Raven Software has confirmed that the December content update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered will include additional surprises for fans alongside the announced 6 additional maps, which is going to be available for free for everyone who owns Modern Warfare Remastered.

These are all discussions that we have had and will have. I think December is going to be a great release. I think people are going to be surprised by some of the things we are going to be showing them that we have not talked about yet.

He did not expand on what type of content we can expect, stating that they will be announcing more details on it all at a later date.

  • PuddleOfStix

    “New Black Market content!”

    Joking aside, I’m actually excited/curious about what it could be. New DLC maps? The CoD4 DLC maps?

  • MW2 add-on? That’s probably asking too much. Is arcade mode even in this game?

  • Smayo

    Christmas crash…

    • ccrows



      we’re going to start saying merry Christmas again, believe me

      • Juanitaecontreras2

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    • Logic Chief

      nope. Supply drops

    • jordanxbrookes

      *Winter Crash but I get your point 😉

      • Smayo

        That was it, I forgot the name haha

  • xxultra

    MWR Separate purchase. 😀

    • name

      >being poor

      • Former

        >not wanting to spend $80 to play a remaster.

        • >why are we replying like this

          • Former

            Ask the first guy, dingus.

        • OpinionsAreFrownedUpon

          You’re spending 80 for IW & CoD4

          • Former

            …Obviously I’m referring to people who just want to play MWR. They’re forced to spend $80.

          • Suroz

            guessing you new guys (well i’ve never heard you guys before) are going to bring in 4chan to CI then

          • Former

            I was copying him for comedic effect. Had nothing to do w/ 4chan.

          • Suroz

            well that “>” is more known on 4chan

          • Former

            Yeah, he probably is from 4chan. Most fairies are.

          • KSBPlays

            Check out my channel on YouTube guys!

        • >wanting to spend $80 to play IW and a remaster.

          • Former

            No relevance to my point at all.

          • I meant that you’re paying for IW as well.

          • Former

            Yeah, I know. Except I was referring to people who don’t want IW, just MWR.

          • I want IW more than MWR.

          • Former

            Good for you? I don’t remember asking.

          • ok

      • xxultra

        No, i’m not poor, but I don’t want futuristic stuff, high jump and wallrunning, and I don’t want to buy IW.

        • OpinionsAreFrownedUpon

          go play BF1 then

          • Former

            “Don’t like the forced pay wall? Play another game!” Wow, great answer. You’re so thoughtful.

          • AlphaPoppy

            His username cheesy tho lol

          • Former

            Just realized his picture says “I don’t read replies”…He’s a confirmed troll.

        • Whitneygreyes4

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          • Tyler Perlenfein

            Sick, I can’t wait to get scammed and have my life ruined over “money”. It has always been my life goal.

      • So?

      • BradyAlucard

        Being broke is a genuine excuse though, but your excuse doesn’t make up for locking a game up behind a restricted pay wall.

        • Even if you’re not broke it’s still a total pain in the arse being unable to play it without buying IW. I’d like to try IW but I’d rather stick with BO3 and have MWR too.

          Considering I can still use my Black Ops 1 disk and play that game without having to shell out all that money for a prettier version too. fanx Infinity Ward luv u m8

          • Hitman

            I hear you on that one! I’ve Prestige Mastered but I am still enjoying the challenges BO3 has.

      • HAHA. Fucking hell.

        It’s not even the money that bothers me, it’s buying a massive current gen game that I’m not bothered about playing just so that I can play COD4 again with better graphics. It doesn’t make sense does it

      • Eddie Tupy

        >using less than symbol to show that you think something sucks and everything is better than it..

    • OpinionsAreFrownedUpon

      No. They will be sued for false marketing.

  • Mick

    Maybe extra create a class slots?

    • ccrows

      IMO extra CAC prestige awards would be awesome.

      I know it started in WAW and all, but I would love to see that in COD4R… 🙂

  • Mitch

    Hopefully they’ll be adding some modes. Doesn’t hurt adding modes such as Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint.

  • Dallas Phillips

    extra killstreaks?

    • ccrows

      IMO nah.

      Maybe a new game mode or two, or hopefully extra prestige CAC slots, or even offline bots for a real late at night fix, but hopefully nothing really more than that…

  • An Adorable Fluffy Alpaca

    Still no information on the pc version.

    • Well it’ll be exactly the same as the console version I assume..

    • RdJokr

      Don’t expect server browsers, promods and all that old shit if that’s what you’re wondering. I mean, it’d be a damn good surprise if Raven did that, but I doubt this will happen. IW is already making a hell of a shitshow with the “no beta for PC” debacle. Having that kind of treatment for MWR will be the nail in IW’s coffin on PC.

  • ccrows

    Not sure if people would like this or hate this, but I’m thinking extra “simple” gun camos…

    (just nothing stupid like ducks or any of that goofy BS)

    • BroomyGraphics

      I would love for them to add some of the camos from MW2 or even MW3.

      • ccrows

        Like the fall/autumn camo from MW2?

        Cuz I’d be good with that…

        • BroomyGraphics

          If they added fall, it would be the cherry on the top.

      • I would nut if I see blue tiger in CoD 4

        • BroomyGraphics

          Blue Tiger is already in the game? It should be the camo before Red Tiger

        • DJSaviD

          Blue tiger is in CoD4…… It was the most popular camo in the game because red tiger was actually kinda shitty looking even though it was the “top tier”

    • Partyin’ Pete

      I would honestly like to see some CSGO style skins (some unique arts on specific guns rather than just a texture that wraps around the gun). I’ve always been a fan of supply drops, i think skins would be a good addition to MWR, especially since they’ve already added stickers and an inspect animation. Don’t want / need to sinoect grey digital camo lol

  • CodPointsRuinedCod


    • ccrows

      No, let’s not divide the pop yet again… 🙁

      • CodPointsRuinedCod

        We dont know maybe they will be an own developper cycle and make mw2r lets hope lol

        • ccrows

          That would be too soon.

          Let’s at least keep that a year apart, cuz that would ruin the online population…

  • Drank Bleach

    Pretty sure those “surprises” come with a price tag.

    • ccrows

      If it’s simple gun camos, I honestly don’t mind.

      Can’t speak for anyone else on that, but personally I would trust Raven to keep them simple… (if it is indeed “their” call)

      • ben wills

        “personally I would trust Raven”

        Why? What has given you that impression? Have you not learned now after “trusted” devs coming out with buggy broken games not to trust anyone?

        “I honestly don’t mind”

        That mentality gets mods removed from games. Beside, that was the testing phase back in BO2 for all the supply drop shit now. Microtransactions need to go.

        • ccrows

          “Why would I trust Raven?”

          Simple, F&F I enjoyed their DLC maps in MW3. IMHO they were night and day better than stock.

          Second, they are in charge of COD Online, they have plenty of experience with COD already.

          Finally, besides this MP reveal, I’ve liked from what I have seen from gameplay recorded (even with the changed audio) on Youtube.

          The question now is, “Why don’t YOU trust them?”…

          • christopher woodhead

            I wouldn’t trust any of the COD devs as they are ALL owned by Activision. So they do exactly what Acitivision tells them to do. And they can’t do anything without Activisions approval.

          • ccrows

            That’s already implied man.

            Where I am going with this is their “work” itself vs other COD devs…

  • xSilent-Commando

    Most Likely…

    6 Multiplayer Maps,
    Crash (Christmas Edition which was on PC),
    Certain Maps at Night Time,
    New Map Pack Announcement (Brand New Maps for the Remaster),
    Co-Op Campaign,
    Co-Op Multiplayer,
    4 D.L.C Camo Packs,
    Emblem Creator,
    Modes from later Call Of Duty`s (Hardpoint, Drop Zone, Infected eta) and
    Modern Warfare: Remastered Announcement separately for $49.99/£39.99.

    • djml9

      They should sell it solo for $80 just to spite the people who didnt want both games for $80.

      • Batman

        I would still get standalone CoD 4, even if its the same price as garbage warfare+COD4R

      • Then that’s what you call price gouging. So good luck with that.


      they should definitely add callsigns and combat records and stuff like that

  • TheGamerBeast

    a 3rd mode?

    • Logic Chief

      no supply drops

  • Capten ermirica

    Mw2 killstreaks would be awesome???

  • Stefan Lang

    Not even excited for thos tbh. Now if it was MW2 on the other hand ???

    • Element115Will

      Still wouldnt be excited. Black Ops 1 and 2, then fuck yes!

      • darren


      • What you looking at?

        bo1 and bo2 belong to treyarch….

  • Rorke File

    Just keep the game original.

  • Adding dabs is the surprise

  • Some anonymous guy

    Winter Crash guarantee it.

  • Batman

    They better not add stuff that wasnt in CoD 4

    We dont want cheesy stuff & supply drops, get it?

    • jt3z

      We? You act like you talk for every Cod4R player out there.

  • Mitch

    The game has a gun inspection feature, there’s absolutely no way they aren’t releasing additional camouflages post-launch, maybe even via a Supply Drop system.

  • w (formerly known as guest w)

    Hey Keshav, title currently has “surpirses”

  • Rich Piana

    Straight from Activision CEO email

    Introducing the all new Modern Warfare

    Featuring all new innovative supply drops, cod points, fresh and unique camos, awesome and mindblowing character taunts and a bunch of additional content that is totally worth spending 5x the price of the game to have a small chance of actually getting!

    Here at Activision we are SUPER excited to introduce this and INNOVATE Call of Duty for the better.

    Thanks for being the best fans out there.
    Eric Hirschberg
    Activison CEO

  • Brad

    I would be 10x more excited for mw2r. We can only hope.

    • DJSaviD

      2018-19 maybe if it happens at all. Which it probably will since people are shitting their pants over CoD4

  • Eddie Tupy

    instead of presents santa will be giving out supply drops…and you have to be nice by giving away all your money.

    • DJSaviD

      That would be a fucking terrible idea. Most CoD4 maps were way too small for ground war. Can you imagine 18 players on Shipment? No thanks.

      • Eddie Tupy

        i mean to make a playlist that puts tdm dom KC HP SND together in one and get rid of TDM so people actually play things other than tdm

      • Eddie Tupy

        On pc 80% play tdm 15 % is dom the rest is random.

        I think they should put tdm down the list and make objective and a small groundwar type playlist for all those people that just repeatedly press ‘a’ to play a game and so we can get varied matches. There would still be TDM but it wouldnt be first choice.

        I liked what halo did they had multliple game types in the 1st playlist.

        • DJSaviD

          So because not enough people play what you wanna play, you want to remove their ability to play only what they want to play and force them to compromise just so you’ll be happy?

          • Eddie Tupy

            people only play tdm because its the only game you can get into

          • Eddie Tupy

            just saying they should make a playlist with multiple gametypes be the first option and have TDM like in the middle so you have to consciously choose it.

          • Eddie Tupy

            its really annoying only playing TDM in old cods cuz its the first option.

  • sunjay

    Get rid of those disgusting medals, the new voice actors, new sprint animations, and the bloated/red hit markers. Also, its 10 points for a kill NOT 100. If you are going to Put Uav assists in the game make it 1 point not 10.

    • There’s nothing wrong with any of what you’ve just said, it’s a breath of fresh air.
      Stop finding things to complain about, holy jesus…

  • Commander Wolfe

    Probably the 6 other maps that were included in the original game that isn’t now.

  • Ed

    They already said we are getting the other 6 maps in december. They are saying more suprises besides those other 6 maps

  • tuby

    New maps in dlc would be great

  • Oh my lord, Dropzone or Infected would be amazing on this, I swear.

  • III-Ownage-lll

    i think there going to do map packs new maps and stuff be great

  • Whitneygreyes4

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  • Kobrah

    SURPRISE BITCHES!!! We added supply drops!

  • RandoAnon

    There was nothing wrong with supply drops until they added weapons and made it where you could buy them it was fine when it was just cosmetics.

  • d4ngermouse

    I really hope they sell this on its own. I really want to play this but I don’t want IW.

  • Tim Vikouski

    save your money for anything but COD its like the turd when you flush it lol

  • N FORCE 5

    New maps that come in supply drops that are only gotten by pushing the buttons on the controller with your left nipple while swiping your credit card and learning to pole vault at the same time.

  • More New Maps and New Weapons now that would be dope!

  • Person

    Variety Map Pack?

  • Nicholas Babiarz

    If they ad melee weapons I’m gonna flip shit