselves. In 2 years, they accomplished more things with CoD:Ghosts than in a 3 year cycle. I really hope this game ends like ghosts so Activision would hopefully consider shutting infinity ward down.

      • Infinity Ward BRUNG us COD, they’re not going to consider shutting them down lmao, final plans for Infinite Warfare had to go by Activision first, they obviously liked the idea, people are STILL going to buy it, they’ve forced a remastered game with Infinite Warfare to INCREASE sales even more, the game isn’t going to fail from a business perspective, it’ll maybe fail the community, not Activision’s income.

        • Bloodyman2103

          No, Vince Zampella and Jason west brought us Call of duty. They already moved on to Respawn entertainment since Activision was screwing them. Since they left, just before the development of MW3, every game Infinity ward brings us is nothing but copy paste and a disaster. Admit it, IW doesn’t have any potential left. IMO, they should back down from the call of duty series.

          • And Vince Zampella and Jason West were apart of Infinity Ward, therefore Infinity Ward brung us COD. They are not the only two people who helped make any game Infinity Ward have made, there are more people in IW studios than just them. And IW not having any potential doesn’t relate to my specific comment.

    • ccrows

      Here’s the thing, we all knew it wasn’t gonna be boots on the ground already.

      If you’re gonna use advanced movement, then I’d much rather it be BO3 than AW.

      We do have boots on the ground with COD4R this year. (and more than likely a WWII game next year)

      So IMO things could definitely be worse, and if the gunfights aren’t “Ghosts Melty” with the TTK, then I’ll be happy playing BOTH IW, COD4R, and BO3 for another year…

      • BradyAlucard

        Same. Nuff said.

        Since the maps potentially have unique designs to them, hopefully that means that the chain-based/advanced movement may also be better implemented, as well. I’m hoping that Infinite Warfare is a fun game, although I’m not a huge fan of laser weapons (which is really just an aesthetic thing but you know).

        • ccrows

          “although I’m not a huge fan of laser weapons”

          Yup, fully agree.

          TTK and balancing (weapon and explosives) are my only concerns left with IW…

          • BradyAlucard

            Typical Infinity Ward issues, then (especially LOL’ing because of MW2, even though most of this Infinity Ward didn’t make it). Hopefully it’ll all be sorted out; if not, then I hope the game is fun despite such worrisome news.

    • Jay Evan

      The transition to wall running seems similar to Titanfall 2


      amazing, shit tier color palette, underpowered killstreaks seemingly, retarded fast TTK…they couldn’t have fucked this game up harder if they tried. and on top of that BO3 movement systemn which will be underutilized!!

    • Dávid Mészáros
  • jordanxbrookes

    Still laughing at the fact Infinite Warfare is Black Ops 3.5. You’d think with 3 years they would’ve actually made some changes, considering Eric Hir$hberg called it “innovative”.


      By innovative he meant that the supply drop microtransactions will be in the game at launch instead of being patched in later.

    • Aidan

      why can’t you wait until we get some HD footage tho

      • What’s the difference lol it’s just in 1080p not really going to change the gameplay or whats in the game

        • BradyAlucard

          It’ll give us a clear look, and not everything has been leaked yet, so I really don’t get where this “IW is just BO3 copy and pasted” is coming from, I think it’s just jumping to conclusions as of right now.

          • From what I seen, I’m not jumping to anything lol. It literally looks like a BO3 clone and a 3 minute trailer isnt going to change anything especially when I already seen the leaks. It’s going to do nothing but confirm my opinion

          • BradyAlucard

            There will be more than a 3 trailer this time, though. They will perhaps also have a conference as well in front of mainly CoD fans showcasing [pretty much] everything that the Multiplayer has to offer alongside more things going on with BO3’s DLC 4 and Infinite Warfare Zombies (maybe). Keyword here is “looks”.

          • Just saw the trailer. Still looks like a black ops 3 clone.

          • BradyAlucard

            I love the weapon variant crafting idea. They’re doing it way better than AW did it. I don’t think it’s an exact replica of BO3 because they’re doing their own twist on the mode but yeah there’s a lot of BO3 here. The sprinting animations may annoy me too.

          • Is the weapon crafting thing supply drops or is it something else. I was half listening to that lol

          • BradyAlucard

            It’s something else as of right now and there are no Supply Drops announced yet as far as we know. I’m not sure how customizable they are and whether or not they’ll have a ton of variety like they should though tbh.

        • Aidan

          yeah, but we’ve also only seen a few seconds of shaky cam, low quality video of some dude shooting a gun. We don’t even know about all the features, modes, and we know very little about maps.

          • And seeing a trailer won’t change anything. By the way, just saw it, still a Black Ops 3 clone BUT IN SPACE!!!! WOOOOO INNOVATION!!!!

    • They’ll call anything innovative. I’ll garuntee if SHGames revived their 3rd person idea in their next game and made it a core feature, you’ll have Activision screaming “innovation” and the fanboys will actually believe it and actually think a 3rd person mode is actually innovating and different lol

      • Jan

        mw2 had 3rd person as well, I used to fuck around with it with friends in private matches

    • BradyAlucard

      Well, tbh… we can’t really fairly make the assumption that it’s just a copy and paste job yet.

      • k5berry

        Nah bro, 30 seconds of leaked gameplay is DEFINITELY enough to come to a conclusion about exactly how this game is. Like after seeing this I’m not even waiting for the trailer and official gameplay, I’m already cancelling my pre-order. In fact I’m just selling my PS4 while I’m at it, cause every other CoD game until the end of time is going to be bad, I already know based off of this.

        • hyperbole but not inaccurate

        • BradyAlucard

          Seems legit but it’d be even more legit if I had Gamma Labs whilst snorting adderall from Vonderhaar’s bald head.

    • CallofDutyWillOwn

      Yup, I knew you would rant the .5 bullshit. Watch all these fuckers follow along with that shit now. You think it is funny but shit is old news. You act like such games as Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2 aren’t a .5 if we really talking about such thing. When did they state specifically that Infinite Warfare was going to have innovate movement?…don’t worry I’ll wait. When you play the game, hands on and stop being a inept human being and going for what you fucking see on a screen. When you are a up to par with these Devs, then I will take it back what I said. The game brings an innovate setting and features that you will only find on Infinite Warfare, not necessarily the movements. It was already mentioned that it would play like BO3, because the movement actually works. I don’t need to be a “fanboy” or an “Activision dick rider” to state facts about it. You are just a salty ass boi who only runs their mouth without being coherent about it. Ohh btw, at least Eric Hir$hberg is doing something with his life, making enough money to put you and your whole family on a paid tuition, 5 times in a row. Stop being a fucking cunt mate, on some real shit.

  • M0987

    Watching the leaked footage of mw:r and playing the bf 1 beta made me realize how much i miss the old school boots on the ground warfare of older cods. Not interested in iw at all but the moment mw:r is released stand alone day one no hesitation.

  • Gamerazor247

    I wonder how many people are going to turn a 180° tomorrow, ‘s going to be hilarious.

  • Scales

    There are matches were u seriously fly and kill each other. The flight gameplay will be shown tomorrow niggas

  • George White

    What’s happening on the 4th then?

    • GG

      CoD champs and snoop dogg/wiz khalifa concert

  • BradyAlucard

    NeoGAF member are already hasty to jump to conclusions over Infinite Warfare Multiplayer. a small fraction of the reveal has been leaked. Why are we all so hasty to say that it’s just a BO3 clone judging from that?

    • ‘Cause it is one.

      • BradyAlucard


      • This is the best fucking picture ever, thank you!

  • Infinite Warfare rocks.

  • the beast from the east

    no zombies, WHY?

  • CyberWolf

    Hurry! You must see this! Just don’t ask any questions. The link is clean as always.

    • Ratchet

      Health bar?

      • CyberWolf

        Yup. And weapon perks. And of course, tactical nuke. Oh, yeah…AND A FUCKING MECH!

    • k5berry

      That new Defender mode seems interesting. And the fact that it lists a callout for the room you’re in on screen is really cool.

    • CallofDutyWillOwn

      Nicee, the gameplay and the movement seemed smooth as fuck. I can see the health bar being useful. I want to see more though! lol Good looks!

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      The gameplay is looking good.
      Looks like a better version of BO3 with good hit detection…

  • P-Natra

    This leak video is ugly. We will see it tonight whats going on with the gameplay. Sure, it looks like BO3 movement! First we have to play it, than we can judge!

  • DeadZombieGaming 12

    I have noticed a thing with CoD and Battlefield…
    Battlefield forums are so cancerous like charlieintel.
    Both have the same amount of negativity.
    People are calling BF1 lackluster, disappointing, garbage on the official forums and same goes for this site..
    Game Forums are so great….

    • “Battlefield forums are so cancerous like charlieintel.”


      • DeadZombieGaming 12

        shit, ive been exposed bois