Activision has announced that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered will have all 16 maps from the original Call of Duty 4 game.

**At launch, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered will contain only 10 MP maps from the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game. All 16 original MP maps will be made available by 12/31/2016. Modern Warfare Remastered is a full game download.

The game, at launch, will feature only 10 Maps, including Crash, Backlot, Overgrown, Bog, and more. The remaining 6 maps will be made available to all players thatΒ own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered FOR FREE in December. As of now, Activision PR says that the map will be made availably by December 31, 2016.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is included with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Legacy, Digital Legacy, Digital Deluxe, and Legacy Pro Edition. Preorder now.

  • imBATMAN


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      • imBATMAN

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  • Lord Beerus

    THANK GOD. But this reeks of backtracking. I’m also certain this it wasn’t for initial intense backlash, they wouldn’t have done this.

    Fair play to them in the end.

  • Tested

    Now just sell it without infinite warfare crap and i will buy

    • no


  • Got to give them credit for not attempting to profit of that, thank you Activision.

    • Black Six

      If you buy the game after January you still get half a game, BULLSHIT

      • Aldo

        Buy it before January then. Simple.

      • RdJokr

        Dude… do you even understand the article? MWR will ship with 10 maps first, but they’ll put in the rest by December. So anyone getting MWR afterwards will get all 16 maps instantly.

  • backtracking hard as fuck lmfao

    • Black Six

      Nah, if you buy the game after January you don’t get those maps. This is a cash grab.

  • What??? They actually listened???????? And it’s free????

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      • Suhh dude

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      • Triton

        Im touching your nipples too, with my mind. (FYI)

  • Comes to show what they will do when they receive enough hate, just wish more people would fight against supply drops as much as they did for IW because I can guarentee you it’ll ruin the game if there some

    • Ak74u

      Yeah if most of us didn’t complain about there only being 10 maps in the remaster then we wouldn’t of gotten all 16. I’m glad we complained to them and I would also like people to stand up against supply drops the same way. Then cod would be fun like the old days

      • Kevin Deng

        No it’s because Raven Software doesn’t have enough developers to reliabily remaster every map in time for release.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Weapon Variants are in the game so another year of Supply Drops -_-

      • Not really. I still am trying to understand how this shit works. I will give my point in a minute.

      • potato

        but the variants were only extra perks for the weapon ..i don’t think it will cause much problem except for the nuke lol πŸ˜›

        but i still hope supply drops won’t be there ..even though they clearly are with us for another decade

      • Alan

        not exactly. They said that the more you play, the more variants you get. Not through supply drops, but through currency. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if you could buy in game currency with real money. i.e. cryptokeys&codpoints

        • henrygreenshields

          Sooner or later that currency will be purchasable using real money, most likely sooner.

      • OK so for playing the game you earn “Salvage” a currency that you can use to get the prototype weapons. The more Salvage you get the more prototypes you can craft. So lets say I play 10 game and I earn enough to get a Common prototype. Then play more, get salvage, and get a Rare prototype. It honestly doesn’t sound P2W like in AW because it’s not random. You can actually earn this shit.

        • RdJokr

          Except it probably won’t be like that. You’ll probably get something like “Use 10 Salvage to craft a variant with no guarantee of rarity”, and “30 Salvage for guarantee rarity of Rare or higher”.

          • Wanna bet on which system will be in the game. 2 dollars in paypal so we can by a supply drop for prototype. πŸ˜›

          • RdJokr

            Nah, I’m good. Even though I’m confident that they will find ways to monetize this and encourage spending cash, I suck at bets in general, so I won’t try betting with strangers on the Internet.

          • I get it. There is no fucking way they wonΒ΄t monetize this shit. But If you can earn them all through playing and buy buying salvage you only speed up the process that is a win win for everybody.

        • potato

          if we can choose for what gun we want a variant then supply drops won’t sell much unless DLC weapons are in it

          I like it

        • Bettyslozada3

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      • nifod

        you have to play to earn salvage and get variants. In about 2 months IW will let you buy salvage with real money and again it’s pay to get advantage :).

  • Nerv

    pretty sure he said free for legacy edition owners. so mwr will be seperate?

    • Dog shit

      it’s confirmed that they won’t sell it alone

      • GinsuVictim

        Confirmed when? In the past, they said they had no plans to sell it individually “at the time,” which means it can change.

        • Dog shit

          ah sorry i thought they have said the won’t sell it at all

          • GinsuVictim

            That’s not what they said.

          • Dog shit

            That’s why i sad sorry i thought they said that

          • Dog shit

            i said*

      • Paolo Lucas

        That’s because it would outsell Infinite Crapfare BO3 DLC…

      • Nerv

        I mean ye nothing is confirmed of course they would say that to get people to buy the editions of IW its a marketing tactic. but i am 100% sure they will sell it seperatley down the road because they know people will buy it and all they fucking care about is money.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Best news from the event. Goes to show if the community get together and complain, things get done.

    • MurkN101

      Except for supply drops lol

    • Keshav Bhat

      Actually, nope! Complaints had nothing to do with. Raven dev confirmed to me in interview that all 16 maps were gonna come back, was their plan since they started the development.

  • Eric H

    I’m so glad they’re doing this. My worries are gone. I have faith in Raven studios now that I’ve seen the reveal. Honestly, Infinite Warfare looks worse aesthetically and mechanically than MWR. What a failure that is. I’ll be on MWR for years to come <3

  • Brad

    In MWR they made the xp system the one mw2 has, with the +100 per kill instead of the +10 in cod4 and added bloodthirsty like medals

    • Eric H

      That’s fine really. The aesthetic of the game is nice. I really love how they stuck with the golden XP numbers. White XP always looked shit in my opinion.

      • Brad

        I totally agree. I was hoping they would bring the gold numbers back for IW but sadly it’s the white. People may say it doesn’t matter but there’s something about the gold that makes it more satisfying. I miss them.

    • DΓ‘vid MΓ©szΓ‘ros

      The medals look retarded imo

      • Dog shit

        you look even more retarded

        • DΓ‘vid MΓ©szΓ‘ros

          wow sick comeback bruh

  • Triton

    This made my year.

    Now waiting for MW2 Remastered.

  • Hah, and all the cunts on Twitter were certain it would be DLC.

  • Treyarch

    Hold me!

  • Black Six

    Nobody’s gonna talk about the fact that it’ll only be available by December 31st just so they can make their Q4 earnings look good and maximize profits? They don’t give a fuck about COD4 or all 16 maps they want you to pay $80+ as soon as possible.

  • Rich Piana

    Weren’t there 20?

  • Best news ever. This is real big of them to do this. I applaud them!

  • nifod

    I’ve got the feeling that infinity ward made the decision to make MWR (10maps) after they felt that a big part of the community would like boots on the ground. After the release trailer they saw all the dislikes, and then decided they had to deliver all 16 maps. MWR only excists to boost up infinite warfare sales figures, so they can say : look what a succes infinite warfare is.

  • Jeremy Harding

    Are the other 6 maps coming today dec 13th or dec 31th

  • Jer

    When are the 6 maps coming today dec 13 or dec 31

  • Hail storm

    I only have big and I just got the game