While speaking with Infinity Ward’s Multiplayer project director Jordan Hirsch at Call of Duty XP, he confirmed that Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer will NOT have a theater mode. Last year’s Black Ops 3 brought back theater mode however Advanced Warfare and IW’s last game Ghosts did not.


    • Filthy Prank’d

      I would be very proud of you, but you’re just cray gay.

  • not cool

    • Axss

      Consoles can record now so not a major difference. Still something helpful though.

      • You could do better shots in theater mode. Easier to make cinematic videos too. Either way, them taking away the option isnt cool. But i have a capture card so im honestly not worried about it lol

        • Axss

          Yeah you are right. Capture card isn’t always helpful though, what if you aren’t recording lmao.

          • Mario Rivera

            Ps4/Xb1 have built in recording features

    • bre


  • Axss

    They are lucky ps4 and Xbox one can record through system, if not I would consider this a problem.

  • Dávid Mészáros

    Literally the only good thing they could have copied from treyarch

    • BradyAlucard

      “Copied” lol you can’t “copy” from a non-competitor, and even if one could, it’s not the exact same.

      • Dávid Mészáros

        I didnt mean it in a bad way

        • BradyAlucard

          Alright I believe you lol.

    • Pedro R Morales

      Treyarch copied from Destiny LOL

      • Dávid Mészáros

        wait what theater mode was first in bo1 (actually it was in cod4/cod2 on pc as well but it was console based)

      • Kobrah

        Call of Duty had theatre mode before Destiny even existed…?

    • You do realize that COD is a BRAND. The brand needs to stay consistent. Yes, Treyarch and Infinity Ward are different studios, but are promoting the same product. It’s business and prevents customer confusion.

  • MurkN101

    Well that’s gay. They couldn’t copy and paste that from BO3 like everything else?

    • BradyAlucard

      Copy and paste? Everything is from scratch, and the movement isn’t even exactly the same down to every single small animation and frame.

      • Siftblade

        Why are you getting so defensive? You can’t deny how similar everything looks to BO3. In some cases almost identical. Just because they slightly change the animation doesn’t make it original.

        • Eric

          Dude is as big a fanboy as they come. Just give up arguing lol

        • BradyAlucard

          I’m not being very defensive at all, I just don’t see where people’s allegations are coming from, it’s all the same narrative over and over. I’m not arguing that it’s similar, but identical? No, not even close. They can’t directly carbon copy Treyarch’s code word-for-word so saying that it’s “identical and/or “the exact same” is just simply not true and is just a way to be a negative nancy. Some people just need reasoning and detailed analyses before they make such absolute claims first, especially when they haven’t played it yet.

      • armyk

        Everything from scratch? Dude even some animations are same as they were in COD4…

        • BradyAlucard

          Like what? I didn’t mean “everything” as in literally “everything” just the thrusting and wall-running.

          • ben wills

            specialists: these give players a super power boost at random times

            for no reason. you dont earn them, they just come. in this time, boosted
            players are way more powerful than anyone else. hence they can get
            kills with absolutely nothing the other player could do. its
            circumstantial advantage because people get it at different times with
            no rhyme or reason. its casual catering because it gives bad players an
            easy way to get a kill without earning it, giving good players a death
            out of nowhere. it compresses the kd toward 1. its casual catering. no
            reason to play.

            movement: considering the small scale of cod,
            these enchanced movement mechanics do nothing except add to the
            clusterfuck nature of the game. with everything tight, people end up
            just spraying uncontrollably until someone gets something. purely
            circumstantial what happens. just a giant, uncontrollable mess. then the
            movement is awful and feels terrible (compared to something like
            titanfall). then it doesnt actually do anything for the game. its just
            there, and they add a gap to wall run over. it doesnt change the game
            aside from enhancing the clusterfuck. if something like that is to be
            added, the game needs to adapt so it doesnt become a mess. it didnt.

            ttk: low ttk means things are more reactionary and thus more connection based. less focus on gun aim.

            unsure if this is an issue yet, but considering it has been in 4 of the
            last 5 cods, its something to be conscious of. bad netcode means you
            can die without every seeing your enemy, generally circumstantially on
            who rounded the corner. again whats the point in playing

            SEARCHING FOR: “it sux lul”…. NO MATCHES FOUND. only things found: logic and reason on how game decisions affect the game. for the part on skill gap: what is the point of playing the game if you dont earn your kills and
            deserve your deaths? might as well just watch paint dry if stuff is just
            happening with no reason.

            you are truly “special”. no wonder you need the game dumbed down for you. pathetic creature.

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    • What? Copy paste the more guns in any OCD game, dogfighting and most scorestreaks and gesturing while in game? I doubt it. Haters’ criticisms are invalid.

      • ScOott

        If u cant see the similarities you’re a moron… it’s 50% black ops3 50% ghosts.. It’s litterly copy n paste from them two games.. That doesn’t make anyone a hater that’s just how it is..

        • Smayo

          This must be the worst CoD MP reveal to date, even AW was looking exciting before we got to play it. This just looks like Bo3.1.

          Secretly I had some hope IW came out with the surprise of a life time, that they would shut me and other critics up with their take on CBM system and the overall MP design… but this what they come up with after all this time they had to develop… huge disappointment…

          • ScOott

            I wouldn’t mind it if it didn’t remind me of ghosts… I can see this game rewarding campers due to the seriously short ttk, just like ghosts…

            I could of even enjoyed ghosts if they had sorted the ttk out.. But it is what it is, if it’s as bad as it looks when I play the beta i won’t be buying…

          • Smayo

            Same here, I already canceled my pre-order 3 weeks ago because I feared it would be too similar to Bo3, but I never expected I was so on point.

            add the Ghost like TTK with the imo shitty Bo3 movement and you have a recipe for frustration.

            CoD4 remake has me come back to CI for now but I really hope they will release it separately some time down the road, otherwise it’s no CoD for me until SHG hopefully does the right thing…

          • Paul

            Right we all know your gonna get the game at somepoint. Everyone does when they say they won’t. Haters for the sake of hating ?

          • Smayo

            Im past that point, CoD doesn’t excite me as it has before. My hope was IW MP would be something fresh in the CoD universe, the space setting could provide that. Instead all we got is a Bo3 clone with some minor changes, nothing and I mean nothing excites me for this game anymore.

            Even CoD4 remaster isn’t enough to justify a €90 purchase.

            So no I won’t get it at some point, I’m not a hater bandwagon jumper as all fanboys here proclaim, I’m just an old CoD fan who doesn’t agree with the path activision has pushed the series…

          • Paul

            I’ve been playing since cod 4 release and honestly if people didn’t hate on ghosts so much then we wouldn’t have seen this move into future warfare. #HateTheHaters #MakeCodGreatAgain

          • Smayo

            I doubt it, even if Ghosts was praised into the heavens itself we would’ve got AW that next year. Activision believed it was the way gamers wanted FPS games to go judging by the fact the hype for Titanfall was through the roof back then.

            But I can’t understand why they put all 3 studio’s on the same setting, the series feels more stale then ever now…

          • Paul

            Yeah AW was always going to happen aswell with bo3 taking a step in that direction, but IW went in the same direction because of the negative feedback about ghosts from the community. Honestly a bit of variety would have been nice as future warfare isn’t the best “setting”.

          • Hysterical fans pulled the series*

          • Nonversation

            If youre not interested in cod what are you doing still on this page?

          • ScOott

            I am very interested in CoD.. Over 14 days played on bo3… whats ur problem? U don’t have to have a fucking dick in activisions behind to be here…

            If u want to be bent over and risk being disappointed then that’s up to u.. I’m waiting for the beta..

          • Please explain TTK, I really don’t understand what you mean by Time To Kill, and how lets say: Ghosts and BO3 “TTK” differs?
            Genuine question, I get real confused over this TTK sh*t

          • ScOott

            It’s how quick you die… In ghosts if someone was camping and shot you, you would be dead.. In a game like bo3 if someone is camping or they see u first, u have time to try and get out of the way… U play a game of ghosts n will see how quickly u die compared to a game like bo3 it’s crazy..

          • ccrows

            Nailed it!

            ^ & IMO this should be stickied somewhere on this site…

          • Since the TTK is less on Ghost’s it is easier to kill someone, so say if TTK on bo3 is double the TTK on Ghosts. If the same weapon at same range shot at you and killed you in 4 bullets on BO3, it would take 2 bullets on Ghosts.

          • Paul

            TTK wasn’t an issue in ghosts. It was a face paced game and you had to be a bit more cautious instead of bo3 where hit detection is shit and have stupid amount of health

          • ccrows

            Disagree TTK was melty AF in Ghosts. If I want to die extremely fast, then I’ll play HC.

            Core and HC TTK wasn’t that much different in Ghosts.

            But hey if the game bombs, at least I have BO3 to fall back on… 🙂

          • Paul

            I would have to disagree with you the ttk wasn’t as fast as what people think. It’s because the guns had faster fire rate and the game played fast it’s just that ghosts had a good hit detection that’s it

          • ccrows

            I got Ghosts as a free digital upgrade, and just played it the other day.

            First of all the TTK is definitely noticeable, and 2nd, the lobbies are dead because the community gets bored fast with melty ttk lobbies.

            I mean I can play “hide and go seek” too, but keep that stuff in HC lobbies…

          • Paul

            Again with the TTK it’s down to hit detection. You can kill someone with 5 shots on bo3 with a sub. But it will say you shot 15 bullets because bullet registration. Where as ghosts hit detection can register bullets which means 5 shots = 1 kill ?

        • Ak74u

          Zombies is a pure copy and they had 3 years to come up with new ideas. For people who want to argue its different I can give you may reasons it’s not. Idk how I feel about IW most unoriginal cod yet and I bet it will be very microtransactions heavy. The only thing I liked was the graphics and visuals and maps look unique for mp. Other than that it’s a big copy game especially zombies

        • I haven’t fucking seen dogfighting, more scorestreaks, most guns in any COD, weapon and ability selection, side missions, make decisions that affect story, command troops, gun transformation, variant streaks, variant crafting, spiderbots, free-roaming in space, exploring the whole solar system, lost & found perk, being able to look around while the match counter is on, being able to shoot while cooking a grenade, map camera overviews and dynamics when the match counter is about to begin in neither bo3 nor Ghosts. Learn to not use your ignorance to criticise a game like a brat.

      • Ayob Rossi

        More guns? I don’t consider weapon variants new guns.

        • *most guns. they’ve already confirmed. See the guns yourself.

    • Brian

      Clearly you don’t have a clue how game development works.

  • Ak74u

    I’m not a know it all but doesn’t that mean better connections? So isn’t that a good thing

    • What you looking at?

      Better connections? didnt know if it has theatre that means the game has bad connections ;o

    • Former

      Supposedly turning your OWN theater recording off improves connection. Like in Mw3.

    • ccrows

      Not from a gameplay experience.

      Ghosts you got punished for moving. 9/10 times you were screwed if someone saw you first.

      ^ Which sounds great in theory, but it leads to campy matches.

      Wanna see it in action? OK, pop in BO3 right now and play a game on Core, and then play a game on HC. You’ll notice that HC is more “Hide and Go seek” camping.

      ^ Now if you like that, hey that’s great, but leave that stuff in HC and FFS let Core be well CORE!…

  • imBATMAN

    well, you can record through xbox one and ps4 (not sure about ps4 cos im an xbox fan boy) so it shouldn’t matter too much.
    I personally don’t care, hell I haven’t used theater mode in BO3 at all

    • Kobrah

      You can record on PS4 too

      • imBATMAN

        ok cool! I wasn’t sure. thanks (:

  • Are you f*cking serious..

  • Answer me, scrubs.

    Is Specialist package in this game or not?!?

    • Dávid Mészáros

      It is a specialist ironically

      • Dumbtard

        What are you talking about? I’m talking about the Specialist Package from MW3 and ghosts

  • Every single time a COD game has theater, the game becomes a lag-fest. I’m glad IW removed theater, especially when we have built-in livestreaming anyway.

    Want gamplay? Record the last 30 minutes, trim the selection, upload to Youtube. Done.

    • It was overhyped in BO3 and turns out hardly any one uses it unless you’re doing a montage or some trickshot type video thingy

      • ccrows

        Ummmm I use it, and all my friends use it. Sure I use the DVR too, but if I have a great game I like double saving those (with more options in theater).

        BTW I don’t trick shot, and I don’t YT either, just enjoy playing COD…

        • Yeah nice man, cool, thanks for sharing 🙂

          • ccrows

            No problem, and glad you enjoyed it… 🙂

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    • Thank you. It’s pretty well documented that once theater was added in to these games, the lag was taken to another level.

    • Kyle Soule

      You know what your actually right that is true

    • ccrows

      I have (almost) zero problems with lag in BO3. Sure there’s a few bad lobbies, but if you open all your correct ports, and play wired, the gameplay IMHO is great.

      On the flip side, I HATED Ghosts TTK with a passion, and I’m very concerned that we are gonna get stuck with Ghosts garbage TTK again where you get punished for moving…

      • The only true punishment for moving are loud footstep perks.

    • Latched

      hey fuck boi i need pics for a thumbnail

      • Latched

        Also I love jerking off to little kid pictures

  • Alienade

    “Montage quality reduced by 20%.”

    • lunator100hd .

      Im gonna cry.

    • Dávid Mészáros

      Who watches montages these days

  • Nonversation

    Cant believe these kids waste there time on this pages comments you guys should block these kids who spam the comments with irrelevent shit its annoying to see people who have no interest or have nothing good to say conversating in the comment section like if this is their damn facebook status

    • ScOott

      Sounds like someone can’t handle other people’s opinions, ur going to be blocking alot of people if u cant handle a negative opinion… Get the fuck out of here “kid”

      • Smayo

        Butt hurt his favorite past time gets deserved criticism, typical trade of a blind fanboy…

    • Smayo

      This is Charlie intel, not CoD fanboy Circle Jerk. Stop whining pussy…

  • ccrows

    Hello melty TTK. *sigh*

    It’s like they didn’t learn their lesson from Ghosts. I can live with dying faster in COD4 cuz the top KS is 7, but dying 1 off a nuke from somebody camping with no chance to react, yeah that’s a different story.

    Eh whatever, it will just give me more time to play COD4R and BO3… 🙂

    • Dávid Mészáros

      Enjoy shooting first than dying to 2 bullets in bo3

  • Commander Wolfe

    I still better have free spectate mode.

  • Ak74u

    This game already has variants honestly everything was going well and not a problem until I found out about weapon variants. I can deal with it being a copy but variants are horrible that’s one of the reasons I hated advanced warfare. Benefits and advantages over others this makes me wonder about how their going to give acces to these and you can already bet supply drops the second worst thing in cod

  • YoungMurf

    On a different but not totally unrelated note.. I really think IW looks pretty awesome. I watched through the multiplayer gameplay videos from a few articles ago and man it seems to play very smooth and looks absolutely gorgeous. For a game set so far into the future, imo it really grasps the sense of warfare and makes it almost totally realistic (maybe I’m just fucking crazy). I don’t like to admit when I’m wrong about something, but I have to say I’m totally wrong about IW from what I’ve seen so far and I just hope the beta furthers this because this really could and looks to be an awesome game.

    • Ak74u

      The game looks well just don’t like how they copied a lot of things from bo3, especially zombies, straight ripped

      • YoungMurf

        I’m actually happy enough they more or less copied and pasted the zombies from BO3.. atleast you know it’s gonna be decent and not some shit storm that ‘nearly’ ruins the zombies trend.

  • Kyle Soule


  • Unclecoon

    I use it to watch others pov to improve my game tho

  • SunDenio

    all the faze fanboy trick shoters won’t be able to look back at their ass shots that they think are good and post them to their 10 sub channel anymore. which means they won’t be able to ruin freeforall and call u a fag for doing the last kill

  • joey

    boosters and cheaters rejoice

  • Evan Barron

    I was disapointed when I literally had the luckiest noscope across the entire map, and so I went to go to theater mode and record it, and I was very disapointed, since nobody will believe me 🙁

  • Skylar

    All it means is it is chammers/hackers paradise. Unless they added breathing sounds to someone with their headphones jacked to 100%volume+, then there are people using xray shit already. I can be perfectly hidden, aka seen by multiple xbox ones and practice, with uav prevention, name prevention, hardcore game mode, oh and dont forget ai support prevention. Then my primary with ballistics if sniper, or foregrip and stock if anything else. So. 5/10 sniper and 6/10 other. Then add 1 tactical and 1 lethal for other and add 3 lethal (1 for first lethal cost 2 for second on IW, or just 1 and 1 for previous games) etc. So. Only at around 8 for other and 8 for sniper. Then add dead silence to sniper for all games. 10/10 for IW, and 9/10 for any other game. Yet they always seem to know where im hidden enough to throw a grenade over things right at me, or to crawl around the corner and snipe me before i can see them well enough to shoot them.