When some original gameplay leaked for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered on Thursday, many fans started to notice and ask about why the sniper ADS looked different and why it was changed. We spoke with Raven Software’s Studio Director, David Pellas, who confirmed that the team did in fact change the animation, but they only changed the animation.

We are identical in timing in ADS, to the 100 millisecond. But we have also made improvements to them so that visually it looks more modern, so that they act and behave the way gamers expect them too.

The team worked extremely hard to retain the exact same timing that matches the original Modern Warfare game, but a new animation to match the updates that they have made across the entire game.

For the ADS, if you guys have been paying attention to social media, the ADSing for the sniper, for example, is a good example in that we used to have an animation that used to move about a point a quarter of the way up and then just popped up to a screen overlay. And I agree that that’s classic, however, when we did that, when we put it in there, it did not look good. It really looked dated, and it didn’t feel like it belonged in this modern space with this game, especially with all of the other improvements we made along the way.

So what we did was we figured out what the timing was for that ADS and said ‘we cannot deviate from our limit’. And we created the animation that moves up and it feels more natural cause you are connected to your weapon. And it still pops! You’ll notice it at the last minute, it’ll still pop because we felt that that was an important part of it but we ended up doing a more animation into that.

Pellas really focused on the fact that the team at Raven insured there was no changes to the timing, but they changed the animation to match the rest of the game. Another animation change you will notice in the Remaster is the mantling. Once again, the timing for it is the exact same, but your character’s hand now comes up and shows it being pushed off the object to feel more natural to the game.

  • Rorke File

    I hope this one will be sold separate on a later date.

    • ccrows

      Honestly I doubt that’s gonna happen.

      I really want BO3’s Weaponized and Cyborg camo as a separate purchase, but Activision is sticking hard to their guns that it’s a preorder bonus ONLY.

      People constantly keep asking them, and they won’t even budge.

      ^ I mean I have Dark Matter and all, but I’d still like the option to get those other 2 camos… *shrugs*

      • w (formerly known as guest w)

        it’s possible that people will sell the game on ebay and amazon separately, so I might do that. I might just buy both games together, but at this point I’m like a battered wife with Infinity Ward… they keep giving black eyes but I’ve kept coming back because I loved them at first. It’s time to stand up and say no more, you know?

    • Azir,ShurimasOvernerfedEmperor

      IT WILL because they cant be saying buy any of the editions of infinite warfare that have the remastered in them to get the 6 maps on december.if there isnt something else behind that.u think about it ,it makes sense

  • secund

  • CyberWolf

    I can’t believe that people complained about the ADS thing. It literally has no effect on gameplay. If it did affect the gameplay or whatever then it would’ve been justified criticism, but this is just ridiculous.

    • ccrows

      Dude theirs a lot of OCD nostalgia nuts out there.

      Like if MW2 was ever to be remasterd, I would want OMA/DC taken out, but there’s just too many people that would get pissed, and want it EXACTLY like the original instead of making the game better… πŸ™

      • Juanitaecontreras2

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      • CyberWolf

        For real. They’re like a bunch of preschool pipsqueaks who are raging because they got a white iPhone instead of a black one. And what’s even funnier is that the same people who are mocking and insulting those who wanna buy the “BO3 reskin” are the ones who wanna buy literally the same game from 9 years ago again but with better graphics. And, to be honest, I understand them. I understand because I have the original game and I love it. You don’t have to agree with everyone and you don’t have to like everything. But If You and the other guy/gal have a difference of opinion, then don’t be an immature asshole about it. Still, this is the CoD community I’m talking about…

    • Wizga

      I just hope quickscopers won’t ruin the game again. Then again no-scopers will take over.

      • Whitneygreyes4

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  • Andrea Premuda

    I hope dedicated servers for pc will be rentable as it was back in the day.

    • [R]

      Me too man! It was a great ride! I hope this game will be good like it was on PC few years ago! Modtools, also promod <3 and that's gonna beat CS:GO as a competitive game. But the first step to success is to sell this game separately.

      • Andrea Premuda

        Lets hope…

  • WinterSlash

    fat 12 year old, battlefield 1 fan fags, etc.:”OMG you ruind it can wait not buy”:”OMG its copy paste BO3″,… just keep your wining to your self you unsatisfied US/UK slobs

    • ccrows

      Just like console wars, fanboy trolling of games is completely pointless. Get whatever make “you” happy, and quit worrying about whatever anybody else is playing… *sigh*

    • Former

      Someone needs a hug.

      • WinterSlash

        i am just annoyed by the ammout of dislike is to god dam high i never played COD multiplayer because of this fat slobs..they allways complain (ou ADS suck, movment suck, story suck, i made 5 account to dislike (really?)…). I Lost 4 accounts on F2p games just because of that.

  • Gokhan

    I think the new ADS is better and more realistic. I liked it when they did that in moh-2010. I don’t know why people are complaining about this:s

  • ccrows

    (copy and pasted)

    For anyone that’s complaining, lets look at the bright side of this.

    All 16 maps (by 12/31) with remastered graphics, hybrid deds, and hopefully hack free for the rest of this gen.

    ^ In my mind, I couldn’t be any happier about this!… :’)

  • Wizga

    I do hope they didn’t change the iconic firing sound of Barrett!! No gun sounds sexier in COD than that beast!!

  • Vinbat

    ha I was sitting with you in this roundtable I think…