Editor’s Note: Activision paid for our travel, hotel, and access to the Call of Duty XP event. 

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer mode is finally revealed. We got to play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer at the Call of Duty XP press event and are ready to share some of our impressions of the game.

One of the easiest ways to describe Infinite Warfare multiplayer is that it brings together a lot of features from one different Call of Duty titles into a singular experience that is fun in its own way, fast-paced, and exciting to play. Another way to talk about this game is how strikingly (like, seriously) similar some of it is to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Infinity Ward’s key focus for this title, as stated by Infinity Ward’s Multiplayer Lead, Joe Cecot: “With a focus on driving front line combat engagements and rewards players of all play styles.” One of their key idea in this game is to redefine the player and the play-space that players interact with.

Movement System: 

The movement system in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is almost identical to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s movement system. The players get a boost meter on their screen, which indicates how high you can jump, how far you can boost slide, and yes, wall-running is back.

Unlike Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s movement is more tightly controlled and less ‘fluid’ in terms of chaining-up. Going from running to wall running sometimes feels like you are doing separate movements, versus in Black Ops 3, and at points, there is a delay in the boost sliding quickly experience. At some points in the matches, it feels as if the movement system is unnecessary — there are certain instances when playing when you want to boost jump, but feel like it will put you at a disadvantage in the play space.

This is still a early build of the game, not the final version, so hopefully Infinity Ward address some of the inconsistencies that exist with the movement system.

Combat Rigs: 

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare features the new Combat Rigs, which is basically Infinity Ward’s take on Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Specialist system.

In an interview with charlieINTEL, Infinity Ward’s Multiplayer Project Director Jordan Hirsh stated that the idea for Combat Rigs came from giving players the equipment they need to play in the different scenery and environments. “Rigs came in pretty early in development. Through that process, we pulled that back and allowed more flexibility. We need to put players in suits essentially that worked in space. So it worked naturally to put players in this cool armor systems,” said Hirsh.

The characters are different from Specialists from Black Ops 3 in that the different weapon and abilities are combined under a Payload category, and there is another option that players have to select for each Combat Rig called Traits. Payload and Traits vary between each character and cater to a wide variety of play styles. The Traits are additional perks that each character can have for the length of the game. Certain traits can only be used once per life in game, while others are consistently active throughout the length of the match.

The Combat Rigs do not have any particular story or connection to the campaign in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. While some might seem overpowered in the description of them, from what we played, it seems Infinity Ward is putting big focus on ensuring balance in the gameplay style.

A huge difference from Specialists and Combat Rigs: Combat Rigs can actually be changed mid-match in-game via the start menu. You do not have to select a rig and be stuck with it the entire game, so if a certain rig just does not work out for you in a specific match, you have the ability to adjust and change whenever. But, when players change the rig mid-match, the payload meter in the bottom left does reset to adjust to the new selection. This is a welcome addition, as it allows you as a player to adapt as the match progresses. Even more so, it helps with adapting in-game to the enemies’ play style.

Pick 10: 

The Pick 10 system is back in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. This system is almost identical to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, but it does have some differences. There’s no specific wildcards, and certain items may cost more points than others. Infinity Ward did not go into major detail on this yet, but stated that it is similar to past Pick 10 iterations. Scorestreaks are not part of the Pick 10; players must pick a set of streaks that will remain consistent across all classes.

The Play Space — Map Design: 


Infinity Ward has a variety of maps in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Infinity Ward listed some of their focuses in redefining the player space:

  • Fast time to combat
  • Force head to head engagements
  • Never before seen environments (space station, other planets moon)
  • Varied layout designs — high replay-ability

Some maps are the classic, three lane Call of Duty maps, while there are larger maps to cater for those play-styles. Breakdown map takes place on Earth and is a map catered to the larger style of play, while still maintaining the 3 lane structure.

Another one of the maps shown, Frontier, is one of the smallest maps we have ever seen in Call of Duty. It features only 2 lanes, fast paced action which is a ton of fun. The map takes place on a space station orbiting around Neptune but is completely enclosed.

The maps are designed beautifully, both aesthetically and style of play. One of the best modes we got to play was Defender on Frontier. Being such a small map, Frontier allowed for an incredibly fast paced, action packed game of Defender. The map is lined up with close quarter engagements, with enemies around every corner. Even more, when an individual is taken out, their bodies actually float to match the outside environment of the space.

We also got to play Terminal, the fan favorite preorder bonus map for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Terminal’s layout is exactly the same as it was in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. There are some differences, however. In the plane, there are no seats anymore, leaving no cover in the plane as you try to run through. In addition, in the main hallway and select other areas of the maps, glass windows that were in MW2 have been replaced with hard cover that cannot be breached.

As a side note: there are no maps in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer that takes place in zero-gravity, Infinity Ward confirmed to us. They wanted to focus on retaining the classic Call of Duty style and decided against those player spaces.

Another change to the overall HUD of the screen and player space is that in-game, in-match every single player has a little icon above their head which shows their health level. This is a first for Call of Duty, although it has been in other FPS games. It is helpful in identifying how many more shots you need to take out enemies and is not that obtrusive to your HUD. In addition, Infinity Ward has added a brand new feature under the mini-map, which is basically a callout section. It tells you where the action is, and in Hardpoint, will even list the current Hardpoint’s location. Infinity Ward said this is to emphasize and help with player communication. During our playtime, we did not actually notice this being that helpful, as it is kinda small on screen and not that relevant to consistently see and be aware of.



Infinity Ward has brought back a wide variety of weapons, alongside brand new weapons. The game features Assault Rifles, SMGs, LMGs, Shotguns, Snipers, Directed Energy Weapons, and more. And for the first time ever, there’s a selection of Classic weapons, which are fan favorite weapons from older Call of Duty games brought back. The classic weapons were not available for us to play with at Call of Duty XP.

In terms of balance, there is a wide variety of weapons in Infinite Warfare. In Black Ops 3, there seemed to be limited variety in terms of how varied the weapons are, but Infinity Ward has really altered and changed up the style of weapons in each category in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. There needs to be some balancing to adjust some of the weapons, as certain SMGs and ARs felt overpowered, but overall the weapon direction is more using modern weapons, where some have a futuristic twist.

There is a lot going for Infinity Ward with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. One of the simplest was I could describe this game is: it incorporates elements from all previous Call of Duty titles, while trying to be fresh, fun, and new. As a side note, yes, we realize that the gameplay does look awfully familiar to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. And it sorta does play like Black Ops 3, but faster. It is almost like an upgraded, better version of Black Ops 3, adjusting for balance, and being cautious of the casual play styles.

One thing’s for sure, Infinity Ward has learned a lot from their mistakes in Call of Duty: Ghosts’ MP, but until we play the final version, it is not clear if this vision will work with the fans.

  • Jhonatan Orlando Ferro

    bla bla bla…. Black Ops 3.1

    • BradyAlucard

      It’s not a lazy rehash if that’s what you’re implying, they’re changing it enough to be making it their own. I think they’re doing very well tbh.

    • CoDforever

      So I guess every boots on the ground cod is the exact same?

      • DJSaviD

        Well, yeah actually. We complain because they get by with adding mostly small changes, with the big changes being shit we never asked for and quite frankly didn’t want. This year it looks better than before, though. At least these are welcome changes. And I almost guarantee that next year’s game will be back to classic FPS style gameplay. Probably in a modern or classic setting.

        • CoDforever

          everybody asked for big changes before advanced warfare

    • That is a good thing to a lot of players. BO3 was a great game, I’m glad that IW picked up where Treyarch left off with it.

  • BradyAlucard

    “Going from running to wall running sometimes feels like you are doing separate movements, versus in Black Ops 3, and at points, there is a delay in the boost sliding quickly experience. At some points in the matches, it feels as if the movement system is unnecessary”

    Sounds to me that they could make it more optional by keeping it this way. Graphics aren’t bad either and weapon crafting has me stoked. This only solidified me getting this game.

    “Varied layout designs — high replay-ability” At least some players won’t be disappointed by the maps.

    “Another change to the overall HUD of the screen and player space is that in-game, in-match every single player has a little icon above their head which shows their health level” BASED IW

    • djml9

      Im just hoping the health bar is only when the reticle is on them. Otherwise itll completely destroy stealth and sniping playstyles.

      • BradyAlucard

        I hope it helps get rid of camping tbh. Love this feature.

        • Bettyslozada3

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    • YoungMurf

      I share the same opinion Brady man.. I thought the multiplayer reveal was pretty awesome. Yes it’s very futuristic and all that yadayadayaa, but it looked pretty good. Love all the customisation and yeah it’s more or less BO3 movement, but with it being futuristic we kinda expected that! Better than that grasshopper shit from AW 🙂

      • I kind of preferred the AW movement system, idk..

        • YoungMurf

          I detested the movement in AW, was the furthest imo that you can get away from the CoD roots, jumping around like grasshoppers on cocaine.. BO3 movement isn’t half as bad and feels more like the authentic CoD of old than AW.

      • BradyAlucard

        I’m stoked!

  • imBATMAN

    i furst

    • What you looking at?


      • imBATMAN

        prove it

        • What you looking at?

          This comment by BradyAlucard • 14 minutes ago
          and Jhonatan Orlando Ferro • 18 minutes ago

          Now yours: imBATMAN • 12 minutes ago

          • imBATMAN

            nope, all i see is rubbish. pics or it didn’t happen

  • ScOott

    No mention of ttk?

    • I think it’ll be better not to talk about until launch because they might fix/change or work on it. I want anything but what we got in bo2/3 that horse shit ttk

      • ScOott

        That’s my perfect ttk lol.. Can’t stand ghosts

        • I liked ghost ttk

        • Gonçalo Castro

          Bo2 and bo3 ttk: 5 shots in the back, enemy jumps, turns 180 and kills you. That’s why i play HC.

    • darren


  • Mario Rivera

    Weapon variants confirmed, deserves its own artice keshav 🙂

  • Batman

    Atleast you guys were honest

  • Only complain is give us grapple hook instead of wall running tjat suits my play style better

  • Mc Adan

    Seriously ? AK 47 as an energy weapon … this is real garbage

    • Jay Evan

      Well, it’s not the AK-47

      • Mc Adan

        Well i just saw the gameplay on youtube

        • just because it looks like it doesn’t mean it is. If you saw a unicorn would you call it a horse? no but it’s a horse with a horn lol

        • link

  • Diego Diniz

    This is NOT Black Ops 3.1…this is ADVANCED WARFARE 2.0! Wich is worst…

  • Kozzi

    I think that MWR will balance this game out immensely. When this game get’s stale (about March- early May), I’ll spend a while with MWR, and 4 months down the road just switch off and on with them until the Sledgehammer CoD. I hope they release a remastered CoD every now and then. It helps with their sales and us with entertainment. Though I doubt there will be one next year if Sledgehammer is developing

  • Drank Bleach

    Basically destiny and bo3’s bastard child.

  • Former

    Watching live gameplay at the moment…It’s literally Ghosts w/ Bo3 movement. As for the maps, they’re all super high-tech with tall ass buildings, so pretty much AW. Not looking like my type of CoD.

    • The maps actually don’t look as chaotic as AW.

      • Former

        AW was chaotic because of how fast-paced the movement was, regardless of map design.

    • Realmmop

      Is your type of CoD the same one everyone complained about being the same shit every year?

      • Former

        If you mean boots on ground, then yes; that is the ideal CoD I fell in love with. However, I’ve tolerated both Ghosts and AW for a few months before selling both of them, and I played Bo3 because of how similar it felt to Bo2 (bar the movement/specialists, of course), plus I’m a big zombies fan.

        So when I see a Ghosts/AW hybrid with Bo3 movement system, there’s really nothing there to enjoy for me. That is what I meant by “not my type of CoD”

        • Gonçalo Castro

          Wasn’t Ghosts boots on the ground? Seems to me that you hate just for the sake of hating. Ghosts was awesome, had a great balance and none of that 3-lane map shit. Bo2 and 3 are very fun to play also. This one looks fun too, at least i find it more exciting than BF1 (20min on a map just to get sniped from 3 miles away).

          • Former

            My comment is far from “hating.” I literally said “not looking like my type of CoD.” That is probably the least hateful thing someone could say.

            If I had said “This bullshit is the same shit every year; fuck these exos and laser guns.” <—You could call that hating. Please don't confuse the two, kiddo.

            I agree; Bo2 and Bo3 are my two favorite CoDs (disregarding the older ones). Ghosts? That game was pretty terrible. TTK was instantaneous. The maps were dull and the overall graphics were inferior to Treyarch games. OP Support streaks; Leaning; Broken perks like Awareness; Maps that were too big; IEDs.

            I'd be happy to continue, but it should be common knowledge that Ghosts was not a good Call of duty.

          • Gonçalo Castro

            TTK? That only matters in Core, or “COD on training wheels”. I always played in HC and the game was pretty balanced, although I agree that Support was pretty OP. The maps were awesome, they were unpredictable, enemies could come from anywhere. IED’s you have in every COD, use Hard Wired. Leaning was optional, and sometimes useful. Graphics I honestly don’t have an opinion, but remember that Ghosts was a transiction game from ps3 to 4. Never had a complaint about it. Therefore, this goes to show you that you can like or dislike Ghosts depending on what and how you play. For me, a straight up rusher that plays solely HC, it was a pretty balanced game. Streaks were fun, maps were almost all good ( except Siege and Stormfront), guns were pretty balanced too, and the pick system was really interesting. Oh, and friendly fire was redirected at the shooter, so you weren’t killed every 5 seconds by a teammate.

          • Former

            “CoD on training wheels” Lmao. Yes, because pre-aiming a certain angle waiting to 1-bullet kill someone takes so much skill. Please… Hardcore isn’t played by the majority of CoD fans, so you can’t even use that as a basis to why the game is good.

            You can think Ghosts is the greatest CoD of all time; that’s your rightful opinion. But, you’re in the vast minority. I’m 100% sure most people would put Ghosts or AW down as their least favorite CoD — that includes most pro players as well, so don’t even try to use skill level as reasoning for liking the game.

          • Gonçalo Castro

            People don’t play HC because they find it harder, and it doesn’t have all game modes. Maybe it’s easier to kill someone in HC, but it’s definitely harder to survive for a long time. I get it, it’s not easy coming from Core, with a 2.0 or 3.0 KD and a bunch of 20 and 30 kill streaks, and find yourself fighting to barely stay positive. Play Hardcore, and all the balancing issues (in every COD) will disappear.

          • Former

            You’re right. It is harder to stay alive because HC is full of randomness. Let me give a scenario. HC: You’re sprinting into a room and a guy is sitting in a corner pre-aiming you. Boom. You’re dead before you even realize where he was. Core: Same scenario, except you have time to react to him, strafe his bullets, and ultimately kill him because campers can’t aim straight.

            That is why I prefer Core. It caters to someone who has more gunskill rather than who got lucky.

            Referring to your newer post, if someone turns on you in Core, that is 100% your fault, and whoever turned on you deserves the kill. If you’re shooting a guy in the ass and can’t finish the kill, that was your mistake for shooting in the first place. Either run to cover or aim better; simple as that. Like I said previously, Core provides the better player more chances to win gunfights, which is a lot more enjoyable, hence why people play it.

          • Gonçalo Castro

            Core: a guy is sitting in a room. You have a UAV 24/7, so you know he’s there. You aim, shoot, he boost jumps, you kill him anyway but instead of wasting 2 bullets, you wasted an entire clip. HC: no radar, you are counting on your teammates info to know where the enemy is. You know there’s a camper in a room. You enter, you shoot, camper has no chance.

            I really don’t want to stretch this any further. You made solid points, i believe that there is a game mode suitable for everyone. Core is probably best suited for the lonely players, since you don’t necessarily need to rely on your teammates (although it’s handy). HC is a lot of fun if you are in a group, since communication it’s vital. In my opinion, Ghosts was fun, as is BO3, probably because i didn’t felt the flaws you did in Core. AW, on the other hand, i didn’t like solely based on the movement.
            So, AW sucks, Ghosts is…debatable. Agreed?

          • Former

            Sure, why not.

          • Gonçalo Castro

            Oh, and pro’s don’t like Ghosts because of TTK. In their opinion, you should always have a fighting chance, even when the enemy catches you from behind. Please…if you find an enemy and start shooting, why the fuck should they be able to jump, turn and shoot you? That’s straight up BS.

  • So since Activision paid for your trip, is this your opinions or opinions alter by Activision gratitude?

  • TheHorror

    Looks better than Ghosts already, at least it has that going for it. But this gives me flashbacks to the MW3 multiplayer reveal and all of the “MW2.5” jokes. It’s so fucking similar to BO3 it’s not even funny, from the game play all the way down to the damn UI. We’ll see how it is during the beta i suppose.


      looks like they just stole stuff from aw and bo3. this was supposed to be “in development” since ghosts came out. somehow they managed to coincidentally have the exact same thruster bullshit and wallrunning. wonder how that works

      • hungryandrew

        They waited, no way after the debacle of Ghosts they would go right into development, they waited, played it safe and copied off the other developers.

      • Aldo

        You do know the studios collaborate with each other right?

  • Stefan Lang

    The Black Ops 3.5 jokes died way before they started just stop it ? We can never appreciate anything new and exciting. Just because movement is similar to Bo3 doesnt make it an exact replica. IW games play fairly different than Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games. That’s like when you go pick up a driving simulator. You have Need For Speed then there’s Forza, The Crew, Gran Turismo, etc. All include doing the similar things but plays differently.

  • Mike_Scarnn

    The Transformers movies are more real than this crap. God, I’m disappointed. I’m really, really disappointed.

    • lunator100hd .

      Chill out, its a video game, bf1 is more fake in my opinion.

      • KX virus

        Yeah bf1 is like a fantasy, modernized WW1. I don’t mind though, if that’s what they want to do….

  • dust&cheese

    RIP. finally a year where BF gets the real light it deserves. people say IW will crush last years sales but to be honest, so far, their track record doesn’t look good for IW. The Pre orders are at an all time low, and hopefully after this game tanks activision will take it’s consumers more seriously. if you don’t listen, we dont buy.

    • Realmmop

      Fuck outta here with your gay ass self riding BF1 dick.

      • dust&cheese

        im in that BF1 pussy all day

    • KX virus

      “if you don’t listen, we dont buy” You don’t realize that there is not a voice that Infinity Ward is supposed to “listen” to. There are sales that reflect how many people like the game, and COD is succesful. “Listening” to some people on the internet is only acceptable when the franchise is going through a critical time with low sales. And this game’s development started 3 years ago, when Ghosts (a non-futuristic game!) was hated.

  • nifod

    This looks nothing familiar to COD for me. I’m an oldscool COD player, and this is the worst looking COD ever for me. I even saw a robotdog running around? I certainly will sit this one out.
    Maybe i buy it for MWR, but that would make IW look good in sales. And that’s the only reason that they made MWR, to boost IW sales. So i’m not sure yet. But still i hope you all have fun with it.

  • sunjay

    pahaha this site is just an activision robot! I haven’t even played the game but from what i’ve seen it looks like the biggest piece of bullshit ever. I hate talking about cod like this because I used to love it but god damn, no fucking way am I getting this.

  • Alienade

    RIP Keshav’s fingers.

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      Can someone replace his hands?

  • DeadZombieGaming 12

    I can’t take this site seriously…
    If you bother reading the comment section like i do (im a fucking retard for doing so), you are in for a treat of guest accounts…

  • thebulky1cometh

    “As a side note: there are no maps in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer that takes place in zero-gravity, Infinity Ward confirmed to us.”

    Hallelujah. I stopped reading after this – I am now willing to give this game a chance.

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      I was tbh disappointed about that.
      They had an opportunity to make something special to this game and they didn’t…
      Still hoping for a Jackal Fighter Gamemode…

  • W1LL1AM04

    “it seems Infinity Ward is putting big focus on ensuring balance in the gameplay style”, hopefully this transitions into the weapons and future DLC items.