In an interview with charlieINTEL, David Pellas, Raven Software’s Studio Director, talked a lot about the process and how they brought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered to life. We have posted many details he did share, and you can check that our here.

But, during the interview, a question was also asked on would Raven like to be a lead developer on Call of Duty and how they would design that game.

Pellas’ immediately responded with a “yes” when asked if they would like to become the a lead developer on Call of Duty in the future.

Being able to work on the most successful game every year, that’s something Raven has been able to do for a long time.

Raven Software has been working on Call of Duty for a while now. They started back in Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 and has been working on every Call of Duty game since then, supporting the lead studio each year in one way or another.

Specifically, he said that the team would want to bring a Call of Duty game back in the modern-era and time frame.

It would be the gameplay first. Boy we sure do like the modern time period. So, you know what, we haven’t even really discussed that. But I can tell you that our team is we are all in on this game and this time period feels so good.

And I think given that we had AW (Advanced Warfare) which was slight future, Black Ops 3 which was a little bit further future, and now we have Infinite Warfare which is very far future, I think there are be a good group of people at Raven that are like ‘hey what if we were to bring this back to modern times.’ So I would say that that’s probably where we would start.

We would go with what the team is excited about today and that’s definitely modern.

As of now, however, Raven Software is not a lead developer on Call of Duty in terms of the yearly cycle. They’re focused on Modern Warfare Remastered and the China exclusive Call of Duty Online game.

  • ToonToons22

    A modern game like the MW series is what many of us have wanted for a long time. Let them be a lead developer, they can replace SHG if next year’s game ends up being trash.

    • Lolfuvk

      But remember when everyone hated MW2 and 3 and talking about how its the same shit?

      • Hostslayer

        Nope LOVED MW2. MW3 to me is meh

  • CoDforever


    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      I don’t want that…
      We would get 4 years of development time for each studio

      • CoDforever

        Replace, not join the cycle.

    • How bout no

      • CoDforever

        Yeah im really excited for AW2 .. Said no one ever

        • Why did you just assume that lmao, my comment didn’t even refer to me being excited for a AW2, I just referred to not wanting SH games to be dropped? lmao?

        • NOVA_POLARIS

          I would actually love AW2. Although I doubt it’s going to happen.

        • ScOott

          I hope its AW2, make my decision not to buy it even easier… Their refusal to remove sbmm tells me no matter how good their next game is. It’s going to be fecking shit if they keep their matchmaking how it is…

          • jordanxbrookes

            Agreed, SBMM needs to stay out of Pubs for every CoD game.

    • Wizga

      What is wrong with Sledgehammer games? They’re a bad company now because they made AW?

      • CoDforever

        Lets not act like they had perfect support for AW post launch either. The BAL and ASM1 werent patched until the bo3 came out, wtf? And how about the countless unpatched map exploits? And no way to gets Advanced Supply drops if your master prestige? And much, much more.

        • Their support has been fine.

        • Batman

          SHG > TREYARCH > IW

          DEAL WITH IT

          • NOVA_POLARIS

            Here is how I view the COD devolopers
            Treyarch > SHG > RavenSoft > Activision marketing team > Infinity Ward.

          • Hostslayer

            Wait if Ghost was made by Raven. Treyarch > SHG (MW3) > IW (I mean they lost the makers of CoD 4 & MW2) > Raven (Ghost)

    • AcePhoenix007
      • djml9

        Probably vietnam. Its suck though, because theyre probably gonna be accused of copying Battlefield 1 by going into the past.

        • AcePhoenix007

          lol not at all. If anything, people will applaud Sledgehammer for doing so. Everybody wants a change of pace right now.

          • djml9

            Not once has the cod community commended the developers for giving them what they want. They beg and scream, and then once ghey get it, they bitch and moan and attack the devlopers, belittle them, insult them, and act as self entitled as ever.

          • AcePhoenix007

            I’d doubt that, considering that 4 out of the past 5 CoD titles (including IW) have had futuristic themes. People want a change of pace, and while they’ll bitch and moan for no reason after the game’s release, it won’t overwhelm the developers like it has before.

    • jordanxbrookes

      For once I agree with you.

  • Wizga

    It would be cool if they could make a full COD game in Vietnam era. Then again I don’t care UNLESS it’s boots on the ground and non-futuristic with humans vs humans shooting guns with bullets at each other. No robot BS!!

    • Stop fucking upvoting your own comments you taoihnwapotfgoawjpf

      • Wizga

        Sorry it’s a stupid habit. AND why the hell do you care? XD
        Be positive!!

        • Because you should be liking my comments not yours

          • Wizga

            Here you go! 🙂 Happy now?

          • Yh bye

  • DeadZombieGaming 12

    Raven, YOU CAN DO IT!

  • Wouldn’t hurt to have 4 studios tbh, 4 year cycle? Hell yeah, lets do it.
    No need to replace another studio, give more time for the studios to work on their games and find more creative and beneficent ways to develop story etc..

    • Wizga

      Maybe it would be best if Raven should actually start working on a new game engine for COD. IW engine is really getting old.

      • BradyAlucard

        Their talents shouldn’t go wasted like that.

    • imBATMAN

      I’d much rather they replace Sledgehammer

      • LeClezio

        And have Sledgehammer Games do a sequel to Enemy Territory Quake Wars 2. Everybody wins. o/

        • Juanitaecontreras2

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        • skywarp greer

          pretty sure splash damage still hold that licence?

          • LeClezio

            Don’t know. I thought it belonged to Activision. :'(

      • Mc Adan

        Why removing sledgehammer ?
        They brought a really bad game but it was their first Call of Duty…. I would rather remove 3arc and IW bcuz they knew no one likes the future shit and they bring it back.. I bet you will be suprised for SHG their next game.
        ” after what i have seen ” can’t wait for COD 2017

        • Suroz

          so you would remove two dev groups who have made more cod games, with iw having 3 successful cod games and 3arc for 3 successful cod games too, just to keep shg… about no.

          • Mc Adan

            Of course thats not gonna happen but why everyone saying they need to remove SHG ?
            What have they done beside doing what the community wanted CHANGE.
            We are the one who bring those futiristic shit in COD and now we are complaining hopefully next time we will shut up

          • I want a continuation of modernwarfare like ghost but ghost had too many flaws ghost 2 would have been great but no gotta steal from titan fall

        • Axss

          You know sledgehammer made mw3 right? Removing them would not be smart. 4 year cycle would be

          • jordanxbrookes

            They help develop and finish the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign. They didn’t “make” MW3.

          • imBATMAN

            get out of here you clearly know nothing, if they made MW3 then why is it under IW’s name? SHG only helped with the campaign maybe with some mp too.

        • Whitneygreyes4

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        • imBATMAN

          They introduced the whole thrust jump bullshit, And did you really just say to remove 3arc and IW? And I won’t be surprised when they bring back AW 2. The only way they can redeem themselves is if they ietnam game they were doing before they scrapped it for the cancer of AW

          • Mc Adan

            Well you’re right they bring that bullshit but we as a community asked for something new so they … did why complaining then ? And don’t bother telling me BO3 is not bullshit just like AW that would hypocrit. And to be honest i have never ever played treyarch gamest till Bo3 and just bcuz of zombies for MP im happy with MW2.
            AW/BO3/IW are all the same and il defending SHG bcuz they didnt know we wont like the game and 3arc comes like ” fuck it we are doing the same shit ”


      I think RavenSoft should just remaster old games and release them half-way into the cycle of the current game. That way we can get our old COD’s on next gen along with new content.

    • Ak74u

      No 4 year cycle period. I can’t wait another 4 years for a treyarch game. They make the best zombies

    • McToasty207

      Wouldn’t the 4 year cycle potentially cause conflicts too though? I mean the primary reason that everybody dislikes Infinite Warfare is because it too is returning to the future and hasn’t ADDRESSED peoples complaints but that’s because it started development almost before AW was released.

      The only way the cycle will work is if they plan ahead who does what and that requires foreknowledge of what gamers wan’t.

  • Mitch

    Unfortunately I doubt that the decision would be up to Raven. It’s probably a bunch of guys in suits at Activision who make such a decision.

  • Aymen Skiken

    i’d love raven to join the cycle after seeing what they did in cod online

  • Brian

    Raven did the Multiplayer for Ghosts (With the help of Certain Affinity) so I hope they don’t develop a new CoD.

    • Element115Will

      People forgot about that and here they are wanting Raven to do it badly. Lol fail.

    • imBATMAN

      Many people actually do like Ghosts. It did have a fuck ton of problems, but i’m sure they learned from their mistakes.

    • Spherox

      Ah it makes sense now, I wondered why it looked like Ghosts had raped MW remastered.

    • Schwartz

      Did Infinity Ward not make anything in Ghosts mp at all?

      • WorldStarModerator


    • jordanxbrookes

      I loved Ghosts Multiplayer, probably the only one who did, so I’m happy for them to join along.

  • Batman


  • Nerv

    I feel like if you gave them enough time they would show what they could really pull off. I dont think ghosts mp should be used as an example of this teams talent.

  • Mario Rivera

    3 lead studios with 1 support studio that helps all 3 is just fine


      Bungie would most likely refuse since they are making Destiny 2. Plus Sledgehammer is great at making Call of Duty, if anything I think we should swap out Infinity Ward for RavenSoft.

  • imBATMAN

    I’d very much rather they replace Sledgehammer. Or just give us one four year cycle with raven and see how it goes, if they do good then they can replace Sledge hammer (:

    btw Ghosts wasn’t that bad

  • KX virus

    Do it. Just. DO IT. Don’t let your dreams be dreams. So JUST DO IT.

  • I don’t wanna wait 4 years for a Treyarch game…waiting three is bad enough..

  • Name.

    My hope of that 3rd person vietnam CoD by Sledgehammer will never die

  • Roscoe

    It’s inevitable, in my opinion. They could go on a Battlefield 1943 route or do a full fledged $60 game. Sledgehammer was granted the opportunity, so why not Raven?

  • I wish they’d go to the desert storm/gulf war era. That would be dope as hell imo

  • jordanxbrookes

    Activision hire these guys. They’ve proven they can make a good game by making Call of Duty 4 into something more spectacular to look at with Modern Warfare Remastered. Plus at this point I’m begging for a new non-futuristic Call of Duty game.

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      And they made CoD Online aswell

  • Person

    I have a mixed feeling about a fourth developer being added. Modern Warfare Remastered looks great, so I think Raven would do a good job making Call of Duty. But my problem is that if one developer had a specific story that they wanted to tell, they would have a much harder time telling it because there is a good chance that everyone would forget what happened in the previous game by the time the sequel was released.

  • Filip Ionita

    Honestly, Raven Software needs to return to make other games. They are wasting their talents with the Call of Duty franchise…