Developing story…

Activision has just announced that the PlayStation VR Jackal experience is coming out with Infinite Warfare for FREE when the game launches in November.


    • SSR

      still free….

    • Kieran.Lillis

      That’s like saying that every game that comes out for the PS4 costs $460

    • djml9

      $400 headset and a $60 camera. If youre gonna bitch, at least bitch accurately.

    • Filthy Prank’d

      I mean, it is free, it’s not like you have to drop another $60 for it.

  • KernosT

    I’ve never felt this before but MP literally looks like a reskin of BO3. They have changed nothing but UI. Replace “combat rigs” with specialists, “payload” with specialist weapon and “traits” with specialist ability and boom you got BO3 MP.This time you being able to use both. They even have a titan as killstreak smh. SP on the other hand looks to be one of the most diverse and unique SP experience in CoD. The no loading screen seamless gameplay would work perfectly.

    • Mehdi

      Exactly my thoughts. Well Done.

  • Mikey9835

    Its free! …For £350

    • Dog shit

      what so call of duty infinite warfare costs 460$ too ? coz the ps4 costs 400$ ? dude you are retarded

      • Mikey9835

        No thats not what i’m saying at all.

        • Dog shit

          then what are you trying to say

      • Sol Malus

        He’s talking about VR costing $400.

        • Dog shit

          yeah i know ..but that doesn’t make sense IT IS FREE

          if you think about it like that then every ps4 game you buy costs $460 ?

          • Sol Malus

            VR isn’t free…

            He already owns the PlayStation, but he needs the VR headset to play them, and probably the camera too. That’s another $450 plus tax to experience those things. A free game does come with it, VR World, but that’s it, most other VR games will cost money.

  • Eriko

    IW campaign looks amazing

    • Bettyslozada3

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  • Alienade

    Not possible. Activision will boost up the price later on.